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The following meme, from Liberal Identity, appeared on my Facebook newsfeed.


The creator of this meme indicated what he or she stood for as a liberal and even admitted to being one of those liberal elites.

There is one point, point eight, in which I agree. Safety nets are needed because we are a civilized country with our roots based on Judeo-Christian principles. As individuals, Jesus has instructed to help those who are less fortunate than we are. However, we should never become a nation that allows people to die in the streets from hunger, exposure, and/or disease. While I have been involved in debates between conservatives and liberals regarding just what kind of safety nets we should provide and can afford, I know of no conservative who is against any type of safety nets provided by the government.

Okay, fine, this liberal is admitting his or her beliefs and they are diametrically opposite to mine and to most who call themselves conservatives. Everyone has the right to their opinions and I’m certainly not going to belittle someone for expressing their views in the manner that the “tolerant” left does.

Eyeball down to the bottom of the meme where this liberal has indicated that he or she does not wish to debate these points, and that he or she will never change their view on these issues. Never say never, your views can change. While I’ve always leaned conservative, there was a time when I considered myself a moderate Republican. Not anymore, though.

It’s highly unusual, and many conservatives will back me up, to bring a liberal into a debate on the issues. They can’t win and they know it. So, instead, they hurl accusations of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, and other stuff at you. They accuse you of hating the poor if you question the efficiency of an entitlement program. If you disagree with Barak Obama’s policies, you’re called a racist, even though you didn’t belittle the president because of his skin color. If you believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman, you’re a homophobe. If you believe in school choice and question anything related to the public schools and public school teachers, you are against education and hate teachers.

I used to think it was something about me that made liberals want to hurl insults at me. I soon, though, realized that it wasn’t me. Everyone who attempts to have a debate with a liberal on the issues has insults hurled at them. Many conservatives give up, and that’s unfortunate.

The “tolerant” left needs to be reminded constantly that there are different viewpoints out there. They also need to be reminded that debate, including freedom of speech and freedom of expression are rights of citizenship bestowed upon us by our creator and solidified in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Plus, the worse the names they can call you, the more classless they appear.

I’ve expressed my angst regarding liberals’ refusal to debate the issues, and preferring to make themselves even more unattractive with their insults. I started using the phrase, “tolerant” left months ago, being sarcastic, of course. Since I started using it in my writings, I have heard Bill O’Reilly use it a time or two. I wonder which one of us coined it first.

We didn’t learn anything new about liberals today. Instead, we now have it from the “horse’s mouth.” Liberals are admitting that they refuse to respect differing points of view, much less debate their points of view. It’s their way or the highway. Furthermore, they have indicated they prefer to live in a totalitarian state.

According to dictionary.com, liberal means the following:

  • Favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
  • Noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.
  • Of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism, especially the freedom of the individual and governmental guarantees of individual rights and liberties.
  • Favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
  • Favoring of permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief of expression.

Liberals, you certainly don’t favor any of the above concepts. In fact, under your own liberal admission, you are certainly not advocates of progressive political reform. Your philosophy dates back to when the planet consisted of kingdoms, ruled by kings, chosen by divine right.

Maybe you need to change what you call yourselves.



Every presidential race in which I can recall is supposedly the most important presidential race ever. And I don’t dispute that. As we get closer to the 2016 presidential race, it appears that this race will be a race where the American people choose whether they want to continue governance in the way that our founding fathers indicated that America should be governed, the way that those coming to America, seeking a departure from the European way of governance wanted to be governed. Or do the American people want to return to the socialistic methods of governance steadfastly adhered to by the European culture?

Democratic socialist candidate for president, Bernie Sanders, want to give everybody everything. To do this, you confiscate the possessions of the wealthy, without wealthy being defined. Free college, free medical care, free housing, free transportation, and the list goes on.

Because so many Americans are leaping onto the entitlement bandwagon and Bernie is drawing huge crowds wherever he speaks, Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton is moving farther left than she already was.

According To Bill O’Reilly’s talking points on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, Bernie Sanders wants to do the following:

  • Free Medicare for all Americans at a cost of $15 trillion over ten years.
  • An increase in Social Security payments at a cost of $1.2 trillion.
  • Guaranteed family leave at a cost of $310 billion.
  • Tuition free schools at a cost of $750 billion
  • Rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure at a cost of $1 trillion.
  • Prevent private companies from cutting pensions at a cost of $29 billion.

As someone who has worked hard for everything she has, this makes my head spin. I don’t want government healthcare. I want to be able, through my hard work, to provide for myself, the best healthcare possible. Also, I’ve paid enough into social security that I should be able to get my fair share out of it. However, I don’t want what I’ve put in under my name to be taken away from me and given to somebody else. Currently, I’m working seven days a week so that I don’t have to depend on Social Security which might not be there for me if the Democrats who are turning into socialists/communists get their way.

The rest of the freebies that Bernie wants to force on the American people is communism pure and simple. From each according to each according to his need. And guess who decides what you’re capable of producing and what your needs are? The government, of course.

