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According to 8 Need to Know Facts About the AHCA from housegop.leadpages.co/healthcare, the following is what you need to know about the AHCA legislation that was withdrawn prior to vote the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, March 23, 2017.

  1. Dismantles the Obamacare taxes that have hurt job creators, increased premium costs, and limited options for patients and health care providers, including taxes on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, health insurance premiums, and medical devices.
  2. Eliminates the individual and employer mandate penalties, which forced millions of workers, families, and job creators into expensive, inadequate Obamacare plans they don’t want and cannot afford.
  3. Prohibits health insurers from denying coverage or charging more money to patients based on pre-existing conditions.
  4. Helps young adults access health insurance and stabilize the marketplace by allowing dependents to continue staying on their parents’ plan until they are 26.
  5. Establishes a Patient and State Stability Fund, which provides states with $100 billion to design programs that meet the unique needs of their patient populations and help low-income Americans afford health care.
  6. Modernizes and strengthens Medicaid by transitioning to a “per capita allotment” so states can better serve the patients most in need.
  7. Empowers individuals and families to spend their health care dollars the way they want and need by enhancing and expanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), nearly doubling the amount of money people can contribute and broadening how people can use it.
  8. Helps Americans access affordable, quality health care by providing a monthly tax credit, between $2000 and $25,000 a year, for low and middle income individuals and families who don’t receive insurance through work or a government program.

I have always said, even dating back to the days when the Clinton administration was attempting to pass “Hillary Care,” if we allow government run health care to pass and the federal government to grab 14% of the nation’s economy, that would the beginning of the end of the United States of America. I also said that the un-doing of such a hideous piece of legislation would be all but impossible.

When President Trump was elected, in part, because he promised to get rid of Obamacare, I knew it couldn’t be done in a day, or in weeks, or maybe even in months. The Democrats totally own Obamacare and could rightfully be blamed for its flaws. Once the Republicans came in and began to make changes, no matter now minor or how extensive, they would then own it. Democrats, along with the mainstream media were sure to trash it and claim how many Americans it is killing and will continue to kill; and the ones it doesn’t kill will suffer unbearably. Remember, Democrats don’t care about the truth or about facts. In other words, this had to be done right, no mistakes! Even though I am anxious for my premiums to decrease, I wasn’t in a hurry because again, I wanted this done right.

As much as I would like to go back to when Obamacare didn’t exit, unfortunately, that’s going to be impossible. Much of Obamacare is entitlements and once you’ve granted entitlements, it is next to impossible to pull them back. Examples include the allowing of children to be on their parents’ healthcare plan until age 26 and the inability to deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

When House Speaker, Paul Ryan pulled the AHCA legislation and didn’t allow a vote because there were not enough votes to pass it, I was disappointed because I felt that this was the best we were going to be able to do in getting rid of the most evil piece of legislation ever wrought on the American people.

I might be wrong, though. In fact, I hope I am wrong. I would certainly support something that would make it so that Obamacare never even existed. I would love to have my premiums at the level they were three years ago. Three years ago, I was on a COBRA plan, and while it wasn’t cheap, it was affordable, and I had good insurance. For those of you who may not ever have had the need to check into Cobra prices, they are comparable to prices you would pay for health insurance should you have to procure it on your own.

What is the White House doing now since the AHCA wasn’t voted on? I’m getting mixed signals from the media outlets about what next. I’m hearing that work has already begun to revive “repeal and replace.” I’m also hearing that AHCA is dead in the water and the White House is moving on to tax reform. While it would have been nice to have the taxes in Obamacare repealed before moving further on tax reform, it wasn’t going to happen.

There’s no way you can spin this to say that it wasn’t a big setback for President Trump and the Republican party. But that’s what it was, a setback. The Trump presidency is not coming to an end like many on the left would have you believe. Like Rush Limbaugh said on his 3/27 monologue, “Trump’s voters do not blame him for this. Trump’s the new guy. The people that have been there all along appear to be the people that can’t get anything done, but Trump was gonna be the guy to go in there and change all of this and didn’t.”

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich thinks that the Trump White House, instead of attacking tax reform, should focus on an infrastructure bill, something in which the Democrats will work with him, and give him a legislative victory. Not sure I agree with that because I really want to see tax reform take place, and I will admit that it’s for personal reasons.

Rush Limbaugh has also indicated that he thinks that the Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to work with Donald Trump. He thinks they will jump at the chance to work on an infrastructure bill and even on fixing Obamacare. I don’t necessarily agree with Rush on this. The Democrats have so much hate for Republicans and anyone who disagrees with them, plus they’ve continuously maintained that they will not work with President Trump. Instead, they will do everything they can to wreck his presidency.

I’ve said this many times. Donald Trump is a business man and in his conglomerate, when he says jump, employees say, “How high.” That’s not the case in the public sector, and he just got his reminder of that. The facts are: Donald Trump is the President of the United States for at least the next three years and ten months. He will continue to work on his agenda of limited government, tax reform, and the diminution of Islamic terrorism. Democrats will continue to fight him tooth and nail with nothing but hate in their hearts for Donald Trump, his administration, and his supporters.

