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Years and years ago, I heard Rush Limbaugh comment that liberals were the craziest when they were out of power.

Now that the left no longer has the presidency, the Congress, and hopefully soon, power will return to the right on the Supreme Court, we have unleashed liberals, saying anything to get attention, not caring if it is true or false.

I often use the term, “tolerant left.” I have even told some folks that I coined the term. Bill O’Reilly has used the term, but only after I used it. It’s no secret to anyone that liberals are the most tolerant and open-minded people on earth except when you don’t agree with them and where they stand on political issues. Then you are subject to ridicule and being called a moron, idiot, clueless, and a few other monikers which I won’t put in print.

A week ago, an interesting looking article appeared on my newsfeed. The headline read: Trump Takes Breather from White House, Hold Rally this Weekend

This article was shared by a liberal and contained comments by unleashed liberals. According to most news outlets, President Trump has worked every day since he’s been in office, but these unleashed liberals were accusing him of taking the weekends off. In fact, on this particular weekend, it was announced early on Friday (February 17, 2017) that after going to the Charleston Boeing plant for the unveiling of a new plane, that he would be spending a weekend working at Mar-a-Lago. The unleashed liberals claimed that he had already taken three vacations since becoming president. The unleashed liberals were also complaining about the so-called campaign rally that he was holding late Saturday afternoon, saying that he had better things to do with his time that attend a rally. One poster on another thread implied that the president only worked 9-5, five days a week.

The problems with these unleashed liberals, among other things, is they can’t seem to understand what they read. Ever since I’ve been commenting on liberal threads, I often must explain what I write two or three times to get a liberal to understand what I’m writing about. It makes me wonder if, to avoid admitting to being wrong, they’re attempting to change the subject.

When I commented, asking the participants on the thread, would they rather the president play golf or go on a date night like Obama was continuously doing, the comments were generally that he should be doing the country’s work, instead. One commenter even said there was no precedence for such a rally. Again, the unleashed liberals can’t comprehend what they read or hear. No precedence for such a rally? Does there have to be. Remember, Jimmy Carter started his presidency out with those fireside chats, a new thing in the era of television. Not since Franklin Roosevelt had that been done. I further pointed out to the unleashed liberals that Obama held multiple rallies when foisting Obamacare on the American people. They denied it, but, as usual, they were wrong. After one commenter kept insisting that he had better things with that two hours Saturday evening that to hold a rally, I got a little chippy and indicated that she should apply for the position of scheduling advisor.

These threads, whether they are conservative leaning or liberal leaning always get off subject. One commenter asked about FEMA aid for the New Orleans tornado victims and for the Oroville damn scenario in California. I had read where California Governor Moonbeam had an acknowledgement from President Trump that assistance was approved and on the way. While I never heard anything about FEMA assistance to New Orleans. If it had been delayed, we would have heard about it. You can “betcha” bottom dollar. Of course, one unleashed liberal whined because she thought President Trump should have said something about the disasters. Upon this, I informed her that during the Nashville, Tennessee flood of 2010, Obama never talked about it, nor did he visit the Nashville area. I then threw in the fact that after the generational tornado outbreak on April 27, 2011 where parts of the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia were devastated by long-form violent tornadoes, the only thing Obama did was visit Tuscaloosa, Alabama a few weeks after the fact.

The thread got very contentions with a number of the commenters piling on me, which is nothing new. At one point, one of the commenters attacked me in way that I have never been attacked, even by the most hate-filled unleashed liberals. At first, I laughed and shook my head. But after several hours, I started thinking that this particular attack was way out of line. I responded to the commenter that his/her (couldn’t tell from first name if man or woman) comments may have crossed the line when it comes to appropriateness. I then asked this person to take the comments down. I wasn’t holding my breath that the comments would be removed, but in less than twenty-four hours, they were.

Before their gal lost the election, liberals were the real haters, racists, bigots, and liars. Plus, they’ve always had trouble with reading comprehension and don’t care about the truth. Get ready, this new wave of unleashed liberals is becoming their former selves on steroids.



It keeps getting worse and worse. I celebrated this past November when the Republicans won a majority in the Senate and maintained their majority in the House of Representatives. Maybe some of this ridiculous stuff forced upon us by the liberals/Democrats/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves would be stopped or severely restrained. It hasn’t happened, though. The Senate and House Republicans seem to have turned into wimps. It seems they’re so afraid of another government shut-down and being blamed for said shut down by the current administration and the mainstream media.

The current President has indicated that he has a pen and a phone and he plans to use them to force his agenda on the America people. He attempts to justify his actions by indicating he’s only doing what he thinks is right for the American people, but knows that the Republican controlled Congress would never allow him to do it.

I’m not going to say much about the nuclear weapons deal with Iran. You can read about that yourself. But the fact that we didn’t bargain on bringing the four Americans that were political prisoners in Iran home, is unfathomable. Bringing home these men should have been the first thing out of the gate. But no! What’s going on?  While Congress will have an opportunity to vote up or down on the Iran deal, the current President can veto whatever Congress sends to him. It will take 67 votes in the Senate to overturn a Presidential veto. What’s the likelihood that’s going to happen? There’s so much wrong with that deal.

The family of Katie Steinle, the young woman who was shot in cold blood by an illegal alien who had been deported at least six times and was back taking cover in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, has received no contact from the President or anyone in his administration. However, the current President has time to correspond with convicted felons. Furthermore, local officials won’t respond to questions about the shooting. Apparently though, the current President of the United States, would rather write letters to convicted felons than send his condolences to Katie Steinle’s family.

After having been out of pocket for most of today (July 16, 2015), I’m trying to catch up with then news coming out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that four U.S. Marines have been shot and killed by a young man named Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez. As I’m writing this, I don’t know if the current President has weighed in on these shootings. I wonder if he’ll lecture us to the effect that we should not judge all Muslims because of the actions of one individual. Of course, when a lone individual who was a disturbed racist, murders nine members of the Emanuel AME who were black, the current administration disparages the south because a picture of the murderer holding Confederate flag surfaced. Now liberals/Democrats/progressives are calling for removal of the Confederate flag from public buildings. Liberals are accusing all those who defend the Confederate flag as racists and will not give any credence to those who say the flag represents their southern heritage. That’s bigoted, don’t you think? This is going to have to play out. Chattanooga? This is getting a little close to home.

When the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP called for the carvings on Stone Mountain of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson be removed. I love Stone Mountain and this struck a nerve with me. If this is attempted, I will drive three hours to protest. Of course, I’ll probably be labeled a terrorist. Of course, I’m probably considered one now since I’m a Christian and pro-life.

I hope these killings will stop and I hope that somehow, someway, Congress will stop this Iran deal. It will take 67 votes to override a presidential veto, which this president has promised.

As I bring this post to a conclusion, we’re not sure if the Chattanooga shootings will be deemed terrorist attacks. We also don’t know if ISIS was at the root. We’ll see.