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While the definition of mixed marriage in Alabama means the union between an Alabama fan and an Auburn fan, I was the product of another type of mixed marriage, the union between a Republican and a Democrat. My Dad was an Alabama fan and so was my Mom. However, had my Mom married an Auburn fan, she could have just as easily been an Auburn fan. BUT SHE WASN’T. This is a bit unusual, but my Mom was the Republican in my family and my Dad was the Democrat. Even though Daddy would never admit it, I think he shifted Republican before he died.

When I was growing up and when I was a young adult, politics wasn’t discussed. Mama always indicated that politics was dirty on both sides. But she always thought that Democrats would get their way, no matter what. It was only after Daddy died that Mama and I would discuss politics. I got my political views from Mama, while I got my football from Daddy.
As a result of coming from a family where politics was off limits, I never sought to go into politics because I knew Mama and Daddy wouldn’t approve. I am what I am, a political junkie, and would have sought public office under different familial circumstances. I said that I would have sought, not necessarily obtained public office because I’m not sure that I have the personality or gravitas to get people to rally around me. So, here I sit writing about it with hopes that this blog might go national one of these days.

But I must confess that I could use some rest. With Hillary’s emails, BB’s visit, Selma, the letter to the Iranian heads of state, the negotiations with Iran, and so much more, I just want to bury my head in in my hands. I want to purge politics from my being for a while.

I want to debate the ACA and discuss what may happen with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in King vs. Burwell. I want to discuss foreign policy and the need to destroy ISIS. I want to discuss the economy and how best to balance the budget and pay off our unfathomable national debt. But my head is spinning and I need something for the migraine that is sure to develop.

I have written a lite fiction novel under a pen name. It’s published with Amazon. Should I concentrate on the marketing of that book for the next few days and hope that the political cobwebs somehow clear out of my head? No, I do owe my readers something during this very rich news week.

Hillary’s emails: Having the email server in her home and refusing to let an independent investigator have access to it is disturbing. As an IT professional, I’m reminding everyone that technology moves very fast these days. In fact, it moves way too fast for me and that’s the reason I’m trying to get out of IT. We do have to be cognizant of the times and what technology was available at the time. She assumed the job of Secretary of State in 2009. The first iPhone was released in June 2007. Hillary indicated that she used the personal email because she didn’t want to carry around two devices. Of course, now days, you can have multiple email accounts on your device, but could you then? I think you could, and surely the IT folks working for the state department could have fitted Mrs. Clinton with everything she needed on one device. I’m trying to think back to my phone history and it’s a blur. I didn’t run out and purchase an iPhone in June 2007 and had a blackberry for a while before purchasing an Android. I’ve used Android devices and will probably continue to do so.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress: Israel is our ally and we must stand with them. The Democrats are making a big mistake by turning their backs to him and Israel. The fact that the current President didn’t meet with the Prime Minister was disgraceful.

Selma: Selma is an hour and a half away from my home and I’ve been there many times. I didn’t attend the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, but I know some folks who did. In fact, I didn’t even watch it on TV. A friend from college grew up just outside of Selma and I also have some relatives that live outside of Selma. The family members of my college friend did tell some different stories about the day than what has been told on the news. I do find it interesting that Alabama Congresswoman, Terri Sewell, a Democrat from District 7, a carved out predominantly black district, chose to post on Facebook, a picture of herself with former President George W. Bush and former first lady, Laura Bush.

Letter from 47 Senators to the Iranian heads of state: Isn’t it convenient that the Democrats are forgetting about all of the letters sent by the late Senator Ted Kennedy to the Soviet Union during the Regan presidency? Also, practically the whole Democrat delegation in the House of Representatives was aligned with the Soviet communists in Nicaragua. Besides, the Senators were just warning that any agreement made by the current President without the approval of Congress would become null and void once this President leaves office.

U.S. Negotiations with Iran: I don’t trust this administration at all to make a sound deal with Iran. I’m scared and you should be also.

There you have it; my thoughts on some of the top news items of the week.



I happened upon an article posted on alternet.com written by the very liberal Terrell Jermaine Starr. The name of the article was “Dear GOP: 10 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Black People.” My first question was this, “Can Democrats then say these things to black people without fear of reprise.” If the answer is yes, then one of our basic freedoms has just been taken away from a substantial percentage of American citizens. Are we now going to have to wear some kind of symbol indicating our political persuasion so the “speech police” will know who to arrest? Needless to say, this article immediately went into my stupid liberal articles folder in my favorites.
Mr. Starr began his article with a fact that we all know, black voters have consistently cast their ballots for Democratic candidates at a rate of nearly 90% during each election cycle.
Back to the 10 things us Republicans should never say to Blacks. I’m going to list these things for you and refute everything that Mr. Starr says.

