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As we enter into a new year, many of us conservatives are optimistic about 2017. After all, Hillary was defeated. If she had won the presidential election, things would be looking very grim. And while we’re optimistic, challenges to conservatism will continue.

While Donald Trump comfortably won the presidency via the electoral college, Hillary won the popular vote with her margin of victory coming from California. According to the left, this makes President Elect Trump an illegitimate president. When you explain to the “tolerant left” that this method has been utilized to elected a president since this nation was born, they scoff and say it’s not fair, it should be one person, one vote. This vast number of “open-minded” folks don’t understand that you can’t just change the rules on the fly because they didn’t like the outcome.

With a Hillary win, Obamacare would have remained in place with costs on the rise and actual healthcare on the skids. We’re now looking forward to Obamacare being repealed and/or replaced. The consequences should be lower insurance premiums, lower deductibles, and better care for all of us. Furthermore, her administration would have continued to force pricey and unreliable green energy down our throats, and at the same time reduce drilling for oil on American soil and the relatively new private sector innovation, called fracking or hydraulic fracturing. Energy prices would necessarily rise, squeezing low and middle income individuals. High healthcare costs plus high energy costs! If any liberal dares say to me that the Democrat party is the party of low and middle income people, that liberal will get an “earful” from me.

The above are just two of the horrors we would be experiencing had Clinton been elected to the presidency. Additional horrors will be fodder for a future article.

Prominent and even not so prominent liberals have indicated that will take steps to refute everything president elect Trump tries to accomplishes, thus the left intends to make endless challenges to conservatism.

Hollywood elite, Michael Moore, has already told the left to be in Washington D.C. before and during the inauguration in order to non-violently disrupt the ceremonies and events taking place by conducting protests. There’s even a website where anyone can visit and learn about civil disobedience on 1/20. He also indicated that a “Million Women March” was to take place on the day after the inauguration, January 21. He is also encouraging those who cannot make it to Washington to organize local protests.

In addition to the above, Moore instructs leftists to intimidate their elected senators and representatives, threatening to oust them if they support Trump in any way. Liberals should also demand that Muslim Keith Ellison be named head of the Democrat National Committee, to form “rapid response teams, and to run for public office themselves.

According to Conservative Tribune, there is an organization spearheading the protests at the inauguration called #disruptj20.org. Featured items on the organizations website include training camps starting Jan. 8 and continuing until Inauguration Day. Classes will include resistance, protesting, and how to proceed when you get arrested. It doesn’t sound to me like this “disruptj20” is encouraging non-violent protests. Constitution.com is also reporting that the organization of planning to create a “sense of crisis” to harass attendees at the inauguration and possibly to carry out some sort of drone strikes on the crowd. How does Michael Moore think that these snowflakes can possibly endure spending a night in jail when they have to seek safe spaces, where a grandmotherly figure serves them hot chocolate with marshmallows, when someone says something that offends and hurts their feelings?

Former MSNBC liberal commentator, Keith Olbermann, who appears to be spiraling out of control as a result of the 2016 presidential election, now hosts a GQ web series called, “The Resistance,” according to ijr.com. He is encouraging those on the left to humiliate President Trump every day and to call him stupid. He is also instructing liberals to find a Trump supporter every day and remind them that Trump lost the popular vote. Olbermann said, “Resistance means repetition, humiliate him, humiliate him every day, and those who support him. We are in this nightmare because at some point we stopped punishing stupidity in this country. We will not fix this core problem by appeasing the cretins…When you see something stupid, call someone stupid.”

Even former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, Robert Reich has instructed liberals to resist Donald Trump and anything he does, not only as president of the United States, but anything at all that he does.

Challenges to Conservatism? I’ll say. Plus, there will be challenges to the incoming president, Donald Trump and to individuals such as you and me. Because I hold myself out as a professional political writer, I’ve gotten used to being called names, but I’m afraid that with all the challenges to conservatism that will be taking place, fellow conservatives, who certainly shouldn’t be treated this way in the United States of America will be subject to undeserved assaults by the left.

