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When George H. W. Bush ran for re-election against Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton, in 1992, the fact that Bill Clinton was a draft dodger and Bush, the elder was a fighter pilot during World War II made no difference to the liberals. How could they applaud Bill Clinton and on the on the other side of the coin, condemn George W. Bush. What was the liberal mindset all about?

For his military obligation, George W. Bush served in both the Texas and Alabama Air National Guards. He never went to Viet Nam, even though the war was currently raging. Was he able to get lighter duty because he was a member of the revered Bush Family. During the time Bush, the younger, was serving in the Air National Guard, his father, George H. W. Bush was serving as the U.S. Representative from Texas’s seventh Congressional district, and later (1971 to 1973), as United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Did the future President of the United States get preferential treatment? I don’t know, but I would say that it was a good possibility. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the war was growing unpopular by the day and anyone who could possibly get out of serving did, using all contacts that they had at their disposal. It was what it was.

When George W. Bush decided to run for president and his less than ideal military service was made known, I said to myself, “Well the liberals won’t be able to upbraid Bush on his military service because their “boy,” Bill Clinton was an “out and out” draft dodger.

Little did I know that the left, with liberal journalist Dan Rather, would make documents from Bush’s military service available during his 2004 run for re-election. The documents were determined to be fakes, but the left continued to badger Bush for his military service. Once again, I just couldn’t grasp the liberal mindset.

After George W. Bush was elected president in 2000, I began to become aware of the disingenuousness of liberals. Seventeen years later, we’re seeing the same old disingenuousness, only more of it. They will accuse you of one thing, then do the same thing later and think nothing of it. When confronted, they change the subject in hopes of throwing you off track. When they’ve lost and they know it, they start hurling accusations at you such as racist, sexist, homophobe, etc.

When I’m discussing something whether it be face to face or online, I’m a stickler about staying on subject. Not saying that I’ve never veered off subject, I certainly have. But for the most part I make every effort to keep things on track.

As I indicated above, liberals often change the subject to throw you off. I sometimes wonder, though, if they’re consciously trying to throw you off track or if they are incapable of understanding what they read. Are they lacking in reading comprehension skills? Because they have the academics in their corner, they think they’re smarter than you and me. But are they? I say no.


Earlier today, I shared the above meme. A you can see, it’s simply pointing out that the alleged attacks and torture of a white disabled youth by four blacks yelling “blank” Trump and “blank” white people, would have a different reaction by the “tolerant” left, including the Obama administration, and the mainstream media if this had been four whites attacking and torturing a black disabled youth while yelling “blank” Obama and “blank” white people. Cities across the country would be on fire, Obama would have had multiple press conferences, the victim and his family would be invited to the White House, and people would be screaming racism and hate crime.

While conservatives are calling this a hate crime and have indicated that the four perpetrators are racists, the outrage by the right pales in comparison with respect to the outrage that would have taken place by the left had the tables been turned. By now, there would be rioting in the streets, destroying property and injuring people. Black leaders including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have immediately weighed in and called for protests. The mainstream media would be reporting on this continuously.

Following my sharing of this meme, a friend, who claims to be a moderate, but I think he’s really a liberal pointed out that the perpetrators were immediately arrested and charged, and justice would be rendered. He also pointed out that President Obama had condemned the acts and seemed to insinuate that the right is always expressing a desire for a completed investigation before conclusions are made. While there was clear-cut evidence of the crime committed after the perpetrators had video-taped it and put it on social media, that was not the point of this meme and the person who commented on it possessed the same liberal mindset that you see day after day, sometimes hour after hour, didn’t seem to recognize that.

Because Donald Trump will be our next president, the liberals are planning all sorts of strategies to derail his presidency. Prominent Democrats, including Michael Moore and Robert Reich, are instructing the sheeple on how to react toward Trump supporters and the legislation that President-elect Trump and the Republican Congress. See my article: Challenges to Conservatism.

I’ve never seen such actions in my life as those coming from the left in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election. We have “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” college students, also known as snowflakes, requesting safe spaces where they can go and grieve over the election, liberal celebrities promoting the boycotting of the inauguration, Americans being attacked in various ways because they supported Donald Trump, ad infinitum.

Can liberals not see through themselves? I shudder to think what would have been said and done to conservatives if they had acted in a similar manner. Supposed we had openly threated to thwart every piece of legislation Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress tried to pass? Suppose we had called Barack Obama something comparable to the names that Trump supporters have been called by the left? First and foremost, we would have been called racists and accused of hating Obama because of his skin color. Plus, we would have been accused of other hateful things, and been the subject of much hate and vitriol emanating from the left.

