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Earlier this week, MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry took offense to a conservative guest, Alfonso Aguilar, using the term “hard worker” to describe Congressman Paul Ryan in his quest to be elected Speaker of the House. Ms. Harris-Perry argued that the term, “hard worker,” diminished the experiences of slaves.

While Ms. Harris-Perry agreed with Mr. Aguilar that Paul Ryan was a “great choice for this role,” she also said, “But I want us to be super careful when we use the language, “hard worker.” Ms. Harris-Perry further indicated that she kept an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall, because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like.

To a baffled Alfonso Aguilar, Ms. Harris-Perry also intimated that you don’t call Moms who don’t have healthcare, hardworking. Instead, you call them failures.

This is so ridiculous that it will certainly go away. But to think that we have people as demented as Ms. Harris-Perry on TV as news anchors and analysts is scary. Of course, liberals are going to say, “What about Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity?” I’ve never head Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity say anything disparaging about black people as a race. Sure, they may denigrate individuals for their liberalism, but, again, I have never heard either one of them put down black people.

A few hours ago, a Facebook friend who is black and far-left, posted an article on vox.com that was entitled, “Even Walking is more Dangerous if you’re Black.” The article insinuates that white drivers don’t yield to black pedestrians like they do to white pedestrians. It was also insinuated that this could perhaps be subconscious racism. The far left has been pushing the notion that all white people are inherently racist. So, I guess this is one more thing liberals will use against whites, in their quest to annihilate them.

Let me add another thing. At night black people are harder to see than someone white. And while black liberals tend to blame the white people for all their problems, this is one problem that the white person had nothing to do with. Black liberals, you’re going to have to take this up with the man upstairs. In the meantime, if you’re going walking at night, it’s best to wear light colored clothing. In fact wearing light colored clothing at night is recommended for all people.

In addition to the above, a liberal Facebook friend shared a split photograph. The top of the photograph was a still shot of the deputy that flipped over the desk of a black girl when she refused to leave her classroom after being ordered to do so for bad behavior. The bottom of the photograph was a picture of police, after arresting Dylan Roof. Roof was walking with the police and did not seem to be resisting arrest. The captions on the photos read as follow: (1) How you arrest a black girl who refused to leave a class; and (2) How you arrest a white man who shot 9 people at church.

First, the picture of Dylan Roof doing the perp walk was taken after he was arrested and he appeared to show no resistance to arrest. The picture of the deputy turning the black girl’s desk over in order to get her moved from the classroom was taken during the altercation in which she refused to leave the classroom. The two really cannot be compared. Furthermore, the deputy, Ben Fields has been fired and the altercation has been denounced by Richland County Sheriff’s Department. So what more do you want? What more can be done?

This particular photograph originated at the Facebook page of Jonas Saintilus. After visiting his Facebook page, it sure looks like he is a radical Muslim. He claims to be a soldier of the Nation of Islam who studied black empowerment, ancient history, science, and knowledge of self at new world nation of Islam. In addition to having anti-white photos on his website, one of those photos stated the following: “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.”

I intend to confront my liberal friend with this. This guy appears to be radical and dangerous.


MORE LIBERAL HATE – August 17, 2015

I’ve written many articles on the intense hatred that liberals have against anyone who doesn’t walk in lock-step with their beliefs. Of course, liberals love to accuse non-liberals of hate and do it on a regular basis. If you are against the current president’s policies, you hate the current president because he’s black. If you’re against giving illegal aliens benefits and believe they should be deported to their country of origin, you hate immigrants. By the way, they fail to distinguish between those who come here legally and follow the rules and those who come here illegally, breaking the law. If you question entitlement programs that were implemented to allegedly help the poor, but don’t seem to be working, you hate the poor. When an individual or group of individuals make accusations and point fingers, it’s generally a good bet that they are really the guilty ones, instead of the ones at which they’re pointing fingers.

The liberals hated George W. Bush and, along with the current president, blamed him for everything during the first 6-1/2 months of the Obama presidency. I guess even the liberals knew that was getting old. Now, it seems, they have another entity to blame for everything and that entity of Fox News. And that’s laughable because Fox News is a media outlet, it doesn’t make policy. It is the number one cable news network in the nation, having the most viewers. And we all know that liberals call Fox News watchers really bad names. I’ve been called all of those names before. Morons, delusional, and idiots are three of the names liberals call Fox News watchers. Liberals have also indicated that Fox News has brain-washed its viewers. So, liberals, let me pose a question to you. If Fox News watchers are idiots and can be brainwashed into conservative thought, why did the current President get elected twice? If we’re all brainwashed idiots via Fox News, wouldn’t we have voted for the Republican candidate?

