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While many scoff at social media, I must admit that I get substantial portions of my material from social media, particularly Facebook. After writing for almost three years, I have become familiar with the political websites, both right leaning, and left leaning and have a list of those on which I can depend most of the time.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video from Liz Wheeler on “Tipping Point” from One America News. Ms. Wheeler was being snarky when it came to the anti-trump women marchers and their strike on March 8. To those women, she said let’s teach our girls that it’s okay to skip work and ditch your responsibilities when something connected with the job, such as salary, doesn’t suit you.

The organizers of “the strike” encouraged women to skip work, wear red, refuse to shop, etc. thinking the nation’s economy would grind to a halt because they, the anti-trump women marchers were irreplaceable.

Those in the labor force generally are allowed to take time off from work for various reasons such as vacations, sickness, emergencies, etc., with pay and without fear of being fired. The exception is contractors who lose pay when they are absent from work. Long term, experienced contractors most always build in anticipated time off into the rate they request, and negotiations often take place.

I certainly believe in freedom of speech, which includes the right to protest. If a woman wants to take strike day off, whether it’s to attend a protest or to sit around the house or apartment and do nothing, she, or he, has that right, but should also have time built up in the form of vacation, paid absence, personal leave, etc. in order to receive pay for the day. Or, in certain circumstances, she might be willing to take the day without pay. Plus, and this is important, she must make arrangement to take the day off with her employer. It’s best to schedule a day off ahead of time because some companies do penalize for unplanned absences. Whatever you do, don’t just not show up for work. You can be terminated for that and clauses stating such are in most employment contracts.

Ms. Wheeler further indicated that Wednesday’s strike was for the rich women only, those who could afford to take off work such as business owners and CEOs. This strike also only appeared to be for women who had enough time off built up at their jobs that they could take a day’s vacation and still have plenty time off for other things.

In February, we had a “day without immigrants” strike, and according to sources, including Ms. Wheeler, 100 immigrants were fired from their jobs because they didn’t show up for work. And this is very sad. Were these immigrants who don’t speak or understand English all that well? Were these immigrants who are still getting used to the customs and practices of the American culture, and maybe didn’t realize that failing to show up for work could get them fired? And they might not have cared either. We don’t know. But for those who may have listened to the Democrat politicians telling them that their rights are being violated and that the Trump administration and Republicans hate them, followed the lead of those Democrat politicians when they said don’t show up for work, and lost their jobs and their livelihood, the Democrats are 100 percent to blame. Hear me, Democrats, liberals, progressives, etc. You are to blame!

Furthermore, if any women who followed the lead of these awful anti-Trump women marchers, you are 100 percent to blame also. You and only you. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

Ms. Wheeler went on to ask these awful women just what rights had been taken away from them by the Trump administration that they had before President Trump took office. If any of you who are reading this are anti-Trump women marchers, send me a reply, I’d really like to know what rights you have lost. Ms. Wheeler then asked the anti-Trump women marchers if they had ever been denied a job because they were women, and reminded the women that this has been illegal since 1963. Have any of you not been allowed to attend a class because you’re a female?

All President Donald Trump is threatening to do is take away your free birth control which costs about $10.00 per month. And you’re acting like whiny brats about it.

Ms. Wheeler pointed out that these anti-Trump women marchers were not standing up for the women in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, the Sudan, etc. where women are oppressed, killed, raped, and mutilated. Neither have these anti-Trump women marchers stood up for women who were burned to death in metal cages by ISIS. Of course, these women wouldn’t dare stand up for women business owners who lost everything because their local governments didn’t approve of their Christian faith. And, I think it goes without saying that these horrible women would never stand with women who choose to own guns to protect them from sexual and other types of assault.

These anti-Trump women marchers are nothing but vindictive, only standing up for women who agree with them. Those who disagree with them, be damned. You march for the women who want the government a hand out of free birth control pills, just like animals who can’t control their behavior because hormones rule.

According to Ms. Wheeler, and I agree with her 100 percent, the anti-Trump women marchers think they’re irreplaceable to the extent that the United States economy would collapse because they chose to do nothing or attend a protest for one day. Well, let me tell you disgusting women something. Your little strike didn’t exactly cause the U.S. economy to collapse. If fact, your little strike did nothing except maybe cause hardship to some lower income women who followed your lead. If any women lost their jobs because they thought it was okay to just not show up for work, it’s 100 percent your fault and that of the Democrat party.

