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The following are just a couple of examples of liberals being wrong.

Several months ago, I was reviewing my news feed on Facebook when a liberal FB friend authored a post regarding a Congressional vote on mandating that private companies give their employees a minimum of four weeks vacation. The Republican controlled Congress didn’t pass the bill and these liberals were having a field day doing what they do best, hooting and hollering to the top of their lungs about how horrible and uncaring the Congressional Republicans were. Congressmen were getting two months or more vacation and they didn’t want us, the little people to even get four weeks vacation.

WRONG! Congress was not voting on whether or not to give people working for private companies four weeks vacation. Congress was voting on whether or not to mandate that companies give employees at least four weeks vacation. These liberals were trying to make you think that the Republicans in Congress are against us little people getting four weeks of vacation.

Putting it simply, Republicans like those in Congress and like myself, feel that the amount of vacation that a company gives its employees should be left up to the company. Government shouldn’t be involved in this at all.

Needless to say, when I broke into the thread and explained this to these liberals, the discussion halted.

In 2015, an article was written on freelancechristianity.com entitled Republican Jesus…guarding ‘merica from the liberals. The main point of the article is that Republicans, a lot of whom claim to be Evangelical Christians, do not follow the teachings of Jesus.

Toward the end of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus summarizes what following his examples requires: “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me. I was sick and you looked after me. I was in prison and you came to visit me…Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

According to the portrayal of Republican Jesus, Jesus said, “If they are hungry, cut benefits to programs that feed them. If they are sick, deny them healthcare. If they are strangers, deport them.”

Even though this article was at least a year old, I replied as follows: “Do you even know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, a liberal and a conservative? I am a Republican and in the past, I have done extensive community service work, helping those less fortunate. Just because one is against a government program that purports to help the disadvantaged, doesn’t mean that person is against the poor, against the disabled, etc. I believe that I can best help those less fortunate through my hand to theirs, as opposed to tax dollars taken from me and going up the ladder and down the ladder with everyone taking their cut and only about three to five cents of every tax dollar actually getting to the cause. Unfortunately, this is what liberals will lead anyone that will follow them to believe and it’s wrong. In my political blog, I make an effort to clarify things, but it’s an uphill climb when I have to refute articles such as this one.”

What’s so disconcerting is the inability to reason with liberals and get them to quit making charges such as the above. If they want to argue the validity of government programs to help the poor versus helping the poor through service clubs, faith based initiatives and individuals opening up their wallets, then fine. Perhaps we can have a civilized discussion.

When you try to reason with liberals, your spoken words fall on deaf ears and your written words fall on blind eyes.  Many times they will reply to you with something way off base or try to change the subject hoping to somehow throw you off. When all else fails, they resort to hurling false accusations at you.

Liberals claims to be tolerant and open to diverse ideas. Yeah right! That’s the reason I often use the phrase, “tolerant left.” Maybe I should take steps to copyright it.



While this blog is totally devoted to politics and issues on the national level, there are major political problems that my state, Alabama, is experiencing. As a professional political blogger who holds herself out as politically astute, I do feel that I have an obligation to address what’s taking place in Alabama.

The heads of all three branches of state government have been charged with wrong-doing and all three are Republicans. At the May meeting of my Republican women’s club, Republican Women of the South, this issue was addressed. It is what it is, and we have to continue, in spite of the adversity we’re facing, continue to emphasize to voters that with respect to how we govern ourselves, the Republican ideology of governance, passed to us by the founding fathers of this great nation is the best way we have in this imperfect world of governing ourselves.

For those of you who are not familiar with our “situation,” the following are summaries. You can read them in their entirety, skim them, or skip over them.

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, MIKE HUBBARD (from yellowhammernews.com)

On Friday evening, June 10, 2016, Alabama House Speaker, Mike Hubbard, a Republican from Auburn, was convicted of 12 of 23 charges by a Lee County jury. The jury deliberated for seven hours on various charges to decide if Hubbard had used his office for personal gain.