The good people of this country are going to endure a lot in the coming months and perhaps years. Since the inception of the United States of America, most all generations have had to endure hardships. Attacks from those who are also citizens of this country, will be one more hardship.



Remember newspeak? It’s the fictional language in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Newspeak was created by Mr. Orwell’s totalitarian state of Oceania as a tool to limit freedom of thought or what was commonly referred to in the novel as “thought crime.”

In order to maintain maximum control over the outer party, words and phrases were eliminated and replaced with inner party approved or politically correct verbiage.

The aim of newspeak is to remove all shades of meaning from language, leaving simple concepts that reinforce the total dominance of the state.

In the past forty or fifty years, many words, at the behest of the left have been considered politically incorrect to utter. These words were replaced by other words that the left considered acceptable and less offensive. One such example includes the words, “retarded” or “handicapped.” “Retarded” and “handicapped” have now been replaced with the word, “challenged.” We have the politically correct terms, physically challenged and mentally challenged, and to utter the words retarded or handicapped is considered offensive and language that shouldn’t ever be used. Perhaps the word, “challenged” is more acceptable and less demeaning, but we’ve come to a point where uttering either retarded or handicapped can get you in trouble with the left, sometimes to the point of losing your job and/or being socially ostracized.

Has a liberal ever asked you what you mean when you say, “Take our country back?” Of course, it means getting rid of the liberals and liberal philosophy that have been elected to office or appointed to certain governmental positions. When explaining that to a liberal, you may see a look of disappointment on their faces. They didn’t want to hear that, they wanted you to say that you wanted the strip Obama of the presidency because of the color of his skin. Because of the wishes of the left, the term “take our country back,” is now considered a buzz phrase for take our country back from its black president. Liberals decided this and it’s a lie!

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s campaign theme, “Make America Great Again,” is now considered racist. Liberals are insisting that it means take America back to before Civil Rights legislation was enacted (1964). That’s ridiculous and we all know it. But the liberals are pounding a racism connotation to Mr. Trump’s theme and the main stream media is running with it. Thus, those who are not particularly politically astute or don’t follow politics, opting instead to watch mindless TV such as “Dancing with the Stars,” have no choice but to believe that it’s true. The result is votes for Hillary.

Even using what the left considers improper in describing a person of color is labeled racism. The University of Alabama football team has had string of excellent running backs, all of them black.  A few years ago, one of these great running backs was referred to as a “beast.” He was. But the left tried to make that into something racist. Thankfully, they didn’t get far. Don’t you panty-waists interject yourselves into our football! You will regret it!

I don’t deal in buzz words or phrases, and when confronted with a liberal saying to you, “this is a buzzword for thus and so,” tell that liberal to take a hike.

Another good example of how liberals are attempting to force “newspeak” upon us is the renaming of “illegal aliens/immigrants” to “undocumented workers.” Even the conservative leaning media outlets are saying “undocumented workers.” While we all know that undocumented workers are nothing but illegal aliens or immigrants, liberals have repetitively forced this language on us to the extent that we hear it and think nothing about it or about using the new term ourselves. Furthermore, the left generally refuses to distinguish between legal immigrants who are here in this country legally and may be preparing for rightfully becoming U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants who have broken the law and entered this country illegally, but think they are entitled to the same benefits as all American citizens. With the left continually failing to make this distinction, people are once again being brainwashed into assuming that conservatives are against all forms of immigration. This is, of course, another leftist lie.

In 1984, the novel, the inner party was working to convert the language of the outer party in the region called, Oceania, from oldspeak to newspeak and had established a timeline of sixty or so years to do so.

While liberals claim to be advocates of tolerance and free thinking, it’s not true. In fact, nothing could be any further from the truth, unless your free thought aligns up with liberal thought. Is the left attempting to alter the way we talk and adopt a politically correct language such as newspeak? I’m giving you my opinion and you can decided.



