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The first two parts of this series were very much emotionally driven by yours truly. Part 3 will conclude the series, and offer facts in support of my position that Confederate monuments and memorials should remain in place.

According to an article on townhall.com, written by Jack Kerwick, on May 24, 2017, many of his readers, including conservatives, called for the taking down of Confederate monuments. Their reasons boiled down to the following:

  1. The Confederates fought in defense of slavery.
  2. Slavery is immoral.
  3. Therefore, Confederates were immoral.
  4. Immoral behavior should never be publicly honored.
  5. Thus, by way of 3 and 4 above, Confederates should not be publicly honored.

According to Kerwick, while slavery was a major factor in the fighting of the War between the States, number 1 above is incorrect. Most Confederate soldiers, as well as prominent generals, including, most notably, Robert E. Lee, did not own slaves by the time that the war was raging. Kerwick also writes that both the laity and scholars realized that the complexity of the American Civil War defied all attempts to reduce it to such simple-minded, one-dimensional caricatures of the sort advanced by those who would attribute to Confederates, a single, nefarious motive: the love for slavery. Or the desire to do evil as I pointed out in Part 2.

Next, in his article, Kerwick gets rather analytical. The second premise that slavery is immoral is irrelevant. Without premise 1 above, you cannot reach premise 3. Thus, the immorality of the Confederates cannot be established through 1 and 2, 3 cannot be concluded, and thus, 4 and 5 cannot be adhered to.

For those folks who will have none of the above, those folks whose hatred has so overwhelmed them to the point that anyone who lived in the south at the time of the Civil War is, to an extreme, anti-American, immoral, and anti-people of color, are not going to listen to reason and will continue their barrage of hate. In fact, in some instances, I have read between the lines and have detected a hatred for the south and those of us who have lived in the south all our lives. While I can’t look into a person’s heart and interpret what’s in it, I can read their words and many of their words can be interpreted as overwhelming hate.

Kerwick asks us to assume the above, that every single Southern man and woman who took up the cause of secession was committed to perpetuating the institution of slavery, and that the Confederate symbols are monuments to “White Supremacy.”

If Confederate symbols deserve to be purged from the public, then so do virtually all the symbols of Western civilization.

The roots of what today is recognized as Western civilization are to be found in ancient Greece. Though they weren’t the first of the West’s philosophers, Plato and Aristotle enjoy the distinction of being among the greatest. Western philosophy, and even Christian theology would be inconceivable without these two. Yet even Plato’s ideal Republic included slaves, and Aristotle articulated a defense of “natural slavery,” the enslavement of those who by nature were suited to be slaves.

Since slavery is immoral, then the reasoning of the anti-Confederates demands that Plato and Aristotle be given the same treatment as Generals Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and every other prominent Confederates. Also, all public commemorations of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Madison, and many other Founding Fathers involved with slavery are immoral as well.

Thus, in addition to monuments and statues commemorating prominent Confederates, states, cities, schools, streets, and parks named after this nation’s Founding Fathers should also be removed or renamed.

Kerwick cites many other examples, and if those examples were followed, the United States of America would be transformed into something unrecognizable. The left, though, would probably like that because they hate this country and anyone living in this country who does not agree with them on the issues.

According to Kendall Will Sterling, in an article dated July 27, 2015, on richmond.com, the story these symbols tell is more nuanced than what we typically hear. It is said that the South seceded to perpetuate slavery, and yet six slave states sent men to die for the North, and the Southern states rejected an offer from Lincoln that would have made slavery permanent in exchange for their return to the Union. While many Northern states had ended slavery by 1860, many had also passed, “black laws,” a forerunner of Jim Crow, which placed tight restrictions on blacks and often forbade them from even living in the state. Furthermore, West Virginia was admitted to the Union as a slave state in 1863, and slaves in that and other Northern states had to wait until 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, for their freedom.

Sterling concludes that slavery was more than just a Southern problem; it was an American problem.

Instead of removing all vestiges of the Confederacy, Sterling suggests that we use these statues and memorials to start a new conversation, one that acknowledges the roles of everyone involved and offers hope for our nation and its people, both black and white.

Fat chance that any liberals are going to agree to implementing any such conversations. The left is not interested in solving problems, they just want to destroy the United States of America and all those people within it who don’t toe their line.

