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A meme from “Go Left” appeared on my Facebook news feed stating the following: “People yell that President Obama has divided America. But Obama didn’t divide our country, their unwarranted hatred of him did. Electing him was like turning on a light in a dark room and exposing the cockroaches.”


There are differences of opinion on how we should govern ourselves because our founding fathers set up our nation that way. Because of the way this nation was set up, we have the right to voice our opinions without fear of government reprisal.

There’s not one issue with which I agree with Barak Obama, and I have the right to say that. Since Obama has been in office, he has “trashed” Republicans repeatedly. Plus in the first term of his presidency, he called upon folks to listen for any comments that disparaged his policies and agenda. This is in contrast to former President George W. Bush, who, many times indicated that Americans had the right to disagree with him. President Bush even met with parents, spouses, and other family members of those military personnel who were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but were against the wars.

Barak Obama was elected to the presidency to be the president of all Americans, not just Democrats, not just blacks and other minorities. Instead of being the president of the United States, Barak Obama didn’t waste any time in interjecting himself into a local level dust-up in which he had no business becoming involved. This incident involved Professor Louis Gates, Jr., a black professor, who was returning to his Cambridge, Massachusetts home after a trip to China. Finding the door to his house jammed, he was trying to open it when he was arrested by police Sargent James Crowley. Sargent Crowley was responding to a 911 call in which the caller reported there were men breaking and entering Gates’ residence. Gates was never charged.

On July 22, 2009, six days after the incident, Barak Obama said the following: “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that…the police acted stupidly…there is a history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.” Subsequently a “beer summit” was held at the White House where Professor Gates and Officer Crowley were treated to beers with Obama.

Again, this was something in which the current president should have never involved himself. It was a low-level local matter. If the local NAACP wanted to get involved, that would probably be okay, but the incident was nothing close to the level where the leader of the free world should be putting his priorities, including protecting the people of this country, aside to become involved in a local dust-up.

The cases of Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown were also local level incidents where the president had no business interjecting himself into, much less sending a representative to the funeral of Michael Brown, a thug who, before he was shot, robbed a convenience store and then while being apprehended, tried to take Police Officer Darren Wilson’s gun away. Subsequently, representatives of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which arose out of the Michael Brown shooting, was predicated on a lie, and currently advocates the killing of law enforcement officers and the destruction of property, were invited to the White House.

Not only has this president sought to divide this country along racial lines, he has sought to divide us along socio-economic lines. He has constantly harped that the rich don’t pay enough in taxes and has told low and middle income individuals that the rich are evil and anyone who is rich somehow became that through nefarious actions. He has further indicated that the rich, particularly the rich Republicans hate the poor and want them to suffer when, in reality, it is the other way around. Because no one ever got rich receiving entitlements such as food stamps and welfare from the government, we want as many folks as possible to be off these programs so they can prosper.

The president and his henchmen have also led lower and middle income individuals to believe that the Republicans don’t care about the environment by constantly preaching the doctrine of man-made climate change. This administration and its followers have also indicated that Republicans want dirty air, dirty water, and to throw Grandma off the cliff (a phrase often used by conservative commentator, Sean Hannity). In the liberals’ quest to gain as much control over our lives as they possibly can, they have demonized fossil fuels and fracking, an innovative way to safely and efficiently extract oil natural gas from beneath the earth’s surface. Fracking was developed by the private sector oil companies…the government had nothing to do with it, except for trying to shut the process down. Because of this innovation, energy prices have decreased, giving low income and middle income individuals some much needed relief.

Of course, the liberals would have you believe that they are champions of lower and middle class individuals and that the Republicans only champion the rich. Well, the “tolerant” left won’t even acknowledge that there is information available that refutes man-made climate change. They are so anxious to cram that theory down our throats and to preach to the American people that unless we immediately get off fossil fuels and go to green energy, we’re doomed. But as President Obama indicated, the price of energy will necessarily rise. The president wants energy costs to rise so we’ll use less of it. If this president and the liberals were really champions of the poor and the middle class, they would be anxious for any discovery out there which would delineate the climate change theory.

Thus, we’re just as divided along socio-economic lines as racial lines.

And let’s not forget religious lines. Even though this president claims to be a Christian, he never misses a change to disparage Christianity. However, when it comes to Islam, he constantly advises the American people to not judge the nation or religion of Islam based on the actions of a few. Of course, after Dylan Roof, the shooter of black church members in Charleston, was seen in a picture on social media with a Confederate battle flag, anyone who so much as owns a Confederate flag belt buckle was labeled a racist, a white supremacist, etc. The president has also referred to Christians and gun owners as “clinging to their guns and their Bibles.”

