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According to allenbwest.com, in an article written by Michelle Jesse, the current president, even as the Pope was just barely off the ground, departing the U.S., took the opportunity to make his most strident statement yet about limits to Americans’ religious freedom. He made one point crystal clear in “his America, LGBT rights trump religious liberty.

According to Breitbart, as Pope Francis few back to Rome, President Obama issued a stern warning to Christians, warning them that their attempts to assert their religious liberty to oppose gay rights would fail. In a dramatic speech at a LGBT fundraiser in New York City this past Sunday night, the president indicated that we have to say clearly that our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights. This event was a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee and was specifically billed as an LGBT gala.

During his speech, Obama asserted that his administration was respecting what he described as “genuine concerns” of religious institutions, but suggested that Republicans were using the issue just to earn more votes, as they did in 2004. The current president went on to assert that America had left the leaders of the Republican Party behind.

Also, in the speech, he ridiculed Dr. Ben Carson for suggesting that “prison turns you gay” and added that another Republican candidate had boasted of his introduction of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, likely referring to Senator Ted Cruz. Alluding to Governor Mike Huckabee, the president mocked a candidate who said that “Americans should just disobey the Supreme Court’s ruling entirely.

Ms. Jesse goes on to write that the president’s speech will provide another rallying point for liberals eager to demonstrate their “openness” and “tolerance” for anything except certain religions. I’ll go a little farther than that and say that it will create multiple rallying points for liberals to disparage Christianity plus conservatism.

Liberals/Democrats/Progressives or whatever you want to call them, in their quest to fully control our lives via big government, are constantly asking for snippets limiting our freedoms. “Just give us this, they say,” but they never stop. Small chunks are our freedom are bitten off by liberals in termite fashion. Then one day we wake up and have lost our most fundamental freedoms, including the freedom to practice our faith.

People laugh at me when I express concern that one day we may not be able to say a prayer in a restaurant before eating or give the impression that we’re praying in any other public place.

Ms. Jesse feels that if there’s one thing we might thank Obama for, it’s that his blatant disregard for this republic’s founding principles and due process has ignited a mobilizing anger within many Americans who had previously been disengaged or disconnected from the electoral process.

Is the current President a Christian? He says he is and has claimed to be a person of faith. However, that’s not for me or any of us to judge. He, like all of us, will one day be judged by The Almighty.

Because we studied it in school and were brought up with the knowledge that we would always be free to practice our religion or our faith in the United States of America, it should be alarming to anyone that the President of the United States is now dis-allowing Americans that right.

Overseas, Christians are being jailed and physically tortured for their beliefs. Here in the United States, we get called names and denigrated. At the extreme, we may have to close business or resign from a job. While the above is bad enough, will there come a time when Americans will be faced with imprisonment, torture, and execution for practicing their Christian faith?

Just a short time ago, if a business refused to do business with a potential customer, the customer went down the street to find another business to do business with. Not anymore, though. If someone refuses your business, you have the right to destroy that business and ruin the lives of the owners and perhaps the employees.

In November 2014, we elected enough Republicans to take control of the Senate, along with enough Republicans to maintain control of the House of Representatives. Those Republicans were supposed to put a grinding halt on the evil things this current administration was doing. Hasn’t happened, though. The administration is still doing evil things.

This country was settled by those seeking religious freedom and our roots are in religious freedom. Are we allowing the current President and his liberal henchmen to destroy this? It sure looks that way.



Everything about this past Thursday’s debates has been said, or has it? Actually, I keep reading new accounts regarding the debates each day.

As I review my tweets during the debates, here are a few of my thoughts. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t think that Carly Fiorina clearly won the early debate among the seven lowest polling Republicans. She obviously is up to date on foreign policy and the nation’s economy too. Plus, she’s polished and articulate. My prediction: she will move up into the first tier as some in the original first tier drop out of the race. Other highlights of the late afternoon debate included Senator Lindsey Graham’s statement about Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill working together to solve the problems of the nation’s economy. Senator Graham indicated that he would be a Ronald Reagan, but doubted that he, in this day and age, could find a Tip O’Neill. Two of the candidates, Bobby Jindal and John Kasich were at opposite ends of the spectrum with Governor Jindal of Louisiana choosing not to expand Medicaid in his state and Governor Kasich of Ohio choosing to take the Medicaid money. All seemed to indicate they would un-do the current President’s executive orders and work to repeal Obamacare. And we all want those things.