One of the milder names that liberals call Fox News is “Faux News.” I’m not going to say much about that because I’ve been knows to call CNN the “Clinton News Network” or the “Communist News Network.” I’ve also called MSNBC, “PMSNBC.” We all have names for things we don’t like. With the exception of the above, however, I have never put those terms in print. As a political blogger I should maintain my professionalism and make every effort to do so.

I can honestly say that I’ve never called CNN, MSNBC, or network news viewers names. I have called for the elimination of NPR because it is a liberal leaning media outlet and I don’t particularly like my tax dollars being used for speech I don’t agree with. NPR viewers say that the programming is excellent. Well, if NPR is so great, then it should be able to go private and sell advertising like any other private media outlet. When I said this to a friend of a liberal friend, he indicated that only the extremely intelligent and elite were capable or appreciating NPR. In other words, I’m an unenlightened oaf and of course we all know that. To that I say, “If you love NPR so much, then maybe you and those enlightened few who are capable of appreciating it should create a subscription based channel. “ The friend of the friend informed me that he was just a school teacher and didn’t make a lot of money. So, he expects me and everyone else to pay for something that he loves because he and his elitist friends can’t afford it. It’s sad, but that’s how liberals think. I don’t understand it, but then again I’m an unenlightened oaf.

Of all these liberals who hate Fox News, I often wonder how many of them have actually sat down and watched Fox News. I was having a back and forth on Facebook with a liberal friend and when I informed him that the senior news anchor for Fox was a liberal, he said he didn’t know that Fox had “hard news.” H-E-L-L-O! This person disparages Fox News and it appears he has never watched it.

During George W. Bush’s presidency, I never heard him make disparaging remarks about those American who didn’t support his policies. He recognized and respected the rights of all Americans to disagree. During the Iraq war, he often met with those who were against the war, especially those who had loved-ones in Iraq. Hillary Clinton calls conservatives “wingnuts,” hence the name of this blog. President Bill Clinton once said that conservatives had “that extra chromosome,” denigrating those with Down syndrome.

Of course, the current president frequently denigrates and belittles those who don’t agree with his policies. He has even asked his supporters to keep track of those who disagree with him. And we all know what he thinks about Fox News and Fox News watchers. I never heard President George W. Bush disparage certain media outlets and their viewers. Having said that, President Bush didn’t care for the media and presidents generally don’t.

Bill O’Reilly, of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, has commented many times about the hatred that the left has for those who don’t agree with them. Bill has also indicated that there is hatred on the right and there certainly is. Bill, however, indicates that there is much more on the left. That has been my observation also. Yes, there is hatred toward liberals by conservatives, but it is much more prevalent on the left. I’m sure that liberals will say I’m lying and call me names. Again, I think I’ve been called everything there is to be called by liberals. Maybe I should have a contest to see if a liberal can come up with a name to call me that I haven’t yet been called.



This is the last post in my Liberals Gone Wild series where I have examined an article on mediamatters.org, a website for Media Matters for America, a progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the media.

Media Matters published an article on its website showcasing numerous videos where it was alleging that the Fox Cable News channel was disparaging the poor people of this nation. This came on the heels of the current President of the United States making a comment to the effect that “we need to change the way we report the news.” He belittled Fox News and indicated that they continually disparaged the poor of this nation calling them lazy, sponges, and leeches.

The act of a president even commenting on news reporting is beneath the office of the presidency. An independent media, holding government accountable and reporting the news, is necessary to sustaining a free democratic society. Not only were the president’s comments beneath him, they were scary. If the current president had his way, I believe that he would insist on a state run media where we, the people, are given only the information that the almighty government wants us to have.

In my previous posts, I reviewed and commented on the numerous videos that mediamatters.org highlighted. I found two comments, three at best that might have been in poor taste, and I said might. I really didn’t find anything in these videos that disparaged the poor. In these numerous videos, various entitlement programs were certainly discussed along with their effectiveness. As such, it appears that liberals don’t want these programs even discussed and debated, because that’s what they apparently consider as defaming the poor.

One particular word the president used when dissing Fox News was “continually.” Continually? I looked at the dates on these videos. Three were in 2011, four were in 2012, three were in 2013, one was in 2014, and six were in 2015 with three of these six on May 12 and one on May 13. One of these videos was from the John Stewart show where he replayed a video of Fox’s Stuart Varney, taking almost everything in the video out of context. I would hardly call this “continuous.”

Liberals are not tolerant in the least, and how they can preach tolerance like they do with a straight face is beyond my comprehension. All they can do is trash the other side and try to divert attention away from the issue at hand. Sadly, it works. The mainstream media picks up their talking points and it’s in their publications and broadcast over their networks. Low information voters hear it and because they are low information voters and would rather watch mindless programs such as Dancing with the Stars, than keeping up to date on current events, take it as fact. Then these low information voters, vote.

