Since the 2016 presidential election, the liberals, in their disbelief that Hillary Clinton did not win the presidential election, in their hatred toward anyone who does not see eye to them politically, and in their overall bigotry have come up with a new phrase to hurl at their opponents. It is Fake News.

It appears the left in its zealousness to delegitimize the election, is stating that fake stories such as the one which indicated that protesters were being driven to Austin, Texas in buses in order to protest at a Donald Trump rally.

According to Snopes, “Just as the term ‘urban legend’ (which has a specific folkloric meaning) was long ago co-opted to broadly refer to any narrative that is false of questionable, so the term, fake news, is now being used so broadly as to blur important distinctions.

Snopes goes on to indicate that there is much bad news in the online world, but not all of it is fake. There are also partisan political sites that take nuggets of real news and spin them into highly distorted, clickbait articles. There are sites that misleadingly repackage old news as if it were current information, and there are sites that aggregate articles from a variety of dubious and questionable sources. Snopes further indicates that these forms of news are all bad in one way or another, but broadly classifying all such information as fake news clouds an already confusing issue.

Snopes also feels that it is even worse that the term, fake news, is not being so broadly applied by referring to news outlets who may have a political slant.  Examples include the left’s ongoing demonization of Fox Cable News as nothing but lies and labeling Fox’s viewers as morons and idiots. Another example might be the right’s dismissal of MSNBC as leftwing propaganda.

These outlets may slant stories to appeal to their target audiences, they may cover issues comprehensively or evenly than more neutral news organizations would, they may select which subjects to cover more for their value in provoking shock and outrage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their output is fake. It may only contain certain inaccuracies.

Slanting the news is not a new phenomenon. Media outlets have been doing this for decades and those outlets shouldn’t be automatically labeled by the left or even the right as distributors of fake news.

As consumers of news from multiple sources, all of us should be skeptical of what we read and hear. If something sounds too sensational or “on the fringe,” we should do some fact checking from multiple fact checking sources. Of course, we’re all guilty of sometimes seeing something that we like or hope is true and immediately sharing it with our friends on social media. Whenever I do that, I always manage to get caught. I guess I’ll learn one of these days and maybe everyone else will learn also.

Liberals act the craziest when they are out of power, and now that the American people have spoken, they are “crazy on steroids,” whining and crying, seeking safe places, wearing their safety pins, attacking with more hate and vengeance than ever, those who don’t agree with them on issues and how we should govern ourselves.

On a couple of isolated occasions during Obama’s presidency, he attacked conservative media outlets, including Fox News. He even indicated that we needed to change how we reported the news. While statements such as this should send chills up the spine of any red-blooded American, liberals seemed to agree with him.

With their current obsession with fake news, one must wonder if they are beginning a movement to nationalize the media, thereby distributing only what the government wants to you read and hear. The left has always been out stripping Americans of freedoms provided to them by the U.S. Constitution. They’ve all but taken away our freedom of speech, could they really be starting a movement to eliminate our freedom of the press and freedom of expression?