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In one of his monologues for his March 2, 2017 radio show, media mogul, Rush Limbaugh, stated that Barack Obama and his deep state operatives are attempting to sabotage the duly elected president of the United States.

Rush touched on everyone’s desire to defend Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, by pointing out Democrat hypocrisy. However, Rush rightly points out that there is no such thing as Democrat hypocrisy in the media. “You’re never going to beat these people back by pointing out how they’ve done the same thing that they’re accusing the Republicans of doing.

Rush further indicated that the story is not about Jeff Sessions, nor is it about illegal talks between Donald Trump and his campaign people with the Russians. Instead, the story is about Barack Obama and the Democrat Party attempting to sabotage the Trump presidency and do everything they can to render it meaningless and ineffective, or to get him impeached, or to force him to resign.

It seems as though the Republicans are on the defensive all of the time and there’s no reason for that because the Republicans won the election, taking the House and the Senate, and taking many state governorships and legislatures. Plus, there is no evidence of any illegal contact taking place between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

The only option that the Democrats have at their fingertips is to try to convince as many people as possible that Hillary should have won the election, that Trump is illegitimate, that Trump’s victory was the result of cheating, fake news, and maybe foreign espionage.

Upon close examination of the activities of the Democrats, it is obvious that they’re going after all of the people who are the closest advisers to President Trump. They took out Rudy Giuliani right after the election with stories about his supposed ties to foreign governments. Then they took out Michael Flynn by deciding to harp on the fact that Flynn had liked to Pence about something of tremendous, major import, forcing the President to get rid of Flynn on the basis that he’s not trustworthy.

Now, the left is going after AG, Jeff Sessions, stating that Sessions like to Al Franken during his Senate confirmation hearing. These are tactics and strategies of the Democrat party. The immediate knee-jerk reaction when these allegations surface is to accept their premise, and once we do that, we’re cooked.

Rush’s opinion as to what is driving this is the speech that President Trump made on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. The Democrats thought that Trump was going to continue to be what they consider a bumbling fool. Instead, they were treated to a great presidential speech, ratcheting up their intensity.

Rush indicated that Sessions, when asked about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, should have said, “Yeah, yeah, I talked to the Russian ambassador about our grandchildren.” That’s what I thought and I’m sure that many people thought that also. While we could have certainly pointed out the Clinton/Lynch meeting, things don’t work that way for Republicans. The Democrats are never held accountable for hypocrisy.

Thus, the Democrats are going after Sessions for the same reason they made Trump get rid of Michael Flynn. He’s not trustworthy. He like, etc. So, here come the calls from the Democrats: Impeachment! Special Prosecutor!

In conclusion, there is no evidence except the Obama administration and its holdovers in the deep state tried to sabotage the duly elected president of the United States. This is the story and this is what’s happening.

In calling for a special prosecutor, what is there to investigate? Allegations? Seriousness of the charge? The Democrats are trying to isolate Donald Trump from the people he trusts, trying to isolate him from the best people around him because they believe that Trump, without intelligence and guidance will fumble and stumble on his own because he doesn’t have a brain, nor political instincts, nor does he know what’s going on.

There’s a story out there about how Obama and his people are running a resistance operation from the former president’s Washington, D.C. home. Obama’s agenda has been totally rebuked by the American people. Now Obama is humiliated, angry, and embarrassed that his efforts to transform the United States of America into some sort of socialist paradise has been thwarted. Also, that Obama was the architect of the Democrat party defeat. That cannot be part of the history books. So, this story is all about the Democrat party trying to rewrite history and make it look like they actually won, except for the cheating of the Russians and Donald Trump.

In conclusion, Rush indicates that the Democrats are trying to convince the Europeans of this, plus, they’re doing everything they can to delegitimize President Trump, his administration, and his victory. Be that as it may, this is the story on which the American people need to focus.

Note from WNG: According to various news sources, newly confirmed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, compared slavery to immigration in the United States, stating that there were other immigrants who came here on the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. For this, he was immediately ridiculed by the left. Later, on the Armstrong Williams Show, Dr. Carson clarified his comments by stating that “slaves came here as involuntary immigrants, but they still had the strength to hold on.” Will the left except Dr. Carson’s clarification or will they continue to berate him as they have done to Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions?



I watched a small segment of presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, being interviewed by Chris Wallace this past Sunday on Fox News Sunday. Dr. Carson has dropped in the poles mostly due to his stumbling on foreign policy following the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Chris grilled Dr. Carson and asked him why he thought people were turning away from him. I don’t remember the answer that he gave, but one thing he didn’t use as an excuse was racism. If this had been the current president of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, both democrats, racism and sexism would be been brought into the conversations.

