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Could I be developing an ego? Something I’ve never had before, but always wanted.

When it comes to putting liberals in their place, I’m doing quite well. The more I study the nature of liberalism, the more I’m convinced there are millions out of touch liberals out there who need reigning in.

I’ve indicated in previous blogs that liberals think they’re so smart because they have the academic sector on their side. When I say the academic sector, I mean those who work in our educational institutes as instructors and professors. This ranges from elementary schools to the halls of the esteemed institutions of higher learning such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. I’ve always felt those in the academic sector were out of touch with the real world, but so what? It is what it is, life. It seems as though you have to take these out of touch liberals and tell them the truth one out of touch liberal at a time.

About 24 hours ago, I had an encounter with a left wing academic from Michigan who was responding to a negative article about the current president of the United States.

On how unusual, a negative article about a president! (sarcasm) From the rant of this academician from Michigan, you would have thought that he had never read a negative article about any president. From reviewing this left winger’s profile, it looks like he was old enough to have been an adult during at least part of the Reagan presidency. Did he not remember all of the vitriol that his party spewed against President Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, and then President George W. Bush? Guess not. Or is he like every other liberal and just doesn’t think being disingenuous means anything? In other words, it’s okay for liberals to disparage conservatives, but it’s not okay the other way around.

In his rant, Mr. Michigan Academic indicated that the article was racist. I’ve always said that liberals lacked reading comprehension skills because the article, while negative toward President Obama, said nothing about the color of his skin. Of course, we all know that liberals make up their own definition of racism to whatever fits their needs at the time.

Mr. Michigan Academic obviously lives in his own little liberal cocoon in one of the most liberal states in the United States. Maybe he was too busy trashing Presidents Reagan and the Bushes that he didn’t realize there was a whole other side.

Well here was my response to his rant:

“As Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We’ve come to a point in this country where we no longer blame the criminals for their actions. Yes, this president and his liberal henchmen are using this tragedy to push their gun control agenda, and none of his programs would have prevented a shooting such as the one in Orlando. Among those being blamed are the Christian Right, the NRA, and church goers. HELLO, it was an Islamic Terrorist that shot these people. And this president, as he’s always done, doesn’t see a need to go after the actual perpertrator. Furthermore, I have read a number of articles today that indicated Omar Mateen may have been gay, himself. So, the liberals can’t very well blame those who they consider homophobes. But they will do it anyway. With respect to calling this racist, I’m a conservative political blogger and personally fed up with being called a racist just because I don’t care for the current president and don’t support his policies. Unless you can point to anything I’ve authored where I’ve indicated that I don’t like this president or his policies, or denigrated this president in any way because of his skin color, I suggest you not hurl the racist accusation at me or anyone else.”

I haven’t received a response to my comment. Furthermore doubt Mr. Michigan Academic has ever set foot in the state of Alabama, and he probably won’t. He’s probably thinking how dare a southern conservative Christian woman from the state of Alabama and a University of Alabama graduate at that, take him on, a northern elite liberal. Plus, she’s a writer of southern contemporary romance and an administrator of an Alabama Crimson Tide sports website. How dare she? Well, I did, and I think I shut him up.

And before I close, I just want to say to Mr. Michigan Academic, “We, as in the University of Alabama, own the state of Michigan in football.” Roll Tide!