Well, doesn’t the left do all of that now? Of course, and I don’t expect them to stop, and neither should you. I haven’t been able to figure out the liberal mindset and neither has anyone else. Will anyone?



As we enter into a new year, many of us conservatives are optimistic about 2017. After all, Hillary was defeated. If she had won the presidential election, things would be looking very grim. And while we’re optimistic, challenges to conservatism will continue.

While Donald Trump comfortably won the presidency via the electoral college, Hillary won the popular vote with her margin of victory coming from California. According to the left, this makes President Elect Trump an illegitimate president. When you explain to the “tolerant left” that this method has been utilized to elected a president since this nation was born, they scoff and say it’s not fair, it should be one person, one vote. This vast number of “open-minded” folks don’t understand that you can’t just change the rules on the fly because they didn’t like the outcome.

With a Hillary win, Obamacare would have remained in place with costs on the rise and actual healthcare on the skids. We’re now looking forward to Obamacare being repealed and/or replaced. The consequences should be lower insurance premiums, lower deductibles, and better care for all of us. Furthermore, her administration would have continued to force pricey and unreliable green energy down our throats, and at the same time reduce drilling for oil on American soil and the relatively new private sector innovation, called fracking or hydraulic fracturing. Energy prices would necessarily rise, squeezing low and middle income individuals. High healthcare costs plus high energy costs! If any liberal dares say to me that the Democrat party is the party of low and middle income people, that liberal will get an “earful” from me.

The above are just two of the horrors we would be experiencing had Clinton been elected to the presidency. Additional horrors will be fodder for a future article.

Prominent and even not so prominent liberals have indicated that will take steps to refute everything president elect Trump tries to accomplishes, thus the left intends to make endless challenges to conservatism.

Hollywood elite, Michael Moore, has already told the left to be in Washington D.C. before and during the inauguration in order to non-violently disrupt the ceremonies and events taking place by conducting protests. There’s even a website where anyone can visit and learn about civil disobedience on 1/20. He also indicated that a “Million Women March” was to take place on the day after the inauguration, January 21. He is also encouraging those who cannot make it to Washington to organize local protests.

In addition to the above, Moore instructs leftists to intimidate their elected senators and representatives, threatening to oust them if they support Trump in any way. Liberals should also demand that Muslim Keith Ellison be named head of the Democrat National Committee, to form “rapid response teams, and to run for public office themselves.

According to Conservative Tribune, there is an organization spearheading the protests at the inauguration called #disruptj20.org. Featured items on the organizations website include training camps starting Jan. 8 and continuing until Inauguration Day. Classes will include resistance, protesting, and how to proceed when you get arrested. It doesn’t sound to me like this “disruptj20” is encouraging non-violent protests. Constitution.com is also reporting that the organization of planning to create a “sense of crisis” to harass attendees at the inauguration and possibly to carry out some sort of drone strikes on the crowd. How does Michael Moore think that these snowflakes can possibly endure spending a night in jail when they have to seek safe spaces, where a grandmotherly figure serves them hot chocolate with marshmallows, when someone says something that offends and hurts their feelings?

Former MSNBC liberal commentator, Keith Olbermann, who appears to be spiraling out of control as a result of the 2016 presidential election, now hosts a GQ web series called, “The Resistance,” according to ijr.com. He is encouraging those on the left to humiliate President Trump every day and to call him stupid. He is also instructing liberals to find a Trump supporter every day and remind them that Trump lost the popular vote. Olbermann said, “Resistance means repetition, humiliate him, humiliate him every day, and those who support him. We are in this nightmare because at some point we stopped punishing stupidity in this country. We will not fix this core problem by appeasing the cretins…When you see something stupid, call someone stupid.”

Even former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, Robert Reich has instructed liberals to resist Donald Trump and anything he does, not only as president of the United States, but anything at all that he does.

Challenges to Conservatism? I’ll say. Plus, there will be challenges to the incoming president, Donald Trump and to individuals such as you and me. Because I hold myself out as a professional political writer, I’ve gotten used to being called names, but I’m afraid that with all the challenges to conservatism that will be taking place, fellow conservatives, who certainly shouldn’t be treated this way in the United States of America will be subject to undeserved assaults by the left.

The good people of this country are going to endure a lot in the coming months and perhaps years. Since the inception of the United States of America, most all generations have had to endure hardships. Attacks from those who are also citizens of this country, will be one more hardship.



