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As we enter into a new year, many of us conservatives are optimistic about 2017. After all, Hillary was defeated. If she had won the presidential election, things would be looking very grim. And while we’re optimistic, challenges to conservatism will continue.

While Donald Trump comfortably won the presidency via the electoral college, Hillary won the popular vote with her margin of victory coming from California. According to the left, this makes President Elect Trump an illegitimate president. When you explain to the “tolerant left” that this method has been utilized to elected a president since this nation was born, they scoff and say it’s not fair, it should be one person, one vote. This vast number of “open-minded” folks don’t understand that you can’t just change the rules on the fly because they didn’t like the outcome.

With a Hillary win, Obamacare would have remained in place with costs on the rise and actual healthcare on the skids. We’re now looking forward to Obamacare being repealed and/or replaced. The consequences should be lower insurance premiums, lower deductibles, and better care for all of us. Furthermore, her administration would have continued to force pricey and unreliable green energy down our throats, and at the same time reduce drilling for oil on American soil and the relatively new private sector innovation, called fracking or hydraulic fracturing. Energy prices would necessarily rise, squeezing low and middle income individuals. High healthcare costs plus high energy costs! If any liberal dares say to me that the Democrat party is the party of low and middle income people, that liberal will get an “earful” from me.

The above are just two of the horrors we would be experiencing had Clinton been elected to the presidency. Additional horrors will be fodder for a future article.

Prominent and even not so prominent liberals have indicated that will take steps to refute everything president elect Trump tries to accomplishes, thus the left intends to make endless challenges to conservatism.

Hollywood elite, Michael Moore, has already told the left to be in Washington D.C. before and during the inauguration in order to non-violently disrupt the ceremonies and events taking place by conducting protests. There’s even a website where anyone can visit and learn about civil disobedience on 1/20. He also indicated that a “Million Women March” was to take place on the day after the inauguration, January 21. He is also encouraging those who cannot make it to Washington to organize local protests.

In addition to the above, Moore instructs leftists to intimidate their elected senators and representatives, threatening to oust them if they support Trump in any way. Liberals should also demand that Muslim Keith Ellison be named head of the Democrat National Committee, to form “rapid response teams, and to run for public office themselves.

According to Conservative Tribune, there is an organization spearheading the protests at the inauguration called #disruptj20.org. Featured items on the organizations website include training camps starting Jan. 8 and continuing until Inauguration Day. Classes will include resistance, protesting, and how to proceed when you get arrested. It doesn’t sound to me like this “disruptj20” is encouraging non-violent protests. Constitution.com is also reporting that the organization of planning to create a “sense of crisis” to harass attendees at the inauguration and possibly to carry out some sort of drone strikes on the crowd. How does Michael Moore think that these snowflakes can possibly endure spending a night in jail when they have to seek safe spaces, where a grandmotherly figure serves them hot chocolate with marshmallows, when someone says something that offends and hurts their feelings?

Former MSNBC liberal commentator, Keith Olbermann, who appears to be spiraling out of control as a result of the 2016 presidential election, now hosts a GQ web series called, “The Resistance,” according to ijr.com. He is encouraging those on the left to humiliate President Trump every day and to call him stupid. He is also instructing liberals to find a Trump supporter every day and remind them that Trump lost the popular vote. Olbermann said, “Resistance means repetition, humiliate him, humiliate him every day, and those who support him. We are in this nightmare because at some point we stopped punishing stupidity in this country. We will not fix this core problem by appeasing the cretins…When you see something stupid, call someone stupid.”

Even former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, Robert Reich has instructed liberals to resist Donald Trump and anything he does, not only as president of the United States, but anything at all that he does.

Challenges to Conservatism? I’ll say. Plus, there will be challenges to the incoming president, Donald Trump and to individuals such as you and me. Because I hold myself out as a professional political writer, I’ve gotten used to being called names, but I’m afraid that with all the challenges to conservatism that will be taking place, fellow conservatives, who certainly shouldn’t be treated this way in the United States of America will be subject to undeserved assaults by the left.