What’s going to happen with health care? Obamacare is and has always been a train wreck. It’s close to imploding. And when it does, it will still be owned by the Democrats.



A little over a week ago, it was reported by several news outlets that Staples, the Office Supply Giant had slashed workers’ hours in order to curb expenses related to Obamacare. The current President of the United States, of course, slammed Staples for its actions. It was later determined that Staples had not done what the current President had accused them of doing. In his message to Staples, the President seemed to be warning all businesses that they had better not start making cuts and blaming it on ACA.

In addressing the above, I’m going to start from the beginning. This country was founded on the principles that government should be limited and close to home. In other words, things should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. The plan for the United States of America was for minimal government intrusion into their lives so its citizens would have the freedom to provide for themselves and others, if they so choose.

The United States of American is now 139 years old and boy have we changed. When you accept employment with a company, there are certain forms that you have to sign. It is understood that you are there for the company and the company has the right to terminate you or pretty much do anything else to you it wants to do. It can move you to a different job, it can cut your hours, it can give you raises, it can cut your pay, it can promote you, and it can demote you. That’s what you agreed to when you signed on to work for them. Also, you have the right to terminate your employment for any reason. You were not born with a sign on your forehead that said what you would be doing and who you would be doing it for.

Having worked for corporations, I can tell you this: Whenever the government increases corporate taxes or imposes some regulation on businesses, the business is going to compensate for the extra expense that it incurs to pay the extra taxes or implement the regulation. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many memos I have received during my corporate America years where the cost of a benefit was going up or the percentage increase for raises was decreased. Depending on your individual situation, you may have or may not have been affected. One company I worked for in the past seemed to always be increasing the employee cost for dependent health care coverage. At any rate, when businesses incur more expense, they’re going to do something about it and that’s their right.

Whenever tax increases and new regulations are implemented, I’m always concerned about job losses and other cuts. I’m also concerned about price increases for a companies’ goods and services. Enter Obamacare, and the things that we unenlightened conservative oafs warned everyone about are coming true.

It’s not just large companies that are trying to compensate for the extra money they have to pay out because of Obamacare, small companies, and even individuals have to compensate also. Being self-employed, I have to purchase health insurance on my own. I was able to go on COBRA for eighteen months and it wasn’t cheap. I had to pay the full price, but was able to keep the plan I had with my former company. When my COBRA ran out, I had to get insurance through the market place. It took about a half day to sign up and fill in all of the blanks. My premiums increased 50% from what I was paying out for COBRA. My deductible is more and my co-pays are more. It’s going to hit me hard financially. I have someone that takes care of my yard, I get my nails done once a week, and I get my hair done every five weeks. Right now I’m doing my dead level best not to have to cut out any of these services plus keep the intervals the same. All three of these folks are great friends. What if I decided to do the yard work myself and only have my nails done every two weeks? Less money would be going to these small businesses. It’s a ripple effect that hurts the economy and individuals as well. That 50 percent is going to the government instead of into our economy.

Were the current President and the Democrats surprised by this? They shouldn’t have been. Was the current President alone surprised by this? Again, he shouldn’t have been, but considering this President has never worked in the private sector, he may not have been aware of these consequences. Somebody should have told him, though. Well actually, he may have been told, but just didn’t listen. Remember, he was a community organizer until he was elected to the Illinois State Senate. Then he was elected to the United States Senate, and was subsequently elected President.

ACA is or will be affecting every man, woman, and child in the United States of America; most in a negative way. It still frustrates me that the leaders of this country, instead of concentrating on those 15 million people that didn’t have health insurance and trying to do something for them and leaving the rest of us alone; have hurt the vast majority of the American people. And as I said above, Obamacare is having a negative impact on the economy.

A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in front of my computer screen thinking about what was going on in this still great country of ours. We’ve lost so many of our freedoms and Islamic terrorism is spreading west. The current President of the United States is downplaying the threat and trying to get us to believe that climate change is our greatest threat. If we don’t take the Islamic terrorist threat seriously, we won’t have to worry about climate change.

While I’m a news and political junkie, so many good folks may glance at the headlines in a newspaper or their state’s news website. Furthermore, what news they may get is from the mainstream media which is largely left leaning. They wouldn’t dare watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh because liberals have told everyone that Fox News, Rush, Hannity, etc. lie. These folks aren’t as astute as me. And I really can’t expect everyone to be like me. And if they were, we wouldn’t need network TV.
As a result of all my thoughts, I will soon begin research for a non-fiction book that will explain the differences between Democrats and Republicans. It’s always been my theory that most Americans are really Republicans. They call themselves Democrats or moderates because they don’t know the actual difference and they disagree with the Republicans on a few issues. I wrote a couple of posts outlining the differences last spring, but feel that a book with a catchy title might educate some folks. The catchy title I’ve come up with now is, Read at Your own Risk, You just might be a Republican. This is all preliminary and depends on the results of my research. I’ll keep you posted.