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After a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which included a huge, emotional football game with border rival, Michigan, students were returning to the Ohio State campus with anticipation that their football team, while not participating in the Big 10 Championship game, is said to be a lock for the college football playoffs, along with my school, the University of Alabama.

Then “out of the blue,” just before 10:00 am, EST, a small gray Honda, driven by eighteen year old, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali refugee plowed into a crowd of students outside Watts Hall, an engineering building. Artan subsequently got out of this vehicle and started attacking people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

In a statement, the university said that five of the victims had been struck by the vehicle and five others had suffered lacerations or stab wounds. Another person had orthopedic injuries. According to Fox News, at least five of the victims were affiliated with Ohio State, either as faculty, students, or staff.

Per gopthedailydose.com, former Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, through Twitter, blamed guns for the Ohio State campus attack on guns, when, the perpetrator, Artan, was actually stopped by a gun. Everyone, except for a minority, thought Tim Kaine would be the next Vice President of the United States, just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Was this just a slip of the tongue, an honest mistake? Of is Time Kaine somehow trying to blame guns for this unfortunate incident in order to prove to the American people that we need more gun control, a liberal pontification that’s been with us for quite some time.

Are liberals incapable of processing actual facts was the first question that came into my mind when I first read about Senator Kaine’s absurd tweet. After pondering the situation for a few minutes, my thoughts turned to the George Orwell novel, “1984,” and the Ministry of Truth. If you have read “1984,” you will recall that the Ministry of Truth was a sector of the government of Oceania, that was in charge of re-writing history and delivering what the Big Brother regime wanted to deliver to the people and wanted the people to believe.

Of course, in Oceania, there was no free press, no free speech, and thought control was ever present. In this state-controlled culture, there were no creature comforts and all but those in Big Brother’s inner, inner circle were fed a sparse diet and made to live under less than ideal conditions. This surely made them weak physically and mentally, perhaps more susceptible to brain-washing.

More than likely, the Senator was in a hurry and simply made a mistake. With liberals not caring about the facts or the truth, making up the definitions of racism, sexism, etc. to suit their needs of the moment, you have to wonder.



Happy New Year, everyone! I sincerely hope that it is a great one for you and that your successes become large and your troubles stay small. New Year’s Day wasn’t exactly a happy one for me because my beloved football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, lost their bid to play in the first every college football playoff to determine the national championship. For those of you who watched that game, you know it was a nail biter and Alabama didn’t play its best. In the end someone wins and someone loses. The winner, Ohio State University, will advance to the finals. The looser, Alabama, will go back to Tuscaloosa, its season over.

That’s competition. Alabama quarterback, Blake Sims, has taken responsibility for the loss in which he threw three interceptions, two of them led to points, with one being a momentum killing “pick-six.” Blake will be pondering this game for months and possibly years to come. The story of Blake Sims is remarkable and one I encourage each of you, if you don’t know his story already, to Google it. Blake is not the only player on the Alabama football team who will be pondering the heart breaking loss well into the future.

Fierce competition is rewarding when you win, but devastating when you lose. I guess that’s why liberals don’t like competition and want to award everyone a trophy whether they played the game well or not. According to them, losing creates low self-esteem and may drive the person to continue to down the losers’ road resulting in bad things happening to him or her.

Being competitive often involves “putting yourself out there,” whereas, other folks don’t have the desire to do so. And there is merit in being congratulated for attempting. Trying and failing often shows courage and being congratulated for attempting and encouraged to stay the course is good. Bottom line, you either win or you lose. You’re selected to go to the next level or you stop.

Yes, last night’s game will haunt some of the young men on the Alabama football team for a while. But dare I say, some of them will be worth millions in later this year. Some of them will return to the practice field in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where they will prepare to compete for another national championship. Some of them will go on to get jobs and sadly a few will fail in life.

Yes, liberals are trying to eliminate competition from our culture, in their never-ending quest to make us all equal and ensure that none of us has a bad life. What if our forefathers, the ones who drew up the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution had been anti-competition and chose not to “put themselves out there?” What if all of those men and women who have served and are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces chose not to compete? What if all of our athletes, amateur and professional chose not to complete? What if we did things the way liberals want us to do things?

I wouldn’t be sitting here at my computer trying to come up with unique ideas to take this blog to the next level. And a lot of us wouldn’t be doing the things we do. If every child who participates in his or her school’s spelling bee got identical awards with no regard to how well they did in the contest, where would all our scholars go?

Those of us who are Christians and study the Bible know that our world is one of sin and corruption. We also know that Jesus will return to earth one fine day and set up a kingdom where he will rule over all. At that time, the believers will live in a perfect world, but not until then.

Liberals, through the elimination of competition, the redistribution of wealth, rules of political correctness, etc. are attempting to create a perfect world here on earth. They’re failing and will continue to fail. In their efforts, including the efforts of our current administration, quality of life has gone down in this great nation.

They’re continuing to seek and destroy those who don’t “tow their line.” While gas prices may be going down and the stock market going up, the cost of health insurance is on the rise and most of us will not be able to take advantage of lower gas prices and our larger portfolio’s because of having to pay more for health insurance and having to pay additional taxes.

It is my desire for everyone on this planet to prosper. I know that there are some who won’t. Free market capitalism, which liberals also want to do away with, doesn’t guarantee everyone prosperity, but a socialistic system advocated by liberals certainly guarantees that only the very wealthy can continue their plush life styles. A socialistic system will also lift those who are at rock bottom up to somewhere a little higher than rock bottom. For the rest of us, we’re brought down.

Your average liberals who live among us aren’t necessarily bad people. They want everyone to have access to health care and believe that the ACA is one of the most wonderful things to ever come to us. They want a clean planet absent of hunger and disease. They want everyone to own a home and have a job. Furthermore, they believe that the current president is the greatest thing since sliced bread. “Oh how can anyone who cares about humanity be against Obamacare?

Ever heard the phrase, “you can’t judge a book by its cover?”  Your average liberal judges by looking at the shiny package or the pretty pictures on a book cover. He or she doesn’t use that second brain cell to do additional deliberations about what’s inside that shiny package or that colorful book cover.