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I still have more to say about the tolerant left accusing Fox Cable News of disparaging the poor, but I’m giving that a rest today because I came upon an article on Talking Points Memo that I came upon article that I want to write about. I’ll continue my “Liberals Gone Wild” series next week.

As many of you who read my posts regularly know, I have a folder in my favorites called “Stupid Liberal Articles,” and it is quite large. The article I just added is from talkingpointsmemo.com dated May 21, 2015 and authored by Jesse J. Holland. It is entitled, “Differing Portrayals of Waco, Baltimore Spur Reflection, WTFs.” I’m not going to speculate on what Mr. Holland means by “WTFs”. If it stands for what we all think it stands for, this is just another example of classless liberalism.

Being an unenlightened oaf, I had to read the article through a couple of times and study it to get the gist of what it means and I’m still not sure I have it right, but I’m doing my best to interpret it.

The author appears to be complaining about the riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland getting excessive media attention while the gun between police and bikers where nine bikers were killed is getting practically no attention. Mr. Holland indicates that while there were no deaths during the Baltimore and Ferguson protests, people immediately stereotyped all of the protesters as criminals. Holland goes on to say that we haven’t heard the level of disgust and dismay as you did over fires burning in Ferguson and in Baltimore. Civil rights attorney Charles F. Coleman, Jr. said only minority communities get blamed for violence, while no one blames white families or white communities for fatal violence by white men, characterizing such events as “isolated incidents.” Holland also remarked about how the current President of the United States described the Baltimore looters as “thugs,” and the media devoted hours of television and radio airtime to dissecting the social ills that affect the black community.

First of all, there’s a big difference. There were no protesting and no rioting in Waco. The Waco incident was a local matter and is being handled locally as it should be.

Having said all of the above, MR. HOLLAND, HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID? You appear to be griping because the media is not covering Waco like they covered Ferguson and Baltimore. Looters in Ferguson and Baltimore were labeled as thugs and were looting and rioting. Most were black and were protesting and rioting because two black men had been shot and killed by two white policeman. When speculation rose regarding the actions of the police, matters should have been handled locally. If they had been handled locally, the media would not have covered these two incidents. Unrest escalated in Ferguson and Baltimore because of the likes of Al Sharpton and other race hustlers moving in and whipping up the folks. Also, it has been alleged that billionaire liberal operative George Soros indirectly funded the protests and riots that took place in both cities. Liberals everywhere rushed to judgment in both incidents, championing Michael Brown and Freddie Gray and demonizing the police. We all know liberals don’t care about facts. They decide how they want an outcome to be and if it doesn’t turn out the way they want it to turn out, they protest and riot, claiming racism, sexism, and whatever other “ism” they can find. Again forget facts and forget fairness. This is how liberals operate.

And to make matters worse, the current President of the United States weighed in and it was not his place to weigh in on either the Ferguson situation or the Baltimore situation. Again, these were local matters and should have been handled locally. But our current President is half black and a racist to boot. He was a community organizer in Chicago before being elected State Senator in Illinois, then U.S. Senator, then President of the United States. He attended a church where anti-American radicalism was preached and hung out with the likes of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn of the seventies radical group, Weather Underground. Bill Ayers and members of the Weather Underground bombed the Pentagon and to this day Ayers is not sorry for what he did. We have a president that despises the United States of America and whose goal is to destroy the United States of America through different methods, including following Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals which includes undermining authority which would include our local police forces.

Mr. Holland, if you’re upset because the media focused on Ferguson and Baltimore, depicting the struggles of black Americans, and that certain factions were blaming black Americans for the rioting in these two cities, you need to take things up with the likes of Al Sharpton, George Soros, the tolerant left, and the current President of the United States. They’re the ones who promoted the protesting and rioting, along with the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. I included the tolerant left in my list of folks to blame for the media coverage of Ferguson and Baltimore. It was the tolerant left that kept the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie going even after it was concluded that Michael Brown never had his hands up, nor was he running from the police.

Why aren’t there protests and riots in Waco after the shootout where nine bikers, labeled thugs, were killed after causing trouble? It’s been indicated that those who were part of the biker gangs were mostly white and Hispanic. The skin color of the Waco police officers involved was not reported and I don’t care about the skin color of the police in Waco. White folks were killed by the police, so Al Sharpton, the current President, George Soros, and the tolerant left don’t care about white folks. In fact, they are waging a war on white folks.

