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Last week I posted an article, the first one in weeks, regarding the chilling things that current president, Barak Obama, is doing in his efforts to destroy the United States of America. Today, I am authoring another article illustrating yet another example of the overt actions this president is utilizing to destroy our great country.

I have written on many occasions about the right that the citizens of the United States have to criticize and hold their government officials accountable. If you don’t like the government, you have every right to say you don’t like it without fear of reprisal. Yes, without fear of reprisal until recently, that is.

Remember “Joe, the Plumber?” During the 2008 presidential campaign, Joe asked candidate Obama a rather tough question regarding the candidate’s stand on re-distribution of wealth where the candidate actually indicated that one of his goals as president would be to re-distribute wealth away from the nation’s wealthiest to the middle and lower classes.

This question was an embarrassment to candidate Obama and angered Obama supporters. On Obama supporter, a city clerk in Cleveland, Ohio, decided to see what information she could unearth about ole Joe and publicize it. As it turned out, Joe had some skeletons in his closet that the “tolerant left” jumped upon in their efforts to destroy Joe.  As recently as July 2015, Huffington Post ran a hit piece on Joe, the Plumber, calling him abysmally ignorant and suffocatingly arrogant.

Now, Joe was not picked up in the middle of the night, taken to a gulag and never heard from again; but he was certainly denigrated. You may say that Joe was a fake and a fraud, but did he deserve what the city clerk in Cleveland did to him? Absolutely not! If this had been a Democrat asking a touch question of a Republican candidate, that Democrat would have received many accolades from the left.

In addition to the defaming of Joe, the Plumber, the current president has asked his supporters to listen carefully and take note of any criticisms his detractors may come up with. While the current president didn’t go so far as to ask his supporters to send him the names and the contact information of those folks, we’re headed down that road.

After having expressed these chilling things to a liberal Obama supporting friend over dinner several years ago, she promptly replied that this wasn’t going to happen because Obama was so wonderful that he wouldn’t do anything such as what I was saying. In other words, anything Obama says and does is wonderful and shouldn’t be questioned. I have news for this friend. The government of the United States of America was set up so that our elected officials are constantly held accountable for their actions.

Since the 2008 incident involving Joe, the Plumber, many attempts have been made and are currently being made by the “tolerant left” to destroy those who don’t agree with their political philosophies. In fact, things have developed since Obama assumed the presidency that are so much worse that I’m feeling the oppressiveness of this administration and the “tolerant left,” and I’m not the only one. Furthermore, the left has been at work eroding our freedoms at a pace so gradual that we’re not even aware of what’s taking place until we think back a decade or so.

In today’s politically correct world created by the “tolerant left,” you can be damaged by making the statement that you believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman or that you believe that one should use the restroom of their original gender.

There was a post on my personal Facebook page indicating that the United States of America is a country of approximately 320 million people and still we can’t come up with a better presidential election ticket than Clinton vs. Trump. At a time when we need good leadership to take us back to the principles upon which this country was founded, we don’t have it. So, what’s in our future? Sadly, I don’t know.



There’s a new liberal Facebook page out there: Occupy Healthcare. I haven’t checked to see if there is a real website by that name, but at this point it doesn’t really matter. The initial “occupy” was the Occupy Wall Street movement in which fringe liberals set up camps in various cities and proceeded to destroy property and commit other acts of debauchery. While it was fringe liberals that were involved, mainstream liberals were sympathetic to their cause. But just let a Tea Party rally take place where a sign or two was in poor taste, and all liberals sent stark raving mad calling those who participated and/or advocated the Tea Party’s efforts anything and everything.

Six months to one year ago, I began seeing Facebook posts from a Facebook page called “Occupy Democrats.” Most of what I was seeing on my news feed was photographs depicting alleged facts that were not facts, but gross misrepresentations. Most, I could pick apart with very little research. This annoyed my liberal Facebook friends. Maybe they should have done a little research before sharing the post.

