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If you have read my recent posts, I have spent a substantial amount of time discussing the current President’s comments that we need to change the way we’re reporting the news and his remarks that the Fox Cable News channel continually disparages the poor people of this nation, calling them lazy, sponges, and leeches. I commented on a liberal friend’s Facebook post indicating that my TV stays tuned into Fox News most of the time and I’ve never heard anyone on the channel disparage the poor. What I was called is in my 5/18/2015 post, along with my comments.

One of the liberal commenters provided to me a link to a Media Matters page containing numerous links to videos where it’s alleged that Fox News personalities were saying mean things about the poor. After briefly reviewing the web page, I realized that I could rip most of what was displayed and did rip apart the first three videos in my 5/18 post. Here are my comments on the next few videos.

  • Hannity asks caller if he’s voting for Obama to get an Obama Phone: This caller in this soundbite was a Democrat from Washington, D.C. who said that he was voting for Obama (this was before the 2012 election). Sean asked him if he was voting for Obama to get an Obama phone. Sean’s question about the Obama phone seemed to me very “tongue & cheek.” In fact Sean was being humorous and asked the caller to name one good thing that Obama had done since he had been in office. There was nothing wrong with this. Sean didn’t say mean things about poor people.
  • Fox’s Shameless Misrepresentation of SNAP Recipients: Fox News did report on a California surfer and aspiring musician named Jason, who demonstrated how he supports his beach-bum lifestyle with food stamps, while dismissing the idea of holding down a regular, steady job. So, Fox News showcased one guy who was scamming the system. Do the liberals think that everyone who is on food stamps is legit? Entitlement fraud is everywhere. In fact, most local health and human services agencies have departments for investigating fraud. We do have freedom of the press in this country, and Media Matters opined that is surely wouldn’t have been difficult for Fox to find a realistic food stamp recipient. Fox, like its counterparts, is an independent media organization and they have the right to determine what to report on. If Media Matters and the liberals were so concerned about this, why didn’t they do a counter piece showcasing deserving people in which the food stamp program has been beneficial?
  • Fox’s Andrea Tantaros treats food stamps as a diet plan: Once again, liberals are attacking freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This was a video of a segment on the Fox Business Network where Andrea Tantaros was a guest of Stuart Varney’s. Andrea and Stuart were discussing the food stamp program itself and definitely not disparaging its recipients. Furthermore, they indicated that they couldn’t live off of the $133 per month which is what recipients in New Jersey receive. Andrea did make a comment to the effect that she would look so good if she were on food stamps because she would lose weight and be so skinny. I did feel like that comment was crass and not particularly necessary. Here are a few comments to the video: (1) ”Is Tantaros admitting that she looks like s#*t? Because I could actually agree with that.” (2) “I don’t know, I’ve taken c#%&s that look better than her, so s#*t might not be the best adjective to describe her looks.” (3) “May she burn in her own hatred and karma, what a truly horrendous thing to say.” I did indicate that Andrea’s comments were crass, but not to the extent that they warrant comments like those above.

Granted, I’m an unenlightened oaf and maybe if I was enlightened, I could grasp all of this disparaging of the poor in the above three videos and the ones I discussed on 5/18. But I am what I am and I just don’t get it.

Our fundamental right of freedom of speech has been eroded to the extent that I am concerned about what I put out there. Using the “N-word” is absolutely forbidden anywhere; and of course, no one should use it. Several years ago, someone wrote a piece to the effect that men excelled in math and science whereas women excelled more in the social subjects. I’ve heard this all my life, but the author of that article was taken to task by some feminist groups. Now, it looks as though we can’t discuss poverty and entitlement programs in America because that would be disparaging the poor.

It’s getting worse every day and that should scare everyone. Liberals appear to want to shut down any debate and they’re doing the best they can to make as many subjects off limits for discussion. Of course, we all know that liberals don’t care about facts and cannot promote their side of an issue. Neither can they read and comprehend what they have read. It now looks like they’re incapable of watching a video and interpreting that video correctly.

In my Friday post, I will highlight more of the videos that the liberals say demonstrates that Fox News shames poor people.




Everyone knows by now that the current President has accused Fox Cable News of continually disparaging the poor of this nation. Furthermore, he has said that we need to change the way we report the news. This comment is chilling in and of itself because it appears that the current President doesn’t realize that we have freedom of the press in this nation and that a free and independent media is necessary to the survival of our Republic.

The current President went on to indicate that Fox Cable News continuously disparages the poor of this nation, calling them lazy, sponges, and leeches. I watch Fox News extensively and I’ve never heard anyone on Fox News calling poor people lazy, sponges, and leeches. The current president used the word, “continuously,” also. Yes, there are discussions about this country’s entitlement programs and their lack of effectiveness. And yes, there are people, including myself, who feel that these programs are ineffective and have trapped less fortunate Americans into a life of poverty of which they will never be able to free themselves. That’s not exactly disparaging or shaming the poor.

On Thursday, May 14, a liberal Facebook friend of mine posted a video of Stuart Varney, Fox Business Personality on the John Stewart show. Also in the video were a couple of clips from Fox Cable News. John Stewart was slamming Fox News for berating poor people. Most of the posters were liberal and I got into the fray.