The good people of this country are going to endure a lot in the coming months and perhaps years. Since the inception of the United States of America, most all generations have had to endure hardships. Attacks from those who are also citizens of this country, will be one more hardship.



My liberal Democrat friends all want to know what I think of Donald Trump. Will I be supporting him whole-heartedly, will I hold my nose and connect the arrows by his name on Election Day, will I stay home, or will I actually do something I’ve never done in my life and vote for the Democrat candidate for president? I actually had a friend who is clueless when it comes to politics and current events ask me sincerely if I was supporting Hillary. Again, this lady is clueless.

In order to find out where I stand on Donald Trump, all friends, not just Democrat friends are going to have to read this post.

Here goes. I have some major problems with Donald Trump. While he’s one of the best business men on the planet, he has no public sector experience. I think you need both in order to serve as president. To say that the public sector and the private sector march to the beat of a different drum is putting it mildly. When Donald Trump wants something done, it gets done just because he orders in done. This is true with private business. Private business is not a democracy. Those of us who have spent decades working in the private sector know that when our boss tells us to do something, we had better do it or risk getting fired for insubordination. If you work in the private sector, you can be “called in” and fired for no reason. This doesn’t happen often. In fact, I only know of one instance where this happened. Of course, there was an underlying reason, but it was one that department management didn’t want in the records. In governing, especially being president of the United States, it just doesn’t work that way. Donald Trump as president is not going to have the same power as Donald Trump CEO had. How is he going to deal with it? Will he do what Obama has done? “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone and I’m going to use them when Congress doesn’t give me what I want.” While the Obama zombies and the mainstream media allowed Obama to get by with this statement and even applauded him, the mainstream media and left will never let a Republican president get by with this. Having said the above, I would have had the same problem with outsiders Karly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson.

In a Republican nominee for president, I wanted someone who would first and foremost take steps to repeal Obamacare, the most insidious thing every wrought upon the American public by the American government. Then I wanted the Republican nominee to indicate that he or she would go through and “uncheck” all of the executive orders that Barak Obama signed, thereby going outside of Congress to make law.

Candidate Trump has been accused of flip-flopping on many things including universal health care. After reviewing his statements on healthcare from the website on the issues.org, I’m getting mixed signals. Initially, he was for universal healthcare and indicated that he was liberal when it comes to healthcare. Now, he’s indicating that Obamacare is a complete disaster and should be repealed in its entirety. Trump does believe, though, that pre-existing conditions should be covered.

Trump on abortion admits that he was once pro-choice, but is not pro-life. A lot of pro-choice folks have converted to pro-life stances. I have no problem with that what-so-ever.

Soaking the rich is something that Donald Trump has advocated by calling for a 14.25% tax on the net worth of wealthy Americans in order to eliminate the national debt. I’ve never been in favor of soaking the rich. It never works and generally serves to hurt middle and low income individuals.

He also feels that the Department of Education should be abolished so that education can be handled locally. In addition, he thinks the EPA is a disgrace and should be cut, that climate change is a hoax, and that solar energy is a bad investment.

Furthermore, every time I tune into the news, the talking heads are discussing some sort of flip-flop he has made.

However, have you looked at the alternative? If Hillary Clinton is elected president, we can kiss this country good-bye. We simply cannot let her get elected. If she’s elected, we may very well have single payer health care coverage rammed down our throats. She will continue to gut the military and do nothing about ISIS. In addition, she will continue her war on the coal industry putting thousands of workers out of jobs and cause energy prices to rise. Green energy, no matter how unreliable and costly will also be rammed down our throats. Foreign policy will continue to be a joke.

Good Lord willing, I will be at the polling place on Election Day and will probably hold my nose as I vote. For additional information on where Nominee Trump stands on the issues, you can visit this website. Trump on the issues.




