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As I’ve said many times, Donald Trump was not my first choice for the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

When Donald Trump became the nominee, I supported him fully. Through the months of campaigning against Hillary Clinton, I really started to like him and felt that he just might be the best candidate for the United States at this point in history.

Having said the above, we’re still moving into unknown territory. Donald Trump is one of the planet’s great businessmen, but can he adapt to the public sector. The public sector and the private sector are two completely different “animals.” Not only do they operate differently, behavior in one is not necessarily acceptable behavior in the other.

Democrats have attempted to make hay by pointing out the number of lawsuits and bankruptcies filed against and by Trump business entities. Because Democrats generally gravitate to the public sector for jobs, rather that the private sector, many of them know nothing about business. Even the smaller companies have lawsuits filed against them, sometimes, depending on the nature of the operation, on a regular basis. Bankruptcies are filed by companies and subsidiaries of companies for various reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean the owners have run the company into the ground financially. So when I hear that the Trump companies have lawsuits filed against them and have at times declared bankruptcy, that’s just a day in the life of big business.

President Trump is used to getting his way. When he says jump, those under him say, “How high?” It doesn’t work that way in government. It’s no secret that the Democrats in Congress are going to fight him tooth and nail on everything. They are not interested in working together to get things done, and Republicans are wasting their time and energy by asking them to do so. Furthermore, many Republicans fought him while he was campaigning for the nomination and many refused to support him for the presidency.

President Trump has now been in office a week and has signed many executive orders, many of which are purposed to un-do the toxic executive orders of former president, Barack Obama. These orders are related to Obamacare, foreign policy, the environment, and immigration. In addition to implementing many executive orders, President Trump is taking steps to implement legislation as relates to Obamacare, the economy, foreign policy, etc. Most of his actions are delighting the right and pushing the left into further depression following their big losses in November 2016.

President Trump is keeping his promises and attacking a media that has historically been sympathetic to the left. But how good will he be as a president? Will his plans for taxes, trade, and the economy create jobs and give birth to prosperity among the middle class? Will the wall that he promises to build on the Mexican border effectively diminish the flow of drugs and criminals into the United States from Mexico? Will his programs such as the wall and the revitalization of the country’s infrastructure add to the deficit and the national debt in the same manner Obama’s stimulus packages and Obamacare did? Or will the jobs he hopes to create with lower taxes translate into increased revenue to the Fed allowing the additional spending to be covered without creating a deficit?

These answers are left to be seen. As I indicated earlier, President Trump is a businessman and he is going to operate like a businessman. He will call things as he sees them, political correctness be damned. I like the initial way he’s dealing with the media. I certainly believe in a free press and don’t want any sort of filters put on the information that is released to the public. But, if the media lies and makes up news in order to be first to release a story, and that news is wrong, it should be called out.

Donald Trump was right to call out the media on Sunday after taking office on Friday for the lie about him removing the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King from the Oval Office. He was also correct in calling out the media for the crowd size comparison between Barack Obama’s first inauguration and his inauguration. These two rather simplistic incidents should serve to put the media on notice that lies and half-truths will not be tolerated in this administration.

No one knows what the stock market will look like six months from now, nor will we know what the price of gas is going to be, what the unemployment rate is going to be, or the status of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups. What we do know is that the policies being put in place by President Donald Trump are diametrically opposite to the policies of former President Barack Obama. The left has consistently trashed conservatism and claims that any tax cuts, even if they affect everyone who pays taxes are tax cuts for the rich. Let’s see if they try that with the new president.

We have bold new leadership in the Oval office. Let’s see who’s right.



A liberal Facebook friend of mine shared a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King. The photo included one of his quotes, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.

As this week of Labor Day came to an end, I couldn’t help but notice another disturbing trend among liberals. It seems that they have declared a “war on work.” I’ve stated all along that liberals/Democrats/progressives, or whatever they want to call themselves these days are not followers of Dr. Martin Luther King. Liberals judge people by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character. Now it appears that liberals are discouraging and making efforts to eliminate the work ethic of this nation, one of the things that made this nation great. Also, liberals are dead set on dividing us by race and turning race against race, in their quest to weaken the United States of America to the point that it no longer resembles the visions of our forefathers. Thus Dr. King’s vision of former slave owners and former slaves dining at the table of brotherhood together is something liberals apparently want to keep from happening.

After the ACA was passed, Nancy Pelosi suggested to the American people that they could quit their jobs and do what they’ve always wanted to do such as write that great American novel. With ACA, they wouldn’t have to worry about health insurance.

