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There is no doubt that the United States and its citizens have witnessed the unraveling of race relations at the hand of President Barak Obama. But when did it all begin?

First Lady, Michelle Obama, tells blacks to just vote Democrat and have some fried chicken.

First Lady was never proud of her country until hubby, Barak was nominated for President on the Democrat ticket.

In my humble opinion, it began during the 2008 campaign for president when candidate Obama’s wife, Michelle, indicated that for the first time in her life, she was proud of her country. Mrs. Obama uttered these words after hubby and nailed down the Democrat nomination for president of the United States.

This didn’t set well with me and many others. This also indicated to me that she must have a history of anti-Americanism. This combined with her husband’s “hope and change” message further disturbed me. What kind of change was Barak Obama speaking of?

Fast forward to July 16, 2009. Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested outside him home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The professor had just returned from a trip to China where he was doing research. Finding the door to his home jammed, he was trying to get it open when he was arrested by police Sargent James Crowley. Sargent Crowley was responding to a 911 call in which the caller reported there were men breaking and entering Gates’ residence. Gates was never charged.


On July 22, the current president said the following about the incident. “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that…the Cambridge police acted stupidly…there is a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”

This incident was unfortunate and I would have been made if I had been in Professor Gates’ shoes. Furthermore, this was local and nothing in which the president of the United States should become involved. That was my first reaction when I heard about the situation. Because this was a white police officer and a black man, the question of race was brought into the mix.

The above was six months into Barak Obama’s presidency. Is this a taste of things to come? Unfortunately, yes.

Fast forward again to Treyvon Martin, who was killed in a low level scuffle, two thugs going at each other. Because one was a light-skinned Hispanic, the liberals considered him to be white and Treyvon was black.

Once again, the president of the United States interjected himself into what should have been a local matter and indicated that if he had a son, the son would look just like Treyvon. Then Representative Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) uttered the words, “Treyvon was hunted down like a rabid dog and shot in the street,” before all the facts were in.

Fast forward once more to Michael Brown, a black man who was shot by a white policeman in Ferguson, Missouri after robbing a convenience store. Out of this incident arose the Black Lives Matter movement and the “hands up don’t shoot” mantra. The “hands up don’t shoot” chant arose when it was alleged that the white police officer, Darren Wilson, shot Mr. Brown in the back while his hands were in the air. This was proven false, making “hands up don’t shoot” predicated on a lie. But this didn’t stop the Black Lives Matter movement from continuing the chant, “hands up don’t shoot,” or chanting the following in the streets: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” and “What do we want, dead cops. When do we want them, now.”

To make matters even more ridiculous, the current president sends a representative to Michael Brown’s funeral. He sends a representative to the funeral of a thug, a criminal? At the time, it was almost too much for me to fathom, especially when this president failed to even acknowledge Kate Steinle, a California woman who was murdered by an illegal alien.

The following frustrates me about the above incidents.

  • The current president injecting himself in low level local matters. Isn’t he supposed to be protecting the people of the United States of America (we know how that’s worked out)?
  • That we’re wasting so much time and energy on low level local matters.
  • That folks are refusing to wait until the investigations are complete and the facts are in to begin their protests, which invariably turn into riots and looting.
  • Once the investigations are completed and the facts are in, liberals don’t care about the facts and the investigation results and continue their disruptive ways.

Now, most of us have come to expect rioting and looting by the Black Lives Matter crowd whenever a black person is killed at the hands of a white person. The investigation and ensuing facts are irrelevant. The statistics illustrating that these are isolated incidents and that there is no pattern of whites killing blacks or that white policemen are deliberately hunting blacks to kill them are ignored.

On the Sean Hannity show last night, Geraldo Rivera indicated that the President Obama needs to step forward and unite the American people. Well, he’s spend 7-1/2 years dividing the American people, what makes you think he’s going to have a change of heart and begin uniting this country during the last months of his presidency?

