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This is the fourth part in my series where I am disputing the Media Matters article showcasing videos which Media Matters thinks Fox News is disparaging poor people. To date, I can find only one comment that might, and I said might, be construed to disparage the poor of this nation.

Now on to analyzing more videos:

  • Fox’s Stuart Varney on the Poor, “Many of them have things, what they lack is the Richness of Spirit.”: Once again, only parts of the segment were show in the video and John Stewart was disruptive so that you couldn’t get the gist of what was being conveyed. Given the brevity of this video, I came to the conclusion that Stuart Varney and his guest were saying was that what constitutes being poor in the second half of the twentieth century and the twenty-first century is not what it was in earlier times. Stuart indicated that 00% of the poor people have refrigerators. After making this statement, it sounded to me like he was going to list some other statistics about the poor, but John Stewart interrupted making it appear that the only state Stuart Varney was quoting was the refrigerator stat. Stuart then indicated that what the poor lacked was the “Richness of Spirit.” I don’t know what this means because John Stewart cut off the video before Stuart Varney had a chance to continue. Again, many things were taken out of context and I wasn’t able to listen to the entire segment with Stuart Varney and the guest.
  • Stuart Varney, “The Rich Suffered More Than You.”: What a crock? Granted, I’m an unenlightened oaf, but am I hearing something different when I watched this video than what liberals are hearing? First of all, Stuart Varney cites and quotes from an article in the New York Times. The Democrats are saying that income inequality is getting worse over time. Income for the very wealthy is down more than any other group. Income went down from 19% for the wealthy to 13% for middle and lower income earners. For the very, very wealthy income went from $39 million to 27 million. When Stuart and host Martha McCallum were discussing this, they seemed to be sarcastic. I think one of the may have said, “aww, poor things.” Media Matters did acknowledge that Stuart acknowledged income losses were felt more strongly by those with less wealth and that government programs lessened the suffering of the middle and lower income recipients. Although, he did say, “It turns out, the rich have suffered more than you,” he was again saying this with a sarcastic, tongue and cheek tone. And when he said this, he was viewing this from a statistical point of view, but his tone was still tongue and cheek. This absolutely does not constitute disparaging the poor.
  • Charles Payne Laments Lack of “Stigma” Surrounding Food Stamps: Charles indicates in this video that when there is a stigma on receiving food stamps, there is an impetus for people to get off of food stamps. The number of food stamp recipients has risen 70% since 2008. Charles is of the opinion that we have created a giant barrier that keeps those in poverty in poverty. There is never a push to get people off food stamps, but there is a push to get people on food stamps, thereby taking the stigma away. Charles did go on to indicate that if you really need food stamps, you should apply for them. Again, nothing here was disparaging the poor.
  • Bill O’Reilly, “How can you be so poor and have all this stuff?”: In this segment, Bill O’Reilly discussed the fact that 43% of Americans are living in poverty, but indicated that 87% had a microwave, 78% have air conditioning, 65% have more than one TV, etc. It was brought out in the segment that a lot of money that poor people take in is underground. This all was discussed thoroughly and Bill indicated twice during the segment that he was not diminishing the suffering poor people go through. He further indicated that in a capitalistic society, there will always be poor people. Once again, in this segment, I found nothing in the segment where the poor were being disparaged. In fact, it was just the opposite.

Above I summarized four additional videos that liberal rag, Media Matters, is using to convince low information voters that Fox News is evil and Republicans/Conservatives are evil. There’s so many attacks on everything traditional, and it sometimes overwhelms me. It doesn’t make me want to give up, but I do get tired of it. Liberals appear to be doing everything they can to eliminate freedom of speech; thereby eliminating the need for honest dialog on the issues facing this nation.

I was attacked earlier today and my sincere beliefs as a Republican were called delusional. And they’re not. I don’t want to give up the fight because I occasionally get attacked. Again, I have to let it run off.



