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This past Friday, my post was on bullying, the new liberal crime. I indicated that bullying is going the way of racism. It’s a heinous act that should definitely be punished and the definition changes according to what the liberals want it to be at the time. While my Friday post concentrated on childhood bullying, I’m going to take this post a little farther into childhood bullying and also talk some about adult bullying because it does exist.
The liberals have done their best to take God out of our society and have instigated all of this sensitivity related bull crap. We have anger management, cultural sensitivity, sexual harassment, etc. Thanks to liberals, most schools and workplaces have zero tolerance for insensitivity.

Bullies are aggressive individuals and may need to exercise that aggression to let off steam at times. Of course, they shouldn’t let off steam against another person and make that other person uncomfortable. The liberals, of course, have a solution to this, anger management classes. Instead of telling a person that he or she has to control his or her temper and if he or she makes another student, employee, etc. cry, then he or she will be written up with the possibility of termination. The threat of losing a job will probably whip that person into shape.

We didn’t have to deal with all of this BS until the Clinton presidency in the nineties and political correctness became “in vogue.” Someone loses their temper, they need to be sent to anger management. It was suddenly decided, even though thirty years had elapsed after the signing of the Civil Rights bill, we needed sensitivity training programs because of cultural differences between many groups, including, but not limited to blacks and whites. And let’s not forget sexual harassment training. That’s the only training that I had to go through and again, it was BS. Practice a little common sense and decency and you should be fine.

At one point, I was walking out of the building and into the parking lot with my Vice President, who had lost quite a bit of weight through hard work and dedication. I told William that he was really looking great. And then I remembered my sexual harassment training. Did I cross the line? Why can’t I tell someone that they look good, especially when they had been working hard at it?

How is this related to bullying? With all of our political correctness and making everyone a victim of some kind, the liberals can then control a substantial portion of our lives. The liberals make the bullied a victim who doesn’t have to face his tormentors and therefore becomes week and helpless, a liberal’s dream.

Whether the child is successful or not, having to face the playground bully makes you stronger and will serve to better prepare the child for challenges he or she is sure to face as an adult. While no parent wants their child to be sad or afraid, making the child go on that field trip or to that class party where he or she may be bullied is not such a bad thing for the child. On the other hand, now that God has been taken out of our society, and Judeo Christian principles are no longer valued and taught, bullies are now crossing the line and a child could get seriously hurt and in an extreme case could die.

Bullying, though, doesn’t stop on the playground or in the gym class, it carries on into adulthood. Adult bullies are probably not going to steal someone’s clothes out of their gym locker or give someone a wedgie, they can intimidate and make life miserable. And most of us, including myself, have had to deal with them. In most instances, when dealing with an adult bully, you can give it right back to them and they will back off. You have to be careful, though, if the bully’s your boss. Depending upon other circumstances, you can choose to look for another job. If the bully is a friend, you can end the friendship.

So much focusing on the bullied child and making him or her a victim is not preparing our young people for the difficulties they will face as adults. As a result, they will become weak adults and more likely to become dependent upon the government.

With taking God out of our society, people have nothing to depend on, so the government becomes their god, their savior, and their provider. God tests and will continue to test his followers while the government doesn’t even want to test welfare recipients. God takes care of his followers and promises them eternal life when their time on earth has ended. Is government always going to be there for those dependent on it? I think we know the answer to that.
The liberals have spear-headed taking God out of our society and have implemented various forms of political correctness. All of the stuff they do has one goal in mind. I’ve said it many times, and will continue to say it many more times. This is all about controlling every aspect of our lives as they possible can. Everything they do eventually comes down to it.

Before the invention of gun powder, those inclined to be physically strong overcame those who were physically weaker. The invention of gun powder served to further equalize the difference between the weak and strong. The weak now had a weapon that they could use against the strong. Now the liberals are desirous of taking our guns away from us so that equalizer no longer exists and creates additional weak individuals dependent upon government.
While the liberals want to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, they are also promoting the taking away of a great equalizer between the strong and the weak.