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The American people handed the current president of the United States a stunning defeat in the 2014 mid-term elections. The Republicans maintained leadership of the House of Representatives and gained a majority in the Senate. However, they didn’t obtain a super majority of 60. However, the current president said he had a pen and he had a phone and he intended to use them. And he has by signing executive orders and the only way this can be stopped is through the courts. He justifies his actions by stating that he’s doing what is good for the country. If a Republican did the same think, claiming his or her actions were good for the country, the mainstream media would be exploding. The following is a summary of three things that the current president has done, according to motherjones.com, none are good.

Normalized Relations with Cuba:
According to newsmax.com, the Obama administration is easing travel and some economic restrictions against Cuba after coming out in support of normalizing relations with the Communist regime. This is raising fears among many of a total lifting of the trade embargo against the island nation.

Would lifting the embargo benefit the Cuban people of just benefit the Castro regime? Most of the Cuban economy is government owned and all foreign trade is channeled through Cuban government agencies. Companies pay wages in hard currency, including dollars and euros, but the Cuban government pays its workers in Cuban pesos and pockets about 90% of the wages.

Decades of trade between Cuba and the market economies of Europe, Canada, and Latin America have not produced the political and economic benefits to the people of Cuba. This has lined the pockets of the Castro regime and the Cuban people have not been beneficiaries.

Obama claimed the regime would release all political prisoners, but it has not. So, we’ve entered into an agreement with a deadbeat nation that refuses to honor its commitments. It has defaulted on its estimated $37 billion debt to the Paris Club of Nations. Russia has been forced to write off Cuba’s $32 million debt, and Mexico wrote off $340 million of Cuba’s debt.
Americans want free trade with free people and not relations that strengthen an authoritarian regime’s oppression of its people.

Cuba has not met the conditions agreed upon prior to lifting the embargo. Cuba was supposed to legalize all political activity, release political prisoners, commit to free and fair elections, grand freedom of the press, and allow labor unions. Cuba has not met these conditions and, of course, that sends a message to the world that the Unites States is weak.

Also, Cuba remains on the U.S. “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list. The country has provided sanctuary for terrorists from other nations and has harbored American fugitives. Black Panther activist and convicted murderer Jo Anne Chesimard is among the 90 or more criminals who fled America and received political asylum in Cuba.

The American people are opposed to lifting the embargo. A poll last year found that a slight majority still want the sanctions to remain in place. More importantly, an even larger majority of Cuban-Americans, who know the situation best, favor keeping the embargo in place.

Of course, the current president’s worshippers, including the mainstream media, think this is a great thing, but anything this president does they are going to think is great.

Climate Deal with China:
According to nationalreview.com, when the United States and China announced a surprise carbon-emissions deal, the leftists were ecstatic. Al Gore declared it groundbreaking progress form the world’s largest polluter and John Kerry patted himself on the back. However, when the deal was stuck with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Chinese were laughing at us. Nothing was going to stop China from moving full speed ahead with its economic development plans that rely heavily on cheap and abundant fossil fuels.

In December, 2014, the South China Morning Post announced that Chinese negotiators rejected the scrutiny to limit carbon emissions. In other words, the Chinese refuse to agree to measurable and enforceable carbon reduction targets. According to dailycaller.com, the U.S. China climate deal unraveled during the U.N. climate talks. Chinese delegates demanded more climate aid be sent from rich countries to poor countries, and refused to agree to certain U.S. backed provisions in a climate treaty draft.

So liberal rag, motherjones.com, in an August 24, 2015 article, cites this as an Obama lame duck accomplishment. Not true!
Issued New EPA Ozone Rules:
On Wednesday, November 26, 2014, the current president check off another major items on environmentalists’ wish list by targeting smog, but angered big business and giving Republicans fresh ammunition heading into the final two years of Obama’s presidency. According to washingtontimes.com, the EPA has released new tentative rules on ozone, meant to drastically cut the amount of smog produced by power plants and factories. The proposal would lower the threshold for ozone from 75 ppb to 70 ppb and are shooting for 65 ppb.