I’ve just seen a post from a new liberal Facebook page called Occupy Healthcare. The first photo from Occupy Healthcare that appeared on my newsfeed stated the following: They talk about this Great Recession as if it fell out of the sky, like, “Oh, my goodness, where did it come from?” It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card, to at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card, a trillion dollar tax cut for the very wealthy. It was there. I voted against them. I said, no, we can’t afford that. And now all of a sudden, these guys are so seized with the concern about the debt that they created.” VP Joe Biden.

This was said by Vice President Joe Biden about 2012 Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan. Let’s take the “low hanging fruit” first. The Democrats were actively pushing a prescription drug plan. Wasn’t Al Gore’s mother-in-law having to eat dog food in order to pay for her prescription drugs? Democrats, you demanded it and accused those who were against it as haters of the elderly. You lost on that one. Let’s move on.

You are also griping about Congressman Ryan voting to put two wars on a credit card. Have you forgotten 9/11/2001? Are you suggesting that we not go after those who attacked us? Maybe we should have been more diplomatic in finding out why radical Islam hates us so much and do what we can to appease them. Yeah, right! If it were up to you liberals, we’d be under Sharia law at this very moment.

Then there was the Iraq war. You claimed Bush lied, people died. Well, former President Bill Clinton left office advocating regime change in Iraq. Have you liberals forgotten about that? Congress and the Bush administration had access to the same intelligence that indicated Saddam Hussein did possess weapons of mass destruction. President Bush went to Congress to get approval before invading Iraq. Again, liberals, have you forgotten about that? I suggest you do a little research, but you won’t. You’ll continue to spew your venomous lies knowing the liberal media has your back.

Tax cuts for the wealthy? OH PULEAZE! Every time a Republican proposes a tax cut for those who pay taxes, it’s a tax cut for the wealthy. I get so tired of hearing this old rhetoric. Tax cuts are for those who actually pay taxes, but you liberals seem to think that everyone who lives and breathes within the boundaries of the United States of America should receive some sort of financial benefit.

As for adding to the national debt, the current President has added more to the national debt than all past presidents combined. Yes, President Bush, to my consternation did add to the national debt, but not hear as much as your guy, Obama.

Moving right along, last week, a website, joeforamerican.com posted an article entitled: Greatest Hoax of the 21st Century! 98% Scientists do not Believe in Man-Made Climate Change! On website, there is a little image that says, “Joe the Plumber.” Remember Joe, the Plumber! Liberals, in liberal fashion hate him because he had the audacity to ask presidential candidate, Barak Obama, a difficult question regarding candidate Obama’s position on re-distribution of wealth. Following Joe’s questioning of candidate, Obama, Joe the plumber, who did have some skeletons in his closet was exposed by a city clerk in Cleveland who was a supporter of Obama and a contributor to his campaign.

After I posted this article on Facebook, a liberal disparaged the article, which quoted factual statistics, because the site may have been somehow related to someone they hate, Joe the Plumber.

Okay, liberals. You continually indicated that you’re champions of the working man, the middle class, and the low income earners. Shouldn’t you at least read this article? If indeed man-made climate change is a hoax, you should be glad. You should back away from your goal of snatching us off of inexpensive, reliable fossil fuels and putting us in a world where we are totally dependent upon your green energy which is costly and unreliable.

Yes, we should continue our research into alternate forms of energy with a goal that what we define as green energy will be reliable and cost effective in the future. But to refuse to acknowledge different opinions about man-made climate change, and your avocation of the immediate elimination of fossil fuels which benefit middle and lower income individuals is proving that you liberals are bigoted and look down your noses at the poor and the middle class.

So, preach your big government and your desire to controls us peons because we’re too stupid to make our own decisions about our own lives. But don’t ever tell us that you’re champions of the lower and middle income Americans. I’m poised to rip you to shreds should you dare try.