I hear everyone around me, politicians, talking heads, posters on Facebook and Twitter say that we need to stop the hate, we need to sit down and talk, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of someone black. May we choose? I think I’ll put my feet in the shoes of former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. She’s beautiful, talented, is from my state, and thinks like me. Actually, I don’t think that’s what the liberals meant.

I’m not attempting to diminish the struggles of blacks in the United States who persevered through slavery and Jim Crow laws; not in the least. Every human, every group, every race, etc. has had difficulties, has struggled, and has suffered. While God has blessed me beyond what I deserve, I’ve had my struggles and difficulties. And you know what, they’ve made me strong.

If you were twenty-two years old when Civil Rights Legislation was passed in the sixties, you’re about seventy-five or seventy-six now. If you’re under fifty, segregation was being eliminated before you were born. When Civil Rights legislation was signed into law, things didn’t automatically become perfect. In fact, things will never be perfect. Change of the nature directed by the 1964 Civil Rights Legislation, takes time to fully happen. Since the law’s inception, things have progressed to the point where a black president was elected after forty-four years. Whether you like and/or agree with Barak Obama, the United States seemed to have put racial divisions behind us in one generation. Blacks make up about 13% per the U.S. population and about 91% of those blacks are Democrats. Barak Obama had to have lots of white votes to get elected.

Unfortunately, the black president who promised hope and change has certainly given us change and not good change. He has spear-headed the unraveling of race relations in this country to a point where I sometimes think relations were better when we were segregated.

How are we going to get things back to normal, the way things were in early 2008? Encouraging love and condemning hate are not going to do it. This is something liberals and some conservatives are doing in order to feel good about themselves.  Let’s talk, let’s discuss. Let’s have a beer summit and invite everyone. Did you see Megyn Kelly last night? I’m not sure about talking either.

So, what I would like to propose is to rid ourselves of any political correctness, if we can. We may have already been brain-washed to the point where this is impossible. Then we need to quit interjecting race into everything. Just don’t mention it, act like it doesn’t exist. If there is an altercation between someone white and someone black, don’t throw in the race card unless you can prove beyond a doubt that race was involved. I’ve already let liberals know that they must find an instance where I’ve disparaged this president because of the color of his skin before they start hurling the racist accusation against me. I think it’s time that we all do this.

I believe that once we do the above, we can perhaps undo all the damage that Barak Obama has done with respect to race relations in the country. Then perhaps, we can clearly see the scenarios where real racism is involved and then take steps to correct those scenarios.



It’s approximately six months until the 2016 presidential election and the “tolerant left” has already declared a “no holds barred” war on Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and of course, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. So, take cover conservatives, the tolerant left is coming after you!

As an alumnae and fan of the University of Alabama, who won the national championship for the 2015 football season, I sometimes get irked when our rivals only chant, “Beat Bama.” Would it hurt you to occasionally cheer for your own team instead of being constantly obsessed by the Crimson Tide?

This obsession by Alabama’s opponents reminds me of the obsession the “tolerant left” has with conservatives, Christians, and Republicans. Because the left can’t win arguments on the merits of the issues, they have to resort to denigrating their opposition, conservatives, Christians, and Republicans.

One of the first times I took on a liberal was on Facebook where I indicated that all the Democrat party cared about was getting as many folks dependent on the government as possible. This liberal then started accusing me of hating people that were receiving benefits from the government, including Social Security and Medicare. This person was a Ph.D. and well-informed regarding political matters, but still it didn’t seem that she was able to read and understand what I was writing. Like I do with most liberals, I had to ask her to go back and re-read what I wrote. I doubt she did because she just kept on with her false accusations that were totally off the subject of my post. I admit that I was shook up after our exchange and had second thoughts about continuing this blog.