Next UN Secretary General?

Obama is always wrong

In Obama’s speech in 2004 to the attendees at the Democrat National Convention, State Senator Barak Obama, in a fiery speech that had the Democrats slobbering all over themselves, stated that there was no liberal America, no conservative America, no black America, no white America, there is only one America.

Fast forward to the present where he has slightly less than six months to serve as president of the United States, and the citizens of this nation are more divided than ever. We’re divided not only on political and racial lines, we’re divided along socio-economic lines, and religious lines. He has continually played the race card, involving himself in local level disputes such as the ones involving Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a former professor at Harvard University, a black man and a white policy officer, James Crowley. Without knowing all the facts, Obama came out against the white police officer. I thought he was supposed to be a president to all the people, and that we didn’t have a white America or a black America.

During Wednesday night’s speech, he indicated that he was filled with faith in America and possessed much optimism about America’s future. That’s not how he felt when he first took office and shortly thereafter went on the “apology tour” in order to apologize for what he perceived was wrong with this country.

In Obama’s speech, he,  of course, talked about his signature legislation, Obamacare, saying that access to health care was now a right, not just a privilege for the wealthy. Excuse me! Millions of folks were covered for reasonable amounts through their employers. And while purchasing health insurance on your own cost about 2-1/2 times what you paid if your employer provided coverage, it wasn’t near as expensive as it is now if you’re not covered by a group plan. Obama further stated that millions more people were now covered. Not in my scope. While I know of maybe one or two folks who have been able to purchase health insurance because they were previously denied due to pre-existing conditions, I know a lot more who are not covered because they can’t afford to purchase coverage or they can only afford to purchase coverage with deductibles so high that if something catastrophic occurred, they would take a big hit or face financial ruin.

Next, the president indicated that we are on our way to weaning ourselves off of foreign oil. Yes we are, but it is nothing that you did. In fact, you and your liberal henchmen fought this. It was the oil companies/the private sector that developed “fracking,” an innovation which allows oil and natural gas to be removed from the ground in an environmentally safe manner. The extraction of oil and natural gas via fracking was only allowed on private lands, not government lands. Thus, the private sector was able to pull this off and cause decreases in the price of oil and natural gas. If this president were to have had his way, we would be making feeble, if not failed efforts to rely on unreliable and expensive green energy. We’d all be either freezing or burning up. Plus, lower and middle income individuals would be hurt by having to spend more of their hard earned money on heating and cooling their houses and gas for their vehicles.

He also claimed to have shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons’ program. A BOLD-FACED LIE! Then he indicated that as a country, we have never been more secure. THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR NATION’S SECURITY IS ISIS AND OTHER ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUPS! He also talked about God, but has continuously denigrated Christians who he claims do nothing but cling to their guns and to their Bibles.

At one point in the speech, he indicated that Democrats and Republicans do have their differences and that these differences is what keeps this country moving. However, he has done nothing but trash Republicans and blame the congressional Republicans for his failures.

In Obama’s speech, he says he loves this country. There’s no way that I’m believing this. Like I said above, he went on that apology tour during his first term in office and has never championed American exceptionalism. He and congressional Democrats pushed through, using every legislative trick in the book, the most insidious piece of legislation that has ever been wrought on the American people, Obamacare. He has also refused to define this country’s number one threat, Islamic terrorism. Whenever there’s an attack carried out by an Islamic terrorists(s), he blames it on guns and further seeks to pass stricter gun laws which will make it harder for law-abiding Americans to purchase firearms, but will do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Another thing Obama indicated was that America is more respected in the world now than it was eight years ago. BS! Another lie. He also said that America is a great nation. When did he change his mind? Saying that the crime rate in this nation has gone down is another lie.

He further talked about the founding fathers and government by the people, indicating that the American people don’t want to be ruled. He’s consistently trashed the constitution and has indicated that it was an outdated document that got in his way. Maybe he determined that after his “I got a phone and I got a pen, and I’ll go around Congress to do whatever I want to do” rant. This was not exactly met with affection.

