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Leading up to the presidential election held last week (November 8), all Americans were led to believe by the media, both main stream and alternative, that Hillary Clinton was a “shoe-in” to win the 2016 presidential election. Electoral college maps were displayed illustrating Clinton’s easy path to an electoral college victory and Donald Trump’s not so easy path to an electoral college victory.

As someone who wasn’t crazy about Donald Trump and supported other Republican candidates during the nomination process, I was fearful. This country couldn’t take four more years of ultra-left wing rule, and if we four more such years, the United States of America would be totally unrecognizable.

On the morning of the election, I predicted that Donald Trump would win the popular vote and Hillary Clinton would take the electoral college, thus winning the presidency. After all, the crowds at Trump/Pence rallies were much larger than those at Clinton/Kaine rallies. The states of Illinois, New York, and California are responsible for a vast number of electoral college votes. While most of the counties in these states tend to vote Republican, the highly-populated areas of Chicago, New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco produce enough votes to turn these states blue.

Fast-forward to election night when the election results began to dribble in. It was announced that Trump had to win the states of Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina or he was finished. Losing one of those states would insure a Clinton win. But even if Trump did win those states, I would need to flip at least one traditionally blue state to win. Multiple scenarios were illustrated where each candidate could win 269 electoral votes. Then the tie would have to be broken by a vote in the House of Representatives. Given that the House had a Republican majority, Trump would win.

But it didn’t come to that because Trump was victorious in all three states that were a must for him. Trump was also ahead in the traditionally blue states of Pennsylvania and Michigan with Minnesota going back and forth. Even at this juncture, I didn’t have much hope, even though the talking heads were giving Trump a good chance to win. I didn’t think he would be able to flip a traditionally blue state. But well into the wee hours of the morning, the AP called Pennsylvania for Trump, soon the networks followed suit. Donald Trump had won the presidency.

On TV, the network would show a jubilant Trump headquarters and a woeful Clinton headquarters. On social media, I compared the Clinton supporters to football fans of the University of Georgia in 2008. Alabama, in its second year under head coach, Nick Saban, went to Athens to take on the Georgia Bulldogs who were highly ranked. The Georgia fans were so sure they would be able to mop the floor with Alabama. They even declared the day a “black out” day and all fans were asked to wear black with the team wearing black on black uniforms. Well, guess what happened? Alabama jumped to an early lead in the first half and fended off a second half Georgia rally to win the game in convincing fashion. The TV cameras would show the Georgia fans, and I swear, I have never seen such a pitiful looking group of folks in my life. Clinton supporters reminded me of the Georgia fans.

Once the election results settled in, liberals, who were so smug and nasty to those who didn’t support Obama, had become whiny sniveling Democrats. College students who had, most likely, not been taught American history properly, were too devastated to go to class, much less take tests. So, they asked the heads of their respective institutions of higher learning to allow them to recuperate from such a trauma. And the heads of these institutions gave it to them.

As opposed to retreating to their safe spaces, some whiny sniveling Democrats took to the streets to protest the election results. They were upset that certain vote tallies were showing that Hillary Clinton received more of the popular vote than did Donald Trump. In my observations, it was going back and forth. Thus, the whiny sniveling Democrats were saying that Hillary should be president and would be if not for an obsolete arcane system that had been in place for generations. (I’ll have more on the electoral college in a futures post.) Whiny sniveling Democrats, I have news for you. We are a nation of laws, even Obama has said that once or twice.

In his acceptance speech, President Elect, Donald Trump, called for unity and indicated that he would be a president to all the people. He further indicated that he was aware that while many didn’t support him, he would be their president. Subsequently, social media, particularly Facebook, exploded with all these memes calling for unity. Some Republicans were expressing empathy with whiny sniveling Democrats, because they knew how devastating it was for them to lose.

I didn’t call for unity, nor did I express empathy with the whiny sniveling Democrats. Instead, I pointed out how those same whiny sniveling Democrats treated Republicans four and eight years ago. They told us that we lost and to get over it. They also told us that they didn’t care what we thought, they were going to do what they wanted to do.

