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How many times, again, how many times, liberals, does it take to explain something to you so you’ll understand it? You liberals, you people who are supposed to be all knowing and so much smarter than us unenlightened oafs, how many times will it take for you to understand this. You have most of the academicians in your corner, yet all of you seem incapable of reading and comprehending. I would like, just once, before I die or retire from political blogging to post something and not have to explain it to you two, three, or more times.

To be honest, I do think you understand what I’m saying, but won’t acknowledge it because you know I’m right. Instead of engaging in honest debate, you get emotional and start hurling insults and call me and other conservatives names. You then try to change the subject in order to make us lose our train of thought.

But let me tell you something, liberals. You’ve done it too many times. You don’t shake up any of us anymore and you’re not going to. We know your game and we’re not playing it.

Through numerous posts on this blog, I’ve attempted to illustrate the difference between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. I’ve invited people of all political persuasions to read my posts and comment on them. To date, very few have.

Even though, I’m not a Carly Fiorina fan, she gave one of the best responses during the October 28 Republican presidential debates on the bottom feeder channel, CNBC. Candidate Fiorina was asked if she supported a government mandate for private companies to provide 401(k) retirement benefits for their employees. She replied, no. She was then asked if she was against working people having retirement plans. To that she replied that she wanted all employees/private sector workers to have retirement plans and thought companies should make every effort to provide such plans for their employees. She finished her response by saying that this is something in which government should not be involved.

The above clearly demonstrates the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Once Carly gave her answer, the liberal commentators had nothing else to say. We all know that liberals accuse conservatives of hating the poor, hating the middle class, hating minorities, yada, yada, yada. When a response such as the one Ms. Fiorina gave, there’s not much with which liberals can come back at you.

In an article dated January 22, 2015, Andy Borowitz, a satirical leftist writer for New Yorker Magazine, trashed Congressional Republicans for voting against the current President’s proposal to give workers six weeks of paid leave. He further ranted that while Congress gets thirty-three weeks of paid leave, they were against workers getting six weeks paid leave. I would have voted against it also. I’m not for the government dictating what companies have to provide their employees with respect to compensation and benefits. However, I’m all for companies providing their employees with optimal compensation and benefits. Once again, that’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Again, it just baffles me that Democrats fail to get this, especially with all the academicians in their corner. I indicated above that maybe they do get it, but knowing they’re wrong, engage in their usual insult hurling, name calling, and false accusations.

Either way, they look bad. When they fail to get something as simple as the examples I cited above, they look stupid. And when they change the subject and start hurling insults and making false accusations, they also look bad.

Other things that were brought out in the CNBC debate was the fact that liberals don’t distinguish between legal immigration and illegal immigration. According to leftists, those against illegal immigration and against all immigration. Also, according to leftists those who feel that marriage should be between one man and one woman are automatically labeled homophobes. They say that when you lie about something enough it becomes the truth to the person telling the lie. Could liberals have lied enough about the foregoing that they really do believe it’s the truth?

A substantial number of posts on this blog are dedicated to explaining the differences between liberals and conservatives and to demonstrate the disingenuousness of liberals. I really wish more people would read my blog. Those that do tell me that I have a good insight into political issues, especially when it comes to comparing and contrasting the left and the right.



The first round of presidential debates are over and we’re still not even close to knowing who the Republican nominee for president will be. However, we’re still a year and a half from getting rid of the current president and his administration whose purpose was to destroy the United States of America. So, what can we do to stop the bleeding?

This president and his henchmen are going to do everything they possibly can to continue to fundamentally transform the United States of America, a promise made by the current president and one that he has certainly kept.

Illegal immigrants are committing heinous crimes in our “sanctuary cities,” with the current administration ignoring these crimes. Instead, this administration wants to welcome as many illegal aliens in this country as possible, grant them amnesty, give them benefits, and register them to vote, knowing they will vote Democrat.

Earlier this month, the current president released the finalized version of the EPA’s power plant rule. The new regulation is 1,500 pages in length and will have a significant economic impact on businesses according to yellowhammernews.com.

The final rule mandates that power plants cut an average of 32 percent of their carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. An EPA analysis projects the cost of compliance to be around $8.4 billion per year by 2030, but many non-partisan researchers think that the number could be much higher. According to Congressman Gary Palmer (R-Alabama), American workers and their families, particularly the most economically vulnerable, can ill afford the real-life costs of this rule, which will result in significant utility rate increases and lost jobs with little to no measurable environmental impact.

According to Congressman, Mike Rogers (R-Alabama), this administration and the EPA continue their pattern of overreach into our lives and pockets with President Obama’s clean power plan announcement. Even though the Supreme Court, in June, ruled against parts of the current president’s radical agenda, he continues to push forward with his sinister plans. These plans will do nothing more than pass on additional costs to consumers and raise energy prices for hard-working families.