I don’t see how anyone in their right mind, could say that hatred for Barak Obama divided this country. It was Obama, his administration and liberals at all levels who have divided this country, not the unwarranted hatred of him as the “tolerant” left would have you believe.



I watched a small segment of presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, being interviewed by Chris Wallace this past Sunday on Fox News Sunday. Dr. Carson has dropped in the poles mostly due to his stumbling on foreign policy following the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Chris grilled Dr. Carson and asked him why he thought people were turning away from him. I don’t remember the answer that he gave, but one thing he didn’t use as an excuse was racism. If this had been the current president of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, both democrats, racism and sexism would be been brought into the conversations.

The current president has always used racism as an excuse when he has failed to win the support of the American people, and it seems like Hillary Clinton throws out sexism every time she is asked a tough question. Of course, the liberals, especially the liberals in the media, are all too glad to rally around these two.

As I indicated above, Dr. Carson, to the best of my knowledge has never played the race card, nor has presidential candidate Carly Fiorina every played the sex card. That’s not Republicans/Conservatives do in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Furthermore, I have not seen the NAACP nor NOW, coming to the rescue of Dr. Carson or Ms. Fiorina when they have been treated less than respectful by the media and people who oppose them. When Dr. Carson was called vile things, I often asked where the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton were and where the NAACP was.

If I had a dollar for every time I have said or written that liberals care nothing about minorities or women, I wouldn’t be here tapping away at this keyboard. This declaration is nothing new.

Liberals claim they want to end racism with intentional motives to destroy anyone they believe is a racist, according to their definition or racism at the moment. And if liberals can’t ascertain a vile thing to call conservatives when they disagree, they accuse the conservative of racism.

I once had a black liberal friend who indirectly accused me of being racist because I don’t eat turnip greens or collards. This same friend, if she went to a McDonald’s to eat and a white teenage clerk acted in the least bit like he or she didn’t want to wait on my friend, my friend would accuse the white teenager of racism, obsess about it for days and vow to never visit that McDonald’s again. I firmly believe that this black liberal friend would be miserable if she had to quit looking under every rock for something racist.

The fact that my friend comes up with all of this silly stuff and fashions it as racism is sad. What she’s doing is covering up incidents of true racism where individuals are actually hurt in serious ways with her, “if you don’t eat turnip greens and collards, you’re a racist.”

Do liberals want to end racism and sexism? Of course not! Do liberals care about minorities and women? Of course not! They don’t care about anyone else either. All they care about is forcing their big government/totalitarian agenda down our throats and taking control of our lives. In addition to the foregoing, what would liberals use as an excuse for their failures if they didn’t have racism and sexism to shout about?

I have no doubt that is was the left who attempted to stir the pot, getting blacks who are attending historically predominantly white colleges and universities, to whine and say they don’t feel safe and that they are the victims of racism and to demand that safe areas be made available to them. This seems to have all but disappeared. Probably because it laid an egg.

At my alma mater, the most popular guy on campus is black. He’s also strong, fast, a Godly young man, and possibly the best college football player in the nation. Derrick Henry not feeling safe on the campus of the University of Alabama? That’s almost as ridiculous as accusing someone of being a racist because they don’t like turnip greens.



Conservative Icon, Ann Coulter, has written many books about liberals. One of them is entitled, “How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must.” It was released in 2004 and I can’t remember for the life of me if I’ve read it, and trying to find it in my vast book collection is not on my current list of things to do.

Every boss I’ve ever had has told me that I lacked self-confidence and I do. One even said that he had more confidence in me than I had in me. I also have a tendency to let people take advantage of me or “roll over me.” The lack of self-confidence dates back to my early childhood years. Letting people “roll over me” or take advantage of me comes from being an only child. Not having siblings, I never learned the skill of taking up for myself.

Lacking self-confidence and letting others take advantage of me does not a political blogger/pundit make. I don’t blame family and friends who I grew up around for my short comings. It is what it is and I just have to try a little harder.

The first time I was attacked by a liberal after setting myself out as a political blogger, I was very upset. I realized, though, that as long as I put my feelings and opinions out there, I would be subject to more attacks. Could I stand the heat or did I need to get out of the kitchen. Now, over a year and a half later, I’m still blogging, but do have to remind myself that my stand on the issues is solid and liberal stands on the issues can be refuted.

Liberals think they’re so smart. In fact, most educators/academicians are liberal. That includes your elementary school teachers all the way up to those with doctorates who occupy the ivory towers of institutions of higher education.

