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Whenever I need a topic for a blog post and nothing jumps out at me, I go to my favorites, to a folder entitled “Stupid Liberal Articles.” There, I can always find something to write about.

About a month ago, Jill Bond, bluenationreview.com, a liberal website wrote an article outlining Chelsea Clinton’s accomplishments. The list is indeed very impressive. I haven’t, nor am I, going to check out these accomplishments. I’m sure some are very accurate and some may be exaggerated, but that’s not the point of this article.

Instead, they prefaced their list of Chelsea’s accomplishments by discussing how she had been a target of right-wing attacks. One such attack was supposedly by Rush Limbaugh sometime in 1993 after President Clinton’s inauguration. However, the alleged attack actually happened on November 6, 1992, two days after the Presidential election in which Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush. Rush was doing a what’s in and what’s out segment. One of the INs and OUTs was going to be cute kid in and cute dog out. The cute kid in was Chelsea and the cute dog out was Millie, the Bush’s much loved pooch. Something happened and the pictures got mixed up and it looked like Chelsea was being compared to a dog. Rush immediately apologized, but twenty-two years later the left still brings this up and, of course, has not forgiven Rush. But just let someone on the left make a boorish mistake and that someone is heralded and never has to apologize.
The first sentence of Ms. Bond’s article reads as follows: “Chelsea Clinton is often targeted by Republicans who have nothing better to do than tear down a woman who is, simply put – brilliant. As a Republican, a right-winger, and a conservative, I’ve heard very little spoken about Chelsea Clinton. Sure, there have been comments made in private living rooms that may have been in poor taste, but those comments have generally been confined to those private living rooms.

Furthermore, those in the limelight and are public figures have to be ready to accept a certain amount of barbs from the public. Children should always be off limits to these barbs, but in this imperfect world, that is not always the case, and why parents, who are public figures, do need to make doubly sure that their children aren’t exposed. While Caroline and John Kennedy, Jr. were constantly in the news, along with the Johnson daughters, that was the sixties. This is a different day and age.

Ms. Bond also claims in her article that Republicans are, in vast numbers, alleging that Chelsea wouldn’t have accomplished all these things had she not been a child of privilege. I haven’t heard anyone say that, in public or in private, but of course it’s true. People are always getting perks and benefits because of who they are. I knew a young lady who was able to enter the University of Alabama even though her high school grades were Cs and Ds and she had a low ACT score. This is because she had parent who were connected. It happens in life all the time.

Since you can never have a left wing “hate” article without bringing in George W. Bush and/or his family, Ms. Bond certainly does this by stating the following: “Not only are the Bushes products of nepotism, they’ve gotten fat eating at the public trough, and het the haters go after Chelsea who’s never worked in the public sector.” Oh come now, Ms. Bond. I watch Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh, and read a lot of web-based conservative publications. I haven’t seen or heard “conservatives go after Chelsea.” Now, there may be some sleazy sights out there (and they’re on both the left and the right) that may post despicable things, but they’re not main stream and frankly, I’m not going to attempt to dig up these sites because I don’t want viruses on my computers.

Ms. Bond, wouldn’t you have written a better article if, instead of listing Chelsea’s accomplishments by age 30 in a bulleted list, you had elaborated more on her life as a wife, mother, former first daughter, and successful career woman? But no, you had to insert your hatred for those on the right.

This makes me wonder what your intentions were in writing this peace. Was it admiration for Chelsea Clinton or your intense hatred for those of us who are unenlightened conservative oafs?