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The terms racism and racist began to be common household words sometime after Civil Rights legislation was passed in 1964. Up until the current president was elected, the terms racism or racist generally meant the following: denigrating a person or persons because of their race or ethnicity; negative speech or actions about or against a person or persons relating to their race/skin color or ethnicity.

Fast forward to today and the definition of racism sure has changed to where just about anything any liberal says is racist or racism is racist or racism.

An article on townhall.com in April 2013, outlined 15 moronic things liberals call racism since Obama was elected.

Obama to blame for deteriorating race relations.

Obama sure looks angry here.

  1. Criticizing the IRS: “Republicans are using the IRS scandal as their latest weapon in the war against the black man. “IRS is the new “N” word. Martin Bashir.
  2. Having a Republican National Convention during a hurricane: “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.” Yahoo News Washington bureau chief, David Chalian.
  3. Wanting to own a gun to prevent break-ins: “I am loathe to bring up what is in our head because we don’t like to talk about it so much. But on this particular day, on Martin Luther King Day, I think this needs to be said. That imaginary person that’s going to break into your home and kill you, who does that person look like?” Michael Moore
  4. Mentioning the Constitution or respect for the Founding Fathers: “The language of GOP racial politics is heavy on emphemisms that allow the speaker to deny any responsibility for the racial content of his message. References to a lack of respect for the Founding Fathers and the Constitution also make certain earl perk up by demonizing anyone supposedly threatening core “old fashioned American values.” Juan Williams.
  5. Calling Obama angry: “That really bothered me. You notice Romney said anger twice. He’s really trying to used racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama, the ‘otherization,’ he’s not like us.” Toure.
  6. Saying that Obama lies: “Surrounded by middle aged white guys, Joe Wilson yelled, ‘You lie!’ at a president who didn’t. But fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken work in the air: You lie, boy!” Maureen Dowd.
  7. Noting that Obama is privileged: “Spotlighting his elite education is tantamount to racial bigotry because it insinuates that ‘he took the place of someone else through affirmative action, that someone else being white.’” Jonathan Capehart.
  8. Saying that unions boss Obama around: “The Republican Party is saying that the President of the United States has bosses, that the union bosses this President around. Does that sound to you like they are trying to consciously or subconsciously deliver the racist message that, of course, a black man can’t be the real boss?” Lawrence O’Donnell.
  9. Supporting voter ID: “If you go back to the year 2000, when we had an obvious disaster and saw that our voting process needed refinement, and we did that in the America Votes Act and made sure that we could iron out those kinks, now you have the Republicans, who want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws and literally, and very transparently, block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote for Democrat candidates than Republican candidates. And it’s nothing short of that blatant.” Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
  10. Saying, “I want my country back:” “Do you remember the teabaggers? It was just so much easier when we could just call them racists. I just don’t know why we can’t call them racists, or functionally retarded adults. The functionally retarded adults, the racists, with their cries of ‘I want my country back.’ You know what they’re really saying is, ‘I want my white guy back.’ The apparently had to problem at all for the last eight years of habeas corpus being suspended, the Constitution being (blanked) on, illegal surveillance, liked to on a war or two, two stolen elections, yes, the John Kerry one was stolen too. That’s not tin-foil hat time.” Janeane Garofalo
  11. Being fans of Herman Cain: “One of the things about Herman Cain is, I think that he makes White Republican base of the party feel okay, feel like they are not racist because they can like this guy. I think he’s giving that base a free pass. And I think they like him because they think he’s a black man who knows his place. I know that’s harsh, but that’s how it sure seems to me.” Karen Finney.
  12. Fighting for the Second Amendment: “I believe the NRA is the new KKK. And that the arming of so many black youths, uh, and loading up our community with drugs, and then just having an open shooting gallery, is the work of people who obviously don’t have our best interests at heart.” Jason Whitlock.
  13. Republicans trying to keep Obama from being re-elected: “Look at, look, at the Tea Partiers, who are controlling the Republican Party…Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What’s, what does that, what underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to do whatever we can do to get this black man, we can, we’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here.’ It is a racist thing.” Morgan Freeman.
  14. Disliking the fact that Obama is President: “They can’t stand the idea that he’s president, and a piece of it is racism. Not that somebody in one racial group doesn’t like somebody in another racial group, so what? It’s the sense that the white race must rule, that’s what racism is, and they can’t stand the idea that a man who’s not white is president. That is real, that sense of racial superiority and rule is in the hearts of some people in this Country.” Chris Matthews.
  15. Disliking Barak Obama: “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barak Obama is based on the back that he is a black man, that he’s African American.” Jimmy Carter.