For the prime-time debate, the Cleveland, Ohio crowd was so enthusiastic you would have thought it was a sporting event instead of a political event. All of the candidates with the exception of Rand Paul had big smiles on their faces.

When the debate began, all of us were startled by an “out of the box” surprise. Moderator Bret Baier asked for a show of hands…who would not pledge to support the Republican nominee and not pledge to run as a third party candidate. Donald Trump was the only one who raised his hand. After Megyn Kelly asked candidate Trump questions regarding his disparaging remarks about some women’s looks, I felt things were getting a little too personal. I wanted to get back to the issues. Of course, much has been said about the ensuing exchange between Kelly and Trump. It’s even being bantered around that the RNC directed Fox News to pose questions of that nature to “the Donald” in order to denigrate his candidacy. It’s possible, I guess. And I’m also fairly sure that Bret and Megyn were told to ask those questions.

After the prime-time debate, I couldn’t begin to tell you who won, and three days later, I still can’t. I don’t think Rand Paul will go much further. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Donald Trump. Senator Ted Cruz was on his game as was Mike Huckabee. Scott Walker, not making any mistakes, neither helped himself nor hurt himself. Dr. Ben Carson also did well, and I think everyone agrees that his closing statement was the best. I’m still laughing about it. Many think that Senator Marco Rubio won the evening’s debate and they’re probably right. Senator Rubio’s performance helped him.

In listing to all of the candidates speak, I felt that an underlying current was running through the event. This country’s in very bad shape due to the current administration. And the debates, both of them, brought out just how low we’ve sunk.
Obamacare is a disaster and must be repealed. It was rammed through the legislative process using every legislative trick in the book, including threats and intimidation directed toward some members of Congress who were from conservative leaning states. The American people were flat-out lied to by the current president and many of his henchmen. Premiums increased when we were told they would decrease. We were told if we liked our doctors, we could keep our doctors. All lies.

This president told the American people he had a phone and he had a pen and whenever possible he would implement executive orders when Congress wouldn’t act on his proposals. This is a dictatorship, folks. Those executive orders must be rescinded and the general feeling among the candidates is that upon becoming President of the United States, those executive orders would be rescinded immediately.

It was also a consensus that the nuclear arms treaty with Iran is a disaster which will insure that Iran is able to develop a nuclear bomb. Billions of dollars will be flowing into Iran now that sanctions have been lifted. Secretary of State, John Kerry, has said that he hopes that the country of Iran will do the right thing and use the money to prop up Iran’s economy and the welfare of its people. John Kerry hopes, yeah right! Iran is the number one for state-sponsored terrorism on the planet. If 67 votes in the Senate can’t be garnered to override a presidential veto of Congress’s rejection of the Iran agreement.

Donald Trump, in responding to Megyn Kelly’s line of questions indicated that we have become too obsessed with political correctness, but we have too many problems to be politically correct. I think he’s right. Most people, at least conservatives, are tired of having their words twisted into racists, sexist, and homophobic remarks when nothing of the kind was intended. An accidental misspeak by a conservative can lead to job loss, forced resignation, financial ruin, and many other negatives.

In addition, Governor Mike Huckabee brought up the fact that people are vilified if they don’t agree with the President on the issues. Being able to disagree with your government officials is a fundamental right of all Americans. Up until 6-1/2 years ago, that right was ever-present. President George W. Bush indicated many times that the American people had a right to disagree with their government officials. Furthermore, President Bush respected this fact and often met with people who disagreed with him. We must, as a free nation, have that right. We must get that right back.

Senator Rand Paul touched on freedom to practice our religion. He indicated that we can’t have the government entering our churches and enforcing government laws on those whose religious beliefs are in conflict with those laws. Not only are we doing that, we’re destroying people because of religious beliefs and practices.

Whew! What a list of horrible things that this administration has wrought upon the American people. Even if you still have not decided who you are going to support for the Republican nominee, I hope that you at least were reminded of the horrible shape our country is in and why we’re in such a horrible shape.