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When I was growing up, I was taught that the word, “hate,” was a terrible word and should be used only sparingly. You shouldn’t say you hate somebody, you should say you don’t care for somebody. Instead of saying I hate beets, you should say, I don’t care for beets.

In this day and age, though, “hate” and its derivatives have become mainstream words. Now how did that happen? If you’re expecting me to say that the liberals started the “hate” phenomenon, you are correct!

Dating back to the 20th century, liberals embraced the emotion of “hate.” I can recall the animal rights group, PETA, throwing buckets of blood on people who dared wear a fur coat, made from real animal skins. I also remember these same folks attacking laboratories in protest of using animals for testing of various items from cosmetics to over-the-counter drugs. These people were vicious, letting nothing stop them in their quest to destroy anything and anyone who disagreed with them. Instead of approaching their so-called adversaries and seeking to address their concerns, they destroyed property that wasn’t theirs and made many enemies.

Shortly thereafter, we started hearing the term, “hate speech” thrown around by those on the left. While I’m not exactly sure what constitutes hate speech and the liberals change the definition on the fly, I believe it has something to do with what liberals consider disparaging talk with regard to minorities, particularly when it comes to race and sexual preference. Of course, any denigrating speech about southern, white, conservative, straight, Christians is perfectly allowable because southern, white, conservative, straight Christians are so terrible that they deserve it. This was the beginning of Orwellianism in this nation. While you couldn’t be prosecuted for what the liberals considered hate speech, you could certainly be slandered by those on the left.

In the nineties, we also started hearing about “hate crimes” and what constituted a hate crime. If a white person murdered a black person, was it because that person was black? And if so, you were guilty of what the liberals termed a “hate crime” and that “hate crime” was subject to punishment more severe than a “non-hate crime” murder. It became the job of the prosecution to get inside the assailants head and determine what he or she was thinking at the time of the murder. I do have trouble with the “hate crime” concept. How is murdering someone because you don’t like their skin color any different from murdering them for any other reason? Ask a liberal? Again, this is another Orwellian concept of attempting to get into one’s head and determine one’s thoughts. Your thoughts are not your own anymore.

Now, the word, “haters,” is used every day in common place situations. If someone is critical of your efforts, that person is a hater. Of course, liberals commonly accuse conservatives of being haters if they don’t agree with the liberal philosophy of governing or disagree with the current liberal president’s policies. If you’re not for government run healthcare, you hate the sick; if you’re against entitlement spending, you hate the poor; if you’re against affirmative action, you hate minorities; and the list goes on.

One thing that particularly annoys me about liberals and their love affair with the word “hate” and its derivatives, is the way the accuse you of being a hater if you don’t like the current president. Look at how many liberals hated George W. Bush and said terrible things about him. But just let a conservative say he or she doesn’t agree with the current president’s policies, the liberal automatically label him or her as a hater and a racist. They don’t even attempt to engage in a political dialogue.

I made a comment once that it was Democrats that actually looked down on women and advocated paying for all birth control methods for all women because women couldn’t control their libidos. For this comment, I was accused of hating all government programs and those who were recipients of those government programs including Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, etc. Talk about a stretch! So, if you disagree with one government entitlement program, you’re accused by liberals of hating all entitlement programs and those individuals who are recipients of those programs.

If you come to the conclusion that it’s actually the liberals who are haters, you are right. They invented the concepts of hate-speech, hate crimes, and don’t hesitate to call those who disagree with them haters. I live in central Alabama, yes central Alabama and never have I head the current president called the N-word (that would be hate-speech to the liberals). My fellow Republicans do not agree with his policies and most don’t like his disrespect for the American people. His wife is not a favorite of a lot of folks around here; but the root of their dislike is the comments she made to the effect that this was the first time she had ever been proud of her country when her husband became the Democratic nominee for president prior to the 2008 presidential elections.

Liberals don’t want to hear any of this, but they are the actual haters in this nation. The depths of their hatred towards the poor, the middle class, and minorities is so profound that their goals are to keep these people “in their place” by controlling every aspect of their lives. They call the rest of us haters in order to direct the attention away from themselves.