15 Moronic things called racism since Obama was elected.

Here are some additional things liberals call racism up through the year 2016:

  • Cheering for the Denver Broncos with white quarterback, Peyton Manning; instead of cheering for the Carolina Panthers with Black quarterback, Cam Newton.”
  • Not eating turnip greens. (Actually, I was accused of racism for this many years ago).
  • Asking somebody black what time they get out of church on Sunday (I was also accused of being racist for this years ago).
  • A white person wearing his or her hair in dreadlocks (this is called “cultural appropriation”).
  • Saying you don’t like somebody black who just happens to play for your team’s “hated rival” (Another one for which I have been accused of racism).
  • You’re a racist simply because you were born with racist tendencies and you don’t cry yourself to sleep at night because you’re white.
  • Saying “All Lives Matter.”

What’s sad is that liberals make this stuff up; yes, they lie, and they keep lying and keep hurling false accusations at those who don’t agree with them; forgetting that the freedom to disagree as to how we govern ourselves is one of our sacred rights.

Some conservatives attempt to thwart the accusations make by liberals by saying the following:

  • But I have friends who are black.
  • I don’t care what color his skin is, I don’t support his policies.
  • But I supported Ben Carson in the primary.
  • I patronize black-owned businesses.
  • I like turnip greens.
  • My favorite singer is black.
  • I only dislike him because he plays for (blank).

Unfortunately, trying to illustrate by example that you’re not racist falls on deaf liberal ears. In fact, liberals will the turn things around and tell you that the only reason you supported Ben Carson is because it made you feel good, it make you feel like you weren’t really a racist.

Because the above won’t work with liberals, we have to try something else. Whenever, I ‘m accused of racism, I put it back on the liberal to point out what I’ve said or what I’ve written that denigrates blacks or any minorities because of skin color. And you should try this too. Hold their feet to the fire. Make them answer you.

Recently, I confronted two liberals online; one directly accused me of racism and the other shared a meme which indicated that white Christians hated President Obama and the first family because of the color of their skin. The liberal who directly accused me of racism apologized, but then turned things around and appeared to indirectly imply that I was a racist.

Which one of the above moronic comments do I think is the most moronic? What Morgan Freeman said about it being racist when the Republicans worked against Obama in his 2012 re-election bid. An opposition party opposing an incumbent in his bid for re-election? Why I never heard of such! (Sarcasm).

And what’s really said about liberals and their moronic suggestions of racism is that it covers up incidents of true racism that should be addressed, corrected, and possibly making amends.

Note: A special thanks to townhall.com for the contents of this article.



I don’t like to call people stupid. It doesn’t show class, and as the old adage goes, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Does calling folks intellectually challenged invoke more class? Not really, but I’m going to use the term for the sake of political correctness, even though I strive on a daily basis not to be politically correct.

Years ago, I was having a conversation with a few friends, one was a liberal, about politics. When I said to the group that I felt the best way to govern ourselves was the Republican philosophy that stuff, items, issues, should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. The liberal, an academician, indicated that most higher ups in the academic sector, instead, believed that a strong centralized government with tighter control and more regulations was the best way to govern. Of course, I knew that. The liberal was attempting to illustrate that individuals with advanced degrees who teach in our institutions of higher learning, and are much smarter than someone like me who only has a bachelor’s degree, know what’s best for all of us because they are so smart.

While I certainly don’t think those higher up academics know what’s best for me, and definitely don’t agree with them on how the United States of America should be governed, I’ve never doubted their smarts or their intellectually ability.

I was willing to acknowledge that the Democrats, liberals, progressives, whatever, probably had higher grade point averages that us conservatives. I was also willing to acknowledge that maybe their level of education is higher than that of conservatives. In other words, I never thought of liberals being stupid…oops, intellectually challenged, until I started this website and began having interactions with liberals on social media and other political websites.