The current president has always used racism as an excuse when he has failed to win the support of the American people, and it seems like Hillary Clinton throws out sexism every time she is asked a tough question. Of course, the liberals, especially the liberals in the media, are all too glad to rally around these two.

As I indicated above, Dr. Carson, to the best of my knowledge has never played the race card, nor has presidential candidate Carly Fiorina every played the sex card. That’s not Republicans/Conservatives do in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Furthermore, I have not seen the NAACP nor NOW, coming to the rescue of Dr. Carson or Ms. Fiorina when they have been treated less than respectful by the media and people who oppose them. When Dr. Carson was called vile things, I often asked where the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton were and where the NAACP was.

If I had a dollar for every time I have said or written that liberals care nothing about minorities or women, I wouldn’t be here tapping away at this keyboard. This declaration is nothing new.

Liberals claim they want to end racism with intentional motives to destroy anyone they believe is a racist, according to their definition or racism at the moment. And if liberals can’t ascertain a vile thing to call conservatives when they disagree, they accuse the conservative of racism.

I once had a black liberal friend who indirectly accused me of being racist because I don’t eat turnip greens or collards. This same friend, if she went to a McDonald’s to eat and a white teenage clerk acted in the least bit like he or she didn’t want to wait on my friend, my friend would accuse the white teenager of racism, obsess about it for days and vow to never visit that McDonald’s again. I firmly believe that this black liberal friend would be miserable if she had to quit looking under every rock for something racist.

The fact that my friend comes up with all of this silly stuff and fashions it as racism is sad. What she’s doing is covering up incidents of true racism where individuals are actually hurt in serious ways with her, “if you don’t eat turnip greens and collards, you’re a racist.”

Do liberals want to end racism and sexism? Of course not! Do liberals care about minorities and women? Of course not! They don’t care about anyone else either. All they care about is forcing their big government/totalitarian agenda down our throats and taking control of our lives. In addition to the foregoing, what would liberals use as an excuse for their failures if they didn’t have racism and sexism to shout about?

I have no doubt that is was the left who attempted to stir the pot, getting blacks who are attending historically predominantly white colleges and universities, to whine and say they don’t feel safe and that they are the victims of racism and to demand that safe areas be made available to them. This seems to have all but disappeared. Probably because it laid an egg.

At my alma mater, the most popular guy on campus is black. He’s also strong, fast, a Godly young man, and possibly the best college football player in the nation. Derrick Henry not feeling safe on the campus of the University of Alabama? That’s almost as ridiculous as accusing someone of being a racist because they don’t like turnip greens.



Like most Republicans, I was disappointed in the debate this past Wednesday evening. Well, maybe, disappointed is not exactly the right word. Mad, disgusted, infuriated might be better words to describe our collective feelings.

On the other hand, though, should Republicans be happy that the debate turned out like it did? Of course, it was quite obvious that the CNBC commentators were out to make the Republican presidential candidates look bad by pitting them against one another. The attitudes of the commentators (John Harwood, Becky Quick, Rick Santelli, Jim Cramer, Sharon Epperson, and Carl Quintanilla) toward the candidates were contentions and condescending.

Enter Senator Ted Cruz, about thirty minutes into the debate, who called out the commentators and the entire mainstream main stream media, for that matter. The senator pointed out that the questions asked so far indicate why the American public doesn’t trust the media. For that remark, the audience cheered. The senator went on to lecture the media that this wasn’t a “cage match” and continued to unload on them for indicating that Donald Trump was a comic book villain, that Ben Carson couldn’t do math, that Marco Rubio should resign his senate seat, and that Jeb Bush’s numbers were low. He asked the moderators why they didn’t talk about the substantive issues people care about. He also contrasted this debate with the Democrat debate in which the moderators were fawning all over the candidates. He also indicated that none of the moderators had any intention of voting in a Republican primary. A heated exchange between Senator Cruz and Charles Harwood followed.

Afterwards, every candidate seemed emboldened, and while there were policy differences between the candidates, all ten of them seemed to unite in their dissatisfaction with the media. In addition to Senator Cruz’s outburst, Governor Chris Christy let his true feelings come out after Jeb was asked about Fantasy Football. Governor Christy interrupted and vehemently indicated that we have almost $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, and ISIS and Al Qaeda planning attacks against us and we’re talking about Fantasy Football? This took place near the end of the debates, but it certainly serves to further put the moderators and the mainstream media in its place.

CNBC is a bottom feeder cable channel having a very small viewership. In fact, I don’t know anyone who watches it. My liberal friends who claim to be somewhat informed, watch CNN and MSNBC. Others who are not informed get their news from the mainstream networks and the newspapers. Furthermore, the World Series was on opposite the debates. So, how many people do you think were actually watching these debates? I haven’t seen the numbers, but I would have to guess that the ratings weren’t very high. Unless they read or heard about the nature of the debates, most Americans would have no idea what took place. After Senator Cruz’s exchange with the moderators took place, the candidates, not only seemed to unite against the media, but there supported each other on the issues where they agreed.