Most of us recognize Nathan Bedford Forest as a slave owner and the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. But are we aware that Forrest’s 45 slaves rode and fought alongside him as equals, and that their loyalty was such that they remained with him even after he gave them their freedom papers. Do people also know that the Klan’s original purpose was to serve as a volunteer police force against rampant crime in the occupied South. Also, in 1870, when the Klan morphed into a terrorist organization, Forrest resigned and ordered the group disbanded. Softened by an encounter with his God, Forrest spent his final years advocating for political and social advancement for black Americans. When he died in 1877, more than 3,000 blacks lined up to pay their respects as part of his funeral procession.

Sterling further suggests that we let the statue of Robert E. Lee, and the schools that bear his name, remind us all of a Sunday in 1865 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, where Lee worshiped when in Richmond. That Sunday, with the wounds of the war still raw, a black man walked down the aisle of St. Paul’s and knelt to receive Communion. The whites in attendance weren’t certain if they could, or should, take Communion. For a moment, no one knew what to do. Then came a rustle, the scrape of boots on the floorboards, and the congregation looked up to see Lee walking down the aisle to kneel beside that black man, by his own example teaching those around him the way of respect.

The plight of men such as Nathan Bedford Forrest reminds me of the Apostle Paul. Paul, formerly called Saul, was a persecutor of Christians. On a journey from Jerusalem to Damascus, Saul was stuck down and blinded by God because God was calling him to do his work, the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world as it was known at that time. Saul became the Apostle Paul, revered and studied by Christians all over the world.

I’m against the taking down and/or the demolition of monuments and/or memorials erected to honor prominent Confederates. While I do acknowledge that there are two distinct sides, I don’t want this section of our history to be diminished.

The Civil War should be taught in schools and should be remembered, lest we ever again make the mistake of splitting up the great Unites States of America.

Will anyone on the left plus those conservatives who believe that these memorials should come down, read my three articles and attempt to examine both sides? Of course not. And if any liberals do take a chance and decide to read what I have written, will they acknowledge and respect my writings and my opinions? Of course not, once again. I will be subjected to the continued ridicule and hate that liberals have shown me in the past.

Why do I continue, you may ask? Because I like doing this. Simple, but true.

Note: Here are links to articles where the information outlined above was obtained.

In Defense of Honoring the Confederacy: A Response to the Cultural Cleansers.

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The annual White House Easter Egg Roll is an event that has taken place either on Easter Sunday or the following Monday. Traditionally, it is planned by the current first lady and her staff. From the believable accounts that I have read regarding this year’s event, it was a success.

However, leave it to the liberals and their absolute hatred toward President Donald Trump to pick apart every little detail of this historic event.

Planning the Easter Egg Roll generally falls to the first lady and the East Wing of the White House. Of course, liberals did not waste any time disparaging the new administration regarding the planning and organizing.

The first thing we heard from the left in their quest to trash the current administration, was that the wooden egg manufacturer, Maine’s Wells Wood Turning, had to gently remind the White House that the deadline for ordering the eggs was approaching. From what I could piece together, the company, Wells Wood Turning send a tweet asking the first lady and the administration to please reach out. Duh! If you are trying to get in touch with someone and it is an emergency, you do not exclusively use Twitter; you utilize all forms of communication including pre-historic methods such as telephone calls and emails. You can also resort to Facebook messages, texting, and finally Twitter. The fact that Twitter may have been used exclusively is suspect. Was this Maine company actually making an effort to get in touch with the administration, particularly, the East Wing?

Next, the liberals just had to make something out of Melanie nudging the President, prompting him to place his right hand over his heart when the national anthem was played. What woman has not had to prompt her man to do something he should be doing? I thought it was funny. This little incident brought back a memory when Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper were attending some event. Al Gore, along with a couple of other folks were recognized. The Vice President started clapping, but Tipper whispered to him, “You’re not supposed to clap for yourself.” I thought this was hilarious, and feel the same way about Melania having to nudge the president to put his hand over his heart. However, the liberals, with their out of control hatred for Donald Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters, spent much time exacerbating this incident to the point of ridiculousness.

