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I’ve been critical of Americans, both conservatives and liberals for continuing the discussions on the Confederate flag while the United States of America continues to burn. As a Christian, I don’t believe in coincidences. Instead, I believe that things happen because of God’s will. So, while we’re mired in discussions about the Confederate flag, the erasing of history surrounding the splitting up of the nation and the ensuing civil war, and the coming together of the American states after the war, things are happening that will soon have us all wondering about what happened to the United States of America.

A couple of months ago, I was talking to a low information voter friend who said she thought all issues with Iran had been resolved and we didn’t have to worry about that country any longer. I just about choked. I had to resist telling my friend that it was because of people like her that we have a President like the one we have. Thank goodness we live in Alabama where her democrat vote for president doesn’t count.

According to USA Today, the United States wants to ensure Iran’s nuclear program is just for peaceful civilian purposes with Iran saying it wants to produce its own nuclear fuel for domestic energy, scientific and medical purposes. Iran also indicated that would accept certain limits to a fuel production program it considers it considers its sovereign right, in return for the lifting of international sanctions that have crippled its economy.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu sees a potential Iranian nuclear weapon as an existential threat to nearby Israel, so he worries that any deal allowing Iran to produce nuclear fuel poses the risk that Iran will be able to create a secret weapons’ program.

Congressional Democrats gave the current president a March 24 deadline to reach a framework agreement. At that point, they will join Republican colleagues to consider increasing sanctions on Iran. Those favoring tougher sanctions say they are needed to prod Iran into an acceptable accord, but the current President says increased sanctions would derail the talks. As such, the current President asked Congress to hold off on new sanctions until after the deadline for a comprehensive agreement of June 30.

It’s now July 13. According to Huffington Post, negotiators at the Iran nuclear talks plan to announce today that they’ve reached a historic deal capping nearly a decade of diplomacy that would curb the country’s atomic program in return for sanctions relief, two diplomats told the Associated Press yesterday. A senior U.S. official declined to speculate as to the timing of any agreement of announcement, but said “major issues remain to be resolved.”

The pact is meant to impose long-term, verifiable limits on nuclear programs that Tehran could modify to produce nuclear weapons. Iran, in return would get tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

The current President has indicated that he would not allow Iran to procure a nuclear weapon. I don’t know about you, but I feel so comforted. Has this President every told us the truth about anything? Is the rogue regime of Iran going to abide by any agreement? Of course not!

However, a nuclear deal will face serious scrutiny from members of Congress. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Bob Corker, said that he remains skeptical about a possible deal. This is something that those of us who consider ourselves politically astute must keep watching and not get distracted by what’s offending who and why.

Another issue that is taking place while we’re distracted is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). The TPA has passed in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. According to Senator Jeff Sessions’ website, it eliminates Congress’ ability to amend or debate trade implementing legislation and guarantees an up or down vote on a far-reaching international agreement before that agreement has received any public view. Not only will Congress have given up the 67-vote threshold for a treaty and the 60-vote threshold for important legislation, but will have even given up the opportunity for amendment and the committee review process that both insure member participation. This applies not only to the Trans Pacific Partnership, but all international trade agreements during the life of the TPA.

According to a USTR outline of the TPP, the TPP is a living agreement which the President could update as appropriate to address trade issues that emerge in the future as well as new issues that arise with the expansion of the agreement to include new countries. The living agreement provision means that participating nations could both add countries to the TPP without Congressional approval and could also change any of the terms of the agreement.

The Congressional Research Service reports that if the United States signs on to an international trade agreement, the implementing legislation of that trade agreement would supersede conflicting federal, state, and local laws. When this occurs, U.S. workers may be subject to sudden changes in tariffs, regulations, or dispute resolution proceedings in international tribunals outside the U.S. Can you say bye-bye to our sovereignty?
Information on Senator Sessions’ website further indicates that the biggest open secret in the international market is that other countries are devaluing their currencies to artificially lower the price of their exports while artificially raising the price of out exports to them. The result has been a massive bleeding of domestic manufacturing wealth.

The above is a smattering of information regarding TPA/TPP, and it is my hope that you will be motivated to learn more about TPA and TPP. Senator Sessions’ has a summary on his website that is understandable.Senator Jeff Sessions

Having elaborated on the above, there are some disturbing items arising out of this Confederate flag controversy. We all know that the “tolerant left” is never satisfied when they get something they want. They wanted the Confederate flags removed from where they were flying over government buildings. I’ve also heard that they are wanting to make flying the Confederate flag a criminal offense. Each day the liberals come up with something new that should offend certain segments of society. For all intents and purposes, we have lost our freedom of speech. Now it seems like the left desires to erase the history surrounding the Civil War. Remember how Stalin erased history?

Yes, we should be mindful of everything coming out of the Confederate flag controversy, but there are other things going on that we must be mindful about also. If we get passed the Confederate flag controversy, we may very well discover that our leaders have accomplished their goal of the destruction of the United States of America.



