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“WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.” Sound familiar? These are the slogans for the continent of Oceania, ruled by Big Brother and the English Socialist Party, INGSOC, in George Orwell’s famous novel, “1984.” * There is no doubt that in the United States we are living in Orwellian times. We’re not drinking victory gin and bitter coffee, nor are we relegated to eating the tasteless black bread and thin soup that Winston Smith and his fellow party members were forced to drink and eat. We’re also not living in sterile government housing and forced to wear the uniform of “the party.”

But there are many more Orwellian like instances taking place in the United States of America that parallel what takes place in the futuristic novel. I could write a novella about this, and plan to in the near futures. But for now, I’m going to focus on the Republican tax reform bill and how the left is turning folks against a bill that clearly benefits most every United States citizen.

The goal of INGSOC is to achieve total control over the people, and more importantly over their minds. One of the main mind programs of the Party was “doublethink,” which describes the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contacts. *

For this article, I want to focus on the paradigm, “Ignorance is Strength.” This slogan is highly encouraged in our society: never question authority, legal institutions, school books, history, main stream media, etc. *

While the tax reform bill, just passed by the House and Senate, to be signed into law shortly by President Trump, clearly indicates that all individuals except the very wealthy in certain states will get a tax cut, the left, in typical liberal fashion, constantly berate the President’s plan as tax cuts for the rich. If they would simply read the bill, or even just read portions of it, they would should be able to comprehend that most every individual who pays taxes gets a tax cut.

I have a few problems with this bill, and agree that it’s not a perfect bill. Nothing in this world is perfect. Instead of pointing out parts of the bill in which they don’t agree and working with Republicans to resolve these conflicts, the Democrats kept up their diatribe of “tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for the rich.” Furthermore, prominent Democrats such as House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi indicated that the bill was Armageddon, the end of the world, and the worst bill that had ever been wrought before Congress. I thought Obamacare was.

Why are the Democrats alleging these things when the bill clearly states the opposite? “Ignorance is Strength,” maybe? In one area of the novel, “1984,” Big Brother and the party were decreasing the chocolate rations, but led the masses to believe that they were actually increasing the chocolate rations.

Thus, when individuals open their pay envelopes and see an increase in their take home pay and open their 401(k) statements and see an increase in their retirement funds, the left, the Democrat party is still going to tell them that the Trump tax reform plan is still tax cuts for the very wealthy and what they’re seeing in the pay check vouchers and their 401(k) statements is an illusion. Moreover, they will push their narrative that the Republicans are evil and are only interested in the prosperity of Donald Trump and his millionaire/billionaire friends.

They will continue to push their story that you’re not really better off under the Trump tax plan. Corporations, which are evil, benefited the most from the tax plan where businesses received a tax rate decrease from 35% to 21%. Businesses are, in fact, evil, and will not pass their windfalls onto you, the consumer or the employee. Instead, they will pass their windfall onto their investors in the way of dividends, thus making their investors, who are already privileged, even more privileged.

Democrats hate the private sector, including corporations and large, medium, and small businesses.  They also believe that government is the answer to all the nation’s problems. Don’t believe me? Get on some the liberal leaning social media threads. It’s perfectly legal for you to do that. You’ll find out that Democrats do indeed hate the private sector, the very entity that makes America the greatest nation on earth.

It’s obvious, with their rhetoric, the left doesn’t want prosperity for the middle class and the uplifting of lower income individuals and families.  Instead, they want Orwellian control over you, similar to the control the party and Big Brother had over the masses in the novel, “1984.” You’re not to think, you’re not to research, even though you have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. Heaven forbid, should you think about things and draw your own conclusions which are different from Big Brother, who is synonymous with today’s Democrat party and the leftist main stream media.

While differing with the Democrat party and the mainstream media doesn’t presently sentence you to Room 101, the dreaded torture chamber in the Orwellian culture, we maybe getting closer to that than you think.

Shortly following the passage of the tax reform bill in the House and Senate, the following companies, and others indicated they would be giving their employees bonuses: AT&T, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bancorp, Boeing, Comcast, etc. Furthermore, some companies have announced new investment, and minimum wage hikes.