The following is my first response to the post: “I’m a conservative blogger and watch Fox News at least six hours a day and have been doing so since the late nineties. I have never, and I mean never heard anyone on Fox News refer to poor people as lazy, sponges, leeches, etc. AGAIN, NEVER HAVE I HEARD THIS! What I have heard indicated on Fox News and I’ve indicated the same on my own blog is that the liberal policies of the current President and many of his Democrat predecessors have created an entitlement or nanny state where people have come to expect the government to be their caretaker. Furthermore, if any of you liberals can produce a video where someone on Fox News has continually called poor people lazy, sponges, leeches, etc., please forward it to me.”

Another poster responded to my comment, asking me if I had watched the video and the following is what I posted back to her: “The first time I listened to it (I need some sort of update on my computer, so I couldn’t view it) I only got about half way through it because it was so imbecilic, so I clicked off of it. I did, however force myself to listen to it a second time. Except for the very last segment of the video where things got a little confusing, nowhere did I hear Stu Varney calling poor people leeches, sponges, lazy. What I did understand and truly believe is that because of liberal policies, we have become an entitlement or nanny state. Stu Varney also said during the video that he was talking about programs, particularly the food stamp program and not the recipients of those programs. At the end, I heard the term sponging used as in the fact that so many liberal programs have created a class of people that do sponge off the government. I then heard to term leeches and it appeared to be again in reference to the liberal policies that have created so much dependence on the government and actually do have poor people trapped. So much of this was taken out of context that it’s hard to determine the extent of the comments. I’m going to get picky and say that most of this video was not of Fox News. A little bit at the end may have been extracted from Fox News. It is my observation that parts of this video were taken out of context. Mr. Stewart is alleging that much of the broadcasting on Fox News is that of calling poor people lazy, leeches, sponges. IT IS NOT! Rather it’s the liberal policies that are discussed and it is indicated that these policies are creating groups of people that are dependent on the government. You and most of the posters may totally disagree with me and that’s fine. My purpose here is not to discuss the merits of more or less entitlement spending. But the fact that Fox News consistently puts down poor people is just false.”

The following are replies to me:

  • The videos are pretty clear. If you haven’t heard these things, you must have had you fingers in your ears while yelling “LALALA” while it was going on.
  • So Dumb

On Friday, May 14, I was able to view the video instead of just listening to is and here was my response after viewing it: “This morning, I was able to watch instead of just listening to the video that is the subject of this post. After having watched it, I found it even more imbecilic than I did when I was only able to listen to it. Everything was taken out of context. We were given words, phrases, and the occasional sentence and had no idea what was being said before or after. In addition, we had to deal with John Stewart’s profanity throughout the video. Furthermore, the audience was laughing. If the number one cable news network is continually disparaging the poor, it shouldn’t be a laughing matter. Once again, this video is a joke with everything in it having been taken out of context. While all but a few of you have disparaged me, I now have fodder for several blog posts.”

This is the response I received: “This moron is so clueless!”

This post turned into the gift that keeps on giving. One responder gave me a link to an article on mediamatters.org, one of the most egregious left wing smear merchants. This article showcased examples of what the author felt was Fox News shaming the poor. Skimming the article, I discovered that I could pick it apart easily. Here are a few, but not all of the examples in the article.

  •  Fox Hosts: Our coverage is “Honest” And Those Who Don’t Wish to be Poor Should get a Job: I watched this video in its entirety. The Fox and Friends hosts and Stuart Varney expressed frustration at the increase in the number of recipients of food stamps and other entitlement programs. Fox and Friends’ Host, Steve Docey said at the end of the segment that to not be poor, you should have a job. This is exactly right. This was not disparaging the poor, this was telling us what our parents probably told us as we were growing up and making the transition from childhood to adulthood. As long as one relies on government handouts, they’re going to be poor. No one ever got rich off of handouts. The only way to get out of poverty is to get a job and work your way out of it. That’s the reason we conservatives want to get as many people off of handouts that we can because we want everyone to be prosperous.
  • Obama called out Fox News for Showcasing folks who are Scamming the System on his Watch: Fox News Reporter, Phil Rosen, discussed this and verified that at one time the current President attempted to get Fox News kicked out of the network pool. There was a bit of disconnect here because Phil went on to indicated that the current president had to back-peddle and apologize for the disastrous roll-out of the Obamacare website. Phil went on to state the fact that Fox News is number one and is far ahead of many other news outlets. He gave two reasons for this: (1) People think Fox News is a slanted arm of the Republican party and the folks still prefer to get their news from Fox anyway. (2) The people of Fox News are stupid and unenlightened according to the “tolerant left.” Also, in the last 50 years since the implementation of Lyndon Johnson’s great society, American taxpayers have paid approximately $15 trillion dollars into the system. Yet the poverty rate among Americans as dropped 19% to 14.5%, not particularly significant. Furthermore, children in poverty has gone unchanged.
  • Obama said that Fox News has called the poor lazy, sponges, leeches, etc.: He ways that if we continually watch Fox News that we’re going to hear this. This is not true. Either the current president is lying or folks who report to him are lying.
    There are other examples cited in the Media Matters article and I’ll pick them apart in my next post.

Why am I spending so much time on this, you may ask? I believe in a free press. It’s essential to the survival of our democratic republic. We must hold government accountable and ask as many questions as necessary, even though the questions may not be popular with our elected officials.BHO said that we needed to change the way we report the news. Well, Mr. President, you’re not in charge of reporting the news, neither is your administration. That attitude or perspective is anti-American.

Criticizing a news outlet publicly should be beneath the President of the United States. He says these things that are lies, these lies get picked up and reported in the mainstream media where low-information voters get their news. Low information voters accept these lies as facts and vote accordingly.

Thus, I think what has happened in the last few days is important and I intend to post at least one more time on this.