And while I’m listing the women who are in danger that you’re not representing, let me list one last group: Those 29 or so million girls who never had the right to exercise their freedoms. Never received life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

One of the ways the anti-trump women marchers used to identify themselves on March 8 was to wear red. Red is my favorite color because red is one of the colors of my school, the University of Alabama, the Crimson Tide. Red means bold and winning. You anti-Trump women marchers are anything but. You’re an embarrassment and turned International Women’s Day, what could have been a fun day to do lunch and other things, into something bad.

You anti-Trump women marchers have set good and decent women back a generation. All you can do is put on your imbecilic vagina hats and dress up like crotches, demanding free birth control. But the rest of us women are strong and invincible. We’ll regain our rightful places quickly in spite of what you are doing to destroy us.



After a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which included a huge, emotional football game with border rival, Michigan, students were returning to the Ohio State campus with anticipation that their football team, while not participating in the Big 10 Championship game, is said to be a lock for the college football playoffs, along with my school, the University of Alabama.

Then “out of the blue,” just before 10:00 am, EST, a small gray Honda, driven by eighteen year old, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali refugee plowed into a crowd of students outside Watts Hall, an engineering building. Artan subsequently got out of this vehicle and started attacking people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

In a statement, the university said that five of the victims had been struck by the vehicle and five others had suffered lacerations or stab wounds. Another person had orthopedic injuries. According to Fox News, at least five of the victims were affiliated with Ohio State, either as faculty, students, or staff.

Per gopthedailydose.com, former Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, through Twitter, blamed guns for the Ohio State campus attack on guns, when, the perpetrator, Artan, was actually stopped by a gun. Everyone, except for a minority, thought Tim Kaine would be the next Vice President of the United States, just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Was this just a slip of the tongue, an honest mistake? Of is Time Kaine somehow trying to blame guns for this unfortunate incident in order to prove to the American people that we need more gun control, a liberal pontification that’s been with us for quite some time.

Are liberals incapable of processing actual facts was the first question that came into my mind when I first read about Senator Kaine’s absurd tweet. After pondering the situation for a few minutes, my thoughts turned to the George Orwell novel, “1984,” and the Ministry of Truth. If you have read “1984,” you will recall that the Ministry of Truth was a sector of the government of Oceania, that was in charge of re-writing history and delivering what the Big Brother regime wanted to deliver to the people and wanted the people to believe.

Of course, in Oceania, there was no free press, no free speech, and thought control was ever present. In this state-controlled culture, there were no creature comforts and all but those in Big Brother’s inner, inner circle were fed a sparse diet and made to live under less than ideal conditions. This surely made them weak physically and mentally, perhaps more susceptible to brain-washing.

More than likely, the Senator was in a hurry and simply made a mistake. With liberals not caring about the facts or the truth, making up the definitions of racism, sexism, etc. to suit their needs of the moment, you have to wonder.



Remember newspeak? It’s the fictional language in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Newspeak was created by Mr. Orwell’s totalitarian state of Oceania as a tool to limit freedom of thought or what was commonly referred to in the novel as “thought crime.”

In order to maintain maximum control over the outer party, words and phrases were eliminated and replaced with inner party approved or politically correct verbiage.

The aim of newspeak is to remove all shades of meaning from language, leaving simple concepts that reinforce the total dominance of the state.

In the past forty or fifty years, many words, at the behest of the left have been considered politically incorrect to utter. These words were replaced by other words that the left considered acceptable and less offensive. One such example includes the words, “retarded” or “handicapped.” “Retarded” and “handicapped” have now been replaced with the word, “challenged.” We have the politically correct terms, physically challenged and mentally challenged, and to utter the words retarded or handicapped is considered offensive and language that shouldn’t ever be used. Perhaps the word, “challenged” is more acceptable and less demeaning, but we’ve come to a point where uttering either retarded or handicapped can get you in trouble with the left, sometimes to the point of losing your job and/or being socially ostracized.

