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While I have never heard him say this, I have read many times where the current president has said he doesn’t believe that people should be able to own guns. It has also been documented that one of his frustrations in being president is that he has not been able to pass stricter gun control legislation.

I recently read an article on a conservative website where the author was speculating on measures that the current administration might take to further limit the second amendment rights of the American people, perhaps through executive orders. One such measure that was speculated upon was limiting those who had trouble handling their finances from purchasing guns. Another measure that was offered up was limiting those on Social Security/senior citizens from purchasing guns. Also, it has been speculated that gun ownership might preclude those who have been treated for common emotional maladies such as depression. The author felt that the president would do anything he could to limit gun ownership. A liberal reading the above would probably say these statements are idiotic.

Because this president has done so many bad things already, I don’t put anything past him. He promised to fundamentally change the United States of America and he has done it. While we haven’t reached the point to where folks are being taken from their beds in the middle of the night and transported to a gulag and tortured to death, could that be coming in the future? Before that happens, I certainly hope that the American people will wake up and take this country back.

So, he doesn’t want private citizens to have guns? Guns are dangerous and require a special kind of handling and respect. I remember the first time I shot a gun. I realized the power that I had in my two hands. I do own a handgun and while I don’t use it, I would feel vulnerable without it. Kind of like most of us do if we don’t have our seatbelts fastened.

I wonder why liberals are against gun ownership or feel that it should be severely restricted? Before the invention of gun powder, the physically weak did not have much power over the physically strong. If there was conflict, the physically strong usually prevailed over the physically weak. The invention of gun powder and guns changed all of that. Gun equalized the strong and the weak. Redistribution of power? With liberals so into redistribution of everything, how come they are so against gun ownership?

With liberals desiring to take our gun rights away, even if they are doing it a smidgen at a time, will they stop when all of us are defenseless? Have liberals ever stopped at anything? What about automobiles? Aren’t they dangerous, also? In fact, I’d say they’re more dangerous than guns. When you’re behind the wheel of an automobile, you have the power to run over people and destroy property. You have the power to ruin your life and the lives of others.

Yet, anyone who has the money or the credit can purchase an automobile. You’re not asked to show your driver’s license when test driving an automobile. However, you might have to show your driver’s license when arranging for financing. In other words, I don’t know of any requirements you have to meet to purchase a car, except to have insurance when you’re financing. I’ve known of situations where elderly people have purchased automobiles with no intention of driving them. They purchased the car so that their children could drive them wherever.

What’s my point, you ask. If liberals are successful in taking away our guns, do you think they might go after automobiles next? Do you think the government might try to limit the purchase of automobiles to those within a certain age range? Then could they limit you as to what type of vehicle you could purchase according to your age, sex, occupation, etc.?

There have been numerous instances when someone driving an automobile rammed onto a crowded sidewalk and crashed into a restaurant or other public place. However, “automobile control or violence” has never been discussed among liberals. If I were depressed enough or wanted to get even with someone who had wronged me, I could walk out to my enclosed garage, start up my vehicle, and open the windows. It wouldn’t take long.

As I said above, liberals will never stop. They will claim their policies are for your own good because you are not capable of looking out after yourself. They know best, but all they really want is as much control over your life as they can get.

In spite of the fact that we have a republican controlled Congress, we are losing freedoms and rights every day. I do believe, though, that the United States of America is an exceptional nation and at some point Americans will rise up against the tyrannical government that has been elected to power, not once, but twice. When will that be? I don’t know. How much of our freedoms and rights will we have to loose before it happens? Again, I don’t know. But it’s something that every American should be thinking about.