Since becoming a political blogger and a utilizer of social media, I have had encounters with numerous liberals. If they’re so smart and so much better than us unenlightened oafs, how come they can’t read something and understand its meaning. I often post something, only to have a liberal make comments that are unrelated to the subject of the post. Sometimes I will have to ask them to go back and re-read what I said.

Liberals also love to accuse conservatives/Republicans of hating minorities and the poor. I can and do regularly deep-six those accusations. It isn’t hard to do.

I’ve also had experiences where I wasn’t discussing politics at all, only to have a liberal inject themselves in a conversation because he or she heard some kind of buzzword or phrase that they didn’t like. When this happens, I never fail to point out that the conversation or thread had nothing to do with a political concept. This is again, an example of liberals not being able to comprehend what is written or said.

Talk about short memories; “liberals, they got em.” On June 17, 2015, a lone gunman who was a known racist and had been pictured in a photo holding up a Confederate battle flag, shot and killed nine black members of a Charleston, South Carolina church. All of a sudden the responsibility for the shooting did not lie with a deranged young man, the responsibility, instead, was the fault of the Confederate flag. Liberals, in their ever continuing rush to judgment, started demanding that Confederate flags cease flying over government buildings. Of course, removing a few flags from a few southern state capitals was not going to satisfy them. They began attacking statutes of military men who fought valiantly for the South. Then, the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP demanded that the historic carving on Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta, showcasing Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson be sanded away. That struck a nerve with me and apparently it stuck a nerve with a lot of people.

The City of Birmingham has voted to remove a monument honoring Confederate soldiers and sailors who died during the Civil War.

On Monday, July 15, 2015, nine Alabama state senators introduced a bill at the beginning of a special legislative session that is designed to protect monuments on publicly owned property. The bill would outlaw the removal or relation of any statute or monument on public property honoring individuals or groups which participated in seventeen different military campaigns. Any group that wants to be exempt from the law would have to get permission from the Alabama Historical Commission. So, the state of Alabama is scrambling to keep the Feds and their wrecking balls from descending upon us and destroying history. I don’t know if other southern states are following suit. This is all well and good, but with the way the current dictator is taking us, those wrecking balls may be headed this way and states’ rights and the U.S. Constitution be damned.

Now, an alleged Islamic terrorist has killed five Marines in Chattanooga and I’ve heard very little talk regarding whether or not we should get rid of all symbols and statutes relating to Islam. Liberals who claim to be fair-minded and caring aren’t saying a word. While both liberals and conservatives lamented the shooting of the nine Charlestonians, I haven’t seen one liberal condemn the shooting. Instead, they are playing a waiting game to see how the investigation plays out. They didn’t do this in the shooting of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, nor did they do this in the death of Freddie Gray of Baltimore.

The current President has often lectured the American people, stating that we should not judge the religion of Islam by the acts of a few, but I haven’t heard him say anything about not judging southerners by the actions of one who was obviously deranged.

Could liberalism be a pre-cursor to Alzheimer’s? Ann’s book was published in 2004. Maybe I should read it or re-read it.



It keeps getting worse and worse. I celebrated this past November when the Republicans won a majority in the Senate and maintained their majority in the House of Representatives. Maybe some of this ridiculous stuff forced upon us by the liberals/Democrats/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves would be stopped or severely restrained. It hasn’t happened, though. The Senate and House Republicans seem to have turned into wimps. It seems they’re so afraid of another government shut-down and being blamed for said shut down by the current administration and the mainstream media.

The current President has indicated that he has a pen and a phone and he plans to use them to force his agenda on the America people. He attempts to justify his actions by indicating he’s only doing what he thinks is right for the American people, but knows that the Republican controlled Congress would never allow him to do it.

I’m not going to say much about the nuclear weapons deal with Iran. You can read about that yourself. But the fact that we didn’t bargain on bringing the four Americans that were political prisoners in Iran home, is unfathomable. Bringing home these men should have been the first thing out of the gate. But no! What’s going on?  While Congress will have an opportunity to vote up or down on the Iran deal, the current President can veto whatever Congress sends to him. It will take 67 votes in the Senate to overturn a Presidential veto. What’s the likelihood that’s going to happen? There’s so much wrong with that deal.

The family of Katie Steinle, the young woman who was shot in cold blood by an illegal alien who had been deported at least six times and was back taking cover in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, has received no contact from the President or anyone in his administration. However, the current President has time to correspond with convicted felons. Furthermore, local officials won’t respond to questions about the shooting. Apparently though, the current President of the United States, would rather write letters to convicted felons than send his condolences to Katie Steinle’s family.

