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When President Trump referred to certain poverty-stricken countries as s*hole countries, many on the left became not only enraged, but gave the appearance of being emotionally wrought over what the evil Donald Trump had said. CNN’s Anderson Cooper, according to ew.com was on the verge of tears when discussing the president’s comments.. Anderson Cooper chokes up while discussing Trump’s sh-hole comment.

Before I go further, the president called the countries of Haiti and certain African nations s*hole countries. He said nothing about the people of these countries. But liberals are going to either lie or twist the truth to suit their needs of the moment. Enough about that. Mr. Cooper’s comments were “totally uncalled for.”

We all have emotions and are subject to letting our emotions rule our actions. Some, more than others. Furthermore, we are encouraged to keep our emotions in check, especially when we’re on the job. Ask any professional person whose job calls for often dealing with the tragedies of life such as child abuse, terminal illnesses, poverty, etc. That professional person will tell you that part of the job is keeping your emotions in check while dealing with life’s tragedies.

Several days ago, a school teacher who taught in the Hoover, Alabama school district was suspended from her job for saying the “N” word in front of her students. My thoughts are that she should know better than that and should be disciplined. If she gets fired and her career is ruined, she has no one to blame but herself. She should have kept her emotions in check.

I found out about this incident on Facebook, where an ultra-liberal FB friend, who doesn’t even live in the state of Alabama posted a link to the article from rawstory.com. This friend stated the following: “Should be fired! She is not fit to teach our children.”

Other comments include:
• “OMG!!!!! Fire that b*tch”
• “She is not fit to clean toilets. Disgusting redneck bitch. (I was going to say pig, but pigs deserve better.”
• “We the People have to demand change and hold officials accountable. If she doesn’t lose her job, we have to continue to apply the heat.”
• “It is ignorant people like her that are the problem in this world.”
• “My head hurts today between this kind of news, the school shooting, and tariff of solar panels.”
• “Once again, I’m embarrassed to be an Alabama native.”
• “Fired on the spot.”
• “Racist bitch.”
• “Freakin’ Ala-damn-bama”
• “She needs to be nowhere around kids. Fire her.”
• “Bye ______. Don’t let the door hit you on your fat racist ass!”

This is certainly not a good thing for the Hoover School District, one of the best school systems in Alabama. You can get fired from any job using and/or directing abusive language at others. While this woman, in all probability, will be fired, is all of the emotion and hate expressed above by commenters on this thread necessary?

Most of us were taught by our parents to be strong and resilient. We were taught that not everyone was going to “like” us and treat us with respect. My daddy used to say, “When you’re good at something and folks know it, they’re going to resent you.” He was right. Furthermore, since writing two fiction novels, designing and developing a sports information website and a political website, and starting my own book publishing company, many of my friends have exhibited resentment toward me because I’m innovative and don’t mind working hard. Some of those so-called friends are happy sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Many of the difficulties I’ve faced in life made me strong and have led me to be what I am now.

Since Donald Trump was elected and subsequently inaugurated as President of the United States, we’ve been exposed to all sorts of senseless emotional outbursts. Talking heads on many of the news outlets were tearful and wondered oh how, oh how something like this could happen.

We’ve created a society of wimps, softies, and weaklings. These wimps, softies, and weaklings, commonly called “snowflakes” get emotionally distraught when having to listen to opinions that are different from theirs. They beg for safe spaces in which to retreat when their delicate little selves “just can’t take it anymore.”

Are these snowflakes really that weak and helpless and need to retreat to safe spaces when someone pierces the bubble with which they have surrounded themselves? Well, they can still march at rallies, use language filled with the F-word and other similar words. Many of them think it’s okay to use physical force, with the intent to do bodily harm to those with whom they don’t agree.

A woman named Donna Hylton, a convicted murderer and feminist rights activist was chosen as a featured speaker at the Women’s March on D.C. this past weekend. She and three friends kidnapped, tortured, and eventually killed a 60-year-old homosexual male in 1985. The things Ms. Hylton and her accomplices did to this man were unspeakable and when I read the account, I closed my eyes and winced. I didn’t want to see anymore. And the feminists and probably most liberal Democrats idolize this woman.

I have cited an example of liberals going crazy and expressing unfettered emotions when one individual uses the N-word. The Hoover, Alabama teacher didn’t physically hurt, torture, or much less kill anyone. She acted “stupidly,” and will pay for it the rest of her life.