In the early part of 2014, an article was published on liberal rag, slate.com indicating that it was unfair that some folks had jobs they loved while others didn’t. Of course, liberals think that’s grossly unfair and denigrated the American work culture for allowing such a thing to happen. The author of the article also seemed to be advocating the distribution of work so that all Americans would be able to have that rewarding job, limiting the time that Americans would have to perform such loathsome tasks as sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, washing windows, and pulling the feathers out of dead chickens, etc.

In March, the current president of the United States signed an executive order that directs the Department of Labor to require overtime pay for millions of Americans classified as executive or professional employees. This will further denigrate America’s once strong worth ethic and make achievement by those with a strong desire to achieve virtually impossible.

The anti-work advocates are also championing government ordered vacation time for those working in the private sector.

As I have indicated many times in my writings, more and more Americans have jettisoned the idea of individuals working hard to better their lifestyles and achieve their dreams. Now they want the government to handle all of that with mandatory overtime, mandatory vacation, mandatory paid holidays, etc. Of course, this is another overreach into the private sector in an effort to destroy our free market, capitalistic economy.

Hey liberals, has it every occurred to you that some folks actually like to work, actually enjoy the challenge, actually have a drive to succeed? It’s been my personal observation that most of the folks who actually like to work and work hard are Republicans. Not saying that Democrats don’t work hard. They do. But most of the Democrats I know who work hard constantly gripe about it.

I regularly visit liberal websites and it’s just amazing how many commenters to articles about work actually want to see work hours cut to 32 hours per week, and minimum wage raised to $15.00 per hour. I’m going to make a sweeping assumption and say that these people are not motivated people. They want to put in the least amount of work and get as much as they can for it. These are the takers in our society.

Of course, these folks point to certain European countries where everyone gets 6 weeks of vacation and only has to work 32 hours per week. If this is what you liberals want, why don’t’ you move there and leave those of us who believe in free enterprise and capitalism alone. In fact, I’d be willing to chip in a few bucks toward your one-way ticket. But if you decide you don’t like it over there because you can’t heat or cool your house as you would like to, you’re having to stay in a ward at the hospital, you don’t like that tin can of a car you’re having to drive with gas costing over $5.00 a gallon, or you’re having to flush the toilet two or three times; don’t expect me to help you fund a ticket back to the USA. You’re on your own.



I took some heat with my Friday, June 19 post where I indicated that I sincerely believed that liberals, including the current President of the United States, have blood on their hands for the nine individuals who were fatally shot at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C. last week. I’m not coming off of it, though.

Yesterday morning in church, we prayed for the nine victims of the shooting, their families and other loved ones, the remaining church members, and for the people of Charleston. My minister also prayed that the outpouring of Christian love that was present continue and permeate into our society. Nothing was mentioned regarding race and mentioning race was not necessary, at least not to this conservative Republican.

Liberals, on the other hand, can’t stay away from race. I’m not ignorant, just an unenlightened oaf. It does appear that the shooter, Dylann Roof, was a racist, according to the traditional definition of racism. In other words, he hated blacks to the point of desiring to do them harm, and of course, he did.

If Americans were following the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King and in the second decade of the 21st century, the shooting last week would be a shooting of nine members of the Emanuel African, Methodist, Episcopal Church by a twenty-one year old individual who entered into the church and prayed with those inside and then started shooting, killing nine of the church members.

Of course, we’re not living the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King and race is still front and center in our society. According to The New Republic in an article entitled, “Our Racist History Isn’t Back to Haunt Us. It Never Left Us,” our racist past is not past. It is present. It is unending. It is, in many ways that we seem congenitally unable to acknowledge, fundamentally unchanged. The article’s author, Rebecca Traister, also writes, “There is usually the sense, however, that at least we’re changing, at least we’re moving in some direction, away from where we started. Except on days like today, when the reminder is that we have not moved one bit.” WE HAVE NOT MOVED ONE BIT? Surely, you jest, Ms. Traister.

Ms. Traister goes on to say, “In addition to new forms of subjugation and prejudice, we live in a country in which racist violence exists in precisely the same forms it always has—unabated and unreconstructed. We are not distant from the crimes and inhumanities and hatred of the past. We are still acting them out and still refusing to accept them for what they are: this country’s original and defining sin. “

On brother! According to Ms. Traister, we haven’t changed a bit. Things are just like they were before the 1964 passage of the Civil Rights Act. HOW DARE YOU MAKE THAT ALLEGATION, MS. TRAISTER! In case, you’ve been in a cave the last six years, this country has elected a half-black man twice as president of the United States. Granted, I disagree with him politically and I think electing him is the worst mistake ever made by American voters. But he is half black. Since the lifting of the barriers in 1964, the black race has made great strides in the United States of America. I don’t have time nor space to mention them all, but it’s recorded out there, do some research. And the accomplishments by black Americans have been in spite of liberals/Democrats/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves who have stood in their way, indicating they are inferior and “can’t make it without their (liberal) help. That’s BS, of course.