With the full backing of environmental activists, administration officials have become brazen toward their critics. White House counselor, John Podesta has gone so far as to brag that the GOP can’t stop more executive actions and climate regulations.

Critics say it’s obvious the regulations will create a serious burden. EPA data, cited by groups such as the Business Roundtable, show that 59 percent of the U.S. population lives in an area that did not meet the 65 ppb threshold.

The National Association of Manufacturers called the rules “the most expensive regulation ever imposed on the American public. In a July study, the organization calculated that the rule would reduce U.S. gross domestic product by 3.4 trillion from 2017 to 40 and cut about 2.9 million jobs per year on average through 2040.
This doesn’t sound too good to me, but of course, the liberals love it.



A post appeared on my news feed of my Facebook page on Wednesday. It was a picture of three rather well-heeled businessmen having coffee and laughing. They were sitting around what looked to be a very nice table and were sitting in nice chairs. This could very well have been at a private club or in an executive’s lounge.

Below the photo, was a quote by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self-admitted Socialist? The quote was as follows: “The Business Roundtable, a group representing CEOs that retire on an average monthly check of $88,576, is advising Congress to cut Social Security and Medicare. How does a CEO retiring on $88,476 a month tell a senior struggling to survive on $1,250 a month that they deserve less?”

I checked this out and according to my findings, the Business Roundtable group had recommended upping the retirement age from 67 to 70. 67 is now the retirement age for those born after 1959. They also recommended the age for qualifying for Medicare be raised. I could find nothing where this group was advocating the cutting of actual benefits. These recommendations were made in order to preserve Social Security and Medicare.

I didn’t spend a lot of time on this, so there may very well be a substantial amount of information out there that I haven’t seen. I did advise one of the Facebook friends who posted this to check things out before posting. I’ve posted things that turned out not to be true and I’ve been caught. So, I do make an effort to check something out before I post it, especially if it appears to be “out there.”

What was more upsetting, though, were the comments that were made. Here are a few.
• The Business Roundtable group members had no soul and were pure evil.
• I would love to strip these men of everything they have for 1 year and then see what they think.
• Pompous SOBs.
• Those CEOs are all A-holes.
• The only way I would become religious would be if someone would assure me there is a hell for people like them.
• If it wasn’t for their employees, they would be worthless.
• Hateful, selfish people.
• Greedy, awful human beings.

You get my drift. I’m sure some of these people are all of the above and more. But I’m just as sure that some of these individuals probably started in the mail room or on the assembly line and worked their way up the corporate ladder. Also, I’m just as sure that many are large donators to charitable concerns.

The people commenting on this post are obviously liberals and perhaps Socialists. Many of them seemed to adore Bernie Sanders who is anti-capitalism and pro-redistribution of wealth. These commenters also seemed to think they were entitled.

I’m here to tell you that none of us are entitled. This country was founded on the premise that the government would stay out of the lives of its citizens, giving individuals the freedom to create wealth and prosper. The United States economy is not a zero sum game.

Sure, I have made comments about those who have done better than me, saying, “It must be nice.” However, I was taught to be grateful for what the Lord has given me. If anything, when I encounter someone who has done better than me and a lot of folks have, it tends to make me want to work harder. I’ve always strived to get the corner office with a view. That hasn’t happened and at my age, I doubt it will happen. In the last three years, I really grew weary of working for corporate jerks and became burned out on corporate America. Now, I’ve started my own little business and have created this website, along with some others and have plans to develop others in hopes of making some passive income. I have also independently published my first novel, a piece of lite fiction. A sequel is planned.

I’m still trying to create wealth and while I could very well fall flat on my face, I might become as rich as those folks in the Business Roundtable group…Nah! I just want to be able to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle and not have to rely on Social Security in my elder years.

I guess I should be thankful to my liberal friends for posting this. It has given me fodder for this post and maybe another one next week.