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One of my favorite topics to write about is the tolerant left, which we know is anything but. With a presidential election months away and a socialist/communist the presumptive Democrat nominee, educating voters is of utmost importance. The following not only illustrates liberal lies, but left’s intolerance of differing points of view and its overall dis- ingenuousness.

The following meme has made rounds on Facebook. “When a faithfully married black president who was the son of a single mother, the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review and a professor of constitutional law is considered unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American by the right while a xenophobic, misogynistic, serially philandering trust fund kid who quotes from the National Enquirer, peddles conspiracy theories, routinely calls women ugly and fat, calls McCain a loser for having been a prisoner of war, and who has advocated torture and the bombing of women and children has captured the hearts of a majority of Republicans. This is white supremacy folks. Plain and simple.

When this meme showed up on my news feed, I replied as follows. “Every president in my life time, and I’m sure every president back to George Washington has been accused of being unintelligent (dumb, a moron, etc.), immoral, and anti-American by his opponents. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush probably took the most criticism of any two presidents in recent history. Like most Republicans, I have issues with Trump. He certainly was not my first choice for nominee, but I will vote for him. Some of the things Trump’s being accused of in this meme are questionable or flat-out lies. And I won’t get into that now. But how anyone can relate this to racism/white supremacy is beyond me. But it has been my observation that liberals amend the definition of racism to mean anything they don’t like.”

Like I said above, Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican nominee for president, but I’m going with him because a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean the end of the United States of America as we know it. I do have issues with Donald Trump and felt that his comment about Senator John McCain was out of line and totally uncalled for.

The meme also indicated that Donald Trump was, among other things, xenophobic and misogynistic. I don’t know about the origin of these terms, but I had never heard these terms used until a year or two ago. According to Merriam-Webster, xenophobic means fear of hatred of strangers or foreigners, and misogynistic means, according to vocabulary.com, fear and distrust of women. As an international business man, I can’t possibly believe that Trump is scared of foreigners. I would have to guess that the tolerant left is labeling him xenophobic because he has pledged to stop the influx of illegal immigrants into our country. Again, that is no indication that he is xenophobic. As far as Trump being misogynistic is concerned. He is a successful business man and I have no doubt that he’s able to “get women.” However, there are women who have worked for him who have indicated that he was a great person and boss. His first wife had said some nasty things about him, but later indicated that these comments were made during their divorce, and she has nothing but admiration for him now. While there might be some problems between Donald Trump and individual women, this most certainly does not indicate that he hates of distrusts women. I thought the tolerant left was supposed to be open-minded, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Next, the meme calls the presumptive Republican nominee a “serially philandering trust fund kid.” According to Slate.com, a far left website, Trump inherited 40 million from his father. Slate further states, “Throughout his career he has been a real estate developer and manager, a builder of golf courses, a casino magnate, a reality TV host, a celebrity who slaps his name on assorted buildings for a fee, a hawker of power ties, and much more. This cuts against the idea that he is merely a glorified trust-fund kid: Rather than sit on his wealth while someone else saw to its care, he decided to jump into a number of highly entertaining, risky, and at times ill-advised business ventures, which have collectively turned him into an international celebrity. He took risks with the money he was given, and they seem to have paid off over time, both financially and personally. Meanwhile, Trump runs a company with thousands of employees. Whatever wealth he has created for himself, the total value that his company has created over the years is probably far greater.” So, he has created thousands of jobs and many, many people have gotten rich because of Donald Trump. But wait! The tolerant left doesn’t like rich people or people who are doing reasonably well and don’t have to depend on the government. They’re obviously unhappy with the opportunities Donald Trump has created because he has kept people from becoming dependent on the government. Perhaps many of Trump’s employees vote Republican.

And speaking of “philandering trust fund kids.” Wasn’t one of the left’s most esteemed icons, Edward Moore Kennedy, a “philandering trust fund kid?” How many jobs and how much wealth did Teddy Kennedy create? But I must remember that the late Senator was an advocate of putting as many folks on the government dole as possible. That’s what the left likes.

Yes, Trump has called certain women ugly and fat, but I wouldn’t say he routinely does it. And he’s going to have to quit that.

In a Republican candidate debate on Fox News in March, Donald Trump did indicate that he approved of water boarding and going further if necessary in fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups whose purpose is to destroy the United States of America. He also indicated that he would possibly order the military to kill the family members of militants who threaten the United States. The following day he backed off of that with his campaign issuing a statement saying he would not order the military to take actions contrary to international of U.S. law.