For his Labor Day thoughts, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, Robert Reich was bemoaning that 24% of private sector workers didn’t get a paid holiday for Labor Day. He was also lamenting that 23% of private sector workers get no paid vacation time during the year. The former Labor secretary also goes on to indicate that what you get in the private sector depends on where you are in the pecking order. He further cites a report from the Economic Policy Institute which shows that only 34$ of workers in the lowest 10 percent by income get any paid holidays and only 39% get any paid vacation. But among the top 10% of workers by income, 93 percent get both paid holidays and paid vacation.

In reality, the 24% of workers that don’t get paid holidays and the 23% that don’t get paid vacation is really pretty good when you take into consideration certain factors. What about contractors? Contractors are folks who are hired by a company or an in-between recruiter to work for a specified hourly rate. Most of the time no benefits are included, and when you don’t work, you don’t get paid. A lot of people choose to be contractors. I was an independent contractor for my first IT job and I was very grateful to have landed that position. I got my foot in the door. Then many folks, as they are winding down their careers choose to go the contracting route. The purpose of this post is not to discuss contracting vs. full employment, but to point out that contracting is a large part of the workforce in the private sector and many do choose it.

With respect to not getting Labor Day off as a paid holiday, remember retailers, food and beverage service workers, and workers in the leisure services may not get Labor Day as a paid holiday. Those people, who enhance our holiday experience, usually get a day off to make up for it.

With respect to Secretary Reich’s lament that 23% of private sectors get to vacation time during the year, you must, again, factor in contractors. If you’re good at what you do and companies seek you out, you have some negotiating power. A good contractor in negotiating his or her hourly rate will take into consideration holidays and vacation. When I’m evaluating a contract position, I decide rates based on a 48-week work year.

I also wonder if the Secretary is taking into consideration the standard custom and practice for new hires in the private sector. Generally new hires, for the first three months of their employment are on a probation. During these first three months no vacation can be taken. It’s been like this since way before I entered the workplace. Also, up until recently, newer employees were not eligible for vacation until after a year. You had to earn vacation first, then you could take it. That trend, though, has reversed and many companies allow an employee to take vacation after their three month probationary period is finished.
Of course, there are workers who work for small businesses who don’t get paid when they don’t work. And while I haven’t done any research on the subject, I suspect that these are young workers just starting out or older workers who may need some income to supplement their Social Security and retirement income.

Of course, this is the same tired old liberal propaganda. In order to take more control over your life, liberals want a government mandate that employers award their employees with paid vacation and paid holidays. They hate capitalism and the private sector because the government/liberals have less control over American citizens.

Up until recently, it was understood, for folks who had less desirable jobs, work hard, take classes, and do what was necessary to get out of that not so desirable situation. In other words, it was up to the individual to plot his or her own destiny. Now it seems as though liberals, having one of their kind as dictator and having a willing media which goes along with anything they do, want the government to come in and further erode our system of free enterprise and capitalism.

To any American, the above should be insulting. It should tell all Americans that the “tolerant left” thinks you’re stupid, thinks you’re morons, and thinks that you are incapable of getting yourself out of a bad job situation and/or plotting your own destiny. They want to control all of that for you.

Sure, there are unfortunate situations out there. Instead of letting free enterprise and capitalism work, liberals are hell bent on showcasing those low percentage hardship cases and righting those; most of the time to the detriment of those who are successful and making an effort to be successful. Look at they did to the best healthcare system on the planet. In order that 15% of the American population who didn’t have health insurance (or so they say) could have health insurance, they made life more difficult for the 85% of Americans who did have health insurance and/or access to healthcare. Even liberals are telling those of us whose life was made more difficult by the ACA, that we’ll get used to the higher premiums and lower standards.

It wasn’t about strengthening our healthcare system, nor was it about providing health care access to those who didn’t have it. It was about usurping one-sixth of the nation’s economy and putting it under the government umbrella.

So goes it…the pontificating of Secretary Robert Reich is not because he and his comrades on the left care so much about you. It’s about bigger government and taking more control your lives.



For those of you who are not aware, I’m an only child. Growing up, I had no siblings to spar with, so I never learned the art of taking up for myself. As a result, all of my life, I’ve allowed people to run over me.

After becoming a conservative blogger and putting myself and my views out there, I was attacked. The first time it happened, I was shook up. The person attacking me was from my hometown and a PhD. It appeared that she didn’t fully read my post. Her attacks were your typical accusations that liberals make to conservatives…”you hate the poor, you hate minorities, etc.” They weren’t even closely related to the topic of my post. I invited her to sit down with me to discuss the issues face to face. Of course, that ended our “back and forth” because “little miss PhD” wouldn’t think of lowering herself to have a face to face with someone who had only a bachelor’s degree.