The website, ConservativeReview.com is the best site I’ve found for illustrating where the different Republican presidential candidates stand on the issues. The issues it lists are as follows:

  • Budget, Spending, and Debt
  • Civil Liberties
  • Education
  • Energy and Environment
  • Foreign Policy and Defense
  • Free Market
  • Health Care and Entitlements
  • Immigration
  • Moral Issues
  • Second Amendment
  • Taxes, Economy, and Trade

On the scorecard page, the website administrators give the candidates green, yellow, or red dots for their stand on each of the above issues. Green means good, yellow means mixed, and red means bad. For example, candidate Donald Trump was awarded a green dot for his stance on immigration because he wants to deport all illegals and build a wall on the United States/Mexico border. On the other hand, Mr. Trump is given a red dot on Free Market because he supports the seizure of private land for economic development by private investors, he supported President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package, and he supported TARP.

An eyeball review of the colored dots indicates that Ted Cruz is the most conservative, being awarded 10 green dots and 1 yellow dot. The yellow dot was for Free Market. Lindsey Graham looks to be the most liberal having been awarded 8 red dots, 3 yellow dots, and no green dots. Cruz and libertarian, Rand Paul were the only candidates who received no red dots. Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina, and Lindsey Graham were the only candidates that did not receive a green dot.

Of the eight candidates that participated in the “primary debate” telecasted by Fox Business Network on November 10, Carly Fiorina was awarded the most red dots, 7.

By clicking on a dot under a particular candidates’ picture, you will be directed to a page with content outlining the details of each candidates’ stances.

Because we’ve all grown up with government provided safety nets and become used to them, no one is a pure conservative Furthermore, most of us are not in favor of eliminating government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, or unemployment compensation.

I’m not about to outline the details of the top eight candidates’ stances on all of the above issues. You can do that yourself. However, the following will give a brief description of Donald Trump’s and Dr. Ben Carson’s stances on the issues that are the most important to me and possibly to you, also.

Donald Trump

Healthcare/Entitlements: Has said, “I will fight to end Obamacare and replace it with something that makes sense for people in business and not bankrupt the country. However, he has advocated for universal healthcare in a system similar to the Canadian system and has indicated that our objective should be to make reforms for the moment and, longer term, to find an equivalent of the single-payer plan that is affordable, well-administered, and provides freedom of choice.

Energy/Environment: Believes that climate change is a hoax. Advocates utilizing America’s natural energy and oil resources. Supports fracking and nuclear energy. Opposes cap and trade policies. Did support the renewable fuel mandate.

Tax Plan: Reduces the top marginal rates on individuals from 39.6% to 25%. The plan has a bottom rate of 0%, a tax bracket for anyone making between $25 and $50 thousand. Reduce the corporate rate to 15%. Reduce capital gains and dividend taxes. Eliminate death tax.

Immigration: Wants to build a wall on our southern border and get Mexico to pay for it. Opposes amnesty for illegals. Supports ending the birthright citizenship loophole frequently employed by illegals. Said he would deport any Syrian refugees let into the United States by the Obama administration.

Foreign Policy: Sees Obama as a serious threat to Israel. Says he has an absolute way of defeating ISIS that would be decisive and quick, but wouldn’t do so until ISIS toppled Syrian dictator, Bashir al-Assad. Opposed nuclear talks with Iran. Opposed the second Iraq War. Made the case for not removing troops immediately from Iraq because of the potential for Iraq to become radicalized by Iran. Believes U.S. forces have no role in the Middle East.

Dr. Ben Carson

Healthcare/Entitlements: Has said that Obamacare is the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. Supports health savings accounts and other free-market reforms in place of Obamacare. Believes that any fix to the long-term solvency of Social Security must start by gradually the age seniors become eligible for benefits based on the rise in life expectancy.

Energy/Environment: Opposes policies aimed at regulating climate change and supports increased energy production. Believes that developing our energy resources is a key component of world peace. Believes the EPA’s responsibilities should be focused on working with the private industry and academia to find the safest and cleanest ways to utilize our natural resources.

Tax Plans: Has proposed a ten percent flat tax based on the biblical concept of tithing. But has said that the 10% number is not necessarily the number he would propose. Has said that Obama is wrong that raising the minimum wage will reduce income inequality. Has said that he supports raising the minimum wage, a form of government wage controls. Proposed the democrat idea of indexing the minimum wage to inflation so that we never have to have this conversation again in the history of America. Opposed passing Trade Promotion Authority to give Obama fast-track authority.

