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There are days when I can’t believe what I’m seeing on the news and what I’m seeing on the Internet. I know that fact checking a lot of these stories results in all or part of the article not being true, but there’s still a lot out there that should concern someone who is well into adulthood and grew up in the United States of America.

According to infowars.com, Obama supporters in San Diego have indicated that they feel that it’s racist not to like Mexican food. After doing a smidgen of research, I determined that Mark Dice, who interviewed people a few weeks ago, asking them if they thought the first amendment, should be repealed, was again at it, interviewing folks and asking them if they thought Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was a racist because he didn’t like Mexican food.

The article states that Mr. Dice invented the narrative the Speaker Boehner had remarked that he didn’t like Mexican food and the current president had asked him to resign. So, we really don’t know of the Speaker likes Mexican food or not and frankly, I don’t care. However, the article goes on to indicate that a number of folks interviewed said that Boehner should resign and that his not liking Mexican food was racist.

This is funny, but at the same time, it’s not funny. Why is Mark Dice doing this? My guess would be that things have really gotten to ridiculous in this country and Mark is trying to illustrate this.

There was another article on wnd.com that said Americans were being labeled as racists for waving the American flag. Now this took place on Monday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo used to be considered a party day where the independence of Mexico was celebrated and those of us that are not Mexican simply celebrated their party with them. Now it’s getting political and in certain locations, the American flag can’t be on Cinco de Mayo. Why not waive both flags on this day where we all drink Margaritas and eat Mexican food. Have we lost all sense of reason? Can we not have fun anymore?

Apparently not! We wouldn’t want to offend anyone, now would we? There’s a lot wrong with this county and it can be attributed to the liberals/progressives in their quests to promote political correctness. You can’t say this, you can’t say that! Code words, buzz words, etc. A few years ago, one of the greatest players to put on a crimson jersey and play for the University of Alabama, Trent Richardson, was called a beast. He was a beast. He ran roughshod over everyone. He was and is a perfect physical being. I still watch YouTube videos and marvel at him. The sportswriters in Alabama actually had to convince the national media that calling Trent a beast was nothing racist. Thank goodness, he was labeled a beast and not something more specific such as a panther.

This is what we have become under the current president and his administration whose goals are to fundamentally change America. Well, it appears that he has succeeded because I no longer know the country where I was born and raised. If you disagree with the current president, you’re labeled a racist. That was one of the things with which I was concerned when he was first elected in 2008.

I’m sick and tired of political correctness, of liberals/progressives, and all of their name calling. I’m also sick and tired of being accused of hate speech when all I do is question whether certain entitlement programs are functioning efficiently.

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats, I’m sick of you!