I’m a white woman who lives in central Alabama. I’m working seven days a week to make my small business profitable so that I can be my own boss and not have to go back to working for jerks. Being a conservative, I don’t see things in terms of race. Civil rights legislation was signed into law a half century ago. What do I think about Waco? It was bad, but I’m a police supporter and feel that if any nefarious actions took place, investigation and prosecution of these actions should be handled at the local level.



I should have kept count, but I didn’t, of the number of articles I have read where liberals are blaming Republicans for the riots that have broken out in Baltimore and various cities across the United States in relation to the death of Freddie Gray while he was in the custody of the Baltimore, Maryland police department.

According to alternet.com, a far left rag, “The protests and violent exhalations by Baltimore’s black youth (and others) are the result of a long patter of police abuse, harassment and violence toward that city’s African-American community in the context of systemic class inequality, custodial citizenship and mass incarceration.”

According to the American Spectator, the current President has blamed the Baltimore riots on Republicans for failing to pass his legislative agenda. Hasn’t he just issued executive orders whenever he didn’t get what he wants? The American Spectator, goes on to say that the city does suffer from crippling unemployment, and that the police department has a history of treating criminals as less than human. In just a few short years, the Baltimore PD has paid out millions in jury awards and settlements to arrestees and their families, which, while far from conclusive, shows there might be a problem with the aggressive nature of law enforcement.

If what has been said about the Baltimore Police Department is true, it’s not the fault of the Republicans, it’s the fault of the city government, particularly the mayor, who happens to be the secretary of the Democrat National Committee.

You can blame the Great Society programs which led to the denigration of the black family and the increase in poverty in our nation’s black communities, but I’m going to go back farther. I’m going to blame it on the taking of God out of our lives, something the liberals started in the sixties and are still doing today.

In 1962, the United States Supreme Court decided in Engel v. Vitale that a prayer approved by the New York Board of Regents for use in schools violated the First Amendment by constituting an establishment of religion. The following year, in Abington School District v. Schempp, the Court disallowed Bible readings in public schools for similar reasons. According to religionandpolitics.org, these two landmark Supreme Court decisions entered on the place of religion in public education, and particularly the place of Protestantism, which had long been accepted as the given American faith tradition. Both decisions ultimately changed the face of American civil society, and in turn, helped usher in the last half-century of the culture wars.

After the taking of God out of our society, church attendance dropped and children were not attending church and growing up with the teachings of the Lord. Of course, they didn’t pray or get to hear scripture in their school either. As years passed, we began seeing the liberal efforts to diminish the value of our traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, even though Thanksgiving does not celebrate a biblical event. Liberals love to pontificate over the “separation of church and state” even though that phrase is nowhere in the U.S. Constitution.

When I was growing up in a traditional Christian family, I was taken to Sunday school and church. I was taught to follow the Lord and be thankful for all the blessings that he bestowed upon me. While my family wasn’t the richest in my hometown of Cullman, Alabama, we weren’t the poorest either. Some children with whom I grew up had more than me and some had less than me. There’s no such thing as a level playing field. All of us have some God given talents and all of us have shortcomings and hurdles to jump as we’re making our way in this world of ours.

The liberals blame us conservatives and Republicans for not supporting the throwing of good money after bad when it comes to entitlement programs, particularly those that throw money at poverty stricken areas. It appalls me that Democrats, even operating on one brain cell, can’t comprehend that throwing money at poverty doesn’t make it go away, it only exacerbates it.

And look what’s happened now, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who claims to be a socialist democrat, has announced his intention to seek the Democrat nomination for President. Bernie is calling for, guess what, tax increases for the wealthiest Americans. He also wants to provide a college education for everyone. He continues and I’m sure will continue to pontificate on income inequality which he considers and abomination.

Today on social media, I have seen many Democrats come out in favor of Bernie Sanders, with many of them indicating that Bernie wouldn’t get very far against Hillary. However, these far left individuals have indicated that they hope Bernie will bring Hillary further left as she pursues the presidency.

The United States of America is a country that I don’t recognize anymore. Criminals are glorified, free speech has disappeared, we’re turning our backs on our trusted allies, we’re turning our backs on God and appearing to sympathize with Muslims. The federal government is talking about coming in and re-training our local police forces. It’s just so over-whelming and depressing. While I certainly have a lot of material for this blog, I never wanted this much material, I never wanted our country to become what it has become.

We have strayed so far from the vision our founding fathers had for us. I can continue to write and hopefully continue to expose what’s going on, but we’re going to have to do something else if we hope to take back our country. We have to pray, and pray with everything we have. God is still in charge and we much remember that only he can put this nation on the right track again.