According to yellowhammernews.com, the following are a few of the 13 charges for which Hubbard was convicted:

  • Voting on legislation with a conflict of interest that would benefit American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc., a consulting client.
  • Receiving money from a principal, American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc., through a consulting contract.
  • Receiving money from a principal, Edgenuity, through a consulting contract.
  • Using office for personal gain through a consulting contract with Capitol Cups, a business owned by Robert Abrams.
  • Lobbying the state Department of Commerce for consulting client Robert Abrams.
  • Using state personnel to benefit consulting client Robert Abrams.

For a complete list, visit http://yellowhammernews.com/politics-2/breaking-alabama-house-speaker-mike-hubbard-convicted/.

With his conviction, Hubbard was immediately removed from office per state law.

According to Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, “This kind of result would have never been achieved had our office not put together the finest public corruption unit in the country. I’m proud of their work. “This should send a clear message in Alabama we hold public officials accountable for their actions.

According to House Minority Leader, Craig Ford, a Democrat from Gadsden, “This is a dark say for Alabama. Mike Hubbard led Republicans to a supermajority on a platform of cleaning up corruption in Montgomery. But instead of cleaning up corruption, Mike Hubbard and the Republican leadership in all three branches of our government have embraced corruption.”


Diane Bentley, wife of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley for fifty years, filed for divorce from the governor in August 2015. It was said that Mrs. Bentley almost didn’t attend her husband’s inauguration in 2014 because of tensions between the two.

In the wake of the divorce, some Montgomery lawmakers questioned whether or not Bentley misused any state property in connection to a rumored affair with his chief advisor, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, who was Bentley’s former communications director before becoming his political advisor.

In addition to the details of the affair between Bentley and Mason, questions arose regarding the source of Mrs. Mason’s employment. In September 2015, Mrs. Mason was employed by the Alabama Council for Excellent Government, a 501(c)(4) set up to promote the governor’s political agenda. Thus, the governor’s senior political advisor not being a state employee, raised questions as to access and accountability in the Bentley administration.

On March 22, Spencer Collier the recently fired head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, confirmed to al.com that he had seen evidence of an affair between Bentley and Mason. Collier had been dismissed from his job as ALEA chief of what he said was refusing to lie for Bentley. The governor said that investigations found improper use of resources at ALEA.

After Collier’s statement, Gov. Bentley held a press conference where he admitted making what he described as inappropriate comments to Mrs. Mason. While he and Mrs. Mason both denied a physical affair, leaked audio tapes revealed that the two were indeed having a physical affair.

A wave of ethics complaints, as well as calls for Bentley’s resignation, hit the governor after his confession of inappropriate comments. The Alabama Ethics Commission conformed it had assigned an investigator to look into any possible misconduct by the governor.

In addition to the foregoing, the role of Mrs. Mason’s husband, John, a former Tuscaloosa weatherman who was appointed the director of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives, now Serve Alabama, in 2011. An investigation by al.com indicates he has another job that provides services to the University of Alabama.

Even though Mrs. Mason resigned her position as political advisor on March 30, her move did little to quiet her critics.


An Alabama judicial oversight body has filed a formal complaint against Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, charging that he had flagrantly disregarded and abused his authority in ordering the state’s probate judges to refuse applications for marriage licenses by same-sex couples.

Justice Moore was immediately suspended from the bench and faces a potential hearing before the state’s Court of the Judiciary, a panel of judges, lawyers, and other appointees.

For his orders, the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission charged Moore with six counts of violating judicial ethics.

Moore’s January 2016 order followed a complex legal battle over marriage equality in Alabama. First, a federal district court struck down Alabama’s bans on same sex marriages in February 2015, but stayed its ruling while the U.S. Supreme Court considered the issue in Obergefell vs. Hodges. The following month, the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the marriage bans in a separate case and ordered the probate judges in the state to comply with them.

After the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling in Obergefell last June, the district court lifted the stay on its own ruling and blocked the probate judges from denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Six months later, while the Alabama Supreme Court continued to deliberate, Moore intervened through his administrative role as the state’s chief justice and ordered the probate judges to enforce the marriage bans on January 6.

The Alabama Supreme Court eventually dismissed the case in March with a one sentence order, to which Moore attached a 94 page dissent in which he described Obergefell as “immoral, unconstitutional, and tyrannical.


