Since I was a young adult, I have always considered myself a main stream Republican. I believe that “things” should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. I also believe that the best way to stimulate the economy is to give everyone who pays taxes a tax break and that includes lowering the corporate tax rate.

When businesses aren’t burdened with heavy taxes and regulations, they have more money to expand, create jobs, and give their employees better raises and benefits. This is what will increase revenue to the federal government, not the raising of taxes that liberals advocate.

When the Republicans kept the house and took the Senate in 2014, I was excited and hoped that they would put a stop to the actions of the current president in his attempts to destroy the United States of America.

I do understand that there are not enough Senate Republicans to over-ride a presidential veto and the current president has and will continue to veto numerous bills that are put on his desk by Congress. I also understand that this president considers himself a dictator, and whenever Congress refuses to address something he might want, he’ll just sign an executive order.

I also realize that the current president and his liberal henchmen have the mainstream media on their side. Low information voters, those who might, and I say might, watch snippets of the evening network news, Dancing with the Stars, and other imbecilic TV instead of news, might be swayed toward the left and never consider checking for other sides to the stories. Those voters have been led to believe that tax cuts implemented by Republicans are just tax cuts for the rich, which of course is a liberal lie. These voters also buy in to “soaking the rich” because liberals indicate to them that anyone who does well must have somehow cheated to achieve his or her status.

Having said all of the above, I acknowledge the fact that there have been roadblocks thrown up in front of Congressional Republicans that have blocked their efforts to stop this runaway administration. However, if we are going to stop the current administration’s goal to destroy the United States of America, the Congressional Republican have to “grow a pair.” Congressional Republicans have to should louder and make every effort to educate the electorate on just how it is.

Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, failed to lead Congress in stopping the evil deeds of the current administration. The Republicans got rid of Boehner and put former Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, in charge. Well, it didn’t take long for Speaker Ryan to break his promises to return to regular order and wipe the slate clean.

According to conservativereview.com, in an article entitled, “Paul Ryan Failed the Omnibus Test,” if Ryan truly sought to define his leadership as the dawn of a new day for limited governance, the 2009 page omnibus represented his chance to reassert GOP priorities. Instead members will soon vote on a $1.140 trillion grab bag of special interest giveaways, liberal victories, and conservative concessions that they more than likely have not read.

The article goes on to indicate that a full year after the president’s lawless expansion of exe3cutive amnesty, Congress will once again cede its power of the purse and fund the programs as they are. Sanctuary cities will continue to violate federal law and the administration’s refugee program will continue to resettle foreign citizens who may well pose an undiscoverable security risk. Meanwhile, the Visa Waver Program will undergo only the most superficial reforms, in no way guaranteeing the protections our safety demands.

While I do call myself a mainstream Republican, this certainly does not mean that I agree with all Republicans. Nor does it mean that I endorse every move by the Republican Party. It simply means that I adhere to the Republican philosophy of how we should govern ourselves.

If we’re going to take our country back, the Republican have to demonstrate that they have a backbone. They must take on the mainstream media and seek to educate the public on why Republican leadership is better for all Americans.

I feel totally left behind by the members of the Republican Party. While I believe in the Republican philosophy of governance, it doesn’t appear that those Republicans for whom we voted in November 2016 do. And if beneath the surface, they actually do, they don’t have the “nads” to fight against the left and restore the United States of America to its greatness.