I have cited another example of liberals embracing an individual who committed a heinous crime whereby the victim was tortured in unimaginable ways and mercifully died. Supposedly Ms. Hylton was abused as a child, and is a riveting speaker when it comes to women’s rights. Thus, the left is willing to forget the fact that she played a part in the torture and death of a homosexual man because she is such a knowledgeable speaker and activist with respect to women’s rights.

Do I think the left will ever give that Hoover, Alabama school teacher for “loosing it” momentarily? Of course not. Liberals/Democrats will continue to direct their hatred toward her for the rest of her life.

I’d say the values of the left are “out of whack.” But what else is new. They’re liberals, aren’t they?



Today, January 3, 2018, newly elected United States Senator, Doug Jones is scheduled to be confirmed into the United States Senate. You will recall that Doug Jones, a Democrat beat Roy Moore, a Republican, in the December 12, 017, special Alabama senatorial election, held to replace the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions after Sessions was chosen and confirmed as United States Attorney General. This was the first time in twenty-five years that the people of Alabama had elected a Democrat to represent them in the United States Senate.

All eyes throughout the United States were on the special Alabama senatorial election. The Republican majority was a slim one, 52 – 48. Plus, this majority contained four RINOs, who could not be counted on to vote on republican sponsored legislation. These four RINOs include John McCain, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker. It was Senator McCain’s last-minute vote no that doomed the repeal/replace of Obamacare. Should Alabama elect a Democrat in the Alabama senatorial election, the Republican majority in the Senate would be cut in half.

Though the primaries and run-off, top candidates included current appointed Senator Luther Strange, Representative Mo Brooks, and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, with Judge Moore coming out on top. Thus, the general election would be between Judge Moore and Democrat nominee Doug Jones.

While he claims to be a conservative with Alabama values, Jones is anything but. His stands on the issues are parallel with the stands of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While Roy Moore can be described as eccentric when it comes to his Christian faith and his politics, and many Republicans don’t care for him and his attention-getting ways, Judge Moore was sure to be elected in the special Alabama senatorial election with no difficulty. Needless to say, most every Democrat hated Judge Moore. I even had a friend who would shake with hatred at the mention of his name.

Just like clockwork, on November 9, the Washington Post ran a story where a woman claimed that Judge Moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was fourteen years old and he was thirty-two. Subsequently other women came forward with stories depicting improper sexual advances made by Judge Moore against them. The nature of Judge Moore’s alleged actions ranged from simply asking several teenage girls out on dates when he was in his thirties to the woman who claimed that she was forced to inappropriately touch Judge Moore and he inappropriately touched her when she was fourteen. While Moore denied these accusations, he was unable to prove them false. Even though there were questions as to whether or not these women were telling the truth, with one woman actually admitted she was paid to lie, questions were put in the mind of many Alabama voters. Thus, many Republican votes that, under normal circumstances, could be taken for granted, weren’t there for the December 12 special Alabama senatorial election.

Judge Roy Moore lost the election by a mere 22,000 votes. Many otherwise Republican voters cast their votes for Doug Jones, probably ignorant of his stands on the issues, didn’t bother to vote, or wrote in a different candidate. In fact, the number of write-in votes, was just about equal to the vote differential.

When the allegations against Roy Moore surfaced, Democrats began salivating, and worked to get out the vote for Doug Jones.

With a state that overwhelming voted for Donald Trump in November 2016, some found it hard to believe that Alabama could elect a Democrat to the United States Senate. As soon as the election results were in, the Democrats cranked up their spin/lie machine declaring that the election was a referendum on President Donald Trump and the results proved that Donald Trump was losing what little popularity he had with the American electorate. The Democrats also claimed that Alabama, a once solid red state was now starting to turn blue. Of course, none of the above is true. In no way is Alabama turning blue nor is Alabama turning against President Donald Trump. Democrats lie, we all know that.

With such a slim vote differential, could there have been some fraud? I think that’s a given. Democrats in Alabama have been known to bus voters living in Democrat districts to the polls after giving them envelopes containing cash. Democrats claim there was no voter fraud in the special Alabama senatorial election. We all know, though, had Roy Moore won by 22,000 votes, the Democrats would have been screaming “voter fraud” to the tops of their lungs.