Thus, I have no sympathy for whiny sniveling Democrats. They can deal with things just like we did four and eight years ago.



Those of us who keep up with the news are familiar with Marie Harf and Jen Psaki, spokespersons for the State Department. We also know that both of these young women have come under a lot of fire lately, finding themselves having to answer difficult questions coming from the State Department press corps regarding the current administration’s struggles to define its approach to the activities of the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS. Or maybe I should just say, this administration’s lackadaisical attitude toward this group of savages.

According to Ms. Harf, in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, we cannot win this war by killing them (members of ISIS). We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the longer term, medium and longer term, to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it is the lack of opportunity for jobs.

This statement by Ms. Harf is one of the most asinine things that I have ever heard in my life. Yea, let’s create economic opportunity for them so they will quit committing their savage acts against humanity.

Ms. Psaki has been criticized at times for attempting to convey whether or not the administration wants to degrade or destroy ISIS. She also made the statement that the President does not give himself enough credit for what he has done around the world. Yea, no one fears us, no one respects us, and everyone laughs at us.

As one might expect, there has been a substantial amount of person insults directed toward both of these women. According to Phil Rosen, a Fox News reporter who sometimes covers the State Department, the two women are not only routinely vilified, but also derided and mocked in intimately personal ways that he thinks bespeak a certain amount of sexism.
When you’re public figures and these two women are, you have to be prepared to “take it” at times. I’m sure both are paid well. Now there’s no excuse for hurling insults at anyone from the gutter, but it’s going to happen. One respected conservative publication compared Harf and Psaki to Lucy and Ethel. Psaki has red hair while Harf’s hair is blonde. This is tame and is a good example of what public figures do have to withstand. If you don’t know who Lucy and Ethel are, I feel sorry for you.
The feminists are going to rise up and say that if these two ladies were men, they wouldn’t be mocked to the extent that they are being mocked. And that’s probably true. Many years ago, in a company newsletter, the following was said: “A woman has to do something twice as well as a man to be thought of half as good, luckily, this is not difficult.” It was apropos then and I think it still is. I’ve had to deal with all sorts of issues as a professional woman and it’s probably not going to stop anytime soon. We all have crosses to bear and God never promised us a life without struggles. And I’m not saying, for one minute, that we should take overt abuse and accept poor treatment. I’m a woman and I have to be good at what I do.

Women are strong and we can take it on the chin and bounce back. We’re not just emotionally strong, we’re physically strong too. We generally handle pain much better than men do. God gave us strength and resiliency because would need it. Sometimes I think the radical feminists are trying to weaken us, though.

I often think about last football season. During the infamous Alabama vs. Auburn game, Alabama’s first string quarterback struggled during the first half and into the beginning of the third quarter. Even though he was ranked the number two college quarterback in the nation, he threw three interceptions. Coach Nick Saban, the number one college football coach in the nation and the highest paid college football coach in the nation had a decision to make. Should he bench Blake and bring in Jay, the second string quarterback, who was not as good? What a tough decision to make? He stayed with Blake, Blake turned it around, and Alabama won the game. Had coach Saban’s decision been a wrong decision, the criticism would have been monumental and very public. Coach Saban is a public figure and is paid well to make those kinds of decisions, right or wrong.

For those who have criticized Ms. Harf and Ms. Psaki, including myself, we need to watch what comes out of our mouths and what gets out there for others to see. But again, these two ladies are public figures and paid well. Criticism and mockery goes with the territory. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.



In my newsfeed on Facebook, there was a post by Newsmax asking for folks to grade the President of the United States. As in schools, the grade range was from A to F. Your response was to go in the comments section.

In my response, I gave him an F- (f minus) and said that he was the worst President in my lifetime. There isn’t one major issue with which I agree with him. While there were over 1,200 comments, I only reviewed 106. Out of that 106, 77 gave him an F, 1 gave him a D, 7 gave him a B, and 21 gave him an A.