In the following months, I learned that discussions with liberals followed mostly the same path. Because liberals don’t care anything about facts and statistics, they can’t discuss an issue with any sort of reasonableness. Therefore, they get emotional and accuse you of hating the poor, hating minorities, hating public education, not wanting people to have access to healthcare, etc. Then they call you names. I’ve been called the following names: nut case, moron, idiot, ignoramus, buffoon, brain dead, and others. Because of their intense hatred for Fox Cable News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc., they will denigrate you for watching Fox or listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I was having a back and forth with two liberals about six months ago. After I had won the argument, one of the liberals addressed the other liberal saying, “give it up, she probably thinks Fox News is real news.”

Because facts and statistics are hard to remember and liberals will be shrill and emotional when they come at you, it might be a good idea to keep a few notes in your wallet or on your phone.

A few issues to keep in mind include energy policy, foreign policy, healthcare, ISIS, immigration, and race relations. These are a few of many things that Obama has messed up. In fact, Obama has messed up everything he has touched since becoming president.

So, my fellow conservatives, Christians, gun owners, Trump supporters, be brave and be strong, and continue to read Wing Nut Gal.

You can win arguments with the left, it’s not hard to do. Just don’t get discouraged when you’re called names and accused of things that just aren’t true. It’s a fact that liberals are not tolerant of different points of view. They are also much more racist and bigoted than conservatives. And if you really want to make one mad and perhaps defriend you, point out to them how racist and bigoted they actually are. This seems to drive them crazy. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re strong and confident. We’ll weather the storm.



Earlier this week, MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry took offense to a conservative guest, Alfonso Aguilar, using the term “hard worker” to describe Congressman Paul Ryan in his quest to be elected Speaker of the House. Ms. Harris-Perry argued that the term, “hard worker,” diminished the experiences of slaves.

While Ms. Harris-Perry agreed with Mr. Aguilar that Paul Ryan was a “great choice for this role,” she also said, “But I want us to be super careful when we use the language, “hard worker.” Ms. Harris-Perry further indicated that she kept an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall, because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like.

To a baffled Alfonso Aguilar, Ms. Harris-Perry also intimated that you don’t call Moms who don’t have healthcare, hardworking. Instead, you call them failures.

This is so ridiculous that it will certainly go away. But to think that we have people as demented as Ms. Harris-Perry on TV as news anchors and analysts is scary. Of course, liberals are going to say, “What about Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity?” I’ve never head Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity say anything disparaging about black people as a race. Sure, they may denigrate individuals for their liberalism, but, again, I have never heard either one of them put down black people.

A few hours ago, a Facebook friend who is black and far-left, posted an article on vox.com that was entitled, “Even Walking is more Dangerous if you’re Black.” The article insinuates that white drivers don’t yield to black pedestrians like they do to white pedestrians. It was also insinuated that this could perhaps be subconscious racism. The far left has been pushing the notion that all white people are inherently racist. So, I guess this is one more thing liberals will use against whites, in their quest to annihilate them.

Let me add another thing. At night black people are harder to see than someone white. And while black liberals tend to blame the white people for all their problems, this is one problem that the white person had nothing to do with. Black liberals, you’re going to have to take this up with the man upstairs. In the meantime, if you’re going walking at night, it’s best to wear light colored clothing. In fact wearing light colored clothing at night is recommended for all people.

In addition to the above, a liberal Facebook friend shared a split photograph. The top of the photograph was a still shot of the deputy that flipped over the desk of a black girl when she refused to leave her classroom after being ordered to do so for bad behavior. The bottom of the photograph was a picture of police, after arresting Dylan Roof. Roof was walking with the police and did not seem to be resisting arrest. The captions on the photos read as follow: (1) How you arrest a black girl who refused to leave a class; and (2) How you arrest a white man who shot 9 people at church.

First, the picture of Dylan Roof doing the perp walk was taken after he was arrested and he appeared to show no resistance to arrest. The picture of the deputy turning the black girl’s desk over in order to get her moved from the classroom was taken during the altercation in which she refused to leave the classroom. The two really cannot be compared. Furthermore, the deputy, Ben Fields has been fired and the altercation has been denounced by Richland County Sheriff’s Department. So what more do you want? What more can be done?