Then we have the incident where it has been alleged by the ‘capable of nothing but sheer hatred’ liberals, that the president signed a “Make American Great Again” baseball cap passed to him by a young boy wanting the president’s autograph. Supposedly, president tossed it into the crowd, instead of handing it to the boy. I read one account from British media that the young man requesting the autograph did catch the cap. I then read about other incidents where the president signed caps and tossed them into the crowd instead of passing them to the original owners. I have not been able to get much information on this except from the far-left smear merchant websites. Perhaps the right-leaning websites considered it too unimportant to write about.
Why this may have happened, I do not know. I am not a popular person. In fact, I am not very well liked by many individuals in and around the Birmingham, Alabama and central Alabama areas. While this area is one of the biggest conservative strong-holds in the nation, we do have liberals. And because they are in the minority, they have extra hate in their hearts. So, I do not know and will probably ever know what it feels like to have a multitude of folks vying for my autograph. Would I get confused if that ever happened to me? I don’t know. The far-left smear merchant websites even some of the left-leaning MSM sites wrote their articles indicating that Donald Trump knew exactly what he was doing and was intentionally doing it to intentionally bully the young boy.

When you think about it, it just doesn’t sound right. In fact, I would not even accuse Barack Obama of doing something like that. Yes, Barack Obama hated the United States of America and had as his goal to destroy this country, I think with children, he would not have done something like this.

The next thing the liberals brought out regarding the Easter Egg Roll was that there were an overwhelming number of white children attending. Liberals were indicating that children attending the Washington D.C. public schools, where the majority of the students are black weren’t invited to the Egg Roll. Even some teachers in the D.C. public schools went on record as saying their classes were not invited.

After doing a little investigating, I found out that invitation to D.C. public school students is done by lottery. Now that this year’s Egg Roll is over, the White House website has loaded a page where groups or individuals can sign up for the lottery. While the date for the 2018 Egg Roll has not been announced, instructions for entering the lottery were given. The web page further indicated that Easter Egg Roll tickets were free and were made available via an online lottery March 15 – 18. Easter Egg Roll Lottery (2018 dates not announced yet). I also found an article on the Washington Post website dated March 15, apparently 2017, indicating that “the online lottery for the popular White House Easter Egg Roll opens Wednesday. White House Easter Egg Roll lottery opens today.

I was also able to find an article from dcpcsb.org indicating that the President and First Lady Michelle Obama have invited 250 students from D.C. charter schools to attend this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll on April 25. The article went on to indicate that the C.D. Public Charter School Board recommended the schools based on their progress in increasing student achievement and incorporating programs that promote health and wellness. Five D.C. Charter Schools Invited to the White House Easter Egg Roll.

With this article, I have haven’t connected all the dots, but it looks as though liberals are doing what they said they would do after the object of their worship lost the presidential election…fight President Donald Trump tooth and nail on anything his administration attempts to accomplish, even to the detriment of the well-being of the United States of America and the American people. In other words, the liberals do not care if they damage this country or hurt their fellow Americans, it is all about hate and destroying those who do not agree with them and refuse to toe the liberal line.

It pays to do a little investigating, doesn’t it?



Is there an increasing hostility to Christian values and religious freedoms in our country today?

According to townhall.com, there is and in an article dated May 2, 2016, Michael Brown cites the following examples possibly indicating that there is indeed a war on Christianity in the United States.