We’re not the party of government handouts; we believe in personal responsibility. Mr. Starr says that we’re suggesting that blacks are not hard workers. WRONG! We’re telling ALL LIKELY VOTERS that this country was founded based on its citizens being personably responsible for their lives. If you’re a capable hard worker, you’ll probably lead a prosperous life. All the Democrats can offer you are handouts because they’re the ones looking down their noses at you. They don’t think you’re capable and that you need handouts. We, the GOP, think that’s BS!
• We have black people in our party. Just look at Rep. Mia Love of Utah and U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina. Mr. Starr doesn’t think that Ms. Love and Mr. Scott talk enough about racism and social injustice, so he demands that that the GOP not use them as examples. Is racism and social injustice all you think blacks should talk about? It looks like you’re still stuck in the 1960s. This is the second decade in the twenty-first century. Things have changed and changed a lot since the sixties, Mr. Starr. OPEN YOUR EYES! It looks like you want to return to the sixties, so you can have something to gripe about. Talk about racism?
• We’re the party of Lincoln; we freed the slaves. Mr. Starr says that black people don’t care about the historical legacy of Abraham Lincoln. He tells the GOP to talk to blacks about the economy the way we would talk to white folks about the economy. WE DO! In my observations, it’s Democrats who talk to black folks differently. Again, I’ve witnessed firsthand Democrats conversing with blacks trying to put “soul” into their diction. Also, remember Hillary Clinton at a church in Selma, Alabama.
• Any quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mr. Starr wants to put a moratorium on quoting the more popular speeches of Dr. King, claiming that Dr. King is more than his “I Have a Dream” speech. Again, I would like to ask Mr. Starr if only Democrats are allowed to quote Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Mr. Starr goes on to indicate that Dr. King was not the docile, white-people-loving black man most people learned about in school. Mr. Starr, it sounds like you want to denigrate Dr. King. Do you not believe that we should judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? Of course you don’t, you’re a liberal!
• Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are race hustlers. Mr. Starr indicates that no one has anointed either one of them official status as go-to leaders for checking the pulse of black America. It’s quite obvious that our current president has unofficially designated Al Sharpton as his advisor on race. Race hustlers are exactly what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are. It’s their business to stir the pot and they do. Starr goes on to say, “How would you like it if someone said, “Hey, white man, you need to check your leader, Rush Limbaugh, about his anti-blackness.” First of all, Rush Limbaugh is not a “white leader.” Starr’s quote makes no sense at all. Again, maybe I’m missing something. Remember, I’m a southern white conservative Christian, an unenlightened oaf.
• It’s time to end affirmative action. Affirmative action is a racist program that speaks to blacks and other minorities telling them that they are not good enough to make it in the white man’s world. So, we’re going to help you out because we’re your friends. BS. And remember, affirmative action is not the same as equal opportunity. Mr. Starr dictates to us Republicans that if we want to discuss ending affirmative action, follow that up with a detailed description of how you will work to end racism across the board. And please don’t say black people can bootstrap themselves out of racism. Affirmative action is not going to end racism because affirmative action is racist itself. Mr. Starr goes on to say that black people cannot bootstrap themselves out of racism. Again, I’m an unenlightened oaf and I’m not sure what “bootstrap out of racism” means, but it sure sounds like Mr. Starr thinks of blacks as inferior. RACIST, RACIST, RACIST!
• Whitesplaining racism at black institutions. Mr. Starr indicates that he is talking about Senator Rand Paul in a speech he made to Howard University Students. I’m not familiar with the visit or the speech, but apparently Senator Paul pointed out to the students that the NAACP was founded by Republicans and that the first elected black U.S. Senator was a Republican. There’s nothing wrong with pointing things out to people even though they may already know these things. How many times do our ministers, bosses, teachers, coaches, etc. remind us of thing we already know. However, the Senator apparently mispronounced Senator Brook’s name. I’d say that’s punishable with twenty lashes. What do you think?
• What about black on black crime? Mr. Starr indicates that black on black crime cannot be discussed without addressing social and economic policies that create job growth or historical racism that suppressed economic mobility. I know liberals don’t want to discuss black on black crime. They would rather destroy property and injure innocent people over an isolated white on black shooting. What can I say? It’s going to have to be discussed, but as long as liberals refuse to acknowledge it, nothing’s going to change.
• It’s time to take America back. This country is moving in the wrong direction to the extent that just about everything we’re doing now is diametrically opposite to the way our founding fathers intended. The Federal government is growing by leaps and bounds and intruding into our lives more and more each day. If we’re going to get back on track, we have to lower taxes and repeal the burdensome regulations that the Democrats have forced down our throats. Mr. Starr apparently sees this as some sort of racist comment. How can this be racist? Well, again, I’m just an unenlightened oaf.
• Insulting the Black Lives Matter Movement. I don’t know of anyone who is insulting that movement. Black lives do matter and no one is saying they don’t. Mr. Starr indicates that the reason so many people are on the streets protesting is that black people are disproportionately affected by police brutality. It has nothing to do with being anti-cop. I haven’t spent a lot of time gathering statistics on law enforcement actions against blacks, but right now I just don’t see it as a major problem. If you think it is, Mr. Starr, then someone or some group needs to research it and provide reasonable statistics and proof. Then we can sit down, discuss, and hopefully develop solutions to alleviate the problems. Rioting, looting, destroying property, and injuring people won’t solve the problem if there is one. But again, maybe you and your liberal cohorts don’t want the problem solved; you just want to exacerbate it so you can continue to write your stupid and uninformed garbage.

There you have it. Like Dr. Jaime Grant who I wrote about several posts ago, it sounds like Mr. Starr is indeed a racist and looks down his nose at blacks and perhaps other minorities. Journalists like Dr. Grant and Mr. Starr are not mainstream journalists. Are they trying to get into the mainstream by writing the type of articles that they currently write? I don’t know what’s inside their heads, but this sort of writing would only appeal to the lower echelon of liberals or does it?