The analysis by top Alabama Republican officials indicated that many voters, especially women voters, in the upscale suburbs of Alabama’s larger metropolitan areas, either stayed at home, voted for Doug Jones, or wrote in someone. Thousands of women just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for accused Roy Moore, even though the accusations could not be proven.

After this turn of events and listening to the Democrat lies, I did an analysis of my own, looking at vote totals for the Senate election and vote totals for the 2016 presidential election.

Election Results by County

The counties who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 include Bullock, Dallas, Greene, Hale, Jefferson, Lowndes, Macon, Marengo, Montgomery, Russell, Sumter, and Wilcox.

It is interesting to note that in Jefferson County, the most populous county in Alabama, the county of the city of Birmingham, and the county of the toney suburbs of Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, and Homewood, 130, 614 votes were cast for Donald Trump in November 2016, while just 66,309 votes were cast for Roy Moore in the special Alabama senatorial election. That’s a difference of 64, 305. Many people who would have most likely voted for Roy Moore if there had been no allocations, failed to cast their votes for him.

Something else interesting about Jefferson County is the 149,522 votes cast for Doug Jones when 151,583 votes were cast for Hillary Clinton in Jefferson County. Remember, this was a special election, and in special elections, you can almost always see a decline in the number of voters participating. Sure, many of the votes in Jefferson County for Trump in 2016 were cast for Jones on 12/12/2017. But this just looks a little odd to me. Furthermore, the number of votes cast in the special Alabama senatorial election is 76% of the number of votes cast in the 2016 presidential election. With the exceptions of Marengo, Russell, and Sumter, the counties voting for Clinton in 2016 had percentages greater than 70 when comparing the number of votes cast in the senate election to the number of votes cast in the presidential election. For counties where Trump had the most votes in the presidential election, the percentages ranged from mid-fifties to mid-sixties.

Other counties which looked interesting include Baldwin County, home to the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast beaches and many wealthy individuals. In Baldwin County, Clinton got 18,409 votes in 2016 while Jones got 22,131 votes in the Alabama senatorial election. In the county where I was born and raised, Cullman County, Jones got more votes in the senate election than Clinton did in the presidential election: 3730 to 4156. I don’t know if any Democrat has ever thought of Cullman County as ripe for voter fraud, but it is.

It’s also interesting to examine the two major college counties in the state, Tuscaloosa, home to the University of Alabama and Lee, home to Auburn University. Lee went for Trump in the presidential election, but most of the votes were cast for Jones in the senate election. Lee County is a traditional conservative stronghold with Auburn University being one of the most conservative major higher learning institutions in the United States. Trump received 34,321 votes while Moore received just 14, 017 votes. This seems “major strange” to me. While Clinton did receive more votes than Jones in the elections in Tuscaloosa county, 47, 701 cast votes for Clinton in the presidential while only 22,064 cast votes for Roy Moore.

Was the special Alabama senatorial election replete with fraud.? I don’t know. Was there some element of fraud in the election? I’d take that bet because there’s some degree of fraud in every election. When I suggested that there might be some fraud involved on a social media thread, I was quickly told that I didn’t know what I was talking about. There’s no fraud. Like I said above, if Judge Moore had won, this person would be alleging fraud until the cows come home.

While some of the numbers I’ve put together are indeed interesting, I believe that the state GOP party bosses were indeed correct. Women from many upscale suburbs in populous metropolitan areas either voted for Doug Jones, stated at home, or wrote someone’s name in. Furthermore, I’m going to go out on a “sexist” limb and say that many of these women have no clue when it comes to issues, and no clue about majorities in legislative bodies. They vote Republican because their husbands tell them to or they grew up in Republican families and always voted Republican.

I know that’s a bit harsh and I’ve already been told that’s sexist. But I consider my political acumen a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Most people out there wouldn’t even measure up to a five, even people who belong to political organizations. When voters, particularly women voters, heard about the accusations made against Roy Moore, they flatly refused to vote for him.

One thing is for sure, and many media outlets, including some conservative talking heads are getting it wrong. Alabama values haven’t changed. Alabama is not transitioning from a Republican state to a Democrat state, and the people of Alabama are not disillusioned with President Trump. The Alabama Senate seat went to a Democrat because the Republican candidate is alleged to have committed sexual improprieties on numerous occasions.

