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It’s the day before what is termed by many, the most important presidential election of our time. Those who don’t pay that much to politics or current events will remind us that this is always said before every presidential election. And they’re probably right.

In the 2008 presidential election, the American people make the biggest voting mistake of their lives in electing the most liberal president ever by a substantial majority. In the 1988 presidential election, the American public overwhelmingly defeated the most liberal presidential candidate ever to run to date, Michael Dukakis. Then in 2000, the country was split between conservative George W. Bush and liberal Al Gore. Thus, the country moved rapidly to the left in the twenty years between 1988 and 2008.

Tomorrow Americans once again go to the polls to elect the person who will be our leader for the next four years. Leading up to this election day, there have been many stories in the media regarding how liberals are changing votes from Republican to Democrat on the voting machines during early voting. We’re also hearing reports that Democrats are going behind closed doors and filling out fake absentee ballots for stuffing in the ballot boxes. Of course, there will be dead people voting, all voting Democrat. This has been happening for decades.

Yes, I’m discouraged by this and all the other shenanigans pulled by Democrats, liberals, progressives, or whatever they want to call themselves these days. It makes me wonder if we will ever have a fair election again. And it also makes me wonder if we are even a free country.

An article published on wnd.com, it is hinted that President Obama is encouraging illegal aliens to vote in this election. I don’t know if the current president is doing this or not. However, in the article, he certainly indicates that the rule of law doesn’t matter to him (so, what else is new). Obama Encourages Illegals To Vote. In an interview with the Latin-oriented You Tube channel, mitu’, millennial actress Gina Rodriguez asked Obama should millennials, dreamers, and undocumented citizens be fearful of voting. If she votes, should she be scared that immigration will come for her or her family and deport them.  Obama replies, “Not true and the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, etc. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential. “

I don’t know which of these two is the dumbest. Obama is actually not dumb, he’s just a lawless hater of the United States of America whose intent as president was to either destroy this country or weaken this country to the extent that the next liberal president could finish the job. Was Gina Rodriguez indicating that she was an illegal alien? It doesn’t make any difference if you’re coming into the country and taking the correct path to citizenship or if you are here illegally, you’re not a citizen and you can’t vote.

Furthermore, even if you are a citizen, natural born or naturalized, you will have to register to exercise your right to vote, and in many states, you have to show a proper ID to vote. Yes, voting is a right for all American citizens, but with that right comes responsibility. You do have to register and make sure you register in a timely manner. You also have the responsibility to determine where you should go to exercise your right to vote. When you show up at the poll, you should also have a valid ID with you to prove who you are.

Liberals have continuously fought requiring an ID to vote. Also, they have hinted that they are okay with convicted felons, and illegal aliens voting. Could they possibly be in favor of dead people voting? I wouldn’t be surprised.

But if this Rodriguez chick is so scared that the authorities may track her down and deport her because she voted, then that’s all the more reason to keep the system we now have. You register and you bring a valid ID when you exercise your right to vote. Do it the right way and you’re not going to get in any trouble.

It would be nice, though, if you knew something about the candidates and the issues when you show up at the polling place. Voting on the basis of gender and skin color is not smart. And yes, I know, there many people who have no idea or who simply don’t care about the issues facing this country or their particular locality. I can probably name you as many as ten folks who I know personally who know nothing about the issues. These folks voted for Obama because he’s black and they’re voting for Hillary because she’s a woman and/or has promised to carry forth Obama’s policies.