Instead of making reasonable arguments on behalf of their side, I was and still am called every bad name under the sun…moron, idiot, nutcase, racist, homophobe, and disgrace to my gender, just to name a few.  I am also called a Fox News watcher and a Rush Limbaugh listener, even though I don’t consider these terms bad, liberals spit them out with venomous hate. Very few liberals with whom I have “back and forths,” are able to cite facts or statistics to back up their views. Liberals just don’t care about facts. I said that first and now Bill O’Reilly says the same.

Liberals also can’t seem to read something and comprehend what they’ve read. Countless times, I’ve had to ask liberals to re-read what I’ve written and explain. This also goes hand in hand with their inclination to constantly change the subject of a post, a meme, and even an entire article. They can’t seem to stay on point and I’m constantly having to remind them of this.

From yesterday, I can cite two examples from Facebook where I can’t describe the liberals involved except to say that both are intellectually challenged.

Earlier, I interjected myself into a liberal FB friend’s post and replies. The post was Senator Elizabeth Warren’s aka Fauxkahontas, response to Speaker Paul Ryan’s “poverty agenda.” The speaker’s solution included cutting taxes and lifting onerous regulations on businesses in order to create jobs and grow the economy thereby giving more folks a chance to be prosperous. The senator’s way of diminishing poverty is, of course, to further tax the rich, including businesses that actually create jobs and grow the economy plus place more punishing regulations on businesses. In other words, just confiscate wealth someone else created and give it to those in need, thereby creating more dependence on government, and giving government more control over the people.

I made my feelings known and much to my surprise, I wasn’t called unflattering things. However, one of the liberals posting on the thread visited my personal FB page and posted the following: “CE0/CFO/CTO, now I understand why you are so defensive.” On my personal FB page, I have as my occupation, CE0/CFO/CTO/Adm Asst/Janitor of NMG Enterprises. This should be obvious to anyone operating with at least two brain cells that I’m a one person business. Yet this chick copied the CEO/CFO/CTO from my page and tries to paint me as some wealthy business tycoon while leaving off “Admn Asst/Janitor.” Even if I had just listed the big three and nothing else, anyone, again operating with at least two brain cells, should pick up that it’s a very small business. No one can possibly handle those three positions for a large business, a medium sized business or even for a semi-small business. Also, could this person actually think that she could get by with what she posted? Did she think that I was too stupid to pick up on it? I will say this for her, though. When I called her out and told her that I was a one person LLC who works twelve hours a day trying to get rich instead of knocking the rich, she replied, “Good for you! Keep at it girl!”

I mentioned above that liberals also have difficulty staying on point. They love to change the subject, especially when they can’t win on the subject being discussed. I have reason to believe that many Democrats, especially those who belong grass roots’ organizations, are taught, at leadership and other conferences, to do this when discussing issues. I also believe they are taught to direct unsubstantiated accusations at their sparring opponents, in hopes of throwing their opponents off course. One of the first online arguments that I had was with a local prominent Democrat who used the above tactics. It was almost as if she went into a trance.

From yesterday, I also had an experience that left me shaking my head at how intellectually challenged liberals can be. I shared a meme that is making the rounds on FB. The top picture is one of smiling Tea Party members waving American flags and holding up signs stating their position on certain issues. The Tea Party members are mostly well-dressed seniors. The bottom picture depicts a riot where property is being destroyed or damaged. The wording was directed at the media pointing out the difference between a protest and a riot. After writing a sarcastic reply, I shared it with friends.

The mainstream media should learn the difference between a protest and a riot.

Courtesy of Blacksphere.

Immediately after posting, I received a reply by a liberal FB friend who I suspect stalks or trolls me that was totally off the subject of the meme. I pointed that out to him and went further by responding to the off-subject post. I thought I would have received a response by now, but no. I’m sure it will come sooner or later.

Liberals are intellectually challenged, liberals are dumb. Maybe these aren’t nice things to say or put in print. But with the above two examples happening in one day and all the other things that liberals do, I’m sadly coming to that conclusion even though they often boast about having the academicians in their corner.



According to breitbart.com, the campus police at the University of Missouri sent out a campus-wide email this yesterday morning asking “individuals who witness hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to immediately report the incident to them.