Yes, this is embarrassing and I wish it wasn’t happening. My state is getting a black eye (so what else is new) and my chosen political party is getting a black eye. Folks are going to be talking about the Alabama GOP for years to come.

After many years of trying to convince voters to elect more Republicans to office, the Republicans took over the administrative, legislative, and judicial branches of state government. Their mantra was to rid the state of the political corruption that had plagued it for 136 years of Democrat rule. In less than a decade where Republicans were the majority partly in all three branches, corruption was again or still plaguing state government.

The private sector and the public sector are two completely different animals. Except for a six month stint at UAB, I have worked in the private sector for my entire career. However, having friends who work in the public sector, I’ve been able to pick up on those differences. With respect to government and private businesses, the two are run very differently. Many of the Democrats I know work in the public sector and you will generally find most public sector jobs filled by Democrats. The opposite is true for private sector jobs. Most private sector jobs, especially at middle and higher levels, are filled by Republicans. Many state government positions are not considered full time jobs. Many elected positions, especially in House of Representatives, have been filled by Republican business folks who now work in both the public and private sectors. There are things you can do as a business person that you can’t as a government worker. Could someone get things mixed up? I think it’s certainly possible.

Many professions in both the public and private sectors require that individuals in that profession adhere to codes of ethics. While I was in insurance claims, I earned the CPCU (Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter). Part of earning this designation was studying ethics and adhering to a code of ethics. Ethics is not easy. It’s not common sense or doing what you think is right. You’re conscience can’t be your guide. You must know the codes and perform your job within the boundaries of those codes or you can find yourself in trouble.

 The Republican run state of Alabama “ate its young.”

In addition to the above, it was a Republican run Attorney General’s office that prosecuted Mike Hubbard, producing the evidence against him to the jury and convinced the jury beyond the shadow of a doubt that Speaker Hubbard was guilty on 13 of 23 counts.

Also, keep in mind the Republican philosophy of governance…issues should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. While the Republican Party is made up of individuals and some of those individuals may not be the most exemplary in character, less government and rugged individualism is by far the best method, as the course of history illustrates, of governing. Perhaps we should follow the teachings of the current president of the United States when he asked the American people not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few. Don’t abandon the Republican way of governance just because of the actions of a few who happen to be concentrated in the state of Alabama.

In all seriousness, folks, this house cleaning happened just six years after the Republicans took over as the majority party in Alabama; whereas, the Democrats were the majority party for 136 years, and nothing like this took place. It’s time to start over and start afresh. For those who have aspirations to run for state office or any political office for that matter in the near or far future, make sure you know what you have to do to fulfill the responsibilities of your position.



One of my favorite topics to write about is the tolerant left, which we know is anything but. With a presidential election months away and a socialist/communist the presumptive Democrat nominee, educating voters is of utmost importance. The following not only illustrates liberal lies, but left’s intolerance of differing points of view and its overall dis- ingenuousness.

The following meme has made rounds on Facebook. “When a faithfully married black president who was the son of a single mother, the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review and a professor of constitutional law is considered unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American by the right while a xenophobic, misogynistic, serially philandering trust fund kid who quotes from the National Enquirer, peddles conspiracy theories, routinely calls women ugly and fat, calls McCain a loser for having been a prisoner of war, and who has advocated torture and the bombing of women and children has captured the hearts of a majority of Republicans. This is white supremacy folks. Plain and simple.

When this meme showed up on my news feed, I replied as follows. “Every president in my life time, and I’m sure every president back to George Washington has been accused of being unintelligent (dumb, a moron, etc.), immoral, and anti-American by his opponents. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush probably took the most criticism of any two presidents in recent history. Like most Republicans, I have issues with Trump. He certainly was not my first choice for nominee, but I will vote for him. Some of the things Trump’s being accused of in this meme are questionable or flat-out lies. And I won’t get into that now. But how anyone can relate this to racism/white supremacy is beyond me. But it has been my observation that liberals amend the definition of racism to mean anything they don’t like.”

Like I said above, Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican nominee for president, but I’m going with him because a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean the end of the United States of America as we know it. I do have issues with Donald Trump and felt that his comment about Senator John McCain was out of line and totally uncalled for.