Doug Jones, who has claimed that he may vote with Republicans some of the time (I won’t believe it until I see it), will be up for re-election in 2020. I believe it’s safe to say that he won’t get re-elected.



Yes, one of the deepest red states in the union, one of the most intense pro-life states in the union, and one of the most evangelical states in the union elected its first Democrat senator in twenty-five years. All the pundits predicted a Roy Moore win, even though Judge Moore was beaten and bruised via a series of accusations from women who said Moore sexually harassed and assaulted them when they were young girls. One of the women claims to have been fourteen when Judge Moore allegedly touched her inappropriately and forced her to touch him. Those pundits were wrong, just like they were wrong in the 2016 presidential election when almost all predicted a Clinton win. Now, Alabama has Senator Elect, Doug Jones, a liberal Democrat whose stands on the issues align with those of the far left.

The largest county in Alabama, Jefferson County, the county of the city of Birmingham, went for Obama in 2012 and Clinton in 2016. While I expected Jefferson County to go for Doug Jones, I never expected the gap to be as wide as it was….68% Doug Jones to 30% Roy Moore. In my county of residence, Shelby county, just south of Jefferson, and a conservative/Republican stronghold, Moore was on top, but only 56% to 42%. Montgomery County, the county of the capital, went for Doug Jones by a margin of 72% to 27%.

What happened in these populous counties? It appears that many Republicans stayed at home. It also appears that many women, who normally vote Republican, in these counties cast their votes for Doug Jones. There were also approximately 22,000 write-ins with the vote differential being between 21,000 and 22,000. It is worth noting that the major metropolitan areas in Alabama put Doug Jones over the top. I think it’s also safe to say that had the accusations not surfaced, Roy Moore would have won hands down and there would have been less than five minutes of coverage on the cable news channels.

Having said the above, Roy Moore doesn’t have a lot of appeal in the larger metropolitan areas of the state. His admirers and supporters are generally evangelical Christians from rural areas. Judge Moore has been involved in Alabama politics for decades and has been quite a colorful character. His folksy style, while appealing to rural GOP voters, doesn’t appeal to many who dwell in the larger metropolitan areas.

I voted for Roy Moore, though I never sung his praises, because I didn’t want to see the slim margin that Republicans had in the Senate get even slimmer. I need for tax reform to get passed, and I want to see a wall built on the Mexican border.

With four Rinos already in the Senate (McCain, Collins, Flag, and Corker), it was already hard to get legislation passed in the Senate, with Doug Jones now there, it’s going to get even harder. I just hope they can get, at least, tax reform passed before the Senator elect is seated. I also hope that Trump’s judgeship nominations are not held up, especially if he has the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice.

I’ve listened to talking heads to the point that my head is about to explode. Fox News has reported that Donald Trump was in a good mood today in anticipation of tax reform getting through the House and Senate and arriving on his desk. I sure hope Congress will do its job and get this piece of legislation to the president before Doug Jones is seated in the Senate, because he would surely vote against it. It goes without saying that Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is ecstatic because he won’t have to open an investigation into the allegations.

On the evening of November 25, I was lying on my bed in my Orange Beach, Alabama hotel room, in a fetal position crying. My beloved Crimson Tide had lost to hated cross-state rival, Auburn Tigers. This meant that we wouldn’t be playing for the SEC Championship and we would probably not be a part of the College Football playoff. Instead, we might be going to the Cotton Bowl…the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Cotton Bowl?” After much praying, look at what God did. We did get chosen for the playoffs.

There’s still some stuff going on and developments are taking place. God is in control always. He puts Kings in power, and he removes Kings from power. It’s all in his plan. Let’s all settle down, stay the course, and continue to pray for our country’s leaders and continue to and praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



No matter what part of the country you’re from, you probably know about the Senate election in Alabama, taking place on Tuesday, December 12, to replace former Senator, now Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. The election is between Republican, Roy Moore and Democrat, Doug Jones.

Just after the primary and run-off were complete, accusations of sexual misconduct were leveled against Judge Moore by numerous women, none of which have been proven.