*Information taken from the following: http://humansarefree.com/2013/01/what-means-war-is-peace-freedom-is.html



On April 17, 2017, liberal New York Times columnist, Alan Rappeport, wrote an article entitled,Trump’s Unreleased Taxes Threaten Yet Another Campaign Promise. The following is a critique of portions of that article where I illustrate how liberals are so consumed with hatred for Donald Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters that their hate takes precedence over everything else in their universe.

Mr. Rappeport writes that President Trump’s promise to enact a sweeping overhaul of the tax code is in serious jeopardy nearly 100 days into his tenure, and his refusal to release his tax returns is emerging as a central hurdle to another faltering campaign promise.

The president’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, has indicated that Mr. Trump has no intentions of releasing his tax returns to the public. While I am certainly aware that it has been custom and practice for presidents to make their tax returns available to the public, it is not a constitutional requirement that presidents or presidential candidates do so. This is something that liberals cannot seem to comprehend. Moreover, since they cannot seem to distinguish between an actual requirement and something that is done out of courtesy, I have my doubts that any liberal is capable of reviewing a tax return and understanding it.

Because the president is not releasing his tax returns, Democrats are uniting around a pledge not to cooperate on any rewriting of the tax code unless they know specifically how that revision would benefit the president and his family.
Senate Minority Leader, Chucky Schumer, has pointed out that the president has significant conflicts of interest on issues such as taxation of the real estate industry and the elimination of the estate tax. It’s in his own self-interest, says Schumer.

According to Rappeport, more than 100,000 of Trump’s critics took to the streets over the weekend before the deadline to file tax returns and pay taxes, demanding that the president’s tax returns be released. The protesters say that tax legislation could be a plot by Donald Trump to get even richer.

Ezra Levin, a member of the Tax March executive committee, whatever that is, has questioned…”When they talk about tax reform, are they talking about cutting Donald Trump’s taxes by millions of dollars a year?”

Mr. Rappeport, in his article, states that lawmakers to want to pass an overhaul of the tax code that unwittingly enriches the commander and chief and his progeny.

This article informs me that Democrats will be against any sort of tax reform/tax cutting that would benefit the president and his family. It does not matter how much the new tax reform policies might help everyday Americans such as you and me, including middle-class Democrats. It’s obvious that in the eye of liberals, hate takes precedence over anything that might be good for this country or for individual Americans.

The above illustrates overwhelming, beyond the pale hate by liberals/Democrats/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves toward Donald Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters. Rappeport indicates that Republicans are arguing that Democrats are putting politics ahead of an opportunity to fix a broken tax system. I think that Republicans should shout from the highest mountains that Democrats are so full of hate for anyone who does not toe their line that they are willing to deep-six the needs of the American people because of their deranged, sick hatred.

I want meaningful tax reform, particularly in the area of capital gains taxes. I would also like to see the corporate tax rate cut so that the nation’s businesses can expand and create more jobs. Again, liberals say that they will fight any tax reform measure that would benefit Donald Trump. Their hate takes precedence over everything else.

Well, I don’t care if Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Kennedy’s, etc. benefit from tax reform, I just want to benefit from tax reform, and I want the American people, those who pay taxes, to benefit from tax reform.

Because of the seething hate that’s in their hearts for Donald Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters, liberals will cut off their noses to spite their faces. Just when I think liberals cannot get any more dangerous, they do.



If you are forced to procure health insurance on you own, you will end up in the market place (healthcare.gov) whether you want to or not. I did. My eighteen months of Cobra was nearing an end and I had to get health insurance on my own. I chose a middle of the line policy and still my premiums rose by close to 50%, my deductible rose, my co-pay rose, and my policy is not as good as what I had from my former employer and subsequently through Cobra.

And what about subsidies? In order to qualify for subsidies, your projected income for the coverage year must be close to $12,000 for a single person. If your income is less, you don’t qualify for subsidies and have to go through Medicaid if your state has expanded Medicaid. Medicaid, of course, is not as good as having your own insurance.

