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On August 24, liberal publication, Mother Jones, ran an article outlining things that the current president has done after January 2015 when he officially became a lame duck president. Of course, liberals think these things are great. The following is a discussion of the remainder of these items.

Got fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and seems poised to pass it: I wrote a series of articles on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. http://wingnutgal.com/while-we-were-arguing/. The TPP diminishes our sovereignty and gives the current president even more potentially dictatorial powers.

Signed a nuclear deal with Iran and appears on track to get it passed: We all know about the Iran nuclear deal and what a disaster it is. It guarantees that Iran will one day have nuclear weapons. The deal also ignores the nature of the Iranian Regime. According to nationalreview.com, Iran’s political strategy is not focused on respect. It instead focuses on the expansion of its forces throughout the Middle East. Of course, Iran will spend much of the extra cash it receives when sanctions are lifted on supporting Bashar al-Assad as he continues to gas, barrel-bomb, and starve hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Furthermore, the language in the deal with regard to inspections is flawed. Iran fought hard to ensure that it can maximize the bureaucratic facing the inspectors from the IAEA, and the president has admitted such. Allowing Iran to be able to conduct inspections on itself has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. Iran is likely, very likely to continue its covert weaponization research. When the IAEA requests an inspection, Iran will delay as long as possible, hiding its activities. When the inspection does take place, Russia and China will say that Iran is living up to its agreement and sanctions will not need to be put back in place. The deal is toxic and anyone who believes otherwise obviously blindly worships at the altar of this president.

Won yet another Supreme Court case keeping Obamacare intact: Just the fact that his bill that was passed in 2010 is still tied up in the courts, only indicates what I’ve said about it all along; that it is worst thing that has ever been wrought on the American people.

Issued new rules that increase the number of “managers” who qualify for overtime pay: First of all, this wasn’t for managers only. This was for lower-tiered professional employees who are not currently eligible for overtime. This will totally and completely wreck the American workplace as we know it and further expedite the transforming of the United States of American into a socialist totalitarian state. I wrote a series of articles on the evils of this order. http://wingnutgal.com/obamas-executive-order-to-extend-overtime-part-1/.

Presided over the birth of twin giant panda babies at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.: Is this for real? Actually, I wish it was. Then maybe I could have something good to say about the president.

On Wednesday, the current president got enough voters to prevent an override of his veto of Congress’s vote of NO on the Iranian nuclear deal. Therefore, allowing the president to pursue this deal. We were told that this agreement would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Not we that not only is that not true, but it all but guarantees that Iran will have such weapons and will also have long range missiles capable of delivering those weapons to our shores.

While our country is falling apart at the seams, the current president finds that he has the time to rename a mountain in Alaska while continuing to push his deliberate lies about global warming/climate change or whatever the Democrats/liberals/progressives want to call it these days.

This president has done so much damage to the United States of America that I wonder, even if we can elect a republican president and maintain majorities in the House and Senate, will we ever be unable to undo the damage he has done?



On August 24, liberal publication, Mother Jones, ran an article outlining things that the current president has done after January 2015 when he officially became a lame duck president. Of course, liberals think these things are great. The following is a discussion of five more of these items.

The current president successfully argued in favor of same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court: He did not. How can Mother Jones tell such a whopper? Of course he was against same-sex marriage when he was campaigning, but has now flip-flopped on the issue. The same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court has put many Americans in direct conflict with their faith. We all know the story about the baker who would not bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Instead of simply finding another baker, the couple, with the support of liberals, took steps to destroy the baker’s business. I have also seen some liberals calling for the firing of folks working at court houses who refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Americans shouldn’t have to choose between their livelihood and their faith. This ruling is a scourge.

The current president has put in place economic sanctions on Russia that have Vladimir Putin reeling: In December 2014, the current president said, through a spokesman, that he would sign newly passed legislation expanding measure intended to cordon off large Russian state firms from Western financing and technology while also providing $350 million in arms and military equipment to Ukraine as it battles a pro-Russian insurgency in its eastern regions. According to the New York Times, the president was not in favor of this legislation, but Congress passed the measure without opposition, making a veto politically untenable.