In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law major civil rights legislation. This piece of legislation ended segregation in public places and ended employment discrimination on basis of race, religion, color, sex, or national origin. This piece of legislation lifted the barriers for minorities, particularly blacks, and gave them the right to apply for college admission, housing, employment, etc. They could no longer be denied the right to pursue such things.

In 1970, the women’s movement began and the term, “women’s liberation,” became a household phrase. I’ll be the first to admit that I probably wouldn’t be sitting her at this computer trying to make my business profitable if it hadn’t been for the women’s movement which lifted the barriers and allowed women to compete for jobs that were traditionally held by men and that’s a good thing. I have been accused of taking advantage of the women’s movement and then being a traitor to my gender.

Working to open the doors for those who had been traditionally is a good and noble cause. However, liberals can’t seem to stop and enjoy their victories, they insist on pushing the envelope, and that pushing of the envelope is the reason that we’re in the mess we’re in today. Instead of, after getting the barriers lifted, saying, okay brothers and sisters, the world is your oyster, go out there and get that education, get those jobs, get that house in an upscale subdivision; they continued on, to this day, with their rhetoric. Racism, sexism, you would think that no progress had been made since the barriers were lifted.

I once attended a meeting for a women’s group hoping to get some pointers on how to succeed in the workplace. However, all the women did was trash men and talk about how horrible men were. Sadly, I think this is what it’s all about. It’s not about succeeding, it’s about declaring war on men, war on whites, war on heterosexuals.

After signing civil rights legislation into law, President Lyndon Johnson, instead of encouraging blacks to mix it up, apply for that college, apply for that job, etc., showed his disdain by insisting that blacks weren’t good enough to prosper in the white man’s world and therefore needed extra help. Supposedly, he said, “We’ll have all of these n*****s voting Democrat.” What a disgusting racist statement! Victory should have been his, but he had to push the envelope. While blacks are certainly prominent in our world today, far too many are on the welfare rolls and in prisons. Instead of letting the blacks get out there and compete, then succeed, Lyndon Johnson relegated them to another type of oppression that some may argue is much worse than segregation.

And then there’s the women’s movement. Women have jumped in and done very well. At first, a woman had to be just like a man to be accepted. Baking cookies and taking them to the office was a “no-no.” Now, that’s perfectly okay to do. I enjoy making my Christmas fudge and taking it to the office. Also, after the women’s movement, women were discouraged from accepting traditional women’s jobs such as teacher, secretary, and nurse. It seemed that you were considered second class if you pursued these occupations. I’ve had what were previously considered men’s jobs for a while and frankly I’m ready to do something feminine for a change. So, I’ve started writing romance novels and I enjoy doing that.

So, liberals have screwed over blacks and women. We’d all be much better off today if they had disappeared off the face of this earth after lifting the barriers for blacks and women.

Thanks to liberals, our healthcare system is messed up. Most of us who don’t have health insurance through an employer have had to procure insurance through “the marketplace.” My premiums have increased by 50% and I’m getting less and paying more.

Thanks to liberals, we no longer have free speech in this country. Half the time, I’m scared of what to say. Liberals change the definition of racism and sexism, sometimes as often as hourly, to suit their whims. Screwing up because of ignorance is no excuse. If you don’t tow the liberal line, they’ll do whatever they can to destroy you. You might not be hauled off to a gulag, but you can be destroyed in other ways.

When it comes to foreign policy, we’ve turned our back on our allies, especially our main ally in the Middle East, Israel. Now we’re negotiating with Iran, a country that sponsors terrorism, with regard to their quest to possess nuclear weapons. So, we promise to lift the sanctions and they guarantee that they will halt the building of nuclear weapons. Also, Iran is supposedly going to allow regular inspections. Due to my limited vocabulary, I cannot express the egregiousness of this.

Of course, the liberals have a goal to take away our right to bear arms and protect ourselves. I guess we’re supposed to let the perpetrator(s) attack us. If we’re fortunate enough to be able to call 911, then we have wait on the police.

Our borders are porous and the liberals want to take from American citizens and give to the illegal aliens. Of course, we have to pay for all of this. The goal is to make all of them citizens. Of course, they’ll vote Democrat.

We have a President who implements executive orders when he knows that Congress won’t give him what he wants. In other words, we’ve turned into a dictatorship. For those liberals who love this President and think the means justifies the end, you are wrong, dead wrong. When this country was founded, three branches of government were established with no branch being superior to the other branches. A system of checks and balances was established. This President has made a mockery of that.

As I write this, I’m watching Baltimore burn. The current President is responsible for this. I agree with Kevin Jackson of blacksphere.com, he created the conditions for violence. His goal, the destruction of American, whether from within or without remains on schedule and it gets worse every day.

Our country is a mess and as I watch and read the news, I sometimes can’t believe that this is the United States of America.