To say that Donald Trump has captured the hearts of a majority of Republicans is a stretch. He did get the votes, though. However, every Republican I have communicated with, seems to feel the same way I do about him…not their first choice, but they will vote for him, Hillary would be beyond disastrous.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the most ludicrous statement in this meme is the next to the last sentence. “This is white supremacy folks.” How is this remotely related to race? The author accuses Republicans of calling President Obama unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American. This president, like all other presidents, has, of course, been called names by his political opponents and detractors. Unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American are not racial slurs or indications that the person describing the president using these adjectives is a racist or advocates white supremacy.

Why should any of us be surprised, though? This is the tolerant left at its finest, always boasting that they are the ones who respect different points of view, always giving folks the benefit of the doubt, etc. Yeah, right!



I haven’t written much about these incidents because stuff like this doesn’t interest me. They are both local matters and should be handled locally. It frustrates me when the national media spends so much time on these matters when there is so much more out there should take priority in their reporting of the news. However, a liberal Facebook friend of mine posted something that made me mad. I could say that it offended me, but I don’t get offended, I get mad. The term offended has been used so much by whiners and crybabies when somebody hurts their feelings; so I won’t use it. I hid the post from my wall, but it said something to the effect that if you want to get away with murder kill an unarmed black person and say it was self-defense.

What is frustrating about both of these cases is the rush to judgment, particularly by liberals, before the facts are even investigated. This is racism, pure and simple. Or at least I think it is. Remember, the definition of racism is what the liberals want it to be at whatever moment in time they choose. It could mean something today and mean something totally different tomorrow.

Another thing that is frustrating, and I’ve posted about this previously, is the fact that so many of the folks can’t seem to make a decision on their own, they look to so-called leaders to tell them what to think and how to act. From my observation, it’s mostly liberals that can’t think for themselves. And because liberals include the academic elite, that does strike me as a little strange. Conservatives, on the other hand, generally think for themselves. In situations such as the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, they reserve their judgments until the facts are investigated, remembering that you are innocent until proven guilty. That’s another thing; liberals use innocent until proven guilty only when it suits their purpose.

I’m not going to go into the facts of these individual cases, enough is out there already. Instead, through this post, my purpose is to discuss these matters at a higher level.

When I was in the ninth grade, a long, long time ago, my Civics teacher was a conservative. Remember, that was very long ago. He stressed to us that our police were fine people and the punks that were out there yelling “police brutality” were nothing but trouble-makers. The cold war was raging and Mr. Petty felt that it might be the communists who were infiltrating the country, deliberately causing racial strife. This way they could seek to divide this nation and conquer it.

We’ve come a long way and communism is not the threat that it used to be and whether or not the civil rights movement was fueled by communism for the purpose of divide and conquer has never been proven or exposed.

I’m not going to discuss the American justice system in this post except to say that it’s like everything else on this planet…not perfect, flawed. You never know what you’re going to get with a jury, you just don’t. But, keep in mind, there are many ways to adjudicate cases, both criminal and civil.

In examining what’s going on with respect to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, it’s the liberal factions in the nation that are encouraging the protests. It’s the liberals that are seeking to bring back the phrase, “white supremacy,” something we haven’t heard in many decades. It’s the liberals that have introduced a new phrase, “white privilege,” the meaning of which is so abstract that none of us really understand what it means. Of course, the liberals will change the meaning to suit themselves when they deem it necessary. It’s the liberals that are rushing to judgment and seek to deviate from our judicial system whenever it suits their interests.

I’ve indicated this many times and I’m indicating it again. I, along with other conservatives, strive to live by the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream that we judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Is Dr. King weeping in heaven because a half century after the civil rights movement there are those who still judge people by the color of their skin? I think he may be.

The next time a liberal indicates to me that he or she is a follower of Dr. Martin Luther King. I’m going to tell them, no, you are not a follower of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Liberals do not like the United States of America and want to fundamentally change this country to be something totally opposite to what our founding fathers intended this country should be.

I told a liberal just the other day if they want to be cared for womb to tomb by the government, if they want massive re-distribution of wealth, and if they want to live in a politically correct society where thought control is exercised, there are plenty of places on this planet where you can go. I might even be willing to kick in a few dollars to fund your one-way ticket.

Here are a few differences between liberals and conservatives with respect to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

  • Conservatives want to know the facts of these cases before rushing to judgment. Skin color is irrelevant. Liberals look first at skin color, then decide how they will think, facts be damned.
  • Conservatives tend to support our police officers, liberal do not and never miss an opportunity to put down our nation’s police force.
  • Even though our justice system is flawed, just like everything else on the planet, conservatives realize that it’s the best and fairest that it can be. Liberals like our justice system when they get an outcome that they like. When they get an outcome they don’t like, they protest and even riot.

Am I going to drill down any further in this post to discuss how I feel about each of these cases? No. Do I have opinions? Yes. If you want my opinions, contact me.