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In my lifetime, there have been many, many changes in the United States of America. A lot good and a lot bad. Women and minorities have the right to vote and at one time they didn’t. Up until the sixties or maybe even the early seventies, women couldn’t apply for credit, take out a loan, purchase a house, etc. An unmarried woman was looked down upon as one who was not capable of finding a husband, while divorced women were looked upon as incapable of holding on to their man. If you were divorced, you were considered used goods and if you had children, finding a man to marry you was almost impossible. And it wasn’t until the seventies that it began to become commonplace for women to seek careers as doctors, attorneys, and engineers. These are all good changes, and there have been many others.

When we talk about bad changes, the first thing that comes to my mind are the Supreme Court rulings that took prayer out of the public schools.

There have also been bad changes; and when we talk about bad changes, the first thing that comes to my mind are the Supreme Court rulings that took prayer out of the public schools. In two decisions, Engel v. Vitale (1962) and Abington school district v. Schempp (1963), the Supreme Court established what is now the current prohibition on state-sponsored prayer in U.S. Schools. The Engel decision held that promulgation of an official state-school prayer stood in violation of the First Amendment’s establishment clause. Abington held that Bible readings and other public school-sponsored religious activities were prohibited.

In an article by Penny Starr of cnsnews.com, dated August 15, 2014, entitled “Education Expert: Removing Bible, Prayer from Public Schools has Caused Decline,” Ms. Starr took the following quote from William Jeynes, a professor at California State College in Long Beach. “One can argue, and some have, that the decision by the Supreme Court – in a series of three decisions back in 1962 and 1963 – to remove Bible and prayer from our public schools, may be the most spiritually significant event in our nation’s history over the course of the last 55 years.”

According to this article, Professor Jeynes said that there have been five negative developments in the nation’s public schools.

  • Academic achievement has plummeted, including SAT scores
  • Increased rate of out-of-wedlock births
  • Increase in illegal drug use
  • Increase in juvenile crime
  • Deterioration of school behavior

The article also included a comparison between the top five complaints of teachers from 1940 to 1962 (talking, chewing gum, making noise, running in the halls, and getting out of turn in line) with the top complaints from teachers from 1963 to the present (rape, robbery, assault, burglary, and arson). This should speak for itself. Removing prayer in public schools has caused decline.

Currently Ten states have passed a law or resolution to bring the Bible as literature in public schools statewide. However, this is secular in nature with the Bible being taught as literature rather than as the word of God. In 2013, Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, signed into a law requiring public schools to develop policies that will allow students to pray over school intercoms, at assemblies, and at sporting events. While not allowing school-sanctioned prayer, the law permits students to offer public prayers with a disclaimer by the school administration. However, in July 2013, the Rankin County, Mississippi school district could no longer hold prayer during school assemblies or distribute Bibles after a Humanist group lawsuit. This particular school district was later fined $7,500 after a minister delivered a prayer during a district wide honors ceremony, according to washingtontines.com. It doesn’t look we’ll get prayer back in the public schools anytime soon.

Since taking prayer out of public schools, church attendance appears to have diminished. When I was growing up, just about everyone went to church. Now it’s not that way. While I can’t give an estimate of the percentage of people who don’t go to church as compared with the percentage of people who do, it sure seems that church going has lessened since the seventies and eighties.

The “bullying” of school students has been brought to the forefront in the last ten or so years. While bullying has been taking places for centuries, the actual acts committed against the victims have increased in number and have become more severe in nature. Could it be that young people, who were forced to listen to Bible readings and participate in prayer, still bullied, but the exposure to the Bible and prayer kept them from going too far.

Since taking prayer out of the public schools, atheist organizations such as Freedom from Religion have sprung up and seek to stamp out any evidence of Christianity, such as a nativity scene display, in public places. Lawsuits are filed, fines are levied, and people and businesses are destroyed for believing in God.

The phrase, “you can’t legislate morality,” was bantered about by those who favored abortion rights.

And we can’t leave out the 1974 decision, Row v. Wade, which entitled abortion rights to women. At this point the value of life had greatly diminished, morals had gone out the window, and having to take responsibility for sex when a pregnancy was undesirable was negated. If you got pregnant, you could simply get an abortion. The phrase, “you can’t legislate morality,” was bantered about by those who favored abortion rights. Little did most people know that this phrase was used by Barry Goldwater in his 1964 presidential campaign. The senator from Arizona felt that discrimination and bigotry would only end when people ended it in their hearts. Thus he was not in favor of civil rights legislation.