He talked about his grandparents in Kansas City, and the values that they taught him as a youth. I was just waiting for him to describe his grandmother as a “typical white woman.” One of these values was hard work, but he’s no advocate of hard work and sacrifice. All he, Hillary, and the rest of the Democrats desire is to have as many people as possible living off of the government dole.

While about half of his speech was dedicated to him and his non-accomplishments, he did eventually get to his endorsement of Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

He stated that Hillary Clinton never quits on anything. But what about Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer, Sean Smith, and CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods?

He also claims that no one has ever been more qualified to run for president than Hillary Clinton. WHAT A LIE! So unfathomable. He further indicated that Hillary is respected around the world. How can anyone be so gullible to believe that? He also indicated that Hillary is a friend of the working population. BS! Neither Hillary nor Obama are “friends of the common man.” See my comments above.

He told those in the arena and those watching or listening elsewhere that Hillary would continue to honor our police officers, as he had done. He’s never honored our police officers. All he’s done is interject himself into local matters and giving his opinions before he had the facts. I read in a book, authored by a former Secret Service agent, that while First Lady, she referred to the Secret Service as “dressed pigs.”

He went on to elaborate that Hillary is a “change-maker,” and forgets no one. Of course, we all know what BS that is.

During the course of the speech, he often attacked Donald Trump, and it was brought to my attention during the post-speech commentary that it is not custom and practice for a sitting president to attack the nominee of the other party during his party’s convention. Well, guess what? He’s breached every protocol of the office of the presidency. What else is new?

In summary, Obama spent half or maybe more than half of the speech singing his accolades. By the time he got to Hillary, I was already getting tired. But the common theme running through the speech seemed to indicate that he now loves his country when he once hated it and that the country is great, but he hasn’t always thought so. Does he really think this country is now great because of all the things he has done? Could be. The Democrats all think so.

Do I think that Hillary picked up votes because of Obama’s speech? Maybe a few. Maybe I’m naïve, but I still have some faith in the American people that they are going to Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats for what they are, and while Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican nominee, Obama has come pretty close to destroying this country and electing Hillary to the presidency will certainly finish it off.



While I was aware of the protests by Bernie Sanders supporters outside the convention hall during the day and the booing of ex-DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, I didn’t tune in to watch the convention until almost 6:00 CDT. Furthermore, I did want to hear the commentary and watched the Fox News Channel. I watched the speeches of Corey Booker, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth “Fauxkahontas” Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

Common Themes of the Democrat National Convention

Booker, Fauxkahontas, and Sanders talked about what’s currently wrong with this country such as millions living in poverty, millions on food stamps, the lack of opportunity, income inequality, etc. But they seem to forget that a Democrat had the bully pulpit for 7-1/2 years plus they completely controlled Congress for Obama’s first two years in office.  This probably resonated the most with me.

Booker, Fauxkahontas, and Sanders also indicated that Donald Trump’s acceptance speech was a negative one with Booker indicating that with his speech, he incited fear. I have to wonder if any of them watched Trump’s acceptance speech or read a transcript of it afterwards.

Again, all three of them spoke about Trump’s alleged shady business dealings, mentioning the four companies in which he bankrupted and the vendors which he allegedly didn’t pay for their services. We all know there is no love lost between Donald Trump and Fauxkahontas, and the vehement dislike that Warren has for Trump was on display during her speech.

With Fauxkahontas leading the pack, all three speakers did touch on Trump’s alleged racism and his comments about Mexicans coming into this country illegally rapists.

Overall Impressions

While Corey Booker’s speech has only been discussed sparingly, I thought his speech was the most palatable of them all. He began by talking about our founding fathers, patriotism, love of country, and how this country was great.

Booker said felt that Donald Trump incited fear in his acceptance speech last week and accused him of being a racist for his remarks about Mexicans coming to this country illegally, many of whom were racists and criminals. Booker expressed concern about Trump allowing his racist views to affect his decisions. Well, didn’t U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Sonya Sotomayor say that her ethnic background and attitudes would certainly affect the decisions she has to make?