I’ll be as glad as anyone when this election is over. And I still have a question to ask. If these women felt that Roy Moore was unfit to become a U.S. Senator, why didn’t they speak up during the primaries? If all this had come up during the primary, I don’t believe Judge Moore would have won the nomination. Also, some of these women are claiming they fear for their lives. I don’t believe this would have happened had all this come out in the primaries. The nomination would have gone to Luther Strange or Mo Brooks. Either one of the candidates would have beaten Democrat Doug Jones easily. But waiting until Moore had already captured the nomination speaks of a plan to get a Democrat elected to further narrow the Republican majority in the Senate.

Some try to say that these women were too embarrassed to come out earlier even though Judge Moore has run for numerous elected positions and has been a public figure in Alabama for almost two decades. Did these women suddenly feel invigorated once Judge Moore won the Republican nomination? Could they not have come out just a couple of months earlier if they were so concerned about him getting elected? One of the women making the accusations trotted out Gloria Allred as her attorney. Gloria Allred is nothing but a celebrity ambulance chaser. I call her a “lawyer for losers.”

It’s only been in the last twenty years or so that the Democrat party has moved so far to the left and begun to resort to lies, bigotry, hate, intolerance. Doug Jones has ads out there which claim that he is pro-military, pro-business, pro-gun ownership. In the past, there have been Democrats that were all of these things. But now, with few exceptions, they’re all borderline socialists/communists. Also, Democrats used to cross the aisle and work with Republicans on many issues. It was Tip O’Neil who worked with President Reagan to get tax cuts passed in the eighties.

Perhaps, if the Democrat party was more like the party it was in the mid to late twentieth century, having one elected Senator from Alabama wouldn’t scare so many of us. Also, if the Democrats were willing to discuss issues instead of hurling unfounded accusations at whom they don’t agree, folks might not be scared to vote for and elect one. Maybe if they had accepted the result of President Trump’s election and had worked with him on issues such as health care and tax reform, we might not be scared to elect a Democrat to office. Furthermore, if they were willing to discuss climate change and address the many scientists who have indicated that it doesn’t exist or that it’s not man made, instead of declaring that anyone who doesn’t accept man made climate change is a moron and deserves to be punished, electing a Democrat might not scare us to the extent that it does. oss the aisle and work with Republicans on many issues. It was Tip O’Neil who worked with President Reagan to get tax cuts passed in the eightiesPerhaps, if the Democrat party was more like the party it was in the mid to late twentieth century, having one elected Senator from Alabama wouldn’t scare so many of us. Also, if the Democrats were willing to discuss issues instead of hurling unfounded accusations at whom they don’t agree, folks might not be scared to vote for and elect one. Maybe even if they had accepted the results of President Trump’s election and had worked with him on issues such as healthcare and tax reform, we might not be scared to elect one to office. Maybe if they were willing to discuss climate change and address the many scientists who have indicated that it doesn’t exist or that it’s not man made, instead of declaring that anyone who doesn’t accept man made climate change is a moron and deserves punishment, electing a Democrat might not scare us to the extent that it does.

oss the aisle and work with Republicans on many issues. It was Tip O’Neil who worked with President Reagan to get tax cuts passed in the eighties.

Perhaps, if the Democrat party was more like the party it was in the mid to late twentieth century, having one elected Senator from Alabama wouldn’t scare so many of us. Also, if the Democrats were willing to discuss issues instead of hurling unfounded accusations at whom they don’t agree, folks might not be scared to vote for and elect one. Maybe even if they had accepted the results of President Trump’s election and had worked with him on issues such as healthcare and tax reform, we might not be scared to elect one to office. Maybe if they were willing to discuss climate change and address the many scientists who have indicated that it doesn’t exist or that it’s not man made, instead of declaring that anyone who doesn’t accept man made climate change is a moron and deserves punishment, electing a Democrat might not scare us to the extent that it does.

So, dems, what do you think? In your possible zeal to destroy the Trump presidency, you may have ruined some lives in the process. But wait, Democrats don’t care if they ruin people’s lives.

No matter who is elected, conservatives in Alabama will take a beating. If Roy Moore wins, we will be the recipients of exponential hate from liberals across the nation, not to mention the liberals who reside in Alabama. I’ve always said that liberals here in the south are particularly filled with unfathomable hate because they are in the minority. Insults to the degree that we’ve never seen before will be hurled at us. It’s going to get rough, so fasten your seat belts.  I can just hear what Mika and Morning Joe (I’m embarrassed that he’s a University of Alabama graduate) will be saying, what Don Lemmon will be saying, what Rachel Maddow will be saying, what Chris Matthews will be saying, etc.