Fast forward to day: Christians are being blamed for the Orlando mass shooting that took place in a downtown gay bar. The current president of the United States, on occasions, has denigrated Christianity, accusing Christians of clinging to their guns and Bibles; while extoling the virtues of the Islamic faith, a faith that has led to the deaths of many Americans, including, but not limited to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the 9/11/2001 hijacking of planes and flying those planes into businesses, and the recent Orlando shooting. The fact that we would re-elect the current president in 2012 stems, in my opinion, from the 1960s cases taking prayer out of the public schools.

There’s no doubt that President Barak Obama has turned our culture upside down where what used to be good is now bad and what used to be bad is now good, but it seems that the groundwork for his actions appear to have been laid decades ago.



According to wallbuilder.com, the current president has singled out Catholics, Protestants, and Jews to attack over the course of his presidency. When his hostility toward Biblical people of faith is contrasted with his preferential treatment of Muslims and Muslim nations, it further strengthens the accuracy of the anti-Biblical descriptor. In fact, there have been numerous clearly documented times when his pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-Biblical actions.

Below, I am listing records, according to wallbuilder.com, of his attacks on Biblical persons and organizations, examples of the hostility toward Biblical faith that have become evident in the past three years in the Obama-led military, a listing of his open attacks on Biblical values, and a listing of numerous incidents of his preferential deference for Islam’s activities and positions.

Acts of Hostility toward People of Biblical Faith:

  • December 2009 – Present: The annual White House Christmas cards, rather than focusing on Christmas or faith, instead highlight things such as the family dogs. And the White House Christmas tree ornaments include figures such as Mae Tse-Tung and a drag queen.
  • June 2013: The Obama Department of Justice defunds a Young Marines chapter in Louisiana because their oath mentioned God, and another youth program because it permits a voluntary student-led prayer.
  • February 2013: The Obama Administration announces that the rights of religious conscience for individuals will not be protected under the Affordable Care Act.
  • January 2013: Pastor Louie Giglio is pressured to remove himself from praying at the inauguration after it is discovered he once preached a sermon supporting the Biblical definition of marriage.
  • February 2012: The Obama Administration forgives student loans in exchange for public service, but announces it will no longer forgive student loans if the public service is related to religion
  • January 2012: The Obama Administration argues that the First Amendment provides no protection for churches and synagogues in hiring their pastors and rabbis.
  • December 2011: The Obama Administration denigrates other countries’ religious beliefs as an obstacle to radical homosexual rights.
  • November 2011: President Obama opposes inclusion of President Franklin Roosevelt’s famous D-Day Prayer in the WWII Memorial.
  • November 2011: Unlike previous presidents, Obama studiously avoids any religious references in his Thanksgiving speech.
  • August 2011: The Obama Administration releases its new health care rules that override religious conscience protections for medical workers in the areas of abortion and contraception.
  • April 2011: For the first time in American history, Obama urges passage of a non-discrimination law that does not contain hiring protections for religious groups, forcing religious organizations to hire according to federal mandates without regard to the dictates of their own faith, thus eliminating conscience protection in hiring.
  • February 2011: Although he filled posts in the State Department, for more than two years, Obama did not fill the post of religious freedom ambassador, an official that works against religious persecution across the world; he filled it only after heavy pressure from the public and from Congress.
  • January 2011: After a federal law was passed to transfer an WWI Memorial in the Mojave Desert to private ownership, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that the cross in the memorial could continue to stand, but the Obama Administration refused to allow the land to be transferred as required by law, and refused to allow the cross to be re-erected as ordered by the Court.
  • November 2010: Obama misquotes the National Motto, saying it is “E pluribus unum” rather than “In God We Trust” as established by federal law.
  • October 19, 2010: Obama begins deliberately omitting the phrase about “the Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence, an omission he has made on no less than seven occasions.
  • May 2009: Obama declines to host services for the National Prayer Day (a day established by federal law) at the White House.
  • April 2009: When speaking at Georgetown University, Obama orders that a monogram symbolizing Jesus name be covered when he is making his speech.
  • April 2009: In a deliberate act of disrespect, Obama nominated three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican; of course, the pro-life Vatican rejected all three.
  • February 2009: Obama announces plans to revoke conscience protect for health workers who refuse to participate in medical activities that go against their beliefs, and fully implements the plan in February 2011.
  • April 2008: Obama speaks disrespectfully of Christians, saying the “cling to guns or religion” and have an “antipathy to people who aren’t like them.

In addition to the above, the current president appears very uncomfortable talking about Christianity, God, and faith. During the tenth anniversary celebration of 9/11, the president was reading scripture. Many of us grew up reading scripture and know there is a certain cadence to it. However Obama didn’t have that sense of cadence or rhythm at all. It’s like had never read scripture in his life. And again, he seemed very uncomfortable at the podium.

