Occupy Democrats, a far left website which almost always gets things wrong, posted a photo on Facebook indicating that Denmark is the world’s happiest country because:

  • $20.00 minimum wage
  • 33-hour work week
  • Free university
  • Free childcare
  • Free healthcare

At the bottom of the photo, folks are asked to share if America should follow their lead.

This sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m going to have lots of extra time and maybe I can take more weekend trips since I’m only working four days. I don’t have to pay for childcare or healthcare and my children will go to college for free. I just might write that novel that I’ve been wanting to write for years. Minimum wage is $20.00 an hour, due to our benevolent government insuring that every citizen is able to afford food, clothing, and shelter.

Wait a minute, though. My taxes will surely increase and how much will they increase? Just how much will my paycheck be? Looks like I can’t afford to take those road trips that I was going to have time to take because I don’t have to work as much. Road trips were a pipe dream anyway. Even though the country has not made the full conversion from fossil fuels to green energy, the price of gas is so high that I can’t afford to drive extra miles in my car. Furthermore, my automobile, while being very fuel efficient, is not capable of high speeds. While it used to take about 4-1/2 hours to drive to the beach, it now takes about 7 hours to drive to the beach. Guess that extra time I have because I only work 33 hours a week is going to be offset because it takes everyone longer to drive anywhere. Besides, I can’t afford to eat out at restaurants anymore. With the minimum wage at $20, eating out is a luxury of the past.

Oh well, I can write my novel. My laptop is getting old and my word processing software is out of date. While it’s time for an upgrade, electronics have become so expensive due to the $20.00 minimum wage, I can’t afford to get a new laptop and upgrade my word processing software. I’ll just have to make do with my current system. But as I begin to write the novel, I realize that some research is involved. I can do this on the Internet, but my internet connection is very slow and because the cost of 24/7 high speed Internet is outside by budget, I’m limited in what information I can get from the Internet at home. I guess I can go to the public library and do my research on their high speed Internet. However, the lines to use the library’s computers are long and the time you can stay on one of their computers is limited. I’m not able to write that novel either. Guess I’ll have to find something else to do with my time.

Since I can’t take those road trips or write that novel, I’ll stay at home and watch TV. Since I like movies, I’ll watch all those movies that I didn’t get to go to the theater and watch because the $20 minimum wage has increased the price of a movie so much that I can’t afford to go to the movies any longer. But wait, I can only afford basic cable. Again, due to the $20 hour minimum wage I can only afford the basic package.

Books! That’s what I’ll do, I’ll read books. I have lots of books that I purchased before our transition to socialism. Even though I can’t afford to buy more books, I can still download books on my electronic reader. Even though the price of downloaded books has increased, I think I can find it in my budget for a book or two each month.

Maybe I’ll expand my cooking skills. Since we have fewer restaurants because so many had to close due to the $20 minimum wage and the ones that are still open are so expensive that few people can afford to patronize them, I’ll cook. However, groceries have gone up so much because of the $20 minimum wage that I can barely afford to purchase chicken, vegetables, and bread. I can’t afford beef or seafood, much less ingredients to prepare desserts. Guess cooking more won’t happen either.

Well, I can still sit in my house and read my books. Again, though, we can’t drill for oil any longer and coal has been wiped off the face of the planet, the cost of lighting and heating our homes has increased dramatically. As we attempt to transition from fossil fuels to green energy, we’re never sure when the power will be on. The government often turns the power off at night when they feel that most people should be asleep they will then turn it on in the morning when they think people should be waking up. However, during times of extreme heat and cold, the government has the right to turn off your power if they think too much energy is being consumed. My reading may be limited.

I could go on and on and on about the Occupy Democrats photo, but it’s time to bring this post to a close. I hope you get my drift. And for you liberals who will say that I’m exaggerating, I might be a little. How many times have your parent told you the following:

  • If it appears too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • There is no free lunch.
  • You get what you pay for.

Yes, this jumps out at you and sounds good. But you must think things through. Sadly, many liberals don’t seem capable of doing that these days. They’re too busy turning over every rock looking for racism, sexism, and every other kind of “ism.” They’re also spending a lot of time trying to zap the Confederate flag and destroy history. Of course, this has only made the Confederate flag all that more visible.