They will not stop until they have control over all of the people they hate, including the poor, the middle class, minorities, Christians, and white people. Should we even try to stop them? One day, we will have to in order to maintain the American way of life. Drastic measures may have to be employed. Are we willing to do what is necessary?



An article posted to American Thinker, yesterday, June 16, 2015, authored by Christopher Chantrill, entitled “The Only Privilege in America is Liberal Privilege,” says it all.

In the last couple of years, we are hearing the term, “white privilege.” Frankly, I wasn’t sure what it meant, so I googled it, and I’m still not sure if I have a firm grasp on “white privilege.” “White supremacy” was a term used several decades ago with much of its use by the Ku Klux Klan, and the phrase is now surfacing in the 21st century, used by liberals desiring to label all white Americans as inherently racist and bigoted.

In his writing, Mr. Chantrill indicates that “white privilege” and “male privilege” make good catchphrases for community organizers and social justice warriors. They can make anyone who is not a male and who is not white victims and blame the men and the white folks.

I never thought of the term, “liberal privilege” until I read Mr. Chantrill’s article. Liberal privilege exists! A liberal can say anything and get away with it. Remember when the late Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia, used the n-word on the Senate floor? Very little was said about it and the liberals gave him a pass. Also, the late Senator was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. That little fact very seldom surfaced and when it was brought out, mostly by conservatives, liberals were quick to dismiss it indicating that the Senator was a changed man. If a Republican was running for the House or Senate and had once been a member of the KKK, he would be immediately demonized and forced out of the race.

When speaking at the 100th birthday party of the late Republican Senator Strom Thurmond from South Carolina, Senator Trent Lott, Republican from Mississippi told the attendees that this country would have been much better off if Senator Thurmond had been elected President in 1948 when he campaigned for the presidency under the States’ Rights Democratic (Dixiecrat) party. Senator Thurmond had some personal issues and was a strong segregationist. Senator Lott ultimately had to resign his position as House Majority Leader because of a speech made at a private birthday party honoring a 100 year old gentleman. The movement to demonize Senator Lott was led by liberals, of course.

I have mentioned so many times in my posts that liberals change the definition of racism to meet their needs of the moment. What passes for racism these days is beyond me. But as I’ve indicated many times on many posts, I have not evolved, so I’m an unenlightened oaf and incapable of understanding liberal thought.

A liberal can accuse a conservative of anything and it doesn’t have to be true. Then, the burden of proof is on the conservative to prove what the liberal said is false. When former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was running for president in 2012, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, on the Senate floor accused candidate Romney of not paying his taxes. Of course, Governor Romney had paid his taxes and had to show proof that he did. When asked about his lies on the Senate floor about Governor Romney, Senator Reid responded, “He didn’t get elected.” There was no remorse on the part of Senator Reid for his deliberate lies.

If you’re not convinced that liberal privilege is dominant in American political culture, remember Brendan Eich who was forced to resign his position as CEO of Mozilla, because he made a donation to a group that supported traditional marriage (that between one man and one woman).

Liberals “holler” to the top of their lungs that conservatives are ignorant, racists, bigots, uneducated, haters, morons, etc. They get away with it and it’s left to the conservative to prove that what liberals are saying about them s untrue. In fact, I believe it’s the liberals who are the racists, the bigots, and the haters.

How do we stop liberal privilege? It’s hard to do when the main stream media has their back. In addition to being racists, bigots, and haters themselves, liberals are also bullies. And what happens when you turn on a bully and give it right back to him or her? They usually roll over. We have to remember that liberals can’t win argument on the facts, conservatism is much more defendable that liberalism. When liberals begin their usual methods of operation, hurling insults and attempting to force conservatives to lose their train of thought, conservatives must be prepared, stay focused on the issue(s) at hand, and suggest a reasonable debate of the issue(s). That will make a liberal turn and run quicker than anything.

I want to thank Christopher Chantrill for his coinage of the term “liberal privilege” and his valuable insight to the real privileged in America today.