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A meme from “Go Left” appeared on my Facebook news feed stating the following: “People yell that President Obama has divided America. But Obama didn’t divide our country, their unwarranted hatred of him did. Electing him was like turning on a light in a dark room and exposing the cockroaches.”


There are differences of opinion on how we should govern ourselves because our founding fathers set up our nation that way. Because of the way this nation was set up, we have the right to voice our opinions without fear of government reprisal.

There’s not one issue with which I agree with Barak Obama, and I have the right to say that. Since Obama has been in office, he has “trashed” Republicans repeatedly. Plus in the first term of his presidency, he called upon folks to listen for any comments that disparaged his policies and agenda. This is in contrast to former President George W. Bush, who, many times indicated that Americans had the right to disagree with him. President Bush even met with parents, spouses, and other family members of those military personnel who were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but were against the wars.

Barak Obama was elected to the presidency to be the president of all Americans, not just Democrats, not just blacks and other minorities. Instead of being the president of the United States, Barak Obama didn’t waste any time in interjecting himself into a local level dust-up in which he had no business becoming involved. This incident involved Professor Louis Gates, Jr., a black professor, who was returning to his Cambridge, Massachusetts home after a trip to China. Finding the door to his house jammed, he was trying to open it when he was arrested by police Sargent James Crowley. Sargent Crowley was responding to a 911 call in which the caller reported there were men breaking and entering Gates’ residence. Gates was never charged.

On July 22, 2009, six days after the incident, Barak Obama said the following: “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that…the police acted stupidly…there is a history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.” Subsequently a “beer summit” was held at the White House where Professor Gates and Officer Crowley were treated to beers with Obama.

Again, this was something in which the current president should have never involved himself. It was a low-level local matter. If the local NAACP wanted to get involved, that would probably be okay, but the incident was nothing close to the level where the leader of the free world should be putting his priorities, including protecting the people of this country, aside to become involved in a local dust-up.

The cases of Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown were also local level incidents where the president had no business interjecting himself into, much less sending a representative to the funeral of Michael Brown, a thug who, before he was shot, robbed a convenience store and then while being apprehended, tried to take Police Officer Darren Wilson’s gun away. Subsequently, representatives of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which arose out of the Michael Brown shooting, was predicated on a lie, and currently advocates the killing of law enforcement officers and the destruction of property, were invited to the White House.

Not only has this president sought to divide this country along racial lines, he has sought to divide us along socio-economic lines. He has constantly harped that the rich don’t pay enough in taxes and has told low and middle income individuals that the rich are evil and anyone who is rich somehow became that through nefarious actions. He has further indicated that the rich, particularly the rich Republicans hate the poor and want them to suffer when, in reality, it is the other way around. Because no one ever got rich receiving entitlements such as food stamps and welfare from the government, we want as many folks as possible to be off these programs so they can prosper.

The president and his henchmen have also led lower and middle income individuals to believe that the Republicans don’t care about the environment by constantly preaching the doctrine of man-made climate change. This administration and its followers have also indicated that Republicans want dirty air, dirty water, and to throw Grandma off the cliff (a phrase often used by conservative commentator, Sean Hannity). In the liberals’ quest to gain as much control over our lives as they possibly can, they have demonized fossil fuels and fracking, an innovative way to safely and efficiently extract oil natural gas from beneath the earth’s surface. Fracking was developed by the private sector oil companies…the government had nothing to do with it, except for trying to shut the process down. Because of this innovation, energy prices have decreased, giving low income and middle income individuals some much needed relief.

Of course, the liberals would have you believe that they are champions of lower and middle class individuals and that the Republicans only champion the rich. Well, the “tolerant” left won’t even acknowledge that there is information available that refutes man-made climate change. They are so anxious to cram that theory down our throats and to preach to the American people that unless we immediately get off fossil fuels and go to green energy, we’re doomed. But as President Obama indicated, the price of energy will necessarily rise. The president wants energy costs to rise so we’ll use less of it. If this president and the liberals were really champions of the poor and the middle class, they would be anxious for any discovery out there which would delineate the climate change theory.