The email didn’t define what constitutes “hurtful” speech, but did say if anyone experiences or hears it, they are immediately to get in touch with cops and provide “a detailed description of the individual(s) involved, along with the license plate and vehicle descriptions. Also, if possible, take a photo of the individuals. The email apparently goes on to say that if it is an emergency situation of “hurtful” speech to dial 911 instead of calling the campus police. The email also says that delays, including posting information to social media, can often reduce the chances of identifying the responsible parties.

Is this some kind of a joke?

So, if you’re on the University of Missouri campus and witness someone saying something “not nice” to someone else, you’re to document it with your phone, notify the authorities and upload it to social media as soon as possible.

I’m still a bit confused about exactly what happened at the University of Missouri that led to the resignation of the University president and the chancellor. According to my research, the president was considered by certain students to have been slow in his efforts to address and take action on certain racial incidents at the university. Apparently, there has been racial tensions at the university for several months.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t had something hurtful said to them? People say “not nice” things to others constantly. When I was a child, I had hurtful things said to me by other children, adults, relatives, etc. Many of the things said to me were because I was overweight as a child. It certainly wasn’t fun back then, but as an adult, I believe those things made me strong and gave me much insight.

As an adult, I’ve had hurtful things said to me by friends, boyfriends, bosses, co-workers, etc. It happens and you get over it. Once again, it can serve to make you strong. Also, I’ve learned a lot from this. Some of the things that were said and done to me over the years, I would never do to others.

I blame the current administration and all liberals for the above. We all know that liberals think that we, the people, are too stupid to run our lives. They think we’re unable to decide what to eat and drink, what to drive, how to invest our money, how to choose our healthcare options, etc. Do they now think we, the people, are too inept to take care of ourselves should someone fail to be nice to us?

I’m a small-peas political blogger and have been called many things, including, but not limited to: moron, idiot, delusional, stupid, dumb, etc. by liberals, who don’t agree with me on political issues. I wonder if I can make demands regarding those who have called me such things. Should I call for those people to lose their jobs, lose their livelihood, and be destroyed? Under the foregoing circumstances, calling for these things would never occur to me.

The far left and maybe some of those who espouse to be center-left, seem to be steering us in a direction where all transgressions are punishable with extreme measures. According to statistics, liberals comprise approximately one-half of the American population. Do I think all liberals want to destroy those who don’t agree with them politically and those who have said things that aren’t nice to someone else? I’m afraid I do.

The following is a summarization of the demands made by students at the University of Missouri:

  • That President, Tim Wolfe, write a letter of apology to Concerned Student 1950 demonstrators, acknowledging his white privilege and also acknowledging that systems of oppression exist. He is also to admit gross negligence in failing to act swiftly upon certain racial incidents.
  • Even with the above, the students want Tim Wolfe removed as UM president.
  • That UM create and enforce comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum throughout all campus departments and units, mandatory for all students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • By the year 2017-18, UM increase the percentage of black faculty and staff members by 10%.
  • That UM compose a strategic 10-year plan that will increase retention rates for marginalized students, sustain diversity curriculum and training, and promote a more safe and inclusive campus.
  • That UM increase funding and resources for the UM Counseling Center for the purpose of hiring additional mental health professionals, particularly those of color.
  • That UM increase funding, resources, and personnel for the social justice centers on campus for the purpose of hiring additional professionals, particularly those of color.

The above came from an article on saturdaydownsouth.com, a primarily southern college sports website.

These are some pretty ridiculous demands. Students do not and should not run college campuses. If the students at the University of Missouri don’t like the campus life there, why not just transfer to another school? If they think there’s systemic or institutional racism present, then leave UM behind and go somewhere else. But that’s not the liberal way. The liberal way, fostered by the current administration and all liberals, is to severely harm and or destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with their racist, bigoted, and anti-American agenda.

What’s happening at the University of Missouri should scare everyone. It scares me. When is it going to happen to me? When am I going to say or do something that the left decides, on the spot, is somehow offensive to others on the left and be libeled, slandered, or destroyed in some other manner? And does this also mean that I, a conservative, have the right to not be offended. Do I have the right to destroy someone who says something “hurtful” to me? Of course not, silly rabbit!