The next two posts will also be outlining evidence that the current president is uncomfortable with God, the Bible, and persons of faith.

In closing, I would like to thank wallbuilders.com for their remarkable research and documentation of facts that are so important to Christians as we traverse this rather wicked world.



As a political blogger, I must be more politically astute that the person on the street. To do that, I must constantly watch the news, watch political commentary, and read blogs and articles. There are those who continually challenge me, forcing me to always stay ahead of the game. These challengers are good, but not as good as me. Remember, I must be better than them in order to succeed.

I’ll be the first to admit that I screw up at times. I get things wrong and even though I know better, I don’t always research as thoroughly as I should before putting my words out there. Notwithstanding the above, I’m still better than my challengers.

I am constantly challenged by those who seek to pin the racist label on any of us who disagree with the current president’s policies. It’s really quite fascinating to see how liberals can spin something that has nothing to do with race into racism.

About a year or two ago, I was having lunch with a staunch liberal and current president supporter. She had read some posts on this blog and told me she couldn’t believe the things I said about liberals. She also asked me what I meant when I used the phrase, “take back our country.” This phrase has been coined as a racist phrase by liberals. When I gave her an answer that didn’t mention the current president, you could tell she was frustrated because she was looking to accuse me of not liking the current president because he is half black. Her response to my bemoaning about what was taking place in the country was, “so that’s because of Obama. It’s his fault.” Some of my answers were yes, particularly about health care, but not all of them. There were some things that I felt went back to the Woodrow Wilson administration, the implementer of what we now call progressivism. She was clearly frustrated that none of my answers contained any racial overtones.

Later in the conversation, sensing her frustration, I told her to quit trying to get me to say something disparaging regarding the current president being half black. That wasn’t going to happen. I further told her that I could see through her like glass. I got the better of her and I should have because it’s my job.

During the 1960s, while the cold war was raging and the civil rights movement was taking place, many people thought that the civil rights leaders might be communists. Communism made people shake in their shoes and the possibility of communism infiltrating the United States was unthinkable. Democrats and Republicans alike were anti-communist.

Now, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, the word communism doesn’t draw the fear in the hearts of Americans as it once did. In fact some of our far left politicians seem to accept communism as a viable form of governance.

Communism fell in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union crumbled in the late 1980s, roughly a quarter of a century ago. While it still remains in China, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea, people, particularly those on the left seemed desensitized to it. It’s no longer scary to the American people.

We have an avowed socialist running for president and according to many media outlets, Bernie Sanders is drawing large crowds to hear him speak and the gap between him and probably Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. While Bernie Sanders is still considered a long shot, he is forcing Hillary to move to the left.

In 1972 and 1988, the Democrat party nominated far left candidates for president, George McGovern and Michael Dukakis respectively. Both were blown away in the general election by the Republican nominees, Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush. The American people were not going to elect anyone as far left as McGovern and Dukakis.

Fast forward about twenty-five years and we have elected as president twice, one of the most far-left men in the United States, whose goal is to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

According to lessgovisthebest.com, “At the very core of their Godless ideology, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels selected a few important ideas from the Bible they hated and created a false religion out of their own imaginations, a counterfeit copy of Christianity, without God. With God and sinless servants, communism will work. Communism also may work in a society where simple survival is everyone’s goal. I say “may” because I’ve just finished reading a fiction novel where a communist-like government was set up by a remaining remnant after the earth was destroyed by fire and water.
I don’t know what school children are being taught about the Civil War these days, but I remember studying about the session from the Union of certain states. After the war was over, those states were taken back into the Union, but there were horrific things taking place with reconstruction. If it taught us anything, it should have taught us never to let that happen again. The word, “secession,” has been bounced around some in the last few years. While no one is taking any of this talk seriously (at least I hope not), secession articles still appear.

Combined with the flak about the confederate flag and the current president’s obvious disdain for the southern United States and the South’s disdain for him and his policies, could we be taking baby steps toward history repeating itself?

In summary, being labeled a racist in the United States has become the worst thing you can be labeled. Furthermore, the left can assign that label to you for just about anything you express that they don’t like. And guess what, once labeled a racist, you are always a racist. Racial tensions in this country are mounting and I do attribute this to the current President and his administration.

Communism and socialism are no longer words to be feared with practically half of all American citizens accepting their respective philosophies while turning away from the Judeo-Christian principles on which this country was founded. Efforts to completely remove God from our society are ongoing and replacing God with government is happening.