This was a start by the Republican presidential candidates in exposing the fallacies of the mainstream media. The American people elected our country’s current leaders. Never in the history of our country have we had such a leftist government. We also have a far left-leaning media. To those folks who get their information from the three major networks and the newspapers, when they take time out of their busy schedules which include watching daytime soap-operas, Ellen, Oprah, reality TV, American Idol, and Dancing With the Stars, I consider you a low-information voters and fully responsible along with the leftist media for the mess this country is currently in.

Marco Rubio also got his digs in on the mainstream media by pointing out that while Hillary Clinton was exposed as a liar because she knew the tragedy in Benghazi was not caused by an American made video but still sent Susan Rice out to the Sunday talk shows to tell the America people that it was caused by a video. None the less, the main stream portrayed that this was Hillary Clinton’s best week ever.

We must make every effort to establish a fair and balanced media if we’re going to continue to be the country we once were.

My other thoughts on the debate include the following. Governor Kasich referred to his past record in Congress and as governor of Ohio. Referring once or twice is okay, but it became redundant. I particularly enjoyed the comments of Senator Cruz and Ms. Fiorina regarding women. Under the current president’s policies, more women are now living in poverty and the Democrats continue to push bigger government and additional regulations that hurt women and everyone, for that matter. As I’ve said many times before, the Democrats don’t care about women, they don’t care about minorities, the middle class, and the poor, either. All they care about is gaining as much control over our lives as possible, making us little square people in little square holes. I also liked Dr. Carson’s comments indicating that if we took everything from the top one percent of earners and gave it to the government, it wouldn’t make a dent in the deficit or the debt. While there has not been much said about this zinger, I thought it was one of the best answers of the evening. Governor Huckabee was asked if he thought Donald Trump had the moral authority to be President of the United States. Governor Huckabee soundly replied in the affirmative and further indicated that every candidate participating in the debate would make a better president that Hillary Clinton or the other Democrat candidates for that matter..

From this little watched debate, will we be able to expose the disingenuousness of the main stream media. It’s a start, let’s hope we can sustain the momentum.



According to allenbwest.com, in an article written by Michelle Jesse, the current president, even as the Pope was just barely off the ground, departing the U.S., took the opportunity to make his most strident statement yet about limits to Americans’ religious freedom. He made one point crystal clear in “his America, LGBT rights trump religious liberty.

According to Breitbart, as Pope Francis few back to Rome, President Obama issued a stern warning to Christians, warning them that their attempts to assert their religious liberty to oppose gay rights would fail. In a dramatic speech at a LGBT fundraiser in New York City this past Sunday night, the president indicated that we have to say clearly that our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights. This event was a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee and was specifically billed as an LGBT gala.

During his speech, Obama asserted that his administration was respecting what he described as “genuine concerns” of religious institutions, but suggested that Republicans were using the issue just to earn more votes, as they did in 2004. The current president went on to assert that America had left the leaders of the Republican Party behind.

Also, in the speech, he ridiculed Dr. Ben Carson for suggesting that “prison turns you gay” and added that another Republican candidate had boasted of his introduction of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, likely referring to Senator Ted Cruz. Alluding to Governor Mike Huckabee, the president mocked a candidate who said that “Americans should just disobey the Supreme Court’s ruling entirely.

Ms. Jesse goes on to write that the president’s speech will provide another rallying point for liberals eager to demonstrate their “openness” and “tolerance” for anything except certain religions. I’ll go a little farther than that and say that it will create multiple rallying points for liberals to disparage Christianity plus conservatism.

Liberals/Democrats/Progressives or whatever you want to call them, in their quest to fully control our lives via big government, are constantly asking for snippets limiting our freedoms. “Just give us this, they say,” but they never stop. Small chunks are our freedom are bitten off by liberals in termite fashion. Then one day we wake up and have lost our most fundamental freedoms, including the freedom to practice our faith.

People laugh at me when I express concern that one day we may not be able to say a prayer in a restaurant before eating or give the impression that we’re praying in any other public place.

Ms. Jesse feels that if there’s one thing we might thank Obama for, it’s that his blatant disregard for this republic’s founding principles and due process has ignited a mobilizing anger within many Americans who had previously been disengaged or disconnected from the electoral process.

Is the current President a Christian? He says he is and has claimed to be a person of faith. However, that’s not for me or any of us to judge. He, like all of us, will one day be judged by The Almighty.

Because we studied it in school and were brought up with the knowledge that we would always be free to practice our religion or our faith in the United States of America, it should be alarming to anyone that the President of the United States is now dis-allowing Americans that right.