After the online encounter, I asked myself whether or not I was able to handle this kind of stuff. I decided that if I was going to pursue political blogging with hopes of making some money that I would have to. A little over a year later, I can honestly say that the ridicule directed at me from those on the left doesn’t upset me. It’s part of it.

Last week I found myself trolling on some liberal websites and social media sites. One was a liberal Facebook site that distributed a photo where presidential candidate and governor of Ohio, John Kasich said he thought teachers’ lounges should be eliminated because when spending time in the teachers’ lounge, teachers’ gripe to each other about their work and this griping was not good for their well-being or something to that effect. (I’m not sure exactly what he said, but it was something in-line with the foregoing). On the thread, I indicated that I didn’t agree with the governor. Instead, I though teachers’ lounges should be open 24/7 so the teachers can stay there and grip to their hearts’ content. Then I wouldn’t have to listen to them. I have friends and acquaintances who are public school teachers and most every one of them gripe incessantly about their jobs to the point of often monopolizing conversations and demanding to be the center of attention and wanting sympathy. The point I was trying to make was that everyone has job issues. There are lots of folks out there who are overworked and underpaid. Just like everything else in this world no job is perfect. Public school teachers are not the only ones who have work related problems, but it seems like they do the most griping and, of course, they can’t be bothered to ask a non-teacher in the group how his or her day or week went, or how his or her job is growing.

As you can imagine the other commenters were attaching horns and a tail to me. After that, the comments about how horrible the “poor, poor, pitiful teachers had it while everyone else, especially the Republicans, was eating cake slowed down to a crawl.

Another liberal thread I found myself visiting was from the Robert Reich Facebook fan page. The former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, as you can guess, is a big proponent of the newly proposed overtime regulations. Secretary Reich began his post by saying that Americans are working longer hours than the citizens of almost any other advanced economy. Furthermore, he’s feels that it is bad for our health. He quotes a study that indicates that people who put in long hours at the office are 33% more likely to suffer a stroke than their colleagues who clock out earlier. Even those who work just over 40 hours per week bear a significant increase in stroke risk. The study also indicates that sitting for long periods increases one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and early death. (Guess I had better get up and do a couple of minutes on my mini-trampoline).

This post triggered a plethora of responses, obviously from liberals, advocating more over-time pay, more vacation days, shorter work week, etc. In summary, the commenters appeared to want to give as little as possible and have the government provide extensively for them. They want shorter work weeks, more vacation time, increased benefits, and college tuition paid in full for their little darlings. Again, they want to work as little as possible for all this stuff. Who’s going to make up the shortfall? The rich, of course.

I have previously authored three articles indicating why this mandatory overtime is not a good thing and should be examined very carefully. In fact, I believe this will totally and completely destroy the American workplace. To read these articles, do a search on “overtime.”

This time, my posts did stop the whiny comments.

The comments on both of these posts say to me that folks out there expect the government to provide them a perfect job plus meet all of their needs. In accepting these comments, we’re destroying the individualism in which this country was founded on. The founding fathers, through the U.S. Constitution, gave Americans freedom to make choices and succeed as they wished. Success, however, can’t be guaranteed.

Once upon a time, if you had job issues and felt that your job was not providing you with the type of life you desired, you took steps to perhaps change jobs. I know that’s easier said than done, but that’s what normal folks do. In other words, people took responsibility for their situations and took steps to change those situations.

For all the griping school teachers out there, have you ever thought about a career change? Maybe teaching just isn’t for you. Would you be happier in administration or maybe in a private sector job? Since you’re already a teacher, you do have an education. For those of you who have corporate jobs where the bosses are jerks and you’re overworked and underpaid, have you ever thought of looking for something else; in other words, taking charge of your life instead of expecting the government to come along and make things all perfect for you? Update that resume, spend time on the employment websites, work on your interviewing skills, etc.

I realize that there are probably millions of people out there who are stuck in miserable jobs and have very little recourse. I certainly sympathize with those people and wish with all my heart that things weren’t that way for them. But does anyone think that the government is going to come in, implement all these great regulations, and make life idyllic. Trying to gather up every problem out there and solve it is like playing “whack-a-mole.” You hit one of those suckers into the ground and two pop up. It’s just not possible and won’t happen until Jesus returns to earth and sets up his 1000 year reign.