  1. The NCAA announced that it will not hold any men’s and women’s Final Four basketball events in a city that discriminates against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity. In its official statement, the NCAA declared that the board’s decision follows the recent actions of legislatures in several states, which have passed laws allowing residents to refuse to provide services to some people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is the opinion of Mr. Brown that not only has the NCAA grossly mischaracterized these recent laws, but it is now guilty of discriminating against biblically-based beliefs and declaring than no Final Four game will be held in any city that does not allow men to use women’s bathrooms or that protects a Christian photographer from being forced to shot a same-sex wedding.
  2. The Colorado Supreme Court has chosen not to hear the case of Christian baker Jack Phillips who was previously ordered by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to create cakes for same-sex celebrations, re-educate his staff, and file quarterly compliance reports for two years. The Court declined to hear the case, meaning that the state’s Civil Rights Commission not only has the power to require a bakery to make same-sex wedding cakes, but also to require that baker to re-educate his staff and file regular reports proving that he is baking those cakes. I’ve said many times before that a private business owner should have the right to refuse business for any reason. Forcing Mr. Phillips to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, then ordering him to re-educate his staff and file regular compliance reports is just unfathomable in the United States of America. This is totalitarianism at its height.
  3. Eric Walsh, the highly-qualified, newly-hired District Health Director with the Georgia Department of Public Health was fired because of the content of his sermons as a Seventh Day Adventist minister. According to his attorney, Jeremy Dys, of First Liberty, no one in this country should be fired from their job for something that was said in a church or from a pulpit during a sermon. According to attorney Davis French, working for former president Bush and current president Obama to combat AIDS, serving as a board member of the Latino Health Collaborative, and starting California’s first city-run clinic for low-income families dealing with HIV/AIDS wasn’t sufficient to overcome the horror at Walsh’s Christian views. So, it sounds like Dr. Walsh was ministering to the poor and down-trodden while preaching the word of God. Does this remind you of someone else?
  4. Several senators have introduced a bill that would deem all efforts to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity an unfair or deceptive act of practice under the Federal Trade Commission Act. In other words, it would be illegal to counsel someone struggling with same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion, but it would be perfectly legal to encourage someone to embrace those attractions or act on that confusion. If this new bill becomes law, it would not only be considered unethical to help some deal with his same-sex attractions, it would be illegal. It would also be illegal to help a person get to the root of his gender confusion. However, it would be perfectly legal for a counsel to recommend hormone blockers for a 10 year old to stop the onset of puberty and then to prepare that child for sex-change surgery as soon as he or she was old enough.
  5. The NBA announced that it will not hold next year’s All-Star game in Charlotte, North Carolina unless the state changes HB2, the Bathroom Privacy Act. So, unless North Carolina agrees to let grown men use women’s locker rooms and changing facilities, and unless it removes protections for religious liberties, it will be punished.
  6. The Department of Education has decided that Religious schools that receive federal money, yet obtain federal exemptions to allegedly discriminate against LGBT students and employees will have their waivers posted online for public view. This means that any Christian institution receiving federal money and at the same time holding to biblical morality and sexuality could suffer adverse consequences.
  7. Breitbart News has reported that a federal court sides with a transgender student who insisted that the Obama administration’s reading of Federal Title IX rules would allow her to choose her own bathroom at her Virginia high school. In other worlds, no matter what kind of hardship or inconvenience this puts on the rest of the students, without any type of scientific proof that a child is actually transgender, the perceived needs of the one or two struggling children will be imposed on the other 1,000 and the Obama administration will come after your school if you fail to comply.

Scary? I’d say so. I keep thinking at some point the American people will have had enough of this foolishness and start to take matters into their own hands by perhaps holding demonstrations all over the country and busing to Washington to confront our public officials face to face. Has the conservative faction of this nation become too nice and too dignified to hold demonstrations and get in someone’s face? It would appear so. Liberals certainly don’t hesitate to protest. In fact liberals don’t hesitate to also destroy property and injure anyone who might get in their way.

So, does the war on Christianity really exist? You decide.

I’m at the point where I think that the only thing that will save and preserve the United States of America as we know it will be outright demonstrations. Will the good people of the United States do it or will be United States of America be lost forever?



There’s so much in the political world taking place and you can read all about it with just a few mouse clicks. Of course, we’re all on edge after the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, especially since ISIS has more or less, indicated that we’re next.

ISIS is going to strike us, I have no doubt. But we don’t know when. In making those threats, they know we’re right upon a widely celebrated American holiday, Thanksgiving. Throughout this long holiday weekend there are going to be many events taking place. There will be parades, sporting events, shopping, parties, and the list goes on. Many, many people will be taking to the streets for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. There are going to be so many sporting events taking place including, but not limited to the Iron Bowl that will take place in my home state of Alabama on the campus of Auburn University at Jordan-Hare Stadium. All of the malls will be open to Black Friday shoppers and those stupid enough to get in the fray (I’d rather be boiled in oil than go shopping on Black Friday). In addition to what I have mentioned, people will be traveling and going through our nation’s airports tomorrow, the biggest travel day of the year.

America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is continuing to communicate the message he gave to the nation after the 9/11/2001 attacks. That message is don’t let those evil terrorists tamper with our traditional America celebrations. Stare down those evil ones who seek to disrupt our way of life. We have our way of live because our values are based on the Ten Commandments and Judeo/Christian principles and our capitalist economic system causes us to prosper like no other on the planet. Thus, we have beautiful shopping malls for those who wish to get in the fray can get in the fray on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We also have magnificent sporting events where over a million Americans gather to cheer their favorite teams onto victory. If you’re not lucky enough to have a ticket to your team’s event, you might choose to check out the many sports bars and restaurants to watch your game.