The current president pressured the FCC to approve net neutrality rules: According to thehill.com, a House appropriations bill released Wednesday would block the Federal Communication Commission from implementing its net neutrality rules until the courts weigh in on the issue. The rules, adopted earlier this year and supported by the current president reclassify Internet providers as utilities, and would prohibit broadband and mobile carriers from selectively blocking or slowing Web traffic. The rules also reclassify broadband as a regulated common-carrier service, instead of treating it as a lightly regulated information service, as the FCC has done for the past decade.

This government overreach measure is going to be tied up in the courts for a while. I wouldn’t exactly call this an accomplishment by the current administration.

Issued new EPA coal regulations: On Monday, June 29, 2015, the Supreme Court blocked one of the Obama administration’s most ambitious environmental initiatives, an EPA regulation meant to limit emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants.

Industry groups and about 20 states had challenged the EPA’s decision to regulate emissions, saying the agency had failed to take into account the punishing costs its rule would impose. This is from the New York Times.

This was certainly not good for the middle class/working class. Thank goodness the highest court in the land has blocked it. However, on August 3, 2015, the current president and the EPA announced the Clean Power Plan – a historic and important step in reducing carbon pollution from power plants that takes real action on climate change. Here we go again…war on the middle class/working class.

Issued an executive order on immigration: In June Judges Jennifer Walker Elrod and Jerry Smith dealt a significant blow to the current president’s executive actions on immigration. The judges will also play key roles in deciding whether the controversial programs are legally sound. This is a lawless executive order that is being held up in the courts.

The above is more of this president’s attempt to destroy the middle class and make it difficult on small businesses.



Because a picture was shown of the murderer of nine innocent church goers in Charleston, S.C., with a confederate flag, coupled with the undeniable fact that he was a racist, liberals and conservatives have started a new war of words. Liberals are saying that anyone who defends the confederate flag is a racist and won’t accept the concept that someone just might still honor the confederate flag because they are proud of their heritage. Conservatives, for the most part, know that some who honor the flag are racists, but do accept that some who honor the flag might just be doing it because they are proud of their heritage. Conservatives are giving people the benefit of the doubt and liberals are not. “The tolerant left strikes again.”

In addition to arguing about the confederate flag, now liberals and conservatives are arguing about why the Civil War was fought. Liberals say it was about slavery only and conservatives say that it was a combination of things, including states’ rights.

This is what I remember being taught. Keep in mind that it was a long time ago. I don’t remember much about what I was taught regarding the root cause of the war. Slavery was certainly a factor, but I honestly don’t remember much else.

In addition to the war itself, reconstruction was given a lot of emphasis. My eighth grade history teacher made the comment that while being a Southerner, she knew the south didn’t have a chance to win the war, but reading and studying re-construction made her blood boil. My reading and studying of re-construction affirmed that the people of the south were treated deplorably.

I also remember my Alabama history teacher commenting to the class that while there was certainly incidents of slavery abuse, it really made no sense to abuse a slave. The slave-owner purchased these slaves. In other words they were an investment. Why would you abuse someone who was earning you money? Thus, I remember being taught that the virulent abuse allegations were exaggerations.

It is documented that slaves were being freed in the South as well as in the North prior to the Civil War, and that Confederate General Robert E. Lee hated the institution of slavery and had freed his slaves. In fact he was offered the position to lead the Union forces, but turned the offer down because he just couldn’t fight against him home state of Virginia.

The above is about all that I can remember.

While I found my studies of the Civil War interesting, I am far from being a “Civil War buff.” I hope I never have to live anywhere else. I’m also probably tied to my home state of Alabama more than I’m tied to the South, in general.

I’m seeing some stuff, mostly on social media, that indicate a war on all things Southern might be starting up. Liberal rag, Mother Jones, ran a short article condemning anyone who felt that the Civil War was not exclusively about slavery. I read the numerous comments and those comments did belittle the South.