On his Facebook page, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, Robert Reich, posted the following: Republicans in Congress and the state level are taking aim at public employees. Secretary Reich goes on to summarize what he calls the five big lies that they’re telling.

  • Public employees earn far more than private sector workers.
  • The pay of public employees keeps rising.
  • Public sector pensions are out of control.
  • Taxpayers are taking a beating from public pensions.
  • Unfunded pension liabilities in future years are too big.

I haven’t heard of any Republican in Congress say these things, but I don’t stayed glued to the news stations all of the time. However, we all know that Republicans believe in limited government and will tighten the purse strings, make cuts, and possibly deep-six programs that they feel are wasteful. Democrats, on the other hand, favor a larger, more centralized government and when in power will work to grow that government. Having said that, we all know that Republicans have in a lot of instances expanded government and Democrats have also made cuts to government.

It’s impossible to address Secretary Reich’s five Republican lies with sweeping summarizations. It’s always been understood that public school teachers do make more than private school teachers. But pay does depend on the school system in the case of public school teachers and on the particular school for private school teachers.

Does a software engineer in the public sector make more than a software engineer in the private sector? I don’t know. Again, it would depend on the nature of the job. I’m sure that a software engineer for the Department of Defense would make more than a software engineer who works for a medium sized insurance company. I do know, however, that my alma mater, the University of Alabama, pays substantially lower than the private sector for software related positions. Once again, it’s impossible to give a straight true/false answer to salaries.

I’ve always worked in the private sector, but have had friends who worked in the public sector. Here are some of my observations when comparing the private sector with the public sector.

  • Public sector employees generally do not work overtime; whereas I can’t begin to estimate the number of evenings, weekends, and holidays that I’ve had to work with no additional compensation. A few years ago, I worked on the Saturday or my employers’ Christmas party and didn’t attend the party. I did get a $50.00 bonus. But most of the time, I was lucky to get a “thank you.” I have a couple of friends who have high level public sector jobs and have had those jobs for years. I’ve never known of them having to work any overtime. They began work at starting time and left work at quitting time. They always got their breaks and lunches in.
  • In the private sector, disputes between employees are generally settled as follows: the dispute is always settled in favor of the higher level employee. When there is a dispute between an employee and his or her supervisor, the subordinate is always screwed. Private sector companies put on dog and pony shows about fairly settling differences, but it’s a crock. I’ve always said that if I went to HR with a complaint about a superior, the superior would know that I had been to HR and what I said while in HR before I returned to my desk. Years ago, I was talking to a friend in the public sector and I was complaining about my boss. She said to me, “Don’t you get to evaluate your supervisors?” When she said this, I put on a show of coughing, choking, and laughing. I also made a couple of snarky comments. This wasn’t very nice and I know it, but what do you do when someone says something that is beyond stupid?
  • Public sector employees generally get much better holidays and time off than private sector employees do. At one time, public school teachers didn’t get Memorial Day off as a holiday. Years ago, a teacher friend made a snarky comment to me, saying in a sarcastic tone, “Well, it must be nice.” Duh! She was about to be off for the summer.

As you can see, I lean toward the private sector. I work a lot harder than my friends in the public sector and get less for it. An employer can fire me and the employer doesn’t have to give me a reason, though most will. It’s much harder to get dismissed in the public sector. Would I take a public sector job? Absolutely! No job is perfect and income is income. But it’s been my observation that public sector employees fear the private sector. Why? They might have to do some work and they might have to work late on occasions.

After reading some of the comments to the post, I’m glad that I have always worked in the private sector. Most of the comments were imbecilic. And of course, Republicans were demonized. One lady commented that white male Christians were ruining this country and that all women were doomed. Another commenter couldn’t help but take a swipe at Fox News and its viewers.

Many commenters, who were obviously lower levels, complained about the pay and indicated that they could make more money in the private sector at a comparable job. Well, if your pay is so low, why don’t you go after one of those better paying jobs in the private sector? I once said to a school teacher friend of mine who was griping about her job, “If teaching is so bad, why don’t you get out of it and do something else?” Public sector employees don’t like to be asked those questions.

It’s impossible to address the simplistic statements Secretary Reich alleges are Republican lies. There are so many things to compare and you have to examine situations individually. Public school teachers, for the most part, make more than private school teachers. And while I can’t give an example of an exception, they certainly exist.

While I said that I would accept a public sector job, maybe I need to re-think that if I’m going to have to work with folks like the ones who were commenting on the Secretary’s post.