If you don’t already know, in my browser favorite’s folder, I have a subfolder, entitled “stupid liberal articles,” that is filling up fast. Just when I think I’ve seen the stupidest thing possible, something comes along that is even more stupid.

Jaime Grant, PhD., Director, Global Transgender, Research, and Advocacy Project (whatever), wrote an article in the Huffington Post, on December 30, entitled, “18 New Year’s Resolutions to Fight Racism.” As I said, I have some stupid articles, but this one seems to be the watermark. In fact, as I add additional articles to my folder, I am going to compare them to this article to determine their stupidity ranking.

In her post, Dr. Grant sites a 1988 article by Peggy McIntosh entitled, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack. So I guess the term, “white privilege,” is not something recently coined by liberals. In her article, Ms. McIntosh opines that blacks have the following issues:

  • They cannot arrange to be in the company of other blacks, if they wish to do so.
  • If they have to move, blacks can’t be sure of being able to move to a neighborhood that they can afford and would like to live in.
  • They’re not sure their neighbors in any location in which they might move will be pleasant or neutral to them.
  • They are not sure they can go shopping alone and be able to return safely home.
  • Blacks can’t be assured of turning on their TVs or opening their newspapers to the front page and finding blacks well represented.

Ms. McIntosh goes on to site eight other complaints where she feels that whites have it better than blacks. (Excuse me for putting this is plain English, I’m tired, it’s getting late, and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.) This article was written in 1988, a mere twenty-four years after the passage of the Civil Rights Acts and the Voting Rights Act. Things were changing and she may have had a point that blacks still were not widely represented on TV and in the newpapers. I had black friends in the eighties and many of them were like me, shop-a-holics. I don’t recall one black friend being afraid to go out shopping by herself because she was afraid she wouldn’t make it home safely. The first bulleted point is extremely stupid and could easily have been remedied by Ms. McIntosh throwing a party at her house and inviting only blacks. Whenever anyone has to move to a new location whether across the country or across town, there are always uncertainties.

Dr. Grant opens her article by stating that the destruction of black life in this country is built on white silence, on white heartlessness about black people’s imprisonment and murder. She states that police and others are killing black people in our names, with our safety as their justification. So, let’s take a hypothetical situation. A black man is on drugs and is beating up on his wife and children at their home in a predominantly black community. A policeman goes in and shoots the black man. I guess the policeman is doing that for us white folks and not for the wife and kids and others in the neighborhood who might have to deal with this crazy guy

I’m not going to list Dr. Grant’s eighteen New Year’s resolutions that we white people should incorporate in order to fight systemic racism, you can Google the article and read them yourself. However, here are a couple of the highlights.

  • Dr. Grant indicates that white folks who choose to fight racism by choosing to live in a majority black neighborhood should not expect their black neighbors to embrace them because white people, coming into black neighborhoods might make things worse. She also says that white folks must accept being hated by blacks because it’s okay for blacks to hate whites. By moving in, a white person just might cause the property values to increase. What a horrible thing to do to your neighbors, causing their property values to increase, causing their net worth to increase. Dr. Grant says an increase in property values would keep other “people of color” out. I don’t know about you, but this is about the most racist statement I’ve heard in a long time. She’s stereo-typing, making sweeping statements that all blacks are poor and are unable to procure houses in upscale neighborhoods. RACIST…RACIST…RACIST!
  • Another detriment of whites moving into a predominately black community is that they might bring businesses into the community that don’t reflect the existing culture. So, forget opening a health food grocery store like the current first lady says she wants to see in every neighborhood. Let’s restrict the food establishments allowed in predominately black neighborhoods to restaurants that serve only fried foods and vegetables swimming in grease. Let’s even bring lard back. This is so RACIST and so WRONG. It sickens me, a conservative, who wants more than anything else for us to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.
  • Dr. Grant also wants us to revamp the way we celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. These holidays, she says, glorify our racist past. We need to revamp these holidays so that white children should begin to develop critical skills around the way our nation addresses (or fails to address) its history of colonialism, slavery, and white supremacy. While I get that Dr. Grant thinks we should change the way we celebrate Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July (although she doesn’t make any suggestions for change), I’m not sure what “critical skill around the way our nation addresses…” But again, I’m a southern white conservative Christian, or an unenlightened oaf.