Has a liberal ever asked you what you mean when you say, “Take our country back?” Of course, it means getting rid of the liberals and liberal philosophy that have been elected to office or appointed to certain governmental positions. When explaining that to a liberal, you may see a look of disappointment on their faces. They didn’t want to hear that, they wanted you to say that you wanted the strip Obama of the presidency because of the color of his skin. Because of the wishes of the left, the term “take our country back,” is now considered a buzz phrase for take our country back from its black president. Liberals decided this and it’s a lie!

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s campaign theme, “Make America Great Again,” is now considered racist. Liberals are insisting that it means take America back to before Civil Rights legislation was enacted (1964). That’s ridiculous and we all know it. But the liberals are pounding a racism connotation to Mr. Trump’s theme and the main stream media is running with it. Thus, those who are not particularly politically astute or don’t follow politics, opting instead to watch mindless TV such as “Dancing with the Stars,” have no choice but to believe that it’s true. The result is votes for Hillary.

Even using what the left considers improper in describing a person of color is labeled racism. The University of Alabama football team has had string of excellent running backs, all of them black.  A few years ago, one of these great running backs was referred to as a “beast.” He was. But the left tried to make that into something racist. Thankfully, they didn’t get far. Don’t you panty-waists interject yourselves into our football! You will regret it!

I don’t deal in buzz words or phrases, and when confronted with a liberal saying to you, “this is a buzzword for thus and so,” tell that liberal to take a hike.

Another good example of how liberals are attempting to force “newspeak” upon us is the renaming of “illegal aliens/immigrants” to “undocumented workers.” Even the conservative leaning media outlets are saying “undocumented workers.” While we all know that undocumented workers are nothing but illegal aliens or immigrants, liberals have repetitively forced this language on us to the extent that we hear it and think nothing about it or about using the new term ourselves. Furthermore, the left generally refuses to distinguish between legal immigrants who are here in this country legally and may be preparing for rightfully becoming U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants who have broken the law and entered this country illegally, but think they are entitled to the same benefits as all American citizens. With the left continually failing to make this distinction, people are once again being brainwashed into assuming that conservatives are against all forms of immigration. This is, of course, another leftist lie.

In 1984, the novel, the inner party was working to convert the language of the outer party in the region called, Oceania, from oldspeak to newspeak and had established a timeline of sixty or so years to do so.

While liberals claim to be advocates of tolerance and free thinking, it’s not true. In fact, nothing could be any further from the truth, unless your free thought aligns up with liberal thought. Is the left attempting to alter the way we talk and adopt a politically correct language such as newspeak? I’m giving you my opinion and you can decided.



I’m seeing a lot of posts and feeds on FB regarding this year’s Olympics, most of which, I don’t like. And many folks share my views.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was the first time that black athletes were allowed to participate in the Olympics, or even the first time blacks were able to participate in sports.

Probably the best gymnast I’ve ever watched is Olympic champion Simone Biles. I can safely say this because I follow one of the great gymnastics’ dynasties, the University of Alabama Gymtide. The posts on FB page, “Because of them we can by Enrique Jones” have particularly gotten on my nerves. The posts from this page and other posts would have you think that Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas were the first black gymnasts to ever compete for honors, and that their efforts are paving the way for the next round of black gymnasts.


Long before I started my Alabama sports website, I was following Alabama Gymnastics. The Tide won its first national title in 1988. Since then, the Gymtide has won national titles in 1991, 1996, 2002, 2011, and 2012. Many of the gymnasts on the Alabama  teams were black. Through research, I was able to obtain the names of the black women that participated from 2008 forward: Morgan Dennis, Ashley O’Neal, Ashley Sledge, Hunter Dennis, Diandra Milliner, Carley Sims, Katie Bentley, Aja Sims, Kayla Williams, and Kiana Winston. Unfortunately, prior to 2008, I wasn’t able to obtain any names, but do recall Dee Dee Foster, Andrea Pickens, and Ashley Miles. There were more, but I just don’t remember their names. In addition to excelling on the vault, the bars, the beam, and the floor, these gymnasts, along with their teammates excelled in the class room as well. Most of them had GPA’s of 3.0 or better.

Another post that appeared on my news feed showed a picture of the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team and commented on the diversity of the ladies (two are black, one is Jewish, one is Hispanic, and I think the other is white/Christian). The post read as follows: “This, this is the America that’s on her way, just around the corner. Black, Hispanic, white, Jewish…confident not in spite of her diversity, but because of it.” This poster says to me that America is new to this diversity and inclusion game, but, we’re just about ready to turn the corner. You would think this was 1970 instead of the second decade of the 21st century and a generation after Civil Rights and the Women’s Movements.