In an article in Rolling Stone, and Rolling Stone is what it is, author, Jeb Lund, totally belittles Republicans and conservatives and makes some outlandish accusations. He laments on the Supreme Court rolling back the Voting Rights Act. Well, the Supreme Court did not roll back the Voting Rights Act. It rolled back a part of the Act that prohibited certain states who were considered racist from making changes to their election laws without getting Federal approval. Now these states, fifty years later can make and/or change their election laws. In other words, there will be no recognition of change. The late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was forgiven for once being a member of the KKK, but the Southern states can’t be forgiven for a racist past. There will also be no acknowledgement that the South has changed and changed a lot in the last fifty years. Sounds mighty tolerant to me.

In my Friday, June 19 post, I demonstrated why I consider liberals and the current President to have blood on their hands for these murders. Mr. Lund in Rolling Stone indicates that Dylann Roof was a person with strong conservative beliefs, a commitment to his heritage and tradition who only tried to take his country back. Mr. Lund also indicates that 50% of major American political parties are telling people like Roof to fetishize arms and rebellion just as the truth of their America is absolute and under attack. I’m not sure, but I guess he’s referring the Republican Party and is saying that the Republican Party is advocating such behavior. Nothing could be any further from the truth. In fact, Mr. Lund is lying.

The current President was the first to politicize this tragedy, then came other liberals politicizing this tragedy. The murders are being blamed on anyone who advocates gun rights and anyone who is a conservative. Because Dylann Roof may have been on the conservative side of the political spectrum, all conservatives are to be blamed for the murders, all conservatives are bad, and all gun rights activates are bad. Didn’t our current President indicate that we shouldn’t judge Muslims just because of the acts of a few? Well, maybe the tolerant left shouldn’t judge all conservatives by the actions of someone who may have been conservative.

Don’t make me laugh.



According to Flypaper, Obama has blood on his hands for escalating racial tensions in the nation and inciting violence such as the church shooting that tragically claimed nine innocent lives on Wednesday evening, June 17, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve had a busy week and when I heard about the shooting at the historic church, I was very upset. I didn’t rush online to get the details because I knew they would there for me when I had time to read the articles. I wasn’t concerned with the skin color of the victims nor the skin color of the shooter. It didn’t matter to me. People in a church just seven hours by automobile from where I live were killed by some thug.

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon when I was on Facebook. There are links to articles where the current president was doing his usual pontificating about the need for more gun control. Here we go again, I thought. I linked to Rush Limbaugh’s transcript regarding the shootings where Rush was talking about the media rushing to judgment and immediately advocating the need for more gun control. Rush didn’t mention that the church was a historic black church.

When I returned to my Facebook homepage, a Friend had shared a post asking everyone to pray for the members of the Charleston A.M.E. church who had lost their lives in a shooting. It was only at this time I learned that the victims of the shooting were black. A.M.E. stands for African Methodist Episcopal (I think). Again, their skin color didn’t matter. I knew the shooter had been caught, but I still didn’t know the color of his skin, nor did I care. Although, I did suspect he was probably white because an attorney who I used to work with did indicated to me that statistically blacks don’t generally go into public places and start shooting, but whites generally do. And over the years, I’ve observed that to be true. So, it was just a couple of hours ago, that I learned that the church where the shooting took place was a historically black church and the shooter was white, and the victims were black.

I’m now reviewing an article on al.com indicating that an agency that tracks extremists and white supremacist organizations says the suspect in the fatal shooting wasn’t known to officials there. Also, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which, in my opinion is a liberal hate group, has said that the suspect was also not known to the organization.

So, within less than twenty-four hours, it’s being speculated that the shooter was some sort of white supremacist and whether or not he is connected to any of the sixteen white supremacist organizations operating in South Carolina.

Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center goes on to say that after visiting the suspect’s Facebook page, he saw a picture where the suspect was wearing a jacket with emblems of the old apartheid regime in South Africa and the former African nation of Rhodesia, which was the name of Zimbabwe under white rule.

Kyle Campbell, a student at the University of Alabama and state president of the Alabama College Democrats has already come out and said this is a race issue. Did suspect Dylann Roof shoot these people just because they were black and he doesn’t like blacks? That is currently being speculated.

Fifty-two years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech, whether or not race was involved in this tragedy shouldn’t be an issue. What should be an issue is that an obviously disturbed individual entered a church in Charleston, South Carolina and prayed along with others in the church. Then the disturbed individual took out a gun and started firing it and killed nine innocent people.

