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When Katrina make landfall on the coast of Mississippi and levees were breached in New Orleans, causing city-wide flooding and other extreme damage, especially in the low income area known as the Ninth Ward, my thoughts were as follows: these are our neighbors to the west, a half-day drive from the Birmingham area, and they are in peril. It was reported by the media that the New Orleans Superdome, a shelter for those who were unable to leave the city, was not safe itself and the atmosphere inside the dome, occupied by many stranded Americans was chaotic. Where was the mayor of New Orleans?

Then, all of a sudden, we hear that the reason for all the suffering by our neighbors to the west was because George W. Bush, along with all Republicans/conservatives hated blacks. This, of course, began with liberals telling us that the reason folks could not get help from the government was one of racism. This, of course, added a new dimension to the already unfathomable scene in New Orleans.

When the rains came and the flood waters rose to epic levels in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas, I hoped the liberals would not politicize  this natural disaster where our neighbors and fellow Americans were in peril.

My hopes were soon dashed when I discovered an article on the Modern Liberals website, Conservative Louisiana Flood Victims are Suddenly Silent about Big Government. The purpose of this article was nothing but to express vitriolic hate for conservatives. A commenter on the article went on to insinuate that conservative flood victims should not be allowed to accept FEMA or other government assistant; instead, they should have to fend for themselves.

One of the paragraphs reads, “Now that the Louisiana Flood of 2016 is beginning to recede, guess who is outraged that the federal government isn’t moving fast enough to help them? If you guessed the conservative residents of Louisiana who do not understand how government or federal disaster declarations work, you would be correct.” About ten to fifteen minutes of research indicated that the above is just not true. I could not find a single writing where conservatives were griping about government help or the lack thereof.

Of course, liberals couldn’t stop themselves from talking about the Bush response to Katrina and the much despised fly-over when many felt that President Bush should have set foot on the ground in the hurricane ravaged areas. As of this writing, the current President has been playing golf and not spoken out about the floods. I hear, though, he is planning a visit to Louisiana in the near future, but there is speculation that he’s only doing it because close advisors have reminded him of the flack President Bush caught for the fly-over.

Liberals also resurrected 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, blaming Congressional Republicans for stalling the passage of a relief bill for Hurricane Sandy. According to townhall.com, the Republican led Congress wrote up Hurricane Sandy Relief legislation, and then Harry Reid’s Democrat controlled Senate loaded it with pork, including many things that could hardly count as relief for victims. The barbecue feast included, but was not limited to, more than $8 million to buy cars and equipment for Homeland Security, $150 million for the NOAA to dole out to fisheries in Alaska, and $2 million for the Smithsonian Institution to repair museum roofs in D.C. Also, a whopping $13 billion would go to mitigation projects to prepare for future storms.  Budget watchdogs dubbed the 94-page emergency spending bill, “Sandy Scam.”

Of course, the main stream media jumped all over Speaker Boehner’s pulling of the non-relief bill as leaving the Sandy victims out in the cold, while failing to lay any of the blame on Harry Reid’s Senate, for not sending the house a clean bill.

Also, what episode of liberal hate toward conservatives would be complete without some tidbit from the “Occupy Democrats” organization? According to that group of liars, Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, took the opportunity to score some cheap political points by visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana when Governor, John Bel Edwards pleaded with politicians not to interfere. Occupy Democrats alleges that candidate Trump and Vice Presidential running mate, Mike Pense, began causing problems because personnel had to be pulled from aiding in the relief efforts to provide security for the candidates, when in actuality, Trump provided his own private security for which he pays, not the tax payers.

It was also indicated by Occupy Democrats that Trump and Pense, handed out supplied for about one minute. Then Trump caused chaos at the scene by shaking hands and signing autographs, which diverted the attention of volunteers away from their appointed tasks.

According to numerous sources, Governor Edwards and former Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu, were grateful for candidate Trump’s visit and hope that both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton will visit Louisiana.

The Occupy Democrats article did not mention one thing about the truckload of supplies that Donald Trump sent to the flooded area, nor did they mention that the candidate spent some time talking to people and touring some of the damaged homes.

