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In the last few weeks, I’ve read a number of articles posted by liberal Facebook friends about transgender individuals. The authors of the articles have attempted to convince the readers that transgender folks are not perverts or deviants, but are individuals through no fault of their own simply identify with the sex opposite to their anatomy. In other words, they may have a man’s anatomy, but feel trapped in that male body.

The king is issuing a decree that school children may use the restroom of their choice or else!

The king is issuing a decree that school children may use the restroom of their choice or else!

According to https://baptistnews.com/2016/05/13/seven-things-im-learning-about-transgender-persons/, “For a small part of humanity, the visible parts and the inner identity do not line up. For example, it is possible to be born with male genitalia, but female chromosomes or vice versa. And now brain research has demonstrated that it also is possible to be born with female genitalia, female chromosomes, but a male brain.”

So, in their push to destroy the moral fiber of our culture, liberals seem to be telling us that transgender individuals are harmless and just want the right to use the restroom where they feel the most comfortable.

It has been indicated that 3/10 of 1 percent of the American population is transgender with the population of the United States being approximately 318.9 million. So that calculates to 956,700 transgender individuals that live in the United States. So, the liberals, including the Obama administration is telling us that we have to make sweeping changes in order to accommodate 956,700 people. Ridiculous!

There are many things that make me uncomfortable out there and perhaps I need the government to provide me a safe place. One of those things is the video of the “kick six.” It makes me sad, it makes me mad, and it offends me. However, some of my friends and neighbors have it on their phones and tablets and constantly play it. Also, every time the University of Alabama and Auburn University square off for a sporting event, whether it be the Iron Bowl itself or women’s volley ball, the network is sure to show the “kick six” video. The “kick six” took place over two years ago and I’ll probably be subjected to replays of it for decades to come or until something more bizarre takes place.

The population of the state of Alabama is approximately 4.849 million. It’s been shown that approximately 2/3 of Alabamians cheer for the University of Alabama and 1/3 cheer for Auburn University. And there are certainly folks that live outside the state that cheer for these two teams. But for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to use the above stats. Two-thirds of 4.849 million is 3,234,283. So, approximately 3,234,283 people are like me and get mad, sad, and offended when the “kick six” video is played.

3.234 plus million to 956,700. I’m demanding that the government ban the “kick six” video. It is offensive to more people and makes more people uncomfortable than the measly few that have to use a restroom in which they might feel uncomfortable. If you don’t know what the “kick six” is, google it.

Furthermore, just how much time do you spend in public restrooms? If you have a day job and work outside your home, you will be using the facilities at your work place. Being generous, you probably spend a little over an hour a week in the restroom. And just how uncomfortable do you feel using the facilities at your workplace? The point I’m trying to make is that such a small segment of the population might feel uncomfortable for such a short period of time. Is this something for which we should be changing our culture and making over 317 million of our citizens uncomfortable.

If they’re thinking with two brain cells, liberals might say that it doesn’t just apply to restrooms, what about locker rooms and showers. A man showering in a women’s locker room? No, that’s just wrong!

Also, do liberals think that only innocent transgenders are going to attempt to use their restroom of choice? Knowing liberals, they probably do. However, the rest of us know that won’t be the case. Allowing men to use the women’s restroom and other facilities, or allowing women to use the men’s restroom and other facilities just allows any pervert to enter the restroom of his or her choice by simply saying he or she identifies as the opposite sex of what their outward appearance indicates.

With President Obama sending letters to every public school district in America, suggesting that they allow boys to use the girls’ facilities and vice-versa and threatening to withhold federal funds if the school district doesn’t comply is unfathomable and actually bordering on evil. Obama does not have the power as president to do this.

Liberals and the left-leaning media have condoned and even championed what this president has done in issuing executive orders and acting without Congress because they think what the president does is “good and caring” because he cares so much about the American people.

Well, what Adolph Hitler initially did in Germany was dismissed because what he did was perceived as “good and caring.” The German people bought in and drank the Kool-Aid. Before they knew it, those “good and caring” deeds evolved into evil deeds and the rest is history.

While liberals and the left-leaning media have given Obama passes when he’s acted like a dictator, this president’s “good and caring” deeds may very well be turning evil.