Thus, we’re just as divided along socio-economic lines as racial lines.

And let’s not forget religious lines. Even though this president claims to be a Christian, he never misses a change to disparage Christianity. However, when it comes to Islam, he constantly advises the American people to not judge the nation or religion of Islam based on the actions of a few. Of course, after Dylan Roof, the shooter of black church members in Charleston, was seen in a picture on social media with a Confederate battle flag, anyone who so much as owns a Confederate flag belt buckle was labeled a racist, a white supremacist, etc. The president has also referred to Christians and gun owners as “clinging to their guns and their Bibles.”

I don’t see how anyone in their right mind, could say that hatred for Barak Obama divided this country. It was Obama, his administration and liberals at all levels who have divided this country, not the unwarranted hatred of him as the “tolerant” left would have you believe.



The current President vetoed the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and yesterday, the Senate failed to get enough votes to override that veto. That was expected and while I was certainly hoping that five additional Democrats would come over to our side, it didn’t happen. Will the GOP be able to get it passed while this President is still in office? We’ll have to see.

Of course, liberals are rejoicing over the GOPs failure to get enough votes to override the veto. I guess they don’t want jobs, even if many of them are temporary created for working class Americans. I guess they don’t want our ports to prosper by transporting the oil to other countries. I guess they don’t want to take steps and be a part of allowing freedom loving countries to be independent of Middle Eastern oil.

I’m about to take up a new mantra: If you’re against fossil fuels, you hate the middle class and you hate the poor. I could also say that you’re racist bigots, but I don’t think I could make that stand, even though liberals hurl that at conservatives whenever they please because they have put themselves in charge of defining racism. And it sometimes changes hourly.

I’m not against developing new sources of energy, not in the least. In fact, our nation’s oil companies are doing that even as I write this. But we can’t afford to eliminate fossil fuels. Energy produced from fossil fuels is cheaper. The so-called green energy that the liberals advocate, including the current President, is expensive. Most of us can’t afford to totally go green.

I recently took a vacation, yes a vacation, to the northern Gulf Coast. I drove my SUV and purchased about 2-1/2 tanks of gasoline that I would not have purchased if I had stayed home. I also ate out every meal. In other words, I pumped extra money into the economy down there, including generous tipping of servers. I stayed at a nice hotel where I had complete control of the temperature in my room. I benefitted because I really needed to get away and my destination benefited because I was able to pump some money into their economy.

If the price of gas was what the liberals and the current President want it to be, I might have stayed at home. If it was costing a fortune to heat my house, like the liberals want, I might also have stayed at home. Due to the current President and the liberals, I’m already having to pay a fortune for health insurance and getting less than what I had. But because I have worked hard in the past and continue to work hard, I was able to afford a modest vacation to the northern Gulf Coast, about a half days drive from my home in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

So, with liberals, including the current President hating fossil fuels and wanting to do away with them before a viable, cost-effective alternative is developed should indicate to even those who operate with only one brain cell, that the current President and his henchmen are anti-middle class. They want us to drive cars that can barely go above 50 miles per hour. They want us to be uncomfortable in our homes because the price to heat and cool our homes to our comfort level is unaffordable.

To those of you who think that liberals/democrats/progressives are champions of the middle class, you are horribly misinformed. They’re not your friends. They want you to suffer in your own home. They want you to pay more for health insurance while getting less. They hate you, they hate you, and they hate you. They think you’re too stupid to make your own decisions. They want to control every aspect of your life.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how liberals are anti-middle class due to their energy policies. Of course, I could go on and on, demonstrating how the liberals are anti-middle class. That will be for future posts and won’t stop until I have convinced everyone that liberals/Democrats/progressives and anything but pro-middle class.