So much progress has been made by “other than white males” since the barriers were lifted, but it seems that the left is trying to brainwash us into thinking we’re no better off than we were prior to 1964. That’s and I will call it out when I see it. To imply that America is about ready to turn the corner is wrong. We turned that corner long ago. In 2008, the United States elected its first black president, then re-elected him in 2012. With only 13% of the American population being black, Barak Obama had to have a substantial number of white votes to get elected. Not only have we turned the corner, but we continue to run round and round the block. Is there room for improvement and room to grow? Absolutely! Will we ever be a nation without racism or prejudice? No, because this world will never be a perfect one. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and will continue to do so until that one fine day when Jesus returns  and sets up his 1000 year kingdom on earth.



According to allenbwest.com, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, in its quest to award everyone a participation trophy and prevent anyone from ever seeing or hearing anything they may find hurtful, has banned high school students from changing certain words and phrases at basketball games.

That would include such mean, hurtful, offensive terms like “Air Ball.” Other offensive words/phrases include: Fundamentals, Sieve, We can’t hear you, You can’t do that, There’s a net there, Scoreboard, Season’s over. It looks like Political Correctness has now invaded amateur sports.

I’m not totally surprised by this display of political correctness. As a graduate of the University of Alabama and the owner/administrator of an Alabama sports website, I follow college sports. By the way, my football team is number one. When I think back to my youth and compare those days with today, the degree of political correctness that we now practice is astounding.

In college football, when a player scores a touchdown, he must simply hand the ball to the referee and make no swaggering gestures of any kind. I can see why throwing the ball up in the stands is not allowed. Team managers would have to try to get the ball back and the chances of that are slim. There are only so many balls available at a game. But putting the ball on the turf and spinning it? To me that’s nothing, but the politically correct crowd considers it taunting and subject to a penalty. High stepping into the end zone is also considered taunting and subject to a penalty. When a player out runs everyone and decides to slow down and walk into the end zone can also draw a penalty. For some of these penalties, 15 yards is assessed on the kick off. Furthermore, a new ruling that has been in place for two years now, allows the referee to nullify the score if he deems excessive taunting. Thankfully, we’ve seen very little of that.

Personally, I think that simply handing the all to the referee after scoring a touchdown is the classy thing to do. But that should be up to the coaching staff to enforce. And for goodness sake, don’t slow down or high step on your way to the end zone, run as fast as you can. Don’t slow down until you’re in. Once again, that should be left up to the coaching staff to enforce, not the NCAA.

Since the late seventies/early eighties, the University of Alabama has a cheer called “Rammer Jammer.” It was played by the band and cheered by the students and fans before and after games. At one point, the athletic administration, along with the university administration banned the cheer. Well, the students were doing it anyway without the band. “Rammer Jammer” eventually was re-instated, but it was only to be played at the end of games. Of course, it’s only played when we win, which is pretty much all the time. Our opponents hate it, but I don’t care. This is major college football, not the ballet.

Rammer Jammer

Alabama student section does Rammer Jammer cheer at championship game.

In basketball, the “air ball” chant has been going on forever at all levels of basketball competition. If hearing “air ball, air ball” by opposing students and fans upsets you, perhaps you had better give up going to sporting events all together.

If “Rammer Jammer,” as played by the University of Alabama Band and chanted by the fans and students intimidates you to the point of psychologically breaking down, I would suggest you give up football. Perhaps you should give up your football tickets for tickets to the ballet and/or the symphony.

The political correctness movement has been taking place for quite some time, Barak Obama did not invent it. The far left did, though. However, Obama has indicated that football is a much too violent sport. Football is violent and players can and do get hurt, sometimes catastrophically. There should be penalties for certain acts such as grabbing a face mask, hitting out of bounds, piling on, targeting, etc. Players should not be allowed to use foul language or attempt to start fights. And there are.

In one of the Republican presidential debates, candidate Dr. Ben Carson indicated that political correctness was ruining our nation. I agree with him because everything that is wrong with our nation today can be traced back to some form of political correctness that was put in place by the left so as not to hurt someone’s feelings.