In Dr. King’s speech, he had dream that one day the ancestors of former slaves and former slave owners would sit side by side at the table of brotherhood and that one day his four little children would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Fifty-two years later, the dream has not been fulfilled and do you know why? It’s because of the liberals/Democrats/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves now days. The programs they have introduced since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed such as Affirmative Action, Black Power, Critical Race Theory, etc. have served to further segregate the races and kept blacks from fulfilling their potential while increasing racial tensions in this nation.

In an earlier post, I said that the blood of Tamir Rice was on the hands liberals/Democrats/progressives, and now the blood of these nine victims is also on the hands of liberals/Democrats/progressives.

Could all this speculation about race signal the beginning of something? Could it be that, one of these days, if I’m in a crowded mall and accidently step on the toe of someone black, will the incident automatically be labeled as racially motivated? I don’t like some of the things I’m hearing from some of the black/charlatan leaders such as Al Sharpton. There is a war on white people in this nation and I’m concerned about this. In fact, I’m concerned about many things going on in this nation. Will Dr. King’s dreams ever be realized? It doesn’t look that way. Ask a liberal why and they’ll tell you it is because whites/Republicans are racist bigots. But they are WRONG!

My dream is for liberals/Democrats/progressives to look at the enemy and discover that the enemy is them.



The fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” will take place later this summer. Of course, the Democrats will take full advantage of this milestone to promote their racist, bigoted agendas. I have no doubt that Republicans/conservatives will be demonized to the fullest. I can just hear the current President now talking about how horrible white folks were and still are in the South. Of course, the current President is not fit to wipe the boots of Dr. Martin Luther King.

I’m predicting that the Democrat/liberal leaders, including the current President will ignore the many accomplishments of blacks and other minorities and say that there is still much racism and bigotry in the world because of the Republicans. I would love to be a part of the celebration, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be welcome at them.

Liberals make everything about race. I remember when Hurricane Katrina came ashore in Pass Christian, Mississippi, bringing destruction all around. Levies were breached in the City of New Orleans and much of the city went underwater. Because of the lame efforts of the then Mayor of New Orleans and the then Governor of Louisiana, both Democrats, many folks suffered greatly. The folks primarily affected were not blacks, they were our neighbors a half days drive from us. There were horror stories coming out of New Orleans and it certainly affected me as it would affect any caring person.

Then the Democrats had to interject race into the mix. George W. Bush was president and he was blamed along with a Republican administration for the catastrophes. Instead of focusing on the problems at hand, the Democrats interjected race and possibly made matters worse by pitting people against people. I won’t get into the particulars of what happened in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. That may be an articled reserved for later this year for the tenth anniversary of the landfall of Katrina.

From the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri to the recent allegations in Texas of white policeman using excessive force on blacks, Democrats/liberals have chosen to ignore facts and rushed to judgment concluding that white police officers are prejudiced against blacks and wake up in the morning eager to do bad things to blacks. They always root against the white policeman and express remorse if evidence shows that the white policeman acted appropriately. Where is the tolerance and fair-mindedness that liberals boast about having?

Race hustler, Al Sharpton has indicated that he wants white police officers to treat blacks differently than they treat white people. In fact, I believe that he’s even said that any white person should not be aggressive toward a black person even if that black person is attacking the white person. That tells me that he thinks that whites should allow themselves to be injured or even killed if their attacker is black. While Al Sharpton is full of it and we all know it, he obviously doesn’t adhere to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and desires to undo everything so many of us have worked toward for the last fifty years. That is to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Now, some on the left are advocating that teachers in a classroom have to treat black students different from white students when they misbehave. The reasoning for this, according to advocates is that many black children aren’t taught discipline in their homes and therefor, they don’t know any better. This idea is insane beyond words.

Dr. King, in his dream, envisioned blacks and whites working together, worshipping together, breaking bread together, living side by side, etc. Fifty years from the “I Have a Dream” speech, race should not matter except for identification purposes and maybe for business purposes. If I’m trying to sell tanning products, my target market would not generally include blacks.

With all of the above, it should be obvious to anyone that the liberals don’t want racial harmony to exist in the United States of America. I’ve said this many times and will continue to say it, the definition of racism, according to liberals, changes sometimes hourly. We never know what the definition of the moment might be and when an innocent statement made by a conservative might be construed as racist with the liberals seeking to do everything they can to destroy that person.

The current President certainly doesn’t desire racial harmony because he needs to blame conservatives and accuse them of racism and bigotry to take the focus away from him and his disastrous policies. The first lady of the United States obviously doesn’t desire racial harmony. Her venomous racially charged addresses to graduates these last few weeks demonstrates that.

I doubt very seriously we will have the racial harmony in this nation, the kind Dr. King envisioned, in my lifetime. Liberals/Democrats, that is solely because of you!