And how did the Trump jet get permission to land in Louisiana? A flight plan had to be filed, so someone had to okay that. Another little fact conveniently forgotten by Occupy Democrats.

As they do with almost everything, liberals have made the Louisiana floods and the ongoing relief efforts political. Wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, liberals could get through a major issue without exuding their intense hatred for Republicans and conservatives, or without blaming George W. Bush?

I haven’t heard anything about climate change, but I’m sure it’s coming.



The fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” will take place later this summer. Of course, the Democrats will take full advantage of this milestone to promote their racist, bigoted agendas. I have no doubt that Republicans/conservatives will be demonized to the fullest. I can just hear the current President now talking about how horrible white folks were and still are in the South. Of course, the current President is not fit to wipe the boots of Dr. Martin Luther King.

I’m predicting that the Democrat/liberal leaders, including the current President will ignore the many accomplishments of blacks and other minorities and say that there is still much racism and bigotry in the world because of the Republicans. I would love to be a part of the celebration, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be welcome at them.

Liberals make everything about race. I remember when Hurricane Katrina came ashore in Pass Christian, Mississippi, bringing destruction all around. Levies were breached in the City of New Orleans and much of the city went underwater. Because of the lame efforts of the then Mayor of New Orleans and the then Governor of Louisiana, both Democrats, many folks suffered greatly. The folks primarily affected were not blacks, they were our neighbors a half days drive from us. There were horror stories coming out of New Orleans and it certainly affected me as it would affect any caring person.

Then the Democrats had to interject race into the mix. George W. Bush was president and he was blamed along with a Republican administration for the catastrophes. Instead of focusing on the problems at hand, the Democrats interjected race and possibly made matters worse by pitting people against people. I won’t get into the particulars of what happened in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. That may be an articled reserved for later this year for the tenth anniversary of the landfall of Katrina.

From the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri to the recent allegations in Texas of white policeman using excessive force on blacks, Democrats/liberals have chosen to ignore facts and rushed to judgment concluding that white police officers are prejudiced against blacks and wake up in the morning eager to do bad things to blacks. They always root against the white policeman and express remorse if evidence shows that the white policeman acted appropriately. Where is the tolerance and fair-mindedness that liberals boast about having?

Race hustler, Al Sharpton has indicated that he wants white police officers to treat blacks differently than they treat white people. In fact, I believe that he’s even said that any white person should not be aggressive toward a black person even if that black person is attacking the white person. That tells me that he thinks that whites should allow themselves to be injured or even killed if their attacker is black. While Al Sharpton is full of it and we all know it, he obviously doesn’t adhere to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and desires to undo everything so many of us have worked toward for the last fifty years. That is to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Now, some on the left are advocating that teachers in a classroom have to treat black students different from white students when they misbehave. The reasoning for this, according to advocates is that many black children aren’t taught discipline in their homes and therefor, they don’t know any better. This idea is insane beyond words.

Dr. King, in his dream, envisioned blacks and whites working together, worshipping together, breaking bread together, living side by side, etc. Fifty years from the “I Have a Dream” speech, race should not matter except for identification purposes and maybe for business purposes. If I’m trying to sell tanning products, my target market would not generally include blacks.

With all of the above, it should be obvious to anyone that the liberals don’t want racial harmony to exist in the United States of America. I’ve said this many times and will continue to say it, the definition of racism, according to liberals, changes sometimes hourly. We never know what the definition of the moment might be and when an innocent statement made by a conservative might be construed as racist with the liberals seeking to do everything they can to destroy that person.

The current President certainly doesn’t desire racial harmony because he needs to blame conservatives and accuse them of racism and bigotry to take the focus away from him and his disastrous policies. The first lady of the United States obviously doesn’t desire racial harmony. Her venomous racially charged addresses to graduates these last few weeks demonstrates that.

I doubt very seriously we will have the racial harmony in this nation, the kind Dr. King envisioned, in my lifetime. Liberals/Democrats, that is solely because of you!