Booker also pointed out that Trump said the he would not allow Muslims to come into this country because of how they pray. What Donald Trump actually said was he would not allow them into this country until this could be straightened out, meaning until they could be properly vetted.  

He ended his speech saying that families were the building block of this nation and that we were a nation, indivisible, under God, and God bless America. Some of the liberals had to have been upset with the mentioning of God and families.

Michelle Obama’s speech was not necessarily as political as the speeches given by Booker, Fauxkahontas, and Sanders. She seemed to dwell on what she and hubby have had to go through and have been called. While she didn’t say it outright, I’m guessing that she was saying she and hubby had difficulties because they’re black, though Barak is half white. You know what, Michelle, everyone has their difficulties and their crosses to bear. But look at you, you’re one of the most admired women on the planet (not by me, of course). Your every whim is catered to. You dine on expensive food, wear expensive clothes, and take expensive vacations. Doesn’t sound like you’ve had it all that bad.

She commented on having to wake up every day in a house built by slaves. She hasn’t awakened every morning during Barak’s presidency in the White House because she’s taken so many vacations. First, the White House was not built solely — or even primarily — by slaves. In addition to the slaves, the labor force consisted of local (from Maryland and Virginia) white laborers and artisans and a number of immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and other European nations. Second, the government paid the slaves who worked on the White House. While many of the surviving records only indicate payments made to their masters, at least one slave — Philip Reid — was paid directly, a sum of $1.25 per day ($31 per day in 2016 dollars).

Michelle also indicated that the United States was a great country, but that’s not what she said eight years ago. Eight years ago, she said, after hubby became the nominee, that this was the first time she had ever been proud of her country. Could she possibly have thought that Barak and Barak alone made this country great?

As one talking head observed, Fauxkahontas ripped the skin off of Donald Trump. This is no surprise since the two don’t like each other. In listing all the things that are wrong with this country and need solving, she directly blamed the Congressional Republicans for these wrongs. Again, like Booker and Sanders, she has seemed to have forgotten that Democrats controlled the Senate and the House during Obama’s first two years in office.

Bernie’s speech was mostly socialism/communism. He thanked his supporters for voting for “political revolution.” He also said to his supporters that he hoped they were willing to pay an enormous price as they begin the transformation of the United States of America. He’s looking forward to being a part of the transformation struggle. Little scary there.

Without actually using the word, “endorse,” he indicated that his full support would be directed her way and from what I understand, he had to beg and plead with his supporters to not cause problems at the convention.

Of course, he called for re-distribution of wealth and indicated that everyone who works a forty hour seek should not live in poverty. He also indicated that the minimum wage should be replaced with a living wage. Then there was more of the “free college” rhetoric. Karl Max 101. What else can I say?

At one point in his speech, Bernie talked about presidents before Obama had added to the national debt. But he failed to mention that Obama, all by himself, tripled the national debt during his presidency.

He also mentioned climate change, indicating that it is a great environmental crisis facing our planet and we must transform our energy from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Moving onto universal healthcare, he acknowledged what all of knew, that he is an advocate of the single-payer system. He wants every American to have access to health care. Wasn’t that what Obamacare was supposed to do, Bernie?

Finally, he called for the breaking up of financial institutions once they became too large, and the re-passage of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act. Bernie is also against the Trans-Pacific Partnership as is Donald Trump.

While a lot of us consider most things that Democrats say as disturbing, there were a few things said last night that should scare any American.

Both Fauxkahontas and Bernie called for shutting down Citizens United. According to its website, Citizens United is an organization dedicated to restoring our government to citizens’ control. Through a combination of education, advocacy, and grass roots organization, Citizens United seeks to reassert the traditional American values of limited government, freedom of enterprise, strong families, and national sovereignty and security. Citizens United’s goal is to restore the founding fathers’ vision of a free nation, guided by the honesty, common sense, and good will of its citizens. According to Wikipedia, it is a conservative 501(c) 4 non-profit organization.