The meme also indicated that Donald Trump was, among other things, xenophobic and misogynistic. I don’t know about the origin of these terms, but I had never heard these terms used until a year or two ago. According to Merriam-Webster, xenophobic means fear of hatred of strangers or foreigners, and misogynistic means, according to vocabulary.com, fear and distrust of women. As an international business man, I can’t possibly believe that Trump is scared of foreigners. I would have to guess that the tolerant left is labeling him xenophobic because he has pledged to stop the influx of illegal immigrants into our country. Again, that is no indication that he is xenophobic. As far as Trump being misogynistic is concerned. He is a successful business man and I have no doubt that he’s able to “get women.” However, there are women who have worked for him who have indicated that he was a great person and boss. His first wife had said some nasty things about him, but later indicated that these comments were made during their divorce, and she has nothing but admiration for him now. While there might be some problems between Donald Trump and individual women, this most certainly does not indicate that he hates of distrusts women. I thought the tolerant left was supposed to be open-minded, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Next, the meme calls the presumptive Republican nominee a “serially philandering trust fund kid.” According to Slate.com, a far left website, Trump inherited 40 million from his father. Slate further states, “Throughout his career he has been a real estate developer and manager, a builder of golf courses, a casino magnate, a reality TV host, a celebrity who slaps his name on assorted buildings for a fee, a hawker of power ties, and much more. This cuts against the idea that he is merely a glorified trust-fund kid: Rather than sit on his wealth while someone else saw to its care, he decided to jump into a number of highly entertaining, risky, and at times ill-advised business ventures, which have collectively turned him into an international celebrity. He took risks with the money he was given, and they seem to have paid off over time, both financially and personally. Meanwhile, Trump runs a company with thousands of employees. Whatever wealth he has created for himself, the total value that his company has created over the years is probably far greater.” So, he has created thousands of jobs and many, many people have gotten rich because of Donald Trump. But wait! The tolerant left doesn’t like rich people or people who are doing reasonably well and don’t have to depend on the government. They’re obviously unhappy with the opportunities Donald Trump has created because he has kept people from becoming dependent on the government. Perhaps many of Trump’s employees vote Republican.

And speaking of “philandering trust fund kids.” Wasn’t one of the left’s most esteemed icons, Edward Moore Kennedy, a “philandering trust fund kid?” How many jobs and how much wealth did Teddy Kennedy create? But I must remember that the late Senator was an advocate of putting as many folks on the government dole as possible. That’s what the left likes.

Yes, Trump has called certain women ugly and fat, but I wouldn’t say he routinely does it. And he’s going to have to quit that.

In a Republican candidate debate on Fox News in March, Donald Trump did indicate that he approved of water boarding and going further if necessary in fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups whose purpose is to destroy the United States of America. He also indicated that he would possibly order the military to kill the family members of militants who threaten the United States. The following day he backed off of that with his campaign issuing a statement saying he would not order the military to take actions contrary to international of U.S. law.

To say that Donald Trump has captured the hearts of a majority of Republicans is a stretch. He did get the votes, though. However, every Republican I have communicated with, seems to feel the same way I do about him…not their first choice, but they will vote for him, Hillary would be beyond disastrous.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the most ludicrous statement in this meme is the next to the last sentence. “This is white supremacy folks.” How is this remotely related to race? The author accuses Republicans of calling President Obama unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American. This president, like all other presidents, has, of course, been called names by his political opponents and detractors. Unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American are not racial slurs or indications that the person describing the president using these adjectives is a racist or advocates white supremacy.

Why should any of us be surprised, though? This is the tolerant left at its finest, always boasting that they are the ones who respect different points of view, always giving folks the benefit of the doubt, etc. Yeah, right!



Before leaving the house for church yesterday (1/10/2016), I skimmed a brief article linked to Facebook indicating that the current president of the United States might be seeking the position of United Nations Secretary General.

Obama interested in becoming UN Secretary General

This is probably a hoax was my initial thought. I’ll have to research this after church. After church, my research indicated that Obama’s seeking the position of United Nations Secretary General had been reported in various media outlets, including, but not limited to, the Jerusalem Post and townhall.com, and the Washington Times. Yes, some of these outlets are conservative leaning, but the number of outlets carrying this story means that there must be some truth to it.

