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I started this and we’re going to get through it, I promise. If you’ve been reading my posts for almost two weeks, you know I’ve been responding to the current President’s and the rest of his liberal henchmen allegation that the Fox News channel continually disparages the poor.

Liberal rag, Media Matters devoted an article to the subject, listing and commenting on videos that they allege put shame on poor people I have been taking these videos one by one and analyzing them. To date, I’ve only found one or two videos where maybe two sentences were said that I wouldn’t have said. Most do no disparage the poor. In today’s post, I’m going to get through the remaining videos. Then for Friday’s post, I’ll summarize my findings and have some additional insight for you.

  • Fox wondered if Children Should Work for Free School Meals: Media Matters alleged that Fox News forwarded the notion that it might be appropriate for school children to be forced to work in exchange for free school meals. This came about after a Republican lawmaker in West Virginia proposed such a requirement for a new law curbing child hunger in West Virginia. According to the new law, the state of West Virginia would provide free breakfasts and lunches for every student in the West Virginia public school system. Republican Ray Cantebury proposed that the students should have to work for these free meals. Fox’s Ansley Erhardt reported on this and ask viewers to respond as to whether or not the thought this was a good idea. And that’s all. Again, this is hardly disparaging the poor. In fact, I would consider this an out and out lie by Media Matters.
  • Fox Contributor Lamented that the Sense of Shame is Gone from People Receiving Entitlements: During a May 2012 appearance on Fox and Friends, network contributor and New York Post columnist, Michael Goodwin, lamented that “the sense of shame is gone” from enrolling in government anti-poverty programs, which has helped lead to an explosion of entitlements. Once again, the poor were not demonized in this video segment. Mr. Goodwin was discussing the fact, yes, the fact, that we seem to be transitioning to an entitlement society and government is encouraging this, instead of advocating work and supporting yourself. Nothing was said about the individual entitlement recipients. Are we becoming so politically correct that we can’t discuss what we perceive as problems in our country?
  • Steve Doocy: Are Low-Income Disabled people just moochers? Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends, questioned why the number of low-income Americans receiving federal disability benefits had increased since 1960? Are more people getting sick/disabled or are we wasting money. He then later in the segment asked, “Has the number of people on disability gone up because they are moochers, or because more people need help. The guest indicated that we should have a program to take care of the disabled and Steve absolutely agreed. Steve went on the further suggest that it could the economy that is causing more people to apply for disability. If anything, Steve was taking the side of the disabled indicating that we definitely needed a program to assist those who are truly disabled. I’d say, Media Matters lied.
  • Bill O’Reilly Downplays Impact of Minimum Wage Increase for Low-Income Workers: First of all, I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage. That will be the subject of another post. This is about the allegations that the far left, including the current President are making that Fox News continually disparages the poor people of this nation. In this video, Bill has as his guest, Eric Shaun, another Fox News personality. Eric quoted statistics regarding the minimum wage and just who was earning only minimum wage. Bill indicated that only an infinitesimal number of people would be impacted by increasing the minimum wage. This was hardly disparaging the poor. Instead, it was a discussion, complete with statistics regarding the effects of raising the minimum wage would have. Just because liberals think the statistics are not sound, doesn’t mean that Bill and Eric were disparaging the poor. Besides, if liberals think the statistics aren’t valid, then challenge the statistics, and don’t whine that the poor are being dissed.
  • Charles Payne: After Thanksgiving, People Take Their Welfare Checks and Bum Rush Wal-Mart. Charles Payne is questioning why successful people are always vilified and questioned why those who want to alleviate income inequality always want to take the top down, instead of raising the bottom up. His remarks about bum rushing Wal-Mart? It might be disparaging the poor, but by a long shot.
  • Fox’s Charlie Gasparino Calls Public Pensions Ponzi Schemes, Wishes More Stigma was Attached to Welfare: 45.9 percent of all Americans reside in a household where some sort of government assistant is received. Charlie indicated we have a cultural situation where it’s acceptable to receive government benefits. In other words, there is no stigma. Charlie went on to say that the lack of stigma may have contributed to the rise of people on government entitlement programs. Disparaging the poor? Not hardly.

Glad that’s over. Watching those videos and taking notes was tedious. But I’m glad I did it and glad that I have it all documented. I’m also hoping this will perhaps take the site to the next level with the search engines.

While the current President’s remarks about Fox News are now old news, I think it is important to keep this on the forefront for as long as possible. It was certainly disturbing when the President said that we needed to change the way we report the news. I think if he had his way, we’d have a state run media that would tell you only the information that the government wanted you to hear. That’s evil.