I do acknowledge that Newsmax is a right leaning publication and this poll is nowhere near scientific. There were, of course, some smart-aleck comments. Some folks were giving him 0s and Zs while some folks were giving him A+++. What this says to me is that this President is a very polarizing figure and either you adore him and are what I like to call an “Obama Zombie” think he can do no wrong, others despise him. In other words, there’s no in-between.

Liberals are going to say that he is despised because of his race. And let me tell you, it’s just not true. I live in the Birmingham, Alabama area and most, not all, of my friends dislike him. However, I have yet to hear anyone say that it’s because he’s half black. Sorry, liberals, I’m not letting you get away with screaming RACIST. I’ve had all of that I can stand, and I suggest you not even go there.

I’ve always maintained that the majority of Americans are Republicans. They say they’re Democrats or Independents because they don’t really know the difference. Most people don’t want big government or a government that is intrusive. However, they may be pro-choice, pro-affirmative action (but probably don’t know the real definition of affirmative action and confuse it with equal opportunity), or feel that the government needs to do more for elderly and the less fortunate. I’ve actually known a few women who have voted for Democrat candidates only because they were pro-choice.

Back to the grading of the current President. Yes, I gave him an F-. I’ve always said that if socialized medicine took hold in this country, it would be the beginning of the end of this country. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ACA has hurt more people than it has helped. There will be separate post on that later. According to Brietbart.com, the national debt has nearly doubled since this President was elected in 2008. It stands at about 74 percent of the economy. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects that mandatory spending and interest on the debt is projected to consume 94 percent of all federal revenues ten years from now. Since 2009, the percentage of working age Americans who are not in the labor force has reached near record levels. During that time the number of adults outside the labor has increased by twelve million. Most American workers have not seen their incomes increase. Between August 2013 and August 2014, real average hourly earnings increased only 0.4 percent, failing to keep up with inflation. The CBO projects that Social Security will go bankrupt in 2032, a year earlier than the Social Security Trustees predicted last year. The Disability Insurance Trust Fund is in the direst condition, as the CBO expects it to be bankrupt as early as October 2016. In addition to the above middle class income is falling, too many Americans of retirement age are working to pay bills, and a large number of trained workers are unable to find jobs that match their skills. Nearly a third of those between the ages of 18 and 34 are still living with their parents. And the average American citizen is more likely to be receiving a disability check than working in a manufacturing job.

And let’s not forget his joke of a foreign policy. A year ago, he called ISIS JV. This is the most brutal organization in my lifetime. The atrocities they commit are just unfathomable. Still, this President thinks they’re weak and not a threat. He thinks that climate change is a bigger threat than ISIS and Islamic terrorist groups. He let a decorated Marine Sargent suffer in a Mexican jail because he made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico with legal firearms. The President could have had that Marine released with a single phone call to the President of Mexico, but he wouldn’t do it. Instead, he chooses to trade five dangerous Gitmo detainees for one Sargent who is alleged to be a deserter. When he or any of his senior administration officials say that the United States of America is safe from attack and that the terrorists aren’t interested in attacking us, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind believing it. And then there was Benghazi. I still want to know where the President was when four Americans were being killed and drug through the streets.

Due to the length of this post, I’m not going to touch on his environmental policies or his energy policies. I have, though, discussed them in length in previous posts.

I was and am a supporter of George W. Bush. I really believe that he will be considered by history as a very good, if not great President. How would I grade President Bush? I’d give him overall a B. There were some things in which I didn’t agree with him. I consider myself a politically astute individual and I spend a lot of time thinking about things. I don’t blindly follow anyone on this planet, not even Nick Saban. In his eight years at the University of Alabama, there have been some calls that I didn’t agree with. What grade would I give Bill Clinton? Probably a C-. He wasn’t a total failure. He didn’t interfere with a booming economy that was the result of the technological revolution. However, policies instituted by him in his quest for every American to own a home, did directly result in the housing collapse in the early 2000s. He also had a chance to get Osama Bin Laden, but turned it down.

With his record and his political philosophy that government can solve all of your problems and provide for your every need, I don’t see how anyone but the Obama zombies could give a grade other than F.