It sickens me to see many of my liberal Facebook friends leaning toward Bernie Sanders because he is offering free stuff. How many times have your parents told you that there is no free lunch, you pay for what you get? Oh, you occasionally find a bargain such as the three $20.00 purses I purchased at Wal-Mart two years ago. Those purses have not shown one bit of wear and are very stylish. But that doesn’t happen often.

My health insurance sure isn’t a bargain. I’m paying almost a house payment for an insurance plan that is inferior to what I had before I had to purchase health insurance through the market place. I guess the fact that I won’t have to buy purses for a while will offset the high cost of my health insurance.

But wait! Isn’t Bernie offering free healthcare? This translates as a single-payer 100% government run health care. In other words, the government gets to decide what medical procedures you qualify for and which you don’t. Due to having a heart that is not 100% functional, I’m going to have to have a heart valve replacement sometime in the future. At that time, I’m going to be a senior citizen. If the liberals get their way and our government is socialistic/communistic, will I be approved for the procedure? I’m old and useless. Plus, I am the author of blog posts such as this one. So, we have to get rid of her.

When I mentioned this to a liberal friend who is an “Obama-zombie,” she said, “That’s not going to happen.” She thinks our government is one of benevolence. No, our government is not one of benevolence. Our founding fathers wrote into the constitution measures to stop a tyrannical government. Governments lean toward being tyrannical naturally. Only that government that is held accountable by its citizens might be, and I said might be benevolent.

The United States of America was founded on government by the people, for the people, and of the people, not by the state, for the state, and of the state. We, the people, are to hold government accountable, no matter which political philosophy is in office. That means I have a duty to hold a Republican administration and a Republican Congress accountable just as I have a duty to hold a Democrat administration and a Democrat Congress accountable.

The above is all well and good. However, it seems as though many people in this country are choosing to set aside the principals in which our great country was founded and exchange those principles for a government that takes as much from its citizens as it possibly can and gives back only what it thinks its citizens need.

To you liberals, just move to some other socialist country. Don’t ruin it for us who still believe in the principles in which this country was founded and wish to continue to govern ourselves with a capitalistic economy while adhering to Judeo Christian principles. There are plenty of socialist economies out there who also don’t accept Judeo Christian principles. Just go and leave us alone. I might even consider contributing a few dollars toward your one-way ticket. But be aware. If you don’t like it in your new socialist/communist/secular country, don’t come begging me to fund your return.



Bullying is not new. In fact, it’s been taking place since the beginning of time, and in our imperfect world, it will continue to take place until the end of time or whenever we’re all turned into milquetoasts and the government has complete control over us.

During the last seven or eight years, bullying, as bad behavior, has gone the way of racism. It’s held out by the liberals as an inexcusable crime and whoever is guilty of it should be demonized and, if possible, destroyed. While you can’t, as of now, give the death penalty to someone who is guilty of bullying or racism, their lives can certainly be ruined in various ways. As I’ve said many times, liberals change the definition of racism on a dime and we unenlightened oafs must fall in line. If we slip up and plead ignorance to the definition or racism at that moment, we’re not excused. The tolerant left seems to be doing the same for the definition of bullying.

When we think of bullying, out thoughts generally move toward school children. There are the bullies, there are those who are being bullied, there are those who, while not actual bullies, are on the side of the bullies, and there are those who take the side and stand with the bullied. It’s wrong and as we were growing up, we knew it was wrong. Our parent told us it was wrong, we learned in Sunday School that it was wrong, and our school teachers told us that it was wrong. This was before God was taken completely out of our schools and out of our lives. Children who were disadvantaged were often bullied by “advantaged” children. A child might be bullied because he or she wasn’t physically attractive or perhaps because he or she came from a poor family. And yes, a lot of children who were physically and mentally challenged were bullied.

Before God was taken out of our schools, children were bullied. Back in the day, though, kids were made to go to Sunday school and church, made to listen to devotionals at school, and were disciplined by their parents and teachers. Sure, the kids didn’t listen and often made fun of church and devotionals. However, I firmly believe that even though kids were rejecting these teachings, Judeo Christian principles that were taught to them slipped through the cracks in their brains and kept these school bullies from “going to far.” When God was still very much present in our society, victim children might have water or food thrown at them, they might be embarrassed in ways, they might have had their clothes hidden while they were in the shower during gym class, but I don’t remember any situations where anyone was physically maimed for life. Some children may have been taunted to the point that they carried grudges into adulthood; but again, this pales in comparison to what we often see on the news today.

So many people, on the left and on the right, have come out against bullying. Parents are given guidelines in order to determine if their child is a victim of bullying. Children are told to report any types of bullying they observe. Also, victims are told to report any bullying to their teachers and parents. The victim, the victim, the victim. That’s all we hear about.

How about the bully? What if it’s your “little darlin” that’s the bully. He or she needs their butt worn out. But wait, we can’t do that anymore, can we? Maybe parents need some guidelines so they can determine if their child is a bully.

If a child is a bully, that’s not good, either. That child could very well have issues as he or she grows up and gets into the real world. The child bully could very well have issues in interacting with other people in an adult environment and could potentially have problems holding a job, problems in relationships, problems in marriage, and problems raising his or her children. That bully could also become a lawbreaker and end up in jail.