After having been out of pocket for most of today (July 16, 2015), I’m trying to catch up with then news coming out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that four U.S. Marines have been shot and killed by a young man named Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez. As I’m writing this, I don’t know if the current President has weighed in on these shootings. I wonder if he’ll lecture us to the effect that we should not judge all Muslims because of the actions of one individual. Of course, when a lone individual who was a disturbed racist, murders nine members of the Emanuel AME who were black, the current administration disparages the south because a picture of the murderer holding Confederate flag surfaced. Now liberals/Democrats/progressives are calling for removal of the Confederate flag from public buildings. Liberals are accusing all those who defend the Confederate flag as racists and will not give any credence to those who say the flag represents their southern heritage. That’s bigoted, don’t you think? This is going to have to play out. Chattanooga? This is getting a little close to home.

When the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP called for the carvings on Stone Mountain of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson be removed. I love Stone Mountain and this struck a nerve with me. If this is attempted, I will drive three hours to protest. Of course, I’ll probably be labeled a terrorist. Of course, I’m probably considered one now since I’m a Christian and pro-life.

I hope these killings will stop and I hope that somehow, someway, Congress will stop this Iran deal. It will take 67 votes to override a presidential veto, which this president has promised.

As I bring this post to a conclusion, we’re not sure if the Chattanooga shootings will be deemed terrorist attacks. We also don’t know if ISIS was at the root. We’ll see.



Right before the November 4 mid-term election, the current first lady of the United States told black voters that there was no need for them to think when deciding how to vote. Just vote straight Democrat, she advised them. Talk about condescending and racist!

For the most part, I’ve been lucky in the jobs and positions that I have held during my career in corporate America. I can only think of one time that one of my employers tried to influence the employees before election. I was working for an insurance company and tort reform was a hot topic. Naturally, the high level executives of any insurance company would prefer that employees vote for the pro tort reform candidates. And these candidates were Republicans.

I didn’t grow up in a political household and politics was rarely discussed. Daddy was a southern Democrat and Mama was a Republican. One thing that both Mama and Daddy emphasized was how I voted should be my decision and no one else’s. They also emphasized that voting was and should be a private matter and that I should never ask someone how they voted. When I joined the Greater Birmingham Young Republicans club, I told them, but didn’t talk much about the political activities in which I was involved. Mama and Daddy are now deceased and they would not be happy about this blog.

My Dad’s younger sister, who is also deceased, was a very political person and a strong liberal Democrat and I might add, one of the most prejudiced and bigoted people in the world. At one point were discussing how to meet men and one of the things that she suggested was that I get involved with Young Democrats. When I told her that I was a Republican, she was horrified and subsequently made a long distance call from her home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to my parents’ home in Cullman, Alabama. For her to do this, she had to be very upset because Aunt Mary Ruth was also one of the cheapest folks to ever walk the face of this earth. When she called, Daddy answered the phone and she immediately yelled at Daddy, “Woodrow, how could you have possibly raised a Republican child?” Then Daddy told her that he thought that was my business. Aunt Mary Ruth then indicated that it was Mama that probably had an influence on me. Somehow before the conversation ended, Mama found out that Aunt Mary Ruth had said that. Well, Mama grabbed the receiver out of Daddy’s hand and let Aunt Mary Ruth know that any decisions that I had made regarding politics and how I voted, I made on my own. And Mama was right.

I really do think if people were left alone to make their own decisions regarding voting, there would be a lot more people casting their votes for Republicans. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Republican admitting to voting Republican because their employer or any group encouraged them to.  On the other hand, it seems like every Democrat I know votes that way because some kind of advocacy group has told them to. Blacks vote Democrat, it seems, because the NAACP and other black advocacy groups have insisted that they do so. The same goes for educators where the teacher’s unions have told them they should vote Democrat.

It’s been determined that women lean Democrat because they care about education, healthcare, poverty, and other social issues. But if you care about education, healthcare, poverty, and other social issues, why in the world would you vote Democrat? The Democrats certainly don’t care about education. Their stance against school choice screams that. Same thing for healthcare. It’s the Democrats who are in the process of socializing it so that it costs more and is not as high quality as it was before socialization took place. As far as poverty goes, the poverty rate has gone up and up since the Democrats instituted government hand-outs and told us in the 1960s that for just a few dollars a week, we could totally wipe out poverty.

So, if you are a woman and really care about education, healthcare, poverty, and other social issues, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU VOTING DEMOCRAT?