When House Minority Leader, formerly Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi indicated that you can quit the job that you hate, write that great American novel, or follow whatever dreams you might have and not have to worry about having health insurance or access to health care.

Well, let me tell you something! If you’ve put some money away or have access to savings that will allow you to take months off from work to follow your dreams, you won’t qualify for subsidies unless that money is coming out of a retirement account of some kind where it’s counted as income and you have to pay taxes on it.

If you estimate you income as being over $12,000 and you qualify for subsidies, at the end of the year, you will have to reimburse the government, if your income doesn’t hit that level. That’s surely to hurt. So, you quit your job to write that novel and you’re living off of savings that took years to accumulate. Because you have no taxable income, you can’t qualify for subsidies, so you end up paying the full premium amount or go on Medicaid which is not as good. As far as I’m concerned, Nancy Pelosi lied. She’s a cold hearted snake, look into her eyes, oh, oh, oh, she’s been telling lies. We all know that the current president lied when he said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your current plan, you can keep your current plan.” But Pelosi sure told a whopper, also.

This also opens the door for other questions. We all know if you don’t make your $12,000, you have to pay the government back. Now, what if you estimate that you will make, let’s say, $15,000 and qualify for subsidies, but good things come to you and by late in the year, you’re are able to pick up enough income where you don’t qualify for subsidies, do you still have to pay all that back? What if you write and publish that novel, having projected $15,000 income for the year? Then the book sales take off in December at Christmas. Are you going to have to pay all that money back? There are many unanswered questions and it will be interesting to see what problems arise after this year. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that these subsidies that were promised and not going to end happy for everyone.

While you still purchase health insurance from private sector insurance companies, the ultimate goal of the far left and some center left is to have a single-payer system, government run, cradle to grave, womb to tomb. Health insurance companies will disappear with everything being controlled by the government.

According to conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, all of the chaos that is now part of Obamacare is part of the design, including the difficulty that ordinary people have when procuring insurance and eventually getting treatment for whatever is ailing them.

On Wednesday, May 27, the New York Assembly voted for legislation to establish publicly funded universal health coverage in a so-called single payer system. The Assembly is the lower house and the bill will make its way to the Senate which is Republican controlled. However, there is no guarantee that the bill will be killed in the Senate.

Because it’s health care, and because Obamacare is now woven deep into society, Republicans are scared to death at the prospect of killing it. They don’t want to take anything away from the people. And while the Senate Republicans in New York might be poised to kill it, they are working on their own version of a healthcare bill.

The New York bill parallels Obamacare. Everybody can enroll, so it would extend coverage to the uninsured, but many of the uninsured can’t afford to use it because they can’t afford the deductibles and co-pays. So, for all intents and purposes, they are not insured.

In other words, Obamacare is a disaster and the governing people in the state of New York want to fix it with a single-payer system. Once an entitlement is implemented, it’s never repealed.

Imagine having access to health care without having to pay premiums, deductibles, co-pays, etc. Plus there would be no evil insurance companies to deal with. Doesn’t this sound great? There are people out there that would sign on to something like this in a heartbeat. The government would have to approve every procedure and every treatment. The government would then have the power to let you suffer, and perhaps die. To get treatment, you would have to go to a government-run clinic where all the medical professionals are employees of the government.
Think about this folks, is this what you really want?



In yesterday’s (January 13, 2015) New York Times, there was an article outlining the current president’s latest executive order to tackle climate change. The administration plans to impose new regulations on the oil and gas industry’s emissions of methane gas. The goal is to cut methane gas emissions from oil and gas production up to 45% by 2025. The EPA will issue the proposed regulations this summer and the final regulations by 2016. And like I indicated in my post of January 12, 2015, the final regulations will come during the 2016 presidential election year. Should a Republican be elected president, he or she, along with all Republicans will be blamed by the mainstream media and the Democrats for the rise in energy prices. Remember, when a Republican is in office and energy prices rise, it’s all the Republican’s fault.

According to instituteofenergyresource.org, the EPA’s own research on methane shows that this rule will have no discernible impact on the climate. So, the benefits of this rule are virtually non-existent, but the impact that it will have on Americans by driving energy prices up is real. Even a child would be able to see that it’s not about you and providing you with a clean planet in which to live. It’s about driving up the price of energy, driving down the prosperity level of middle class Americans, and making Americans more dependent on the government.