The speaker, one evening, at a service club to which I belong, was some kind of social worker and spoke on bullying. The program, of course, was all about the victim. During the question and answer session I posed the question, shouldn’t a parent also look for signs that their child may be doing the bullying and if he or she is, wear their butt out? The speaker, who looked like her hair had never seen the likes of a brush or comb, who had obviously never heard of make-up, and who had obviously never been taught how to dress properly, said to me, “Oh, we don’t advocate the wearing out of butts. Yes, that can be an issue.” She was clearly caught off guard.

In focusing on the victim, only, we’re not cutting off the head of the snake. We’re not properly dealing with the problem; instead, we’re creating a society composed of victims and aggressors, who in time, will also be considered victims. In other words, we’re continuing to create a society of misfits where bad behavior will continue to be excused because of trauma experienced as a child.

Maybe this is what the tolerant left wants in their quest to control every aspect of our lives they possibly can. As we continue on this planet, more and more victims are created and with all these victims who are not strong enough to exist on their own, the left has a perfect opportunity to swoop down on these unfortunates and give them a place at the government trough.

I’ve witnessed bullying in all forms and I’m sure you have too. In many instances to date, God has judged and dealt punishment. With God, there are no coincidences.



In the first three segments of this four part series, I outlined the liberal wars on southerners and the Southern United States, on white people, and on conservatives. The focus of this, the last post in this series, is the war against Christians.

The liberals are going to say that there’s no war against Christians, that 85% of the U.S. citizenry is Christian. I beg to differ. If the current president of the United States is a Christian, he sure hides it. He’s talked about his faith a couple of times, but he seemed very uncomfortable while doing it. On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 (9/11/11), the current president was reading from the Bible at ground zero. I noticed that he seemed very uncomfortable reading scripture and his delivery was very choppy. Those of us who were brought up in church with our earliest memories having been in Sunday School, know how to read scripture, but on 9/11/11, the current president read from the Bible as though he had never read scripture in his life. Maybe you didn’t notice this, but I did; and I’m not the only one who did.

There are numerous stories out there about those who take their Bibles to school or work. So many times, these folks are told to put their Bibles away because the sight of a Bible might offend someone. Christians have also been harassed for wearing a cross necklace.  According to David Limbaugh, who has done extensive research and wrote many articles on the war on Christianity, the following examples should convince any reasonable and prudent person that there is indeed a war on Christianity, not only in the United States, but around the world.

  • Radical Muslims are targeting, persecuting, and, in many cases, slaughtering Christians in numerous countries around the world.
  • A student in Dyer County, Tennessee, was suspended because she committed the unforgiveable sin of saying “bless you,” when a classmate sneezed. And this was in Tennessee! High school senior, Kendra Turner said her teacher told her such expressions are for church. Turner said, “She said that we’re not going to have godly speaking in her class. Miss Turner’s youth pastor implied that this was not about insubordination, but rather the teacher’s apparent hostility toward faith. No matter what the reason for the Tennessee teacher’s behavior, this exhibits a war on Christianity.

Mr. Limbaugh goes on to say that the secular left, the humanists, the anti-theists, and sometimes the militant homosexual lobby aggressive challenge Christ expression in the public square, arguing that our Constitution mandates a strict separation of church and state.

The first amendment contains two religious clauses, the free exercise clause, which guarantees that we may freely exercise our religion; and the establishment clause, which prohibits the federal government from establishing a national religion or national church.

As an expert, Mr. Limbaugh goes on to tell us that Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to the Dansbury Baptists, used the expression “wall of separation between Church & State. That language, though, is not in the Constitution.

While I have not personally been subject to ridicule by non-Christians and those folks who want to take God out of all factions of our public lives, a few of my friends have made “snide” remarks about my faith. I’ve been made fun of for regularly attending church and studying the Bible. Our country’s laws were based upon the Ten Commandments and Judeo Christian principles. So, why shouldn’t the Ten Commandments be displayed in our government buildings?

I said earlier that statistics have shown that 85% of all Americans claim to be Christians. Now, a vocal minority is trying to silence us from practicing our Christianity by now allowing any public displays of Christian themes. Here in central Alabama, I have not been subject to sever ridicule due to my Christian faith, but I do believe the time is coming that Christians may have to worship privately. Public prayers and expressions of faith will be outlawed. So, if I bow my head and close my eyes and ask God to lift my football team up and inspire them to do their best on a crucial play while I’m sitting in Bryant Denny Stadium, could I possibly be arrested by the politically correct police? I can definitely see that coming. If I choose to bow my head and say a prayer in a restaurant before eating, could I be asked to leave the establishment? That’s a possibility.

As I said, I live in central Alabama, and Alabama has the highest percentage of church attendees in the nation. So, I’m hardly qualified to speak about the difficulties of my Christian brothers and sisters who live in other states. I’m just so grateful that God has surrounded me with many Christian brothers and sisters and has led me to a great church where I am taught the word of God.

And you know? Even though there is a war on Christianity, it’s so cool to be a Christian.