I have liberal friends, most of whom won’t go near this blog. There’s one, however, who does read it and thinks it’s terrible. She said to me one day, “Nancy, do you really believe the things you write?” While I have posted some spoofy, satirical pieces; for the most part, I do believe what I write. Some is speculation based on what I’m hearing from our nation’s more well-known liberals and some is based on actual experiences.

In one of my posts in November, I stated that the Federal Government is doing bad things to us. And I certainly believe they are. The current president says that he wants our energy bills to increase because he wants us to use less energy. That tells me that he doesn’t want us to be comfortable in our homes, and he doesn’t want us to enjoy driving our automobiles. Does he not want us to take road trips or airplane trips for that matter? He obviously doesn’t want any of us to have money and doesn’t care if his policies result in job losses. In trying to do away with fossil fuels and put in their place, his green energy initiatives, he is telling us to our faces that he doesn’t want us to be comfortable. Green energy is certainly not ready to take the place of fossil fuels.

And what about Obamacare? For most of us, premiums are increasing, deductibles and co-pays are increasing, and we probably won’t get to keep our doctors or our pharmacies. I do believe the quality of our healthcare will decrease, along with quality of life for most of us. According to statistics we were fed, fifteen million Americans did not have health insurance. Instead of concentrating on those fifteen million and implementing a solution whereby those desiring health insurance and were not able to procure it, could now do so, the current president and his henchmen destroyed the system for all of us.

An excerpt from that November post reads as follows: “This president and the Democrats want to destroy the United States of America as we know it. They want every single man, woman, and child to be dependent upon government for livelihood. They want everyone to live in cookie cutter houses, to drive cookie cutter cars, to wear the same slovenly outfits that are worn in other socialist countries, to eat gruel, and so forth. They don’t want everyone to have access to quality healthcare; they just want to control every aspect of your life. “

This president has said that he wanted to fundamentally change the United States of America. At the time he said this, many folks were unhappy with President George W. Bush. They wanted to see some changes. Some folks were weary of the wars that we were fighting and desired changes in foreign policy. Some thought our economic policies were not working and felt we needed a different approach. So, change sounded good to them. But for me and so many conservatives, the president’s words were definite cause for alarm. Fundamentally change? Just what kind of change is he talking about? It’s come to pass that he wasn’t talking about different approaches to areas such as foreign policy, energy, the economy, education, etc. He, instead, was promoting change to the very fabric of this nation, the constitution and the planks that our forefathers laid out for us to build upon.

With Obamacare, the democrats used every legislative trick in the book to cram that piece of unpopular legislation down our throats, certainly subverting our legislative process. If the democrats had played by the rules, the legislation would have required 60 votes in the Senate and with the election of Republican Scott Brown to replace the deceased Edward Kennedy, 60 votes in the Senate wasn’t going to happen.

And look at all of his executive actions and his statement that he had a pen and a phone and intended to use them to go around Congress if Congress failed to give him what he wanted. Yes, all presidents have used executive actions and I’m uncomfortable with any president using them. However, most executive actions by former presidents have been procedural in nature and we never heard about them, even from the liberal media. But this president is in our faces with these actions and is taking on the characteristics of a dictator. In the past he did make statements to the effect that there was so much he wanted to do, but the U.S. Constitution kept him from doing these things. Well now, it looks like he has no shame and it going to do what he wants through executive orders.

Yes, I do believe what I stated in the November blog posts as well as other posts. If he could fully have his way, we would all be living is identical cookie cutter houses, driving fuel efficient vehicles, maybe not eating gruel, but eating something equally as unappetizing. Wealth created would be distributed in his quest to make all of us equal. The second amendment would be repealed leaving us defenseless against those who are able to obtain firearms illegally.

In some of my posts, I may be kind of out there on the cusp, but I do believe everything I write I do believe has the potential of coming true if liberals continue to get their way.