My understanding of this article is that Dr. Grant wants to take us back to the days of de-segregation, perhaps prior to the 1950s. She obviously thinks that blacks are inferior to whites and are not able to make their own way in this world. Therefore, they need the whites to help them and the whites should help them because they (blacks) are inferior. But yet, Dr. Grant thinks that it’s okay for blacks to hate whites and that whites should accept their hatred because of white privilege.

I’ve got to end this post because the more I study Dr. Grant’s writing, the more nauseous I get. DR. JAIME GRANT, PHD, DIRECTOR, GLOBAL TRANSGENDER RESEARCH AND ADVOCACY PROJECT, you are nothing but a RACIST and a BIGOT. You obviously don’t adhere to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You’re not fit to wipe his boots!



I reside in Central Alabama, one of the major Republican strong-holds in the nation. Yet we do have a lot of Democrats here. Furthermore, it’s been my observation that the Democrats who live here are more difficult to deal with and have a reasonable discussion with than, let’s say, Democrats in Massachusetts. Why is that? I tend to think it’s because they are vastly outnumbered here in the American Southeast. I’ve noted that some of them refer to themselves as bright blue dots in a sea of red. I really think they have a complex about it. They can’t win an argument on the facts, so they resort to hurling insults and name-calling when challenged. These “bright blue dots” are always pontificating about all of the injustices in this nation and how the Republicans hate the poor, hate minorities, hate the elderly…yada, yada, yada. I’ve posted about this and indicated that it’s nothing but BS and cited reasons why.

One of the things that I am accused of is being racist when I don’t support the current president’s policies. I’m also called a racist when I say that I don’t support affirmative action. Duh! Affirmative action is one of the most racist and bigoted practices in the United States of America today. It says to minorities that you’re not good enough to make it in the “white man’s world.” You’re inferior. And because you’re inferior, we’re going to help you because we’re your friends. While we don’t have twenty acres and a mule to give you, we’re going to give you better things. We’re going to lower the standards for you so you can get into colleges, graduate programs, medical school, law school, etc. without having to score as high on the entrance exams as your white counter parts. We’re also going to allow you get loans for houses, cars, etc. with lower credit scores than your white counterparts.

However, when you get that medical degree and become a doctor, don’t expect me or any or my family members to patronize you. Also, when you are able to get the loan to buy that fancy house in that fancy neighborhood, just make sure that you purchase a fancy house in a fancy neighborhood that’s a long, long way from my fancy house and my fancy neighborhood.

A number of years ago, I was having a political discussion with a cousin who is now deceased. This particular cousin was a strong Democrat, highly intelligent, but in effect, didn’t know squat. When I indicated that I was not a proponent of affirmative action, she promptly replied that her husband worked with several outstanding blacks. “So,” I replied. “What does that have to do with affirmative action?” She looked at me funny. Sure, I could have jerked her chain a while longer, but I chose not to. I just explained that if her husband’s colleagues were so great, then why did they need affirmative action. My cousin was doing what a lot of folks, especially liberals, do. She was confusing affirmative action with equal opportunity when the two are nothing like.

With equal opportunity you are encouraged to submit your resume and it will be evaluated along with everyone else’s resume and not with regards to race, gender, ethnicity, etc. With equal opportunity, you are submitted a test to take and have to score at a certain level to go to the next level. On the other hand, with affirmative action, we’re going to do you favors because we’re your friends. But in actuality, you’re inferior, so you need our help. And when you accept our help, you will be beholden to us for the rest of your life. But again, don’t expect me to have dinner with you or invite you into my home.

In addition to my Democrat cousin, I had a very liberal/Democrat aunt who is also now deceased. Talk about looking down your nose at minorities, she was the poster child for it. Of course, she was all for social programs that purportedly helped these inferior people. When I told her that I had a lot of black friends and we have dinner together and even take trips together, I thought she was going to have a stroke. But according to liberals/Democrats, I’m the racist bigot because I judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I’m the racist bigot because, if there’s a house for sale next door to my house, I tell any and all of my friends who are looking for a house, to “check it out.”

Another time, a Democrat friend of mine, who is black, told me that she didn’t know of anyone who got their job, house, car, education through affirmative action. Well, she just made my point. If no one is “benefitting” from affirmative action, they obviously don’t need it. So, let’s do away with it.