Immigration: Supports a national guest-worker program. Said that immigration reform should start by ending 5incentives for illegal immigrants. When asked about a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in 2013, he said, “of course allow illegal immigrants to have a pathway to citizenship.

Foreign Policy: Has indicated simplistically that the solution for combatting terrorism is not war, but ending our oil dependency on Arab states, stating, “the terrorists will be defunded, and that’s the way you get them.” Blames low morale and weakness in our current military on the sequester spending cuts. Strong supporter of Israel. Called the Iran deal the worst deal in American history. Has shown a lack of understanding of the way foreign governments work.

In subsequent posts, I will continue outlining candidates’ stances on these issues. However to obtain additional details, which you will surely need to determine which candidate gets your vote, visit the conservativereview.com site.



Right before the November 4 mid-term election, the current first lady of the United States told black voters that there was no need for them to think when deciding how to vote. Just vote straight Democrat, she advised them. Talk about condescending and racist!

For the most part, I’ve been lucky in the jobs and positions that I have held during my career in corporate America. I can only think of one time that one of my employers tried to influence the employees before election. I was working for an insurance company and tort reform was a hot topic. Naturally, the high level executives of any insurance company would prefer that employees vote for the pro tort reform candidates. And these candidates were Republicans.

I didn’t grow up in a political household and politics was rarely discussed. Daddy was a southern Democrat and Mama was a Republican. One thing that both Mama and Daddy emphasized was how I voted should be my decision and no one else’s. They also emphasized that voting was and should be a private matter and that I should never ask someone how they voted. When I joined the Greater Birmingham Young Republicans club, I told them, but didn’t talk much about the political activities in which I was involved. Mama and Daddy are now deceased and they would not be happy about this blog.

My Dad’s younger sister, who is also deceased, was a very political person and a strong liberal Democrat and I might add, one of the most prejudiced and bigoted people in the world. At one point were discussing how to meet men and one of the things that she suggested was that I get involved with Young Democrats. When I told her that I was a Republican, she was horrified and subsequently made a long distance call from her home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to my parents’ home in Cullman, Alabama. For her to do this, she had to be very upset because Aunt Mary Ruth was also one of the cheapest folks to ever walk the face of this earth. When she called, Daddy answered the phone and she immediately yelled at Daddy, “Woodrow, how could you have possibly raised a Republican child?” Then Daddy told her that he thought that was my business. Aunt Mary Ruth then indicated that it was Mama that probably had an influence on me. Somehow before the conversation ended, Mama found out that Aunt Mary Ruth had said that. Well, Mama grabbed the receiver out of Daddy’s hand and let Aunt Mary Ruth know that any decisions that I had made regarding politics and how I voted, I made on my own. And Mama was right.

I really do think if people were left alone to make their own decisions regarding voting, there would be a lot more people casting their votes for Republicans. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Republican admitting to voting Republican because their employer or any group encouraged them to.  On the other hand, it seems like every Democrat I know votes that way because some kind of advocacy group has told them to. Blacks vote Democrat, it seems, because the NAACP and other black advocacy groups have insisted that they do so. The same goes for educators where the teacher’s unions have told them they should vote Democrat.

It’s been determined that women lean Democrat because they care about education, healthcare, poverty, and other social issues. But if you care about education, healthcare, poverty, and other social issues, why in the world would you vote Democrat? The Democrats certainly don’t care about education. Their stance against school choice screams that. Same thing for healthcare. It’s the Democrats who are in the process of socializing it so that it costs more and is not as high quality as it was before socialization took place. As far as poverty goes, the poverty rate has gone up and up since the Democrats instituted government hand-outs and told us in the 1960s that for just a few dollars a week, we could totally wipe out poverty.

So, if you are a woman and really care about education, healthcare, poverty, and other social issues, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU VOTING DEMOCRAT?