Americans are now fighting amongst themselves over a piece of fabric with some opining that this piece of fabric was responsible for the shootings at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. Could this brou-ha-ha be another tactic to further divide the nation, making us weaker and subject to some kind of take-over?

And while we’re fighting over that piece of fabric, Congress is giving additional powers to the current president, including powers to negotiate deals related to the Trans Pacific Partnership, a treaty that will surely put the sovereignty of the United States in immediate danger.
Sounds like a perfect storm to me.



In the Bible in the Book of Genesis (Chapter 12, verse 3), it is said: “I (God) will bless those who bless you (Israel) and will curse those who curse you (Israel).” It doesn’t get much plainer than that. According to ahphanews.com, the Bible warns that the destiny of the world is inseparable from Israel and Jerusalem. The Bible says God would one day re-gather the children of Israel back into their land from among many nations around the world. The Bible also warns that God would then make Jerusalem a world trouble spot and that all nations of the world will turn against Israel. Furthermore, the Bible warns that Gaza will be forsaken.

On May 14, 1948, British forces pulled out of Palestine. That afternoon Jewish leaders assembled at the Tel Aviv Museum to sign the Israeli declaration of Independence and announce the creation of the first modern Jewish state. If you were 15 at the time and remember this, you would be 82 now. Thus, I doubt many of my readers would remember this prophetic day. From what I’ve heard, though, there was not much hoop-la from clergy and Christian leaders.

In the middle of August, 2005, Israeli troops began the forced evacuation of thousands of Jewish settlers from the Gaza strip after a deadline for them to leave had expired. Israeli Prime Minister at the time, Ariel Sharon, implemented the evacuation.

Does anyone know what happened a week later? Can you say Hurricane Katrina? That’s right, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Mississippi Gulf coast. In New Orleans, levies were breached causing major flooding and destruction. American citizens were suffering beyond belief. In fact, the aftermath of Katrina was referred to as a disaster of Biblical proportions by many journalists.

The Gaza withdrawal was backed by the U.S. government. According to World Net Daily, some Middle East analysts and senior Israeli politicians entirely attributed the evacuation plan to pressure from the American establishment.

I was a current events follower in 2005 and remember pursing my lips when watching TV news coverage of the Gaza evacuation. I was particularly distraught with the uprooting of bodies from the area’s Jewish cemeteries. And then along comes Katrina.

World Net Daily documented a number of events that one might say drew parallels between the evacuation of the Gaza strip and Hurricane Katrina. One parallel indicated that President Bush was from Texas and Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, was from Alabama. Both were vocal supporters of the Gaza evacuation. Katrina hit the states between Texas and Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. There was also damage done in Alabama, including a downed tree in my back yard.

Other parallels from World Net Daily include the following: Many residents of Jewish Gaza climbed to their rooftops to escape the threat of expulsion, while residents of the Gulf Coast climbed on their own rooftops to protect themselves from the rising waters. Jewish Gaza homes described as beautiful and charming were demolished this week by Israel’s military. Once beautiful homes in New Orleans now lie in ruins.

Some are going to say that this is coincidence. Others are going to say that I’m crazy and so is anybody who remotely thinks that Katrina wreaked havoc in the United States because the U.S. was pushing the Gaza evacuation.

The current administration is in negotiations with the Middle Eastern country of Iran regarding their nuclear enrichment program. Remember Iran has indicated that it wants to destroy Israel. The administration has also removed Iran plus Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood from the United States’ terrorist watch list.

And if that’s not enough, the current administration used tax payer dollars to support Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s left wing opponent, Isaac Herzog, in the recent election. Now that PM Netanyahu soundly defeated Mr. Herzog, the current President is suggesting that he’s going to lift U.S. sanctions on Iran and put them on Israel.

According to Major Garrett of CBS, speaking to radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, President Obama has ordered his top advisors to seek alternatives to direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians. The leading option for the White House, and one that would amount to a significant reversal of American policy, would be to allow the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state. The White House has worked with Israel in the past to block such maneuvers, arguing it would unnecessarily inflame Israeli political passions and undermine a fragile peace process. Letting the United Nations Security Council proceed now appears to be a live option. Re-elected PM Netanyahu has said that the Palestinians would not get their state under current circumstances.

Are we turning our backs on Israel? Many other countries already have. The Bible says that all nations of the world will turn against Israel. The United States has definitely been Israel’s staunchest ally on the planet. Is that about to change? Are other Israeli allies going to follow the path of the United States?

I’m writing this as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and a believer that there are no coincidences where the Lord and his word are concerned. His word is immutable.

I’m not saying that the world is going to end tomorrow or anytime soon. Only God knows that day. But as Christians, we must be aware of the signs that are told to us in scripture, and the events of our days.