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As a political writer who must keep up with what’s current, I often read about such people, but I never thought I would have any contact with them.

Instead, I envisioned these folks as high academicians, giving lectures at institutes of higher learning and wandering through the halls and streets of places like UC Berkley, the University of Michigan, Brown University, Wellesley College, Radcliff, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. They taught graduate level classes in psychology, sociology, and philosophy. For the men, outfits consisting of jeans, t-shirts and old out of style jackets were in order, along with running shoes or Birkenstock sandals, weather permitting, dating back to when Birkenstocks were actually in style. If you’ve ever had a pair, you know they never wear out. For the women, it was much the same except for the jackets, they wore cardigan sweaters. The men would almost always have beards and disheveled hair. Most of the women would be thin with mousy hair. Of course no makeup was ever worn, and fingernails would be short and unpainted. The cars would almost always be older Toyotas or Nissans, containing only the bare necessities. Because fossil fuels were evil, gas mileage was of the utmost importance. Occasionally, one might splurge on a Prius. All of them longed for the day when the use of fossil fuels would be eliminated entirely. It goes without saying that these types fell far to the left in the political spectrum. Businesses, large and small were evil to these men and women.

They longed for the day when the governments ran everything. There would be health care for everyone, healthy food and clean water for everyone plus everyone would have a home or apartment. Political correctness would rule, making speech limited. Guns would be prohibited resulting in very low crime rates since those with criminal tendencies would not have access to guns. Terrorist threats would be eliminated due to universal love, the lack of guns, and climate change solutions that had been put in place by the United States and other countries of the world.

Until then they would be forced to exist in this world full of gun owners, capitalists, Christians, racists, misogynists, homophobes, and the worst of them all, Republicans, also referred to as conservatives.

Of all the sins of the world, racism was the most insidious, fostering white privilege, sometimes referred to as white supremacy. Every white person was born with the racist seed in them and would have to fight their racist tendencies all of their lives. Because of this, white people would be responsible for atoning for this evil seed though feelings of guilt and the inability to enjoy life because as a white person because you don’t deserve that pleasure. Furthermore, you must treat people of color much, much differently than you treat your white contemporaries in order to avoid hurting them further. Life had already dealt them a major blow because of their skin color and you must engage in all forms of political correctness when interacting with them.

After reading a few white liberal guilt articles, I was amused. This couldn’t be real. No one, except for the mentally ill could possibly be this way. Of course, these “tolerant” leftists hate people like me. They pontificate about all the hate that permeates the world and preach to all of us that eliminating the hate will solve the problems of terrorism, crime, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and the worst of them all, racism. But they’re the ones who exude hate.

Much to my dismay, in the past month to six weeks, I have had the displeasure of communicating with two such folks through social media. So, these people do exist and are not that far removed from me.

Of course, you’re a racist if you don’t support Barak Obama’s policies. You can tell them until you’re blue in the face that it’s his policies you don’t agree with. You can further tell them that you have black friends, and patronize black-owned businesses, but it doesn’t matter to them. After 7-1/2 years of being called a racist because I didn’t support Obama’s policies and didn’t agree with him politically, I got fed up. No more Ms. Nice Girl! I put the ball back into their “oh so tolerant” court, telling them that unless they could point to anything I’ve said or written that denigrates this president due to his skin color, they best not hurl the racism accusation at me. Some liberals I’ve sent slithering back under their rock.

Earlier this week, I decided to get into a liberal thread where the “tolerant left” was ripping Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, to pieces for the alleged parts of her July 18 speech at the Republican National Convention, that were very similar to parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the Democrat National Convention. The originator of the thread just couldn’t understand why no Republican friends of his had come forth with opinions on the alleged plagiarism. Of course, there were snide remarks about Republicans is the post. Remember, this person is a liberal.

My first post was as follows: “I’ve tried to ignore anything Michelle Obama has said after her comment, ‘for the first time in my live, I am proud of my country.’ Although I do remember something about going out and eating fried chicken and some anti-white remarks made to the 2015 graduates of Tuskegee University. I barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday, much less something someone I don’t like said in 2008. I have linked an article about it on my political website and reviewed the two passages that are similar. And that’s what they are…similar. Plus we’re talking a few lines from a fifteen or so minute speech. If that’s all the dems can pick out of the opening night at the convention, I guess the opening night was successful.

A so-called “white guilt” liberal commented to me, “Hi, Nancy, racist much?”

I lit into this person, giving them name of this website and told him what I tell other liberals who have accused me a racism because I don’t like the current president’s policies. This person then indicated that my attitude and reaction demonstrated that I harbored racism. Subsequently, this person indicated that he was prejudiced and racist also, but he tries to intellectually resist it. He admitted that he had work to do since he “brings prejudice to the table.”

This person wanted to help me and pointed out that the mentioning of fried chicken, Tuskegee, and anti-white with respect to Michelle Obama makes me a racist. In other words, pointing out that some of Michelle’s speech to the 2015 Tuskegee grads trashed white people was racist. According to this poster, Michelle Obama should be allowed to say and do anything she pleases, I guess.