There is certainly a plethora of documentation available that will bolster both sides of that argument. Once again, though, liberals aren’t going to recognize differences of opinion and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Am I going to do any research on the subject? If so, very little. I have other “fish to fry.”

I’d really like for all of this to go away. We have major, major problems in this country that certainly need to be addressed. But the current president, from the moment he was inaugurated, has sought to divide us in many ways. Under him racial tensions and class warfare have certainly increased. Will he now take this opportunity to further divide us, based on geography? I wouldn’t put it past him one bit.



According to liberal rag, Mother Jones, Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat and senior Senator from Massachusetts, campaigned for the Democrats in Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado this past weekend. Also, according to Mother Jones, the following were some of her best “red meat” lines.

  • The game is rigged and it is the Republicans who rigged it. What in the world does this woman mean? If anything, I’d say that the game is rigged toward the Democrats. Whenever there is a close election and votes have to be counted multiple times, the Democrats usually come out on top. There’s always those ballot boxes that were found several days after election day in the trunk of someone’s car. And, of course, ballots from our military overseas arrived too late to be legally included in the vote totals. And if it is ultimately ruled that the Republican came out on top, the Democrats will holler to the top of their lungs that the Republicans cheated and were guilty of fraud. And they’ll continue with the same rhetoric forever.
  • Who does this government work for? According to Ms. Warren, it just works for millionaires and billionaires. Right now, I don’t think it works for anybody. Certainly not the wealthy who are being threatened with confiscatory tax rates and overly burdensome regulations for business that they may own. It certainly doesn’t work for the middle class. We’re faced with higher prices for goods and services and higher taxes. With the current president declaring war on the coal industry and so many environmentalists advocating doing away with fossil fuels and make way for the more expensive and less dependable green energies. And let’s not forget healthcare. Millions of middle class Americans are faced with losing their healthcare coverage provided by their employers and will be paying much, much more for health insurance that’s not going to be as good as what they had. I guess the only folks that government really works for are the members of the welfare class. They don’t have anything to begin with and this government’s goal is to extend the welfare state by creating more programs and making those folks in the welfare class even more dependent on government than they already are.
  • The Republicans believe that this country should work for those who are rich. You’re damned right; it should work for the rich. It should also work for the middle class and for the poor. This country should work for all Americans and it can work for all Americans. Just lift the heavy tax burdens and regulatory burdens and let business expand. Let them create job and hire those who are able to work. Also, when businesses are prospering, they’re more likely to give their employees better raises and benefits. More people earning more money equals more people paying more taxes and more revenue to our local, state, and federal governments. When this happens, our nation can better afford to take care of those less fortunate. More money will be contributed to more private charities and yes, we will have money for government programs that do serve to provide safety nets for those truly in need.
  • When conservatives came to power in the 1980s, the first thing they did was fire the cops on Wall Street. I guess Ms. Warren means that many burdensome regulations were lifted thereby making it easier for businesses to make profits, expand, hire more people, and provide better salaries and benefits for their employees. This period of de-regulation led to the start of many new businesses and increased the level of competition where everyone was forced to be the best they could possibly be. Old businesses were able to expand, new businesses were created, and jobs were created. People took risks. Some were successful and some were not. Yea, this a bad time in the history of America. Sheesh!
  • They (the Republicans) ought to be wearing a T-shirt that says, “I got mine, the rest of you are on your own.” Actually, I think this is good. I made it and so can you. I’m no better than you are, so just go out there and do it. We’ve lowered taxes and lifted regulations, the world is your oyster.

Elizabeth Warren is probably one of the most liberal folks out there. She’s even more liberal that the current president. Her rhetoric is nothing but extreme socialism, even bordering on communism. From each according to his ability and to each according his need. Her political philosophies are so diametrically opposite to the principles on which this country was founded. It’s chilling folks, just chilling.