This particular photograph originated at the Facebook page of Jonas Saintilus. After visiting his Facebook page, it sure looks like he is a radical Muslim. He claims to be a soldier of the Nation of Islam who studied black empowerment, ancient history, science, and knowledge of self at new world nation of Islam. In addition to having anti-white photos on his website, one of those photos stated the following: “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.”

I intend to confront my liberal friend with this. This guy appears to be radical and dangerous.



Dating back to when I was in my twenties and beginning my career, I remember folks saying that Social Security would not be around when my generation became of age. I also remember the rants of the elderly…”I’m afraid Reagan is going to take away my Social Security,” I’m afraid Bush (referring to George H. W. Bush) is going to take away my social security,” and I’m afraid Bush (referring to George W. Bush) is going to take away my social security.” It seemed like the very mention of Social Security or any kind of change to the program brought reactions from the elderly. After having to listen to these rants all of my life, I made a pledge that when I got older I would never act like this.

Now that the baby boomers are reaching Social Security age, we’re hearing more and more rants about Social Security. A young libertarian on a panel of 5 on a Fox News Saturday morning show indicates that she thinks Social Security should be eliminated because it’s not fair to take money from someone young and poor and give it to old people who don’t need it. Then all of a sudden Fox News is an advocate of eliminating Social Security, according to liberals. I watched the video of these segment several times and from my observations, it was a dis-jointed discussion where opinions were floated, but no one had a chance to explain and conclude their opinions.

For all working Americans who have contributed to Social Security, there is not an envelope in a large vault with your name on it containing the money that you will receive when you become Social Security eligible. If this is news to you, I have some swamp land that you might be interested in purchasing located in Louisiana. As I indicated earlier, the baby boomers are reaching Social Security eligibility age and there’s a lot of them. Following the baby boom years, there was a decline in births which means less and less people are working and paying into Social Security. Furthermore, the economy is very sluggish with many people who would normally be paying into Social Security out of work or working in low paying jobs. This doesn’t make for an optimal situation and everyone who will reach Social Security eligibility age within the next five to fifteen years should be concerned about what benefits, if any, they will be receiving. I’m concerned. That’s why I’m working 14 hours a day seven days a week, trying to create some wealth so I won’t have to depend on Social Security.

A Democrat strategist on the same panel I mentioned above indicated that she would be an advocate for a system where those becoming Social Security eligible would have the option to opt-out of Social Security if they had income and assets to live out their senior years. This was a Democrat, mind you. If a prominent Republican/conservative had said something like this on the Sean Hannity Show and Sean agreed, I can’t imagine what the liberals would have done. They went ballistic when Michelle Fields, one of a five member panel, threw out an unpopular idea and claimed that Fox News was advocating the elimination of Social Security. I don’t know what liberals would have done and frankly I don’t want to know.

Several months ago, there was a photograph being circulated on Facebook by Occupy Democrats. It suggested that a group of millionaire and billionaire businessmen were advocating eliminating Social Security. Of course, a number of my liberal friends went nuclear. Did they do any research on this? Of course not! The subsequent research that I did indicated that this group of well-heeled business men had suggested that, in order to save Social Security, the retirement age would have to be raised at some point…a far cry from advocating the elimination of Social Security. When I pointed this out, one of them actually thanked me for doing the research.

As my generation reaches Social Security eligibility age, it looks as we’re going to be no different that our predecessors who whined that Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II were going to take their Social Security away. Unlike previous generations, my generation has Internet and social media and with Internet and social media, reams of information have been put out there, some accurate, some not.

I’m sure that I’m preaching to the choir when I say this. If you see something out there that is not accurate, point it out, no matter what the point of view. So many times we roll over. But before you take issue with something or share something that you like, take a few minutes to do some research on it. It may save you some embarrassment later.

If you’re a baby boomer who is approaching Social Security eligibility, don’t believe everything you see on social media. Again, research it before you pass it along and get upset.