The poster went on to accuse me of immediately judging and convicting Michelle Obama due to how she said something in her spouse’s nomination party speech. I didn’t say anything about Michelle Obama’s (2008) speech other than I didn’t remember it. This person also indicated that I condemned the first lady for all eternity, except to remember only the things that she did that were wrong. Oh brother! I don’t like her and I don’t like what she stands for. I’m human, what’s wrong with that? I wouldn’t be surprised if this person had some choice things to say about Nancy Reagan back in the day. But wait! Nancy Reagan was white and that makes it okay to say bad things about her. But Michelle Obama is black, therefore saying negative things about her is not okay.

This person also accused me a being a “label-jacker.” I don’t know what that means and I haven’t taken the time to look it up. I carry the flag of all lives matter to misdirect, denigrate, or water down people of color’s desire to bring focus to what is likely a long-term oppressive cry for help.  The poster said that he/she wanted to help me because I carry prejudice in my heart and mind, indicating that with so many people accusing me of racism, that I should ponder it.

This person is a genuine certified loon; and not having time to stay in this thread, I left. Sure, I could have refuted his accusations, but what good would it have done? There’s no reasoning with these folks. The thread began with a discussion of the alleged plagiarism in Melania’s speech, which should have been nothing than a “nuts and bolts” online conversation. Of course, it evolved into what I described above. I later found out that this person only lives a few hours from me. People like this in the South! “I think I need my smelling salts.”

Unfortunately, there are many folks like this person and they have one vote just like I do. Here’s a few links to articles about these folks. It’s scary.

10 Ways White Liberals Perpetuate Racism.

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Those who regularly read my writings know that I often refer to myself as an “unenlightened oaf.” This is because I often times have trouble connecting the dots with respect to liberal logic. Of course, I’m being whimsical and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Even though I call myself an “unenlightened oaf,” tests I have frequently taken through the course of my life have shown that I have an above average intelligence. I was smart enough to earn a degree from a major university, earn a highly respected professional certification in the insurance field, become a Microsoft Certified Professional in software development, and have successful careers in finance, insurance, and information technology. I still don’t know if the writing career is going to be successful. I make a lot of mistakes, though. I’m also a sinner, and continue to sin and fall short of the glory of God.

I have both liberal and conservative friends, but in thinking about my liberal friends, I don’t think I’ve ever known one of them to admit to making a mistake. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one of my liberal friends apologize for anything. Generally what I hear is them trying to put the blame on everyone but themselves. Now, I’m not saying that my liberal friends have never sincerely apologized for something or assumed ownership of a situation gone badly. I’ve just never heard one of my liberal friends apologize for anything.

I often post on forums and social media threads, both liberal and conservative. When I have posted on liberal forums that I will call any liberal who denigrates Dr. Ben Carson a racist, the liberals have gone crazy. They can’t possibly understand how they could be called racist. They’re liberals. Of course, they begin calling me names and continued to denigrate Dr. Carson.

In addition to thinking they’re Christ-like, they think they’re the smartest people on the planet, and studies have shown that the majority of academicians do fall on the left of the political spectrum. They think they know better than you do about how to run your lives. They know more about the food you should eat, the vehicle you should drive, the financial investments you should make, etc.

Having said all of the above, I’ve never known a liberal that could read and comprehend what he or she was reading. I can’t begin to estimate the times I’ve had to explain simple words to a liberal. The following is the drill. I have to explain what I’m saying at least twice, then the liberal responds, totally off subject. At that point, I usually get frustrated and abandon the thread. Yesterday, I responded to a “stupid liberal” article offering my opinion and was called a liar. An opinion is not a lie and I “hit” the responder with this, asking him/her to tell me where, in my post, I had lied. I have not received a response and I’m not holding my breath.

This leads me to another liberal activity, hurling insults and accusations. When they don’t like what you’re communicating, but are unable to respond to you in an intelligent manner, they begin their insults and accusations. If they can’t make anything stick, they call you a racist. It’s their hope that you will be insulted and apologetic because the worst thing a person can be in this day and age is a racist. However, liberals have changed the meaning of the word racist so many times that I think, even as smart as they consider themselves, they can’t keep up with the multiple meanings of the term.

Bigot and bigotry are other terms that liberals often throw out there at you. I had a liberal on social media imply that I wasn’t respectful of differing points of view. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I have never know of a liberal, not even one liberal who had respect for a point of view other than theirs. If you are against universal healthcare, you don’t want people to have access to healthcare. If you are against certain government entitlement programs or think that they should be examined for effectiveness or waste, you hate the poor. If you think that marriage should be between one man and one woman, you are a homophobe. If you didn’t vote for the current president and disagree with him politically, you are racist. Of course, any conduct by a conservative can be construed as racist because liberals have implemented many definitions of racism so that they can pin that moniker on you if they can’t get anything else to stick.

Liberals also love to accuse conservatives of stereo-typing. Again, this is just another instance of the pot calling the kettle black. If you own a confederate battle flag, you’re automatically declared a racist. Liberals refuse to listen to anything you might have to say. Black liberals even get huffy when someone says they don’t like turnip greens. Anyone who doesn’t like a particular food is automatically a racist.

In summation, the very things that liberals continually call conservatives: racists, bigots, homophobes, stereo-typers; they are ten times more guilty of! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.