Like most of us, the first time I heard Barak Obama speak was at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. At the time he was an Illinois State Senator. Some of the things he said gave me an uneasy feeling. Furthermore, the democrats were slobbering all over themselves and all that was on the news the next day was Barak Obama, that state senator from Illinois. I was also disturbed by the way folks seemed almost in a state of worship toward him.

Contained his Obama’s acceptance speech for the Democrat party’s nomination for President in 2008 is the following: “Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…” To me, this sounded a little “out there.” Had a Republican said something like this, the liberal media would have immediately declared him or her mentally imbalanced.

The way that democrats/liberals were worshipping this guy during the campaign was also scary. After being elected president, he was immediately awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for virtually doing nothing. The Norwegian committee indicated that he was accolated because it was anticipated that he would evolve into an outstanding world leader for the cause of peace. I’ve never heard of such…getting an award before actually doing anything to qualify for it. People all over the world seem to fall in lockstep with the new U.S. President, who was often depicted as Christ-like or Messianic.

In the Bible, Jesus said that he would come again. While no one except God, the Father, knows when that day will come, followers of Christ are given signs for which to watch that will signal his coming. The Bible also indicates that there will be many false Christs and false prophets that will come and go. It is also indicated in the Bible that there will be one false Christ that will arise and will be anointed ruler over the world before Christ’s second coming. This ruler will make war against Israel and those who are believers in Christ. This false Christ will be a liar and deceiver and cause many on earth to bow down and worship him.

How many people out there love Barak Obama, but couldn’t intelligently discuss his policies or his political philosophy?

Barak Obama is half black and how many blacks worship him, but couldn’t intelligently discuss any of his policies. I confronted one such Obama worshipper who is a black liberal. After the passage of Obamacare in 2010, she said that she loved Obamacare when it hadn’t even “kicked in” yet. I also confronted this person and told her that I hoped that she wasn’t worshipping Obama just because he’s half black (I have just as much in common ethnically with him as she does). She replied, “Oh no. I just love what he’s doing.” This was really scared me. For crying out loud, there were areas where I didn’t agree with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. An intelligent, politically astute person, is not going to agree with his or her elected officials on everything. If you do, you’re a light weight.

While this president has indicated that he practices Christianity, he touts Islam much more than he touts Christianity.

He’s continually lectured the American people that we shouldn’t judge an entire religion/philosophy by the acts of a few people. He has also made no effort to rescue those Christians who are being persecuted in foreign nations.

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, while Obama was reading from the Bible at Ground Zero, he seemed uncomfortable. Those of us who grew up going to church and reading scripture develop an ebb and flow in our reading. Obama did not have this ebb and flow. His reading was choppy, making a few of us observe that he was indeed out of place reading from the Bible. Yes, I know he sang the hymn, “Amazing Grace” at the funeral of the nine church members who were shot in Charleston. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he appeared very uncomfortable reading scripture on 9/11/2011.

The job of the president of the United States is undoubtedly the most difficult job in the world. No president in my lifetime has come out of it without having aged substantially. When finishes his or her term as president, why would you want to take on something else that is difficult and carries great responsibility? As a former president, you are expected to make speeches, write your memoirs, perform certain tasks that the current president might assign to you, etc. You’ve run the race, you deserve some solitude and respect.

So why would any president soon to leave office want to jump back into the fire?

Some Obama-zombies might say that he’s still young and energetic, perfectly capable of another responsible position. Most presidents are older than 55 when they leave office, so they’re already senior citizens or about to be senior citizens. Still, it’s very strange.

In my above statements, I’m not drawing any conclusions. While the Bible explains a lot of things, it also leaves a lot of things unexplained. There are things we don’t know and will not know until Jesus returns to earth and the believers in Christ are transformed.



Like most Republicans, I was disappointed in the debate this past Wednesday evening. Well, maybe, disappointed is not exactly the right word. Mad, disgusted, infuriated might be better words to describe our collective feelings.