If Doug Jones wins, conservatives in Alabama will still be subject to hate and gloating from the leftists here in the state. We can handle it, because we’re used to it. However, the slim Republican majority in the Senate will get even slimmer, making it harder for President Trump to pass his “make America great again” agenda. As a result, the entire nation will suffer.

God has placed a heavy burden on the state of Alabama, a state that Democrat Senatorial candidate, Doug Jones, admits to being embarrassed to “be from.” Will the people of the state of Alabama come through and elect Republican, Roy Moore, so that President Trump will have a chance to make America great again? Or will the people of Alabama elect Doug Jones, liberal Democrat, and perhaps send the United States of America on a collision course to socialism/communism?



With the many recent revelations by women who are alleging to have suffered sexual assault and abuse by various men, most of them famous in some way or the other, I’m getting the feeling that men are getting scared, and may become hesitant to have lunch, coffee, dinner, or meet in an office alone with any woman, even if that woman has been a valued colleague of theirs for years.

Vice President, Mike Pence, has indicated that he will not have lunch, dinner, or meet with a woman unless his wife is present. While that is certainly admiral, I think it’s carrying things a little too far. I had a job for over fifteen years where I worked and traveled mostly with men. I frequently had lunch and dinner with colleagues, met with them alone, and have even met with them in hotel rooms. All of these associates were consummate professionals and nothing out of the ordinary took place and wasn’t even thinkable.

With all the women who are trotting out and getting their fifteen minutes of fame, I believe that some are legitimate, but I also believe that some may be lying through their teeth. In the case of Judge Roy Moore, candidate for U.S. Senator from Alabama, some women are only alleging that he asked them out when they were in their teens and he was in his early thirties. The act of asking a young woman out on a date is not a crime, nor does it constitute sexual abuse. But once the woman comes out and speaks, feminists began screaming that the so-called victim deserves to be believed, and the man should be demonized for life. As in the cases of Michael Brown and the Duke University Lacrosse team, the alleged assailants are guilty, and the victims are innocent. Even if facts and investigations prove otherwise at later dates, the men’s lives are ruined anyway.

If I’m a working man with a family whose job it is to regularly interact with others in my field, both men and women, should I be concerned that some woman, a subordinate, a colleague, or even a boss may decide that they want to make trouble for me, and allege that I behaved inappropriately when alone with them? Maybe. It’s certainly something to think about.

If men are apprehensive about being around women because they fear being accused of inappropriate behavior, what’s this going to do to the progress women have made since the early seventies when it became commonplace for women to be hired to perform jobs that had traditionally been held by men? If a woman and a man are the top two candidates for a job such as the one I had for years, would the person in charge of hiring, to be on the safe side, opt to hire the man? What about promotions. Is this going to hurt qualified women’s chances of getting well-deserved promotions?

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, many big decisions and strategies are made over lunch, dinner, coffee, and even drinks late at night in a bar.  If restrictions are put on these types of meetings, less is going to get done. Sure, guidelines can be implemented. But isn’t this just adding more layers of bureaucracy and more layers of stress?

From the day after President Trump’s inauguration, radical feminists have fought everything he and his administration have done, and are continuing to do so. They thought they were cute dressing up as women’s body parts and wearing the so-called vagina hats. But all they were doing were embarrassing themselves and, embarrassing the good and decent hard-working women out there who want to have the same opportunities as men, and compete for the same jobs as men, but don’t want to destroy men, our fathers, our brothers, our cousins, our nephews, our uncles, our sons, our husbands, and our boyfriends.

Furthermore, these feminists, including the queen of them all, Hillary Clinton, not only want to destroy men, particularly men who are white, Christian, and conservative, they also want to destroy the women who don’t see eye to eye with them. Women who didn’t support Hillary Clinton are of course, deplorables, but we are also problematic and a disgrace to our gender.

Several years ago, young black conservative, Jason Riley authored a book directed at the left entitled, “Please stop helping us.” He’s asking the liberal establishment to please stop helping blacks and describes how the liberal establishment has actually hurt blacks, not helped them.

Could the same thing be happening to women, could the radical feminists possibly destroy all the progress for which women have worked so hard? I believe that’s possible. So, to you, radical feminists, please stop helping us. You nothing but problematic and a disgrace to my gender.