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According to an article on breitbart.com dated November 27, 2014, University of Massachusetts students who were upset by an image of a Confederate flag sticker on another student’s laptop were offered counseling services at Framingham State University. The offer came after the university’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, Sean Huddleston, described the display of the small Confederate flag sticker as a “bias incident.”

According to Metrowest Daily News, students filed two “bias reports” within the past month as a result of a student displaying the flag in some way. The most recent bias incident, reported on November 19, was a report of a student having seen a Confederate flag sticker on another student’s laptop. In an email to students, Huddleston did not declare a ban on displaying the flag, but claimed that it upsets some students.

Huddleston said the Confederate flag and other symbols are not condoned by Framingham State University, as they violate the core values of our institution and not considered consistent with our desire to maintain a safe, respectful and welcoming campus community for all. The primary goal continues to be to expeditiously address and resolve incidents of bias that impede our progress toward a welcoming and inclusive campus community.

Huddleston further described “bias incidents” as situations that may not rise to the level of a criminal act, but still clearly communicate offensive or derogatory behaviors.

The article goes on to state that observing that students on campus in general may have suffered a traumatic reaction from seeing an image of the Confederate flag, Huddleston continued, “We recognize that bias incidents are upsetting for the entire campus community, but especially for the targets and witnesses of these incidents. Therefore, Huddleston is encouraging students who may have been traumatized by these incidents seek counseling.

Huddleston then indicated that the university may hold a campus-wide form on the history of the Confederate flag, so that students can discuss the reasons why they either defend or reject it.

This is about the most ridiculous thing that I have every read. If a small sticker on someone’s laptop traumatizes you to the point that you have to seek counseling, my feelings are that you should be put away forever in a mental institution and never be allowed out in public. I’m serious.

It looks like our college campuses are turning into safe places for spoiled whiny babies. And these are the folks that are going to be taking care of me when I go to the nursing home. With my current health problem and our wrecked healthcare system, I’ll probably die early and won’t have to go to a nursing home and be subjected to these imbeciles.

So, it looks like liberals are advocating making life perfect for everyone once they come out of the womb. There will be no bullying. Plus diversity and inclusion will make every child feel welcome at all times, so that child won’t have to suffer the trauma the children have had to suffer in the past for various reasons.

I think everyone who has gone from an academic environment to a working environment will tell you that they underwent a rude awakening when they got to the real world. The real world is not always pretty. However, I shudder to think how going to the real world is going to affect these whiny babies who had to go to counseling because they saw a Confederate flag sticker on someone’s laptop. How are they going to handle that first difficult customer or client? How are they going to handle a difficult boss? How are they going to handle the criticism that comes on a performance evaluation? Will companies start having to set up trauma departments where a distraught employee can go to get counseling whenever something unpleasant happens to them on the job?

Most of us who have had to go through employee evaluations know that there is always something negative on them. It’s just standard custom and practice. What’s going to happen to the whiny babies when they get their first employee evaluation and it says that they need to be more courteous to lower level employees? The rest of the evaluation may be glowing, but that one little negative item may send them into deep depression. I guess the government will have to pass a regulation on employee evaluations that nothing negative about an employee can be put on an evaluation. And how is this going to help the little whiny baby? It won’t help the little whiny baby one damn bit. In fact it will, in the long run, hurt the little whiny baby because the little whiny baby will have no chance to develop as an employee and as a person.

I’m getting so tired of the words diversity and inclusion. How many of us have been to social gatherings where it seemed like everyone knew everyone and you didn’t know anybody? It’s tough and you sometimes feel awkward. But an experience like that will sometimes force you to be more assertive by walking up to people, introducing yourself and starting a conversation. Also, how many of us have been to dinner or to an event with friends and the friends worked together or their occupations were similar? The friends had their own little conversation going and you were left out. It happens and you have to grin and bear it. I guess when that happens to the little whiny babies, they’ll be so traumatized they will have to seek counseling. I guess the government will have to establish the “Inclusion Police.” That way no little whiny baby has to sit and be silent for twenty or thirty minutes.

It seems like liberals, after having attempted and being somewhat successful in taking God out of our society, are trying to establish heaven here on earth. And when it can’t possibly happen, they blame George W. Bush, Fox News, and conservatives.