Overseas, Christians are being jailed and physically tortured for their beliefs. Here in the United States, we get called names and denigrated. At the extreme, we may have to close business or resign from a job. While the above is bad enough, will there come a time when Americans will be faced with imprisonment, torture, and execution for practicing their Christian faith?

Just a short time ago, if a business refused to do business with a potential customer, the customer went down the street to find another business to do business with. Not anymore, though. If someone refuses your business, you have the right to destroy that business and ruin the lives of the owners and perhaps the employees.

In November 2014, we elected enough Republicans to take control of the Senate, along with enough Republicans to maintain control of the House of Representatives. Those Republicans were supposed to put a grinding halt on the evil things this current administration was doing. Hasn’t happened, though. The administration is still doing evil things.

This country was settled by those seeking religious freedom and our roots are in religious freedom. Are we allowing the current President and his liberal henchmen to destroy this? It sure looks that way.



Seventeen candidates are vying for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States. The front-runner, Donald Trump, is a billionaire and one of the most successful business people on the planet. He has no government experience. Neither does Dr. Ben Carson, a world renowned Pediatric Surgeon, or Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard.

The first debates between the GOP candidates will take place on Thursday, August 6. The top 10 candidates will square off in prime time on Fox News with the second seven squaring off on Fox News sometime during the day.

What do I think of Donald Trump? Several folks have asked me this since “The Donald” has soared in the polls. He is a very successful man who has created many jobs and has been a major contributor to the economy. That is one of the greatest accomplishments one can make. I had a teacher in high school who always said that you should measure one’s success by how many jobs they created. This was before educators went far left and teachers’ unions procured so much power. While I don’t care for the fact that he has traded wives in for newer models, Donald has a strong work ethic and has passed that to his children who work, really work, in the family business. He didn’t raise his kids to be heirs and heiresses, he raised them to work.

Candidate Trump has no government experience and that’s a concern for me. I would speculate that within the confines of his business, he rules. Whatever he wants, he gets. I’m sure he has employees at his beck and call that he pays well to adhere to his demands. Corporations are not democracies. That’s generally the way it is with successful people. He’s not used to being told no. But when he gets into government and butts heads with the opposition, he’ll find out quickly what it’s like to be told no and he won’t like it and may get very frustrated. Remember, the current president was a community organizer until he was elected to the Illinois State Senate. He was then elected to the United States Senate. People admired him for being articulate and energetic, and he had very little opposition on his way up. However, when he became president, he ran into brick walls immediately. He was not used to this and from the very beginning he has lashed out at anything Republican, from the Republican Congress to grass roots Republicans. Could the same thing happen to Donald Trump?

Yes, and it will. Without prior experience with the workings of government, Mr. Trump will be in for some frustrating days if he is elected President of the United States. Candidate Trump exudes confidence and I like this. Many times when George W. Bush was running for President in 2004, I felt he lacked confidence. Mr. Trump doesn’t. On Bill O’Reilly earlier this evening, Mr. Trump indicated that he would absolutely get Mexico to build a fence on the southern border. Bill then asked Donald how he would get that accomplished. Mr. Trump never gave a definitive answer. In the private sector, there are ways you can manipulate the opposition/competition to get them to do what you want them to do. Sometimes those ways may not be ethical with regards to the private sector. When you’re dealing with government and heads of state, you’re in a different world. My concern is how Mr. Trump will handle this.

Mr. Trump says what he thinks and many folks out there like this. Americans are so fed up with political correctness. Donald Trump offers an alternative. He says what he thinks and everyone else be damned, while the other candidates are tippy-tippy toeing through the maze hoping that they won’t say something that will trigger criticism from the left that will lead to them having to apologize and then dropping out of the race.

It’s too premature for anyone to get behind a candidate. Thursday, August 6, the first round of debates will take place. This should lead to a number of candidates dropping out of the race. Let’s wait until that happens and then prepare a matrix to see where the candidates stand in the issues and how they match up where we private citizens stand on the issues. Then see how “electable” your matching candidate is. Even though a certain candidate may stand in line with you on the issues, it doesn’t mean that candidate will be a successful president.

I consider myself very politically astute. If I’m not, I have no business blogging. A politically astute person is not going to agree with all candidates all of the time. When I finally get down to choosing a candidate to support, I have no doubt that there will be an issue or two in which we disagree.

I’m really looking forward to the debates on Thursday and I hope that you are also. It’s so necessary that a Republican get elected president in 2016. The mainstream media is going to be hostile to that person, but that person shouldn’t care. That person should be a great American who believes that this country is on the brink of collapse and will do whatever he or she can to lift us up to greatness where we are still the land of the free and the home of the brave.