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After a not so great night’s sleep, I wake up to the news that the people of Great Britain had voted to break away from the European Union in order to be a sovereign nation, the process termed, Brexit. Polls indicated that the voters would lean toward staying with the EU and the current president of the United States spoke against pulling out.

When I first heard the news, I have to admit that I wondered what this would do to my investment portfolio. Would I be able to continue pursuing my dreams or would I have to get a day job and put my dreams on hold? That remains to be seen.

Once I got over the above selfish hump, my mind went racing. The stalwart British culture that we still kind of depend upon for civility was no more. So many immigrants were allowed to pour into England to the extent that the great city of London was no longer recognizable. Much of London no longer resembled the London that we grew up with…the Beatles, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, the Tower of Big Ben, and Piccadilly Circus. Instead, parts of London resembled the Middle East and the West Indies.

In April, President Obama spoke to the American people indicating that breaking away from the EU would be a huge mistake. The current president indicated that he only wanted to negotiate trade agreements with the EU and not separate countries. Before becoming part of the EU, Great Britain was an exceptional country, along with the United States of America. It’s obvious that Great Britain wants to return to being an exceptional nation. However the current president of the United States wants the USA to remain on a status quo with everyone else, no exceptionalism. So does presumed Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

While the current president and the Democrat nominee for president want the United States to remain on even keep with other countries around the globe, presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump wants to make American great again. In other words, he wants this nation to once again become the greatest nation on earth.

With the good people of Great Britain voting to take back their country, how will the American people vote in November? Will they also vote to take back our country, to secure our borders, to insist that those immigrants who desire to come to America be prepared to assimilate to the American way of life? If you want to be a part of the United States of America and go through the process of becoming an American the right way, we want you, and we’re proud that you’re an American.

Will other EU countries follow suit? What will happen to the European Union as we know it today? Presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump commented on Brexit while in Scotland, indicating that there are parallels to the situation in the U.S. and people want to take their country back. Judge Jeanine Pirro or Fox Cable News agreed with Trump indicating that the vote means that people want a nation-state.

In addition  to President Barak Obama indicating  that he was opposed to Great Britain breaking away from the EU, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and British Prime minister, David Cameron were against it also.

As a Christian who follows scripture, including scripture about the end times, I’m wondering  how this incorporates into biblical prophecy? These are questions which have yet to be answered, and I am anxious to hear biblical scholar and expert, Dr. David Jeremiah’s thoughts on this. How will it affect our own presidential election in November?

As this scenario continues to unfold, I will be posting about what’s taking place as well as my own thoughts.