On the other hand, though, should Republicans be happy that the debate turned out like it did? Of course, it was quite obvious that the CNBC commentators were out to make the Republican presidential candidates look bad by pitting them against one another. The attitudes of the commentators (John Harwood, Becky Quick, Rick Santelli, Jim Cramer, Sharon Epperson, and Carl Quintanilla) toward the candidates were contentions and condescending.

Enter Senator Ted Cruz, about thirty minutes into the debate, who called out the commentators and the entire mainstream main stream media, for that matter. The senator pointed out that the questions asked so far indicate why the American public doesn’t trust the media. For that remark, the audience cheered. The senator went on to lecture the media that this wasn’t a “cage match” and continued to unload on them for indicating that Donald Trump was a comic book villain, that Ben Carson couldn’t do math, that Marco Rubio should resign his senate seat, and that Jeb Bush’s numbers were low. He asked the moderators why they didn’t talk about the substantive issues people care about. He also contrasted this debate with the Democrat debate in which the moderators were fawning all over the candidates. He also indicated that none of the moderators had any intention of voting in a Republican primary. A heated exchange between Senator Cruz and Charles Harwood followed.

Afterwards, every candidate seemed emboldened, and while there were policy differences between the candidates, all ten of them seemed to unite in their dissatisfaction with the media. In addition to Senator Cruz’s outburst, Governor Chris Christy let his true feelings come out after Jeb was asked about Fantasy Football. Governor Christy interrupted and vehemently indicated that we have almost $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, and ISIS and Al Qaeda planning attacks against us and we’re talking about Fantasy Football? This took place near the end of the debates, but it certainly serves to further put the moderators and the mainstream media in its place.

CNBC is a bottom feeder cable channel having a very small viewership. In fact, I don’t know anyone who watches it. My liberal friends who claim to be somewhat informed, watch CNN and MSNBC. Others who are not informed get their news from the mainstream networks and the newspapers. Furthermore, the World Series was on opposite the debates. So, how many people do you think were actually watching these debates? I haven’t seen the numbers, but I would have to guess that the ratings weren’t very high. Unless they read or heard about the nature of the debates, most Americans would have no idea what took place. After Senator Cruz’s exchange with the moderators took place, the candidates, not only seemed to unite against the media, but there supported each other on the issues where they agreed.

This was a start by the Republican presidential candidates in exposing the fallacies of the mainstream media. The American people elected our country’s current leaders. Never in the history of our country have we had such a leftist government. We also have a far left-leaning media. To those folks who get their information from the three major networks and the newspapers, when they take time out of their busy schedules which include watching daytime soap-operas, Ellen, Oprah, reality TV, American Idol, and Dancing With the Stars, I consider you a low-information voters and fully responsible along with the leftist media for the mess this country is currently in.

Marco Rubio also got his digs in on the mainstream media by pointing out that while Hillary Clinton was exposed as a liar because she knew the tragedy in Benghazi was not caused by an American made video but still sent Susan Rice out to the Sunday talk shows to tell the America people that it was caused by a video. None the less, the main stream portrayed that this was Hillary Clinton’s best week ever.

We must make every effort to establish a fair and balanced media if we’re going to continue to be the country we once were.

My other thoughts on the debate include the following. Governor Kasich referred to his past record in Congress and as governor of Ohio. Referring once or twice is okay, but it became redundant. I particularly enjoyed the comments of Senator Cruz and Ms. Fiorina regarding women. Under the current president’s policies, more women are now living in poverty and the Democrats continue to push bigger government and additional regulations that hurt women and everyone, for that matter. As I’ve said many times before, the Democrats don’t care about women, they don’t care about minorities, the middle class, and the poor, either. All they care about is gaining as much control over our lives as possible, making us little square people in little square holes. I also liked Dr. Carson’s comments indicating that if we took everything from the top one percent of earners and gave it to the government, it wouldn’t make a dent in the deficit or the debt. While there has not been much said about this zinger, I thought it was one of the best answers of the evening. Governor Huckabee was asked if he thought Donald Trump had the moral authority to be President of the United States. Governor Huckabee soundly replied in the affirmative and further indicated that every candidate participating in the debate would make a better president that Hillary Clinton or the other Democrat candidates for that matter..

From this little watched debate, will we be able to expose the disingenuousness of the main stream media. It’s a start, let’s hope we can sustain the momentum.