I’m concerned that Social Security might not be there for me and I’m also concerned that the government, may, at some point, come in and tell those of “means” that they are not eligible to draw Social Security because they have enough assets to last them the rest of their life. The money they contributed will therefore go to someone else who actually needs it. So, what do we do? I suggest work hard and make every effort to create some wealth in order to diminish your chances of having to depend partially or totally on the government for your livelihood, no matter what your age. I know this sounds like an extreme concept and liberals are going to come at me with…”You mean you want people to work!” Call me anything you want, I’ve probably been called it before.



In just hours after the tragic shooting that killed nine members of the Emanuel AME Church inside the church in Charleston, the current president was on TV telling us we needed to stop gun violence in this nation and that we needed stricter gun laws. He also indicated that no other advanced country had these types of shootings. That statement since has been proven a lie.

Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago, and other prominent liberals have said many times, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And the liberals most certainly have swooped in on this tragedy and started the blame game. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the killing of these innocent people was racially motivated by an individual that had a hatred for blacks. Since the motivation of the killer was established, liberals have blamed Fox News, white people, Christians, the Confederate battle flag, and conservatives. While I didn’t hear this, I’m sure that Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio was also blamed.

Dylann Roof, the twenty-one year old who shot the nine victims is to blame for the killings. The Confederate battle flag didn’t do it, Fox News didn’t do it, Southern white conservative Christians didn’t do it, Rush Limbaugh didn’t do it, and conservative talk radio didn’t do it. I’m continuing to stick to my statement that the current president and liberals have blood on their hands because this president, along with his liberal henchmen have exacerbated racial tensions in this country, seeking to divide the American people on everything they possibly can…race, class, education, location, etc.

I know everyone wants to know my opinion on the flying of the Confederate battle flag and I don’t really have one. I understand both sides. What I do have an opinion about is the way those who wish the Confederate battle flag to remain flying are treated. In an al.com article, the author indicated that we should allow folks to fly the Confederate battle flag in their yards, place it in the back window of their pickup trucks, and wear it as a belt buckle because this would single out the most dangerous folks on the planet. The most dangerous folks on the planet? Not hardly!

Liberals are also blaming the killings on white privilege and white supremacy. The claim and continue to claim that white people are inherently racist. Does that mean you, white liberal, are a racist? I guess some white liberals, who believe that they are racist and engage in self-flagellation, and some white liberals who think they’re so perfect and so smart that they don’t have a racist bone in their body. But when Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Fox News is mentioned, they want to kill Rush and Sean slow and painfully plus they want Fox News off the air and they call anyone who watches Fox news names that I won’t repeat here.

Fox News is the number one cable news network in America and liberals hate it and hate those who watch it. Since Fox is number one, why don’t you liberals make more appearances on Fox and explain your points of view? Maybe you might convince some folks to come over to your side. But no, you liberals would rather hate Fox News and hate those who watch it rather than do something that might be productive.

I’m not saying conservatives like myself are perfect. I’m far from it. I misspeak, I sometimes jump to conclusions before doing research, and I sometimes get my facts wrong. And you liberals are the first to point it out to me, sometimes even attacking me. And it’s funny, you were willing to forgive the late Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia, for being a member of the KKK and saying the N-word on the Senate floor, but you are unwilling to forgive a conservative for a simple misspelling or grammatical error, much less for jumping to a conclusion before having the facts. And that’s weird, because you liberals don’t care about facts nor do you care about the truth.

You are the haters, the liars, the racists, the bigots, and the homophobes. I’ve done my research on this and I’m sticking to my story. And as the title of this post indicates, you never miss an opportunity to swoop down on a tragedy such as the Emanuel AME Church of Charleston tragedy to seek to disparage those of us who you hate and to put blame on those of us who you hate to further your political agenda.

Wouldn’t it be easier to go on Fox News or to respond to my blog posts with facts to shore up your beliefs? I think it would be easier and more productive, but it seems you would rather hate and spew your demented liberal logic.