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According to breitbart.com, the campus police at the University of Missouri sent out a campus-wide email this yesterday morning asking “individuals who witness hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to immediately report the incident to them.

The email didn’t define what constitutes “hurtful” speech, but did say if anyone experiences or hears it, they are immediately to get in touch with cops and provide “a detailed description of the individual(s) involved, along with the license plate and vehicle descriptions. Also, if possible, take a photo of the individuals. The email apparently goes on to say that if it is an emergency situation of “hurtful” speech to dial 911 instead of calling the campus police. The email also says that delays, including posting information to social media, can often reduce the chances of identifying the responsible parties.

Is this some kind of a joke?

So, if you’re on the University of Missouri campus and witness someone saying something “not nice” to someone else, you’re to document it with your phone, notify the authorities and upload it to social media as soon as possible.

I’m still a bit confused about exactly what happened at the University of Missouri that led to the resignation of the University president and the chancellor. According to my research, the president was considered by certain students to have been slow in his efforts to address and take action on certain racial incidents at the university. Apparently, there has been racial tensions at the university for several months.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t had something hurtful said to them? People say “not nice” things to others constantly. When I was a child, I had hurtful things said to me by other children, adults, relatives, etc. Many of the things said to me were because I was overweight as a child. It certainly wasn’t fun back then, but as an adult, I believe those things made me strong and gave me much insight.

As an adult, I’ve had hurtful things said to me by friends, boyfriends, bosses, co-workers, etc. It happens and you get over it. Once again, it can serve to make you strong. Also, I’ve learned a lot from this. Some of the things that were said and done to me over the years, I would never do to others.

I blame the current administration and all liberals for the above. We all know that liberals think that we, the people, are too stupid to run our lives. They think we’re unable to decide what to eat and drink, what to drive, how to invest our money, how to choose our healthcare options, etc. Do they now think we, the people, are too inept to take care of ourselves should someone fail to be nice to us?

I’m a small-peas political blogger and have been called many things, including, but not limited to: moron, idiot, delusional, stupid, dumb, etc. by liberals, who don’t agree with me on political issues. I wonder if I can make demands regarding those who have called me such things. Should I call for those people to lose their jobs, lose their livelihood, and be destroyed? Under the foregoing circumstances, calling for these things would never occur to me.

The far left and maybe some of those who espouse to be center-left, seem to be steering us in a direction where all transgressions are punishable with extreme measures. According to statistics, liberals comprise approximately one-half of the American population. Do I think all liberals want to destroy those who don’t agree with them politically and those who have said things that aren’t nice to someone else? I’m afraid I do.

The following is a summarization of the demands made by students at the University of Missouri:

  • That President, Tim Wolfe, write a letter of apology to Concerned Student 1950 demonstrators, acknowledging his white privilege and also acknowledging that systems of oppression exist. He is also to admit gross negligence in failing to act swiftly upon certain racial incidents.
  • Even with the above, the students want Tim Wolfe removed as UM president.
  • That UM create and enforce comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum throughout all campus departments and units, mandatory for all students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • By the year 2017-18, UM increase the percentage of black faculty and staff members by 10%.
  • That UM compose a strategic 10-year plan that will increase retention rates for marginalized students, sustain diversity curriculum and training, and promote a more safe and inclusive campus.
  • That UM increase funding and resources for the UM Counseling Center for the purpose of hiring additional mental health professionals, particularly those of color.
  • That UM increase funding, resources, and personnel for the social justice centers on campus for the purpose of hiring additional professionals, particularly those of color.

The above came from an article on saturdaydownsouth.com, a primarily southern college sports website.

These are some pretty ridiculous demands. Students do not and should not run college campuses. If the students at the University of Missouri don’t like the campus life there, why not just transfer to another school? If they think there’s systemic or institutional racism present, then leave UM behind and go somewhere else. But that’s not the liberal way. The liberal way, fostered by the current administration and all liberals, is to severely harm and or destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with their racist, bigoted, and anti-American agenda.

What’s happening at the University of Missouri should scare everyone. It scares me. When is it going to happen to me? When am I going to say or do something that the left decides, on the spot, is somehow offensive to others on the left and be libeled, slandered, or destroyed in some other manner? And does this also mean that I, a conservative, have the right to not be offended. Do I have the right to destroy someone who says something “hurtful” to me? Of course not, silly rabbit!