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A week or so ago, I shared the above meme on my personal FB page, and had a couple of folks to take issue with it.

As you can see, it is a picture of an elderly couple who is supporting Donald Trump because they grew up in a free America and want the same for their grand kids. Issue was taken because it was felt that while America was a free country that freedom wasn’t granted to everyone, particularly people of color, women, homosexuals, immigrants, etc. And those groups are still fighting for equality and justice.

The couple in this meme look to be in their mid-seventies to early eighties, making them born somewhere around 1940. I’m well aware that women weren’t give the right to vote until 1920, that civil rights legislation was not passed until 1964, and the majority of women held the traditional women’s occupations of nurse, school teacher, secretary, housewife, etc. until things began expanding for women in the early seventies.

Whenever someone, especially someone white, expresses a desire to turn back the hands of time, liberals and those who lean left consider that person a racist, sexist, homophobic because they long for a time when certain groups didn’t have the rights and privileges they have today. That is most likely not the case and to assume so is stereotyping.

Over my lifetime, we, as Americans, have lost freedoms. Because these freedoms have been lost over time, most people don’t notice. Furthermore, when we’re asked to give up a freedom, we are told that it’s no big deal, just give us this one little tiny thing and we won’t ask for anything else.

A major freedom that Americans have lost is the right to live without health insurance. With the advent of Obamacare, individuals are now required to purchase health insurance or pay a fine. Never before had the federal government required its citizens to purchase something. Because so many Americans cannot afford the sky-rocketing health insurance premiums, they’ve lost the freedom to seek medical attention should they get sick. While it certainly isn’t wise to go without health insurance, even for a minute, we no longer have that freedom. In addition to the above, many of us who are paying exorbitant healthcare premiums, no longer have the freedom to spend a substantial amount our money as we wish. There are some things that I need and some things that I want. But because of Obamacare, I’m having to pay so much for health insurance and healthcare, that I’m not able to purchase some of these things.

Those who settled in America, coming from Europe, sought freedom from religious persecution. Up until recently, we did have freedom to practice our religion or to not practice a religion, even though this country was founded on Judeo Christian principles. We’re currently witnessing people being forced to choose between their jobs and their faith. That’s an abomination. And Hillary Clinton has opined that the American people are going to have to alter their beliefs to fit within the laws this government has passed and plans to pass.

While the first amendment is still in force, freedom of speech and expression have been expotentially diminished, particularly over the last 7-1/2 years. This past Saturday afternoon, a star running back on my football team took the ball and scampered a substantial distance to a touchdown in a hostile stadium. After scoring the touchdown, the young man, displayed the palm of his gloved hand, containing an ‘A’ for Alabama, to a Tennessee fan sitting on the front row of the end zone. The announcers questioned whether that was over-doing it, and there have been many threads on social media and other forums discussing this. Some people were indicating that as long as the player didn’t touch the fan, it was okay, but still showed lack of class. Chances are, when you are in an event arena containing over 100,000 humans and one mangy blue tic hound, you’re going to get touched. Twenty-five years ago, this would not have been an issue.

Today, you can’t have an opinion differing from that of the “tolerant” left without being harassed and called names.

The Obama administration has also been hinting that some sort of government controlled truth squad should be established to filter the news that’s transmitted to the public. When I started this blog 2-1/2 years ago, I knew that I would be denigrated by the left for my views because it was happening to all conservatives, with some on the left calling for an end to the broadcasts of such folks as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Some time ago, a friend said to me, “Nancy, you say you don’t let what people say to you and write about you, bother you; but I think it bothers you more than you’re willing to admit.” Shouldn’t I have the right to express my opinion without harassment and fear?

I could write a book on lost freedoms, those the elderly couple in the meme probably had in mind. However, the theme of the person who took issue with this meme seemed to want to stress the point that America was a bad country and had been taught that in school, and somehow this meme was racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and misogynistic. Have I left something out?

This country was founded less than 250 years ago by people seeking a better life than they had under European rule. The visions our founding fathers had for this country had never been tried before. When the United States of America was established, there was no other country on earth like it. While I certainly believe the creators of this nation were aided by God, they were also mere mortals. Being an experiment like no other, it’s absolutely unreasonable to think that as this nation grew, mistakes weren’t going to be made, that some old world tendencies and practices wouldn’t be ported over to the new world. America was not the first country or culture to practice slavery. America was also not the first country to round people up, drive them from their homes, and place them on reservations or in internment camps. If you think that women had the right to vote in the old world, I got some swamp land in Louisiana in which you might be interested.

Because the United States of America was established as a free nation, we had put in a mechanism whereby our wrongs could be righted. Through the power of the first amendment, people were allowed to speak their mind, protest, and use the press to bring about change, and that’s just what happened.

If you look at how old civilization is, from a Biblical standpoint, this world is over 6,000 years old. This nation was only created about 240 years ago. In that short period of time, the USA has become the greatest nation on earth. Sure there are other free countries out there, but they copied us.