In 2012, the current president mocked the idea that, as a country, we could drill our way to lower energy prices. When met with chants of “drill, baby, drill,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied, “I’d like to drill your brains.” The current president was wrong and thanks to increased oil exploration on state and private lands, the middle class is getting a respite from high gasoline prices.

But how long will this respite last? Until January 2017 when a new president is sworn in? If the new president is a Republican, he or she will surely be blamed for the increase in energy prices. If, heaven forbid, it’s another Democrat, the mantra will be that the president doesn’t have anything to do with the price of gas. If the next president is my worst nightmare, Elizabeth Warren, a borderline communist, will she have the liberals and the mainstream media brainwashed to the extent that they believe high energy prices are in all of our best interests? We must keep an eye on these developments, my friends.



I just found out that my healthcare insurance premiums next year will rise almost 50%. This is just unconscionable. I was expecting maybe a 20% increase at the most. But 50%, 50%. I’ll pay it. I have no choice.  If there’s one thing that you don’t want to go without, it’s health insurance. In the twinkling of an eye, you can have an accident or get violently ill and need it.

To pay the premiums I’ll necessarily have to cut back on some things. I won’t be able to go out to eat as much. It doesn’t look like I will get to purchase a new Kindle HD Fire or a new laptop computer. I was also looking into purchasing a new SUV this next year, but that will probably be put on hold.

Of course, the liberals/progressives are going to say, “Poor, poor, pitiful Nancy. She’s going to have to cook more and eat at home. She’ll have to eat more chicken and less steak. She’ll also have to eliminate the consumption of the fine wines that she often enjoys with good food. And maybe, just maybe, she won’t be able to afford season tickets to Alabama football games. “

You liberals obviously hate folks like me who have worked their butts off to have something. You want to take it away from me in any manner that you possibly can. After all, I’m evil. I’m a college graduate. I’ve worked hard and put in long hours just to have a few nice things. And that’s just not right. I don’t deserve a new SUV, a new laptop, or a new Kindle. Sure, I’ve been thrown several curve balls in life and have managed to re-invent myself, landing on my feet. I’m always working to better myself and my livelihood. How dare I try to make money for myself? There are folks out there who choose to drop out of school, have children out of wedlock, commit crimes, and become addicted to substances. What about them? People like must be destroyed.  It’s not fair for me to have something and other folks have nothing. The fact that I work hard and they don’t doesn’t matter.

Millions of us are having to pay so much extra for health insurance. Millions of us will have to cut back on lots of things. A lot of food servers will not receive tips they should be getting when millions of us don’t go out to eat as often. A lot of small businesses will suffer because we can’t patronize them. People will lose their jobs and therefore won’t be paying taxes. People that still have their jobs may not get the raises they deserve and will not be paying taxes on the extra money they could have been receiving.

With the current administration’s policies of punishing those who work hard and have something, the economy of the United States will surely collapse. To have and maintain a robust economy those who are prospering must put money into the economy so that more prosperity will be created, making more folks prosperous. When more folks are prosperous and paying taxes, more revenue comes into the government, thereby eliminating deficit spending.

But wait! Didn’t the current president tell us that everyone’s insurance premiums would decrease? Didn’t Nancy Pelosi encourage us to quit our jobs and write that great American novel that we have always wanted to write? With the passage of ACA, we don’t have to worry about having access to healthcare. Everyone will have it. We don’t have to stay in that horrible job just to have health insurance anymore.

Well, I did that. I quit a day job that I was fed up with to start a business and along the way I have written a novel. I wasn’t supposed to have to worry about health insurance, only to find that my premiums are going up almost 50%. Could Congresswoman Pelosi have lied? Could she be dishonest? When the current president told us that our premiums would go down, could he possibly have like. Could he possibly be dishonest?

Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama (I’ve once again said his name) are cold hearted snakes; look into their eyes. Oooh, oh, oh, they’ve been telling lies.

So what else is new?