If you have read my recent posts, I have spent a substantial amount of time discussing the current President’s comments that we need to change the way we’re reporting the news and his remarks that the Fox Cable News channel continually disparages the poor people of this nation, calling them lazy, sponges, and leeches. I commented on a liberal friend’s Facebook post indicating that my TV stays tuned into Fox News most of the time and I’ve never heard anyone on the channel disparage the poor. What I was called is in my 5/18/2015 post, along with my comments.

One of the liberal commenters provided to me a link to a Media Matters page containing numerous links to videos where it’s alleged that Fox News personalities were saying mean things about the poor. After briefly reviewing the web page, I realized that I could rip most of what was displayed and did rip apart the first three videos in my 5/18 post. Here are my comments on the next few videos.

  • Hannity asks caller if he’s voting for Obama to get an Obama Phone: This caller in this soundbite was a Democrat from Washington, D.C. who said that he was voting for Obama (this was before the 2012 election). Sean asked him if he was voting for Obama to get an Obama phone. Sean’s question about the Obama phone seemed to me very “tongue & cheek.” In fact Sean was being humorous and asked the caller to name one good thing that Obama had done since he had been in office. There was nothing wrong with this. Sean didn’t say mean things about poor people.
  • Fox’s Shameless Misrepresentation of SNAP Recipients: Fox News did report on a California surfer and aspiring musician named Jason, who demonstrated how he supports his beach-bum lifestyle with food stamps, while dismissing the idea of holding down a regular, steady job. So, Fox News showcased one guy who was scamming the system. Do the liberals think that everyone who is on food stamps is legit? Entitlement fraud is everywhere. In fact, most local health and human services agencies have departments for investigating fraud. We do have freedom of the press in this country, and Media Matters opined that is surely wouldn’t have been difficult for Fox to find a realistic food stamp recipient. Fox, like its counterparts, is an independent media organization and they have the right to determine what to report on. If Media Matters and the liberals were so concerned about this, why didn’t they do a counter piece showcasing deserving people in which the food stamp program has been beneficial?
  • Fox’s Andrea Tantaros treats food stamps as a diet plan: Once again, liberals are attacking freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This was a video of a segment on the Fox Business Network where Andrea Tantaros was a guest of Stuart Varney’s. Andrea and Stuart were discussing the food stamp program itself and definitely not disparaging its recipients. Furthermore, they indicated that they couldn’t live off of the $133 per month which is what recipients in New Jersey receive. Andrea did make a comment to the effect that she would look so good if she were on food stamps because she would lose weight and be so skinny. I did feel like that comment was crass and not particularly necessary. Here are a few comments to the video: (1) ”Is Tantaros admitting that she looks like s#*t? Because I could actually agree with that.” (2) “I don’t know, I’ve taken c#%&s that look better than her, so s#*t might not be the best adjective to describe her looks.” (3) “May she burn in her own hatred and karma, what a truly horrendous thing to say.” I did indicate that Andrea’s comments were crass, but not to the extent that they warrant comments like those above.

Granted, I’m an unenlightened oaf and maybe if I was enlightened, I could grasp all of this disparaging of the poor in the above three videos and the ones I discussed on 5/18. But I am what I am and I just don’t get it.

Our fundamental right of freedom of speech has been eroded to the extent that I am concerned about what I put out there. Using the “N-word” is absolutely forbidden anywhere; and of course, no one should use it. Several years ago, someone wrote a piece to the effect that men excelled in math and science whereas women excelled more in the social subjects. I’ve heard this all my life, but the author of that article was taken to task by some feminist groups. Now, it looks as though we can’t discuss poverty and entitlement programs in America because that would be disparaging the poor.

It’s getting worse every day and that should scare everyone. Liberals appear to want to shut down any debate and they’re doing the best they can to make as many subjects off limits for discussion. Of course, we all know that liberals don’t care about facts and cannot promote their side of an issue. Neither can they read and comprehend what they have read. It now looks like they’re incapable of watching a video and interpreting that video correctly.

In my Friday post, I will highlight more of the videos that the liberals say demonstrates that Fox News shames poor people.