Slavery was eliminated in 1865, women were given the right to vote in 1920, plus civil rights legislation was passed in 1964. Forty-four years or one generation after the Civil Rights bill was passed, America elected its first black president. Even though I don’t agree with him on one thing and don’t care for him, he was elected by a majority of the American people, and just a mere 44 years after the barriers were lifted.

The older couple in the meme feels that if Hillary Clinton is elected president more of our freedoms will be lost. I agree with them. Freedom of speech and freedom to bear arms are being attacked, along with religious freedom. I agree with the message that is being conveyed by the meme.



Democrat Senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, sure stuck her foot in her mouth yesterday when she said that the south has not been friendly to blacks or women because it is conservative. If that’s the case, why are there so many of us down here? Why aren’t we scrambling to move to other parts of the country leaving behind the white guys?

Speaking as a white woman, I like it here. I’ve had chances to move to other areas, but have chosen not to. And why wouldn’t a woman not want to live in the South? The climate here is certainly better here than the climate in most parts of the nation. I’m not an outdoors person and the thought of having to shovel snow everyday  in order to get to work does not appeal to me at all. Furthermore, it’s overall much safer down here. I consider the street and neighborhood where I live to be one of the safest in the nation. So why would I want to move to a place where I had to have multiple locks on the doors and would be taking a chance with my life if I decided that I needed something from the store in the middle of the night. Also, folks are generally friendlier here and much more likely to help you if you’re in distress. And the food’s better down here.

Now I can’t speak for blacks, but here in Alabama, some of you might be happy to know that we have made some strides since last year. If you will recall, last year the top two Alabamians were white. This year that’s changed. Granted, the number one person in the state of Alabama is white and you can call me a racist if you must, but I hope that doesn’t change anytime soon. But the number two person in this state is black. And you will probably have to go down to places 8 or 9 to find a white person. Now my list might not be the same as everyone’s list, but I can guarantee you that a large majority of the people that live in the state of Alabama will say that the number one person in the state on their list is white and the number two person on their list is black.

So, what’s Ms. Landrieu trying to say or what excuses is she trying to make for the fact that she is struggling to keep her Senate seat? My guess is that she’s doing  what all Democrats seem to do when they are backed into a corner and can’t win arguments  based on facts and statistics. She hurls insults and accusations of racism, sexism, and every other “ism.” Well, Mary, you might ought to re-think you conclusions about the South. You just might be taking up permanent residence here in the near future.



Want to make a Democrat mad? Just accuse them of the things that they accuse Republicans of day in and day out. Democrats just love to say that we don’t care about the poor or that we don’t want the folks to have access to health care. Of course, we’ve all heard the rhetoric that we’re nothing but a bunch of racist bigots who dislike the current President of the United States just because he’s black. Well, he’s actually half black. His mother was white and his grandmother was a “typical white woman.”

About a year ago, I had the audacity to comment on a liberal friend’s Facebook post to the effect that it was really the Democrats who view women as inferiors. It’s the Democrats who are of the opinion that the Federal Government should pay for every woman’s birth control because women don’t have the self-control to manage their own libidos. In other words, it’s not the Republicans who have declared a war on women; instead, it’s the Democrats. Instead of engaging in reasonable discussion with me on the issue, I found myself subject to accusations that were not even related to the nature of my post.

Now this particular liberal/progressive/Democrat is an informed voter. She’s very active in the Democrat party and believes that big government is the only way to solve our nation’s problems. Needless to say, she is pro-choice, pro-illegal immigration, claims to be on the side of the poor and the down-trodden, yada, yada, yada. When I opined in my comment that I felt that it was the Democrats who were engaging in the war on women, she seemed to go into some kind of trance and commented back to me “canned verbiage” that she may have been taught at some progressive leadership seminar. It was really laughable.

The point that I’m attempting to make with this post is that Democrats seemed to get very mad and start hurling false accusations and begin name calling when you point out that the very things in which they accuse Republicans; they are even guiltier of.

Low information voters and those who get their information from the network news and other mainstream media outlets are apt to believe that Republicans dislike the current president because of his skin color. They are also apt to believe all of the garbage that is global warming/climate change. The mainstream media and this Democrat administration tell the low information electorate that the ever changing climate of the earth is a result of man-made carbon dioxide emissions, and if the low information voters don’t have time or are not inclined to look into the other side, they’re going fall for this lie; hook, line, and sinker. There are many, many more examples similar to the ones above that I could cite.

Then when they hear Democrats calling Republicans all sorts of names indicating that they are bigots, don’t care about the environment, don’t care about the poor, and want people to die because they are against socialize medicine, they think all of that is true. Then if you have the audacity to point out to them that it’s the Democrats that want to take our healthcare away from us resulting in more people dying earlier, they go crazy and call you even more names.

And forget even suggesting getting together and having a rational discussion of the issues, they’re not about to do that because they know they’re wrong and you’re right. All they’re capable of is name calling and hurling insults. And it’s frustrating that it seems to work on low information voters.