Citizens United is a private organization and unless is it doing something illegal, it has every right to exist. The fact that Bernie and Fauxkahontas (I think) want to shut this organization down should send chills down everyone’s back. Shutting down private organizations such as Citizens United and the NRA is ruthless totalitarianism. Everyone should be scared. Liberals have also talked about shutting down the NRA, another private organization that has every right to exist.

Bernie talked about revolution and while it was by revolution that this country was founded, the very word does scare most of us. More specifically, Bernie talked about the political revolution and said he hoped that his supporters were be willing to pay an enormous price in transforming America. He further said that he was looking forward to participating in the struggles of the political revolution to transform the United States of America. Does this not sound like a declared goal, and one that is to be continued until this nation is completely transformed into the socialist/communist utopia that the liberals desire?

Today, many of the talking heads seem to be slobbering all over Michelle Obama and the speech she gave last night. No one hardly mentions Corey Booker’s speech. Tonight we’re certain to be entertained by Michael Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, and other members of “Mothers of the Movement,” which includes those who had loved ones who died due to gun violence while in police custody or as a result of police actions, whether the actions were justified and the victim was resisting arrest or attempting to kill the police officer, making no difference.

Lastly, former President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker. The former chief executive has grown older and has some serious health issues. We’ll be able to gauge how much his health problems and the aging process have affected his once high energy level.

And did anyone of you notice, there are no American flags in the convention hall; and last night, there was no mention of national security, ISIS, or any other Islamic terrorism group?



Some liberals are whining with respect to the FBI’s findings on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, citing the Bush email scandal of 2007. They’re lamenting that the situations are similar and the Bush email scandal didn’t get near the press coverage as Hillary’s email scandal.

Just because they were both email scandals, doesn’t make them similar. In fact, there are many differences. And while the Bush email scandal was certainly embarrassing, it pales in comparison to Hillary’s email scandal.


The Bush Email Scandal:

According to politifact.com, in March 2007, eyes were on then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales after the administration unexpectedly fired eight U.S. attorneys. Congress, recently taken over by Democrats, investigated the firings, alleging that the administration had cropped the prosecutors for political reasons.

Over the course of the investigation, it came out that some White House officials had conducted White House business over private email accounts set up on a server through the Republican National Committee. The officials had used the private domain gwb43.com, a server run by the RNC. The White House later admitted that some internal White House emails conducted on the RNC server might have been lost. Democrats in Congress accused the administration of purposefully circumventing recordkeeping processes, while the White House said staffers were supposed to use the RNC emails solely for political affairs, not official business.

Two years later, it was revealed that potentially 22 million emails were deleted, which was considered by some to be a violation of the Presidential Records Act.  Supposedly, the deleted emails were recovered from archives.

The Two Controversies Compared:

The Bush administration had two email accounts, one for official government business and another for RNC business. The RNC email server was not a home-grown system that President Bush installed in his home as was Hillary’s.

As Secretary of State and as a Senator, she signed a confidential agreement that all government emails would be sent and received through an official government account.  When she was Secretary of State, she used only the homegrown server set up in her home, a server which she personally had installed, for all her business as Secretary of State, and never used State Department email. By doing this, she put U.S. secrets at risk and her private email server was hacked by at least one person from a foreign government.

Furthermore, when the Bush email scandal came to light, Hillary Clinton said, “Our constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret White House email accounts. It is a stunning record of secrecy and corruption. Yet, she tells the whole world that she did nothing wrong.

All accounts of the Bush email scandal indicated that the president himself, was not directly involved. Instead, higher up White House officials, including Karl Rover were the ones implicated. Also, this controversy arose in 2007, the last phase of the Bush administration. When Hillary’s email scandal made the news, she was a candidate for President.

Will any liberals read the above? Perhaps. Will they understand it? Of course not!