I’m saying this to you liberals, once more. Don’t you dare say to me that the Democrat party is the party of the middle class! You do, you will get an ear-full from me. You’re not just against the middle class, you liberals are against just about everyone except maybe the very rich who are able to weather your evil policies without being too financially damaged. Your heinous policies are certainly meant to damage the rest of us, so you can have control over as many aspects of our lives as possible.

It’s been one year since the shooting death of Michael Brown, a black youth, by white police officer Darren Wilson. Office Wilson has since been cleared of any wrongdoing, but the rioters are out there in full mode. While I have to proof, I speculate that the protesters are being funded by that awful George Soros. Soros will stoop to anything to destroy the United States of America.

There’s a group emerging out of the fabrication, “black lives matter.” This group appears to have as its goal to divide Americans by race. I have no doubt that this is also funded by that old awful George Soros. Race relations in this country have taken a nose-dive in the last 6-1/2 years and I attribute it 100% to the current administration. Of course, the current president is not only a racist bigot, but a divider. A Facebook friend who claims to be an independent was questioning why there were no questions regarding race relations in this past Thursday’s debates. I wanted to reply back to him that when the current president leaves office race relations should begin to normalize, especially if a Republican president is elected. Of course, there’s racism on this planet and there always will be until Jesus returns and sets up his 1,000 year kingdom. But most of us Republicans/conservatism have moved beyond judging people by the color of their skin. Liberals, disappointingly, have not.

Yes, the debates are over for now and as time goes on, candidates will drop out of the race for president. The problems we have in this country, including, but not limited to the ones cited above are with us and will further steer the United States of America away from the dreams of our founding fathers.

Liberals tell us that the sluggish economy and lack of jobs is just the new norm. They also tell us that we’ll get used to the higher prices and lower quality of healthcare. That’s the new norm, also. But don’t worry, we’re going to continue to soak the rich, not because it helps those who are not rich, but because it gives us more control over everyone’s lives. While your middle class life will be no better, you can rest assured that we are doing what we can to destroy those who are currently rich and will continue to prevent anyone who aspires to get rich.

Can we still take this country back? Will we elect a president who will promptly undo all of the executive orders that the current president has signed? Will the new president be able to repeal Obamacare? The fate of this country is totally in God’s hands and we must have faith in him. We also must have faith that in the next year and a half that we don’t cross the point of no return.



Want to make a Democrat mad? Just accuse them of the things that they accuse Republicans of day in and day out. Democrats just love to say that we don’t care about the poor or that we don’t want the folks to have access to health care. Of course, we’ve all heard the rhetoric that we’re nothing but a bunch of racist bigots who dislike the current President of the United States just because he’s black. Well, he’s actually half black. His mother was white and his grandmother was a “typical white woman.”

About a year ago, I had the audacity to comment on a liberal friend’s Facebook post to the effect that it was really the Democrats who view women as inferiors. It’s the Democrats who are of the opinion that the Federal Government should pay for every woman’s birth control because women don’t have the self-control to manage their own libidos. In other words, it’s not the Republicans who have declared a war on women; instead, it’s the Democrats. Instead of engaging in reasonable discussion with me on the issue, I found myself subject to accusations that were not even related to the nature of my post.

Now this particular liberal/progressive/Democrat is an informed voter. She’s very active in the Democrat party and believes that big government is the only way to solve our nation’s problems. Needless to say, she is pro-choice, pro-illegal immigration, claims to be on the side of the poor and the down-trodden, yada, yada, yada. When I opined in my comment that I felt that it was the Democrats who were engaging in the war on women, she seemed to go into some kind of trance and commented back to me “canned verbiage” that she may have been taught at some progressive leadership seminar. It was really laughable.

The point that I’m attempting to make with this post is that Democrats seemed to get very mad and start hurling false accusations and begin name calling when you point out that the very things in which they accuse Republicans; they are even guiltier of.

Low information voters and those who get their information from the network news and other mainstream media outlets are apt to believe that Republicans dislike the current president because of his skin color. They are also apt to believe all of the garbage that is global warming/climate change. The mainstream media and this Democrat administration tell the low information electorate that the ever changing climate of the earth is a result of man-made carbon dioxide emissions, and if the low information voters don’t have time or are not inclined to look into the other side, they’re going fall for this lie; hook, line, and sinker. There are many, many more examples similar to the ones above that I could cite.

Then when they hear Democrats calling Republicans all sorts of names indicating that they are bigots, don’t care about the environment, don’t care about the poor, and want people to die because they are against socialize medicine, they think all of that is true. Then if you have the audacity to point out to them that it’s the Democrats that want to take our healthcare away from us resulting in more people dying earlier, they go crazy and call you even more names.

And forget even suggesting getting together and having a rational discussion of the issues, they’re not about to do that because they know they’re wrong and you’re right. All they’re capable of is name calling and hurling insults. And it’s frustrating that it seems to work on low information voters.