Bottom line is that millions of Americans are out and about on this glorious weekend where we give thanks to God for setting us down in or bringing us to this great country. While many of us disagree with what this administration is currently doing and sincerely believe that it’s the administration’s goal to destroy the United States of America as we know it, we’ll continue the fight to take back our country as we celebrate all of the wonderful things our country has to offer.

When my Mom and Dad were alive, Thanksgiving was always a big thing at our house. Often, we had family and friends over, but sometimes it was just the three of us. Mama and Daddy loved Thanksgiving and so do I. What’s not to live about a holiday where you get to eat wonderful food, but don’t have the stress of having to spend lots of money on gifts and worrying about getting the right gift for the right person? Eat, sleep, watch football, shop, etc. Who could ask for anything more?

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported me as I continue to work to get my messages across to as many folks out there as possible. I hope each and every one of you have a joyous and happy Thanksgiving. I love you, I really do!



There’s a liberal out there, Ta-Nehisi, Coates who has disparaged the America dream. In fact in an article in talkingpointsmemo.com, he says that the American dream is a lie. Being a southern white conservative Christian, and according to liberals, an unenlightened oaf, I had some trouble with this liberal-authored article and had to read it several times. Even after reading it several times, I’m not real sure what the article was intended to mean.

I was able to grasp that Coates believes that there is no American Dream without the right to control, exploit, break, or kill black bodies. Coates further believes that without this right, Americans would tumble out of the dream. Then they would have to determine how to build their suburbs on something other than human bones.

There’s so much garbage in this article that I skipped over some sections and dwelled on sections that this unenlightened oaf could understand.

There’s someone named David Brook, who is a liberal and a worshiper of Ta-Nehisi Coates. Brooks feels that Coates is the heir apparent to someone named James Baldwin who was the racial conscience of America. Again, not sure what that means. But again, I’m just an unenlightened oaf.

In reading further down in the article, there has apparently been a debate some fifty years ago that the American Dream is at the expense of the American Negro. The article went on indicate that America’s unwillingness to acknowledge that the Dream was built on the exploitation and destruction of black bodies was the seed of its own negation. Baldwin went on to say that the entirety of American infrastructure, harbors, ports, and railways, and its economy would not be what it is if the country had not had expendable black labor, and that American’s power in the world would not have been possible without “my sweat and the violation of my women and the murder of my children.”

Baldwin has concluded that Americans must accept the fact that blacks were the ones who build this country and until that moment comes, there is scarcely any hope for the American dream.

The American Dream is a concept whereby, as an American, you have the opportunity to succeed with hard work and dedication. Some will succeed with little effort, some will succeed with boat loads of effort, and unfortunately, some who work hard and are dedicated will not succeed. Success for anyone is not guaranteed. And yes, luck may be involved.

When this James Baldwin person who I’ve never heard of, but you liberals may know exactly who he is, said that the entirety of the American infrastructure would not have been possible without his sweat and the violation of his women and the murder of his children, I would certainly have asked for examples. How were your women violated and how were your children murdered? If he had instead said, the entirety of the American infrastructure would not have been possible without the labor of the black man and the black woman, I would certainly agree with him. Many races and nationalities were involved in the building of the American infrastructure. I would also make the statement that before the barriers were lifted for blacks in the sixties, there were probably a disproportionate number of black laborers to white laborers and there may still be.

According to the article, Ta-Nehisi Coates works the Atlantic magazine. While I can’t be sure, I would imagine that his salary is enough to afford him a better than average life style. As was indicated above, David Brooks and others consider Coates as America’s racial conscience. I’m not sure what racial conscience means, but again, as a southern white conservative Christian, liberals consider me too stupid to live. Maybe I should ask a liberal what it means.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, in this cryptic article, seems bitter and intent on sending a message to other blacks that because their ancestors were once exploited that they don’t have a chance to be successful in the United States of America.

Granted, many liberal/Democrat/progressive policies aimed at blacks have hurt blacks and kept many from achieving success, Ta-Nehisi should be a champion for the black community. He should let them know that if he can become a writer for a national magazine, they have a chance at fulfilling their dreams also.

Liberals are too busy hating the United States of America, hating white people, hating Christians, and hating people whose political views differ from their own, that they can’t see the harm they are doing to this country and all of us Americans. Or maybe they can and they’re purpose is being fulfilled.