When liberals say that conservatives hate the poor, and are bigots, racists, and homophobes, the low information voters believe it. When the liberals insist that man-made climate change is undeniable and disparage those of us who have our doubts, the low information voters take their work for it without doing any research on their own.

In the past few weeks, liberals, including the current administration, driven by Media Matters for America have declared all-out war on Fox News. It’s obvious they don’t believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, or freedom of the press. There has also been a war on their number one personality, Bill O’Reilly.

As a political blogger, I have to keep up with everything and that means viewing left wing websites and watching CNN, and MSNBC. I rarely watch the network news, though. And while I know conservatives do say some putrid things about liberals, the things conservatives say, do not hold a candle to what liberals say about conservatives. Fox News watchers have been called every bad name I can think of. The hate and intolerance is much, much more dominant on the left.

Hey liberals, including the folks at Media Matters, if Fox News lies and/or quotes wrong information, why don’t you set the record straight? Why won’t some of you pundits go on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and make the arguments for you side? Fox News is number one, you know. You’ll be heard by more people than you will be if you stick to your CNN’s and MSNBC’s. But no, you refuse to return phone calls for invitations to appear on Fox News and present your side of the story. Instead, you hide under your desks and continue to defame conservatives while refusing to engage in meaningful dialog. You care nothing about facts and if the facts don’t suit you, you continue your barrage of insults.

Yes, you people make me mad. I don’t understand your logic and your thought processes. In my opinion, there’s no way a reasonable and prudent person could interpret those videos on the mediamatters.org website as disparaging the poor. Again, no reasonable way.

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue saying it, I’m a southern white conservative Christian, everything you liberals hate. To you, I’m also an unenlightened oaf. Would someone that was “enlightened” interpret those videos as disparaging the poor? I don’t think so. You know what you’re doing. You just want to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with you and doesn’t tow your liberal line. You refuse to recognize differing points of view and have no scruples. You people think nothing of out and out lying and taking things out of context. In describing those videos you left out many phrases and sentences in an effort to get to the low information voters who will take what you say at face value.

You liberals aren’t enlightened at all. You’re what I call slick. I’ve known some “slick” people in my life. They live their lives slightly underneath the surface. Because they don’t play by the rules, they’re constantly getting themselves in trouble. As a result, they develop skills, if you can call them skills, which will get them out of that trouble. And they seem to always land on their feet. But these so-called “slick” people do eventually get caught up in their lies and frauds. Again, y’all are slick and you do seem to always land on your feet. But one of these days…



My first two posts in my War on Everything series were about the war on Southerners and the Southern United States in general and the war on White People, respectively. This post will be about the war on conservatives, and if you don’t think there’s a war on those of us that are politically conservative, I have some swamp land in Louisiana that you might be interested in.

The following are a list of reasons that should convince you beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is a war on conservatives. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Mainstream Media Hates Conservatives: While liberals often express surprise when I say this, they’re either dumb as posts or lying through their teeth. In their pockets, liberals have the three networks, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, most of the large metropolitan newspapers, Time, Newsweek, a number of talk radio programs, and many websites/blogs. Conservatives have Fox News Cable, The Wall Street Journal, a substantial number of talk radio programs, many websites/blogs, and certain off the main drag soft publications. Before my cable TV company offered Fox News, it was all that I could do to keep from literally screaming at some of the stuff they would broadcast. I remember having to watch the Democrat and Republican National Conventions in 2000 on CNN. The commentators were slobbering all over themselves during the Democrat convention. However, for the Republican convention, they put down everything that the Republicans did or said. The convention ended with Lee Greenwood singing “God Bless the USA.” When Lee began, Judy Woodruff said the following, “For some reason, the Republicans love this song.” She said this with a condescending air. I could go on and on, but I’m not here to write a novel.
  • We currently have a Democrat Administration: How many times have you heard the current president trash the Republicans? “Now the Republicans, blah, blah, blah…” Hillary Clinton is known for calling conservatives Wing Nuts, thus the name of this blog. Maybe I should thank her. Former President Bill Clinton once said that conservatives have that extra chromosome. The president was apparently indicating that Republicans had Down Syndrome or some other form of mental retardation. That was such a disgusting comment to make, but liberals laughed. Had a Republican said something like they, he or she would have been forced to resign their office, but as far as I know, Clinton never apologized.
  • Here a double standard, there a double standard, everywhere a double standard: If Benghazi had happened under a Republican president’s watch, he or she would have been impeached. If a Republican president had lied through his teeth, and knowingly lied like the current president did when he said, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance,” he or she would have been impeached. The current president once gave a speech where he indicated that the United States was comprised of fifty-seven states. I shudder to think what would have happened if a Republican president had said such a thing. Remember when Vice President Dan Quayle misspelled potato, after it was misspelled on the cue-card? All of the liberals called him ignorant, an idiot, and everything else. While I consider most liberal policies very bad for this country and get angry at the thought that anyone in their right mind would be for such policies, the double standard makes me even angrier. While anyone can make mistakes many mistakes are made, when a Republican makes a mistake, it usually leads to him or her resigning from office. However, when a Democrat makes a similar mistake, the liberal media almost always gives them a pass saying that no one’s perfect.
  • Movies and TV shows depict conservatives in a bad light: I’m not going to give specific examples of this because I don’t want to take the time to do the research. But it does happen. If you don’t believe me, do the research yourself.

This is one of my shorter posts because there is so much out there than proves my point that there is, indeed, a war on conservatives and conservatism. You can and should do additional research. Also, watch TV and listen to various media outlets.  It’s there.



A liberal Facebook friend posted the following quotes from Senator Bernie Sanders, Socialist, from Vermont recently.

  • Democracy is one person, one vote, and a full discussion of the issues that affect us.
  • Oligarchy is billionaires buying elections, voter suppression, and a concentrated corporate media determining what we see, hear, and read.

Notwithstanding the fact that socialist, Bernie Sanders, said the above, why would a liberal want to post this? I’m confused. Or maybe they’re being truthful. A liberal being truthful? How oxymoronic is that?

Liberals certainly are not in favor of one person, one vote. They’re all against voters having to show a proper ID to  vote. So it’s obvious that they’re okay with anyone being able to vote anywhere and vote as many times as they want to vote.

Liberals in favor of full discussions on the issues? That is so laughable. How many times have you tried to have a reasonable discussion with a liberal and failed. If you try to have an online discussion with one, they won’t read what you have to say. Sometimes I wonder if they’re just too stupid to read and comprehend. But then they claim they’re so smart since most since most of your educators are liberal. A little over a year ago, I had a back and forth with a PHD who did not appear to read what I was saying and failed to respond, in what I considered, an intelligent manner. Instead, this woman started accusing me of things that all liberals accuse conservatives of when they are backed into a corner and can’t win the argument. Furthermore, they change the subject and accuse you of racism, sexism, and every other ‘ism’ they can think of in hopes of putting you on the defensive so that you will forget the real issue at hand. There is only one liberal that I have been able to have a reasonable discussion with in the last several years, a guy that I used to work with. Liberals are definitely not into having an open dialog on the issues.

Liberals love to trash the Koch brothers, but in addition to being unable to comprehend what they read, they also have bad memories. Remember when liberal billionaire George Soros said that he would spend every penny he owned to see that George Bush was not re-elected president in 2004? I do, but the liberals can’t. I have spent many hours in the past twelve years raising money for Alzheimer’s research. Hopefully my efforts will make a real difference. It would also be great if my efforts will help liberals to remember things.

When it comes to voter suppression, I’d like the liberals or anyone for that matter to provide me a list of people who attempted to vote and were not allowed to vote and the reason they were not allowed to vote in any of the elections since 2000. In 2000, I had a liberal friend to tell me that hundreds of thousands of people in the state of Florida were not allowed to vote in that year’s presidential election. She further informed me that these folks were  black and would have voted for Al Gore. I told her that if this were so, please get me a list of 500 who weren’t allowed to vote. Surely there was a list somewhere. If you’re going to make an allegation such as that, you’re going to have to back it up. After several prompts to check on the status of her obtaining the list I requested, she never was able to produce a list. Why? Because her allegations just weren’t true. There may have been a problem with a handful of voters, but her allegation of hundreds of thousands was just not true. Of course, I realize that the definition of voter suppression is like the definition of racism. It’s what the liberals want it to be at a particular time. And it’s subject to change at all times with intervals as short as maybe one hour. Voter suppression could be defined as a voter accidently going to the wrong voting place and not being allowed to vote there and having to drive a few extra miles to the correct voting place. Again, it’s whatever the liberals want it to be defined as.

However, you can bet your first born child on this. If there’s a close election where the Republican candidate is barely edging out the Democrat candidate, there will be some ballots found in the trunk of a car somewhere and after those ballots are counted, the Democrat candidate will have come out on top.

With regard to concentrated media determining what we hear, see, and read; just who has demanded that Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other conservative media be silenced? The Democrats, of course! I have never known of a conservative to demand that MSNBC, Chris Matthews, Dan Rather, Rachel Maddow, etc. be silenced. I, along with other conservatives believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press. But how many times have we heard liberals calling for the silencing of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. The liberals have the big three networks, most of the major newspapers in the country, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and some talk radio. Talk about concentrated media.

Get a grip, liberals; take a look at yourselves! You don’t support one person, one vote. You don’t support reasonable discussions of the issues. You have your billionaires throwing their money around in order to influence elections, and you control the majority of the media.

But who am I kidding; liberals aren’t